Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to come up with creative and effective ad campaigns, only to see your competitors outperform you? Maybe Adheart is the answer you might be looking for.

In this Adheart Review, we’ll explore all the important aspects of the tool while covering things like the features, apps, platforms supported, etc. that Adheart has to offer.

After having a handful of experience with this ad spying tool, it can be said that Adheart is the game-changing ad intelligence tool that will revolutionize the way you approach your advertising strategy.  Designed specifically for marketers, dropshippers, and influencers, Adheart offers a comprehensive database of ads and creatives, allowing you to analyze your competitors' campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and improve the profitability of your own ads.

With over 1 billion creatives available, Adheart provides you with proven ideas from millions of successful ad campaigns, helping you identify the best-selling ad formats and funnels for your niche.

Now, without any further adieu, let’s start this Adheart review and explore the question you might be dealing with, i.e. Why Adheart?

Synopsizing the Adheart Review

  • Analyzes competitors' creatives on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Provides insights into best-selling ad formats.
  • Offers the largest collection of ads for different niches and funnels.
  • Features over 1 billion creatives for search.
  • Includes over 2.5 billion media files for download.
  • Tracks over 354,000 apps.
  • Enables tracking of promotion dynamics for specific applications.
  • Offers a ‘Collections' feature for easy access to previously selected materials.

What is Adheart Ads Spy Tool?


Adheart is an ad intelligence platform that enables Facebook advertisers to spy on and analyze their competitors' highest-performing ad creatives. With a database of over 1 billion Facebook and Instagram ads, it offers unparalleled insights into the latest trends and most effective tactics across niches.

Marketers can explore ads in their industry, identify winning formats and funnels, uncover proven ad copy formulas, download creatives, and more. By revealing what ad creative strategies achieve the best results, Adheart empowers users to improve their own ads and outperform rivals. Whether optimizing existing campaigns or launching new ones, this platform transforms raw competitive intelligence into strategic advantage.

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Adheart Key Features

Before diving into the key features of Adheart, it's essential to understand the value this powerful ad intelligence tool brings to the table. Adheart helps marketers gain a competitive edge by providing insights into competitors' ad creatives on Facebook and Instagram. In order to get a better picture of the features offered, here is a complete look at the key features offered by Adheart.

Competitor Ad Analysis

Adheart Competitor Ad Analysis

The Competitor Ad Analysis feature of Adheart is a powerful tool that allows users to analyze their competitors' ad creatives on Facebook and Instagram. This feature provides real-time insights into competitors' ad strategies, helping users to optimize their own campaigns.

With Adheart, users can see how their competitors advertise their products and services, and track their ads in real-time. This real-time analysis helps users understand why their competitors' ads are effective and how they can emulate their strategies.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Intelligence

Adheart's Facebook and Instagram Ad Intelligence service is a game-changer for marketers. It unlocks the full potential of ad campaigns by providing insights into competitors' strategies, revealing new ad ideas, and optimizing your own campaigns.

You can explore a vast database of creatives, understand the best-selling ad formats, and gain a competitive edge in your niche. This tool is designed to help you make informed decisions and maximize the impact of your ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Database of Ads and Creatives

Adheart Database of Ads and Creatives

Adheart's Database of Ads and Creatives is a treasure trove for marketers, boasting over 1 billion creatives from different locations, in all formats, and for all platforms. This extensive database allows users to explore a wide range of ad creatives, providing a wealth of inspiration for their own campaigns.

Users can search the database using various filters, such as text, links, location, and more, to find the most relevant creatives for their needs. Additionally, Adheart allows users to download any creative from the database, providing a convenient way to access high-quality creatives for their campaigns.

Application Analysis

Adheart Application Ads Analysis

Adheart's Application Ads Analysis feature is a robust tool that provides detailed insights into the promotion dynamics of specific applications. It allows users to track the number of creatives used for a particular application and their performance over time. Users can search for apps promoted within a specific period and filter by platform (Android, iOS).

The tool also provides statistics on applications creatives promoted daily. Users can also look forward to sorting these ad application ads based on the first and last appearance, update date, and much more.

Search, Sorting, and Saving Creatives

Adheart's Sorting Feature is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of searching, sorting, and saving creatives for easy access and future reference. This feature enables users to efficiently find relevant creatives, organize them according to their preferences, and save them for later use.

Taking Creative Filter to Greater Heights with Adheart

Adheart Creative Filters

Adheart offers extensive filtering capabilities to help users find the most relevant creatives for their needs. Users can filter creatives based on text, links, location, domain, Facebook page ID, creative title, application information, IP address, language, text availability, publishing platform, media type, and format.

For example, users can search for creatives containing specific keywords, used for promoting a certain mobile app, published from a certain country, containing video files, and more.

With over a dozen different filters, Adheart makes it easy to narrow down creatives and find those most applicable to one's niche, region, platforms, and campaigns. Whether looking for inspiration or optimizing existing creatives, these precise filters transform Adheart's vast database into targeted, actionable competitive intelligence.

Adheart Pricing Plans

Adheart Pricing Plans

Adheart offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. The platform's pricing starts at $53 for one-month access, with discounts available for longer-term plans: $96 for two months (10% Off), $134 for three months (16% Off), and $250 for six months (22% Off).

Each plan provides unlimited flexible search