Did you ever think that making money in today’s world will be so easy?

Yes, indeed, it is! Digital marketing has made it possible for everyone to make money in different ways.

The opportunities are endless, and it entirely depends on you take charge. Whether you are from a technical background or an administration field, you can still make money by putting in some efforts. 

Well, in this post, I will be talking about a new way of making money through AdFly. Check the detailed ✅AdFly Review updated for 2024 which is a link shortening tool.

Publishers can shorten links via AdFly and share it on various social media platforms or online stores to make money.

People will click on these links and will go to the published advertisement. The ad will play for a few seconds before the actual page appears. 

About AdFly

AdFly Review

AdFly is the URL shortening platform that compensates the publishers of the shortened links by offering up to 50% of the ad revenue. The AdFly users fall into two groups- publishers and advertisers.

A publisher can make money by positioning the shortened links on social media accounts, websites, or blogs. 

Every time the visitors will click on this shortened link by AdFly, a full-page ad will appear in front of them for five seconds. Then, a Skip button will appear on the screen for those who don’t want to see the ad and go to their planned destination. They share the revenue with the publisher of the link. 

Advertisers pay the AdFly visitors for visitors they send to their website or affiliate URL. 

This type of link shortening and sharing can target specific countries, and set a campaign budget as they are purchasing the visitors sent by their publishers.

Overall, it is a ground breaking service that fetches income from every visitor to the shortened link. 

AdFly allows two types of link shortening platforms that is interstitial and banner ad formats. Both formats work at their own pace and are opted by the publishers as per their requirements and outcomes.

Interstitial advertisement is a little aggressive where the complete page is an ad. The visitor is forced to check it out till five seconds are over, and it is obligatory to do a manual action to visit the actual site, such as pressing a button. It is, at times, annoying for the user as he cannot go to the destination immediately.

The banner ad format is less assertive and is shown in the form of a banner added at the top of the original link. The viewers have full access to the required content, and they can close the AdFly banner and remove the ad from their screen.

This method gets fewer clicks to the affiliate marketer because one can ignore the ad.

Pop Ad is also similar to the interstitial ad format and is featured on Skip Ad Button. After clicking the Skip Ad Button, the ad will appear, and the user is forced to see it before going to the final destination.

Therefore, Interstitial ads should be used on external links such as blogs or websites. It is advisable on sites with high traffic but must be avoided on links where the activity is yet to be completed, such as registration sites.

Banner ads are best for registration links, and links with comparatively less traffic. You can select the ad format keeping in mind various requirements and factors, as it has a direct impact on your income.

Evaluate and analyze the results before using any ad format, as choosing the wrong one will lower the monetization rate as well as the clicks.

Features of AdFly

  • Innocuous Advertising

The advertising with AdFly is purely family-safe with not a single popup ad. Its powerful antivirus and malware servers are scanning and observing the advertisements 24/7.

AdFly Coupon
  • Advertisers

Advertisers get paid for actual visitors on your website. Their across-the-board fraudulence filtrate system guarantees high-quality traffic. The ad campaigns start at only $5.

  • Low Marginal Payout

The minimum amount required to earn is only $5 before you get paid. They pay all users via PayPal or Payoneer payment methods only.

  • Statistics

An elaborated form of stats is offered per link so that you can know the amount you have earned by referring URLs and countries. 

  • API

Simple API that lets your website, widget, or application to generate an AdF.ly link immediately and safely.

  • Website Scripts

AdFly offers a great choice of uncomplicated scripts to install so that you get quickly get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.

How does AdFly work?

It is an excellent platform for those who want to make quick money while possessing less or zero technical knowledge. Every visitor that comes through your shortened link will bring in some cash.

AdFly Discount

Now how does AdFly work and what process you have to follow to join AdFly will be seen in the following paras:

•   Generate an account with AdFly by tapping on the ‘Join' button. You can also sign up via your Google account. You get the option of signing in as a Link Shrinker or an Advertiser. Make sure that you choose a ‘Link Shrinker' account as we want to make money from each visit. 

•   After filling in the details, tick the box at the page below for agreeing to the terms and conditions of AdFly. Click on Sign Up and then go to your email.

•   Now, you will see a verification email, and now you have to follow the instructions given in the email. 

•   You can only confirm your account by inserting the confirmation key on the account confirmation page. After entering it, click on confirm registration.

•   You will get a notification for account confirmation. Now, log in to your new AdFly account.

•   Enter your preferred website link in the white box and click on Shrink. Your first AdFly URL will be shown and will look like https://adf.ly/.

You can now share the shrunk link to your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, or forums like Quora, Reddit, etc. 

On the right side of the dashboard, you will see all your earning per clicks, monthly views, total views, and total links proceeds. On the left, you will see charts and data related monthly earnings, pop-ads and push ad earnings, top countries, and top references. Below you can see your visitors, average CPM, and month earned. 

How does AdFly Pay?

AdF.ly makes payments via Payoneer, PayPal, or Payza. The minimal amount paid to its affiliate marketers is $5. The minimum withdrawal for Payza and PayPal is $5, while Payoneer is $10.

All the payments are made on the first day of every month until you have attained the minimum withdrawal sum.

Only these three methods are used to make payments, so open an account if you don’t have and add your details to the Adf.ly account. 

AdFly shortened links can be shared at many places online to get the maximum number of clicks without spamming. Let’s see where all you can share the AdFly shrined links:

  • Social media accounts

If you are too active on all your social media accounts and have a good fan following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you will get more clicks on your AdFly links.

These links are entirely legal and not banned on any social media channel. Only when you spam others with those links, in this case, you will be banned.

So, if you got a great website to tell your friends, use the AdFly link shrinking and share it. Furthermore, you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you can have more coverage.

Also, use eye-catching text with the URL that you share on social media because bare links don’t look right or clickable. The attractive links grab the attention of your friends, groups, or family members, and they might further share it with their peers, hence making it a double treat for you. 

Social media accounts give more extensive coverage as you already know the preferences of your followers and friends and share those websites that will interest them.

Make sure you have a social media account with a decent number of fans to make your campaign a successful one. 

  • Forums

If you are serving people out on a forum and offering them the responses they postulate, shorten any website URLs with AdFly, and include them in your post or content.

Remember not to spam; otherwise, you get your account expelled. Forums have their own set of rules and regulations, and they ban those who don’t follow them.

Some of the popular forums are- Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow, IGN, 4Chan, Nexopia, etc.

  • Blogs and Websites

Though websites and blogs work more effectively for getting more clicks, the process is also time-consuming. It is so because first, you have to create a blog with a specific niche and generate quality content, and that also in bulk.

It might take months to establish your blog or website and get ranked on search engines. 

But if you already have a blog or website with lots of engaging content and traffic, you can monetize your pages, links, or posts with AdFly link shortener. 

  • YouTube

Nowadays, you will find many websites with breaking news or weird videos of celebrities, politicians, children, youth, etc. You can search for the potential videos and news and share them on your YouTube channel with proper titles, tags, and information to attract viewers.

Please share the video on your social media platforms, and as it starts getting views, insert the AdFly shrunk link to that viral video. Your audiences will surely watch that five-second ad before seeing the viral videos. 

Therefore, these are effective ways to get more traffic through shortened link sharing. 

🌟 AdFly FAQ

How much money can I make with AdFly?

How much you earn with AdFly depends on the amount of traffic your links receive. In general, for every 1000 visits you can expect to earn around $5. Some publishers report earning up to $500 per month, but this requires very high traffic volumes. For most people, AdFly earnings tend to be relatively small.

What are some good ways to promote my AdFly links?

Some effective ways to promote AdFly links include:
👉 Sharing your links on social media like Twitter, Facebook groups, Reddit, etc.
👉 Including your AdFly links in forum signature lines and relevant forum posts.
👉 Putting links in YouTube video descriptions if you have a YouTube channel.
👉 Email marketing to subscribers if you have an email list.
👉 The key is sharing your links in places where people are likely to click on them, without over-promoting or spamming.
👉 Niche communities tend to convert better than mass audiences.

How do I get paid by AdFly?

AdFly pays out via PayPal once you reach the $5 minimum threshold. They process payments around the 15th of each month. Other payout options like Payoneer are also available once your account is approved for a higher status.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, AdFly has a multi-tier affiliate program. You can earn 20% revenue from direct referrals, 10% from second-tier referrals, and 5% from third-tier referrals. This allows you to boost your earnings from your referral network.

Conclusion: AdFly Review 2024 | Should you go for it?

Are you all set to make your 2024 a prospering year? Then don’t wait and get AdFly to earn passive income. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in a 9 to 5 job or are a novice in the affiliate marketing field, AdFly is for everyone.

Whether you are technically sound or belong to a different background, you can still channelize income into your account by secure link shrinking and sharing the method of AdFly. 

For those who have an active social media account, blog, or a website, things are simplified as you need to use AdFly to shrink your favorite website links and share them wherever you want. 

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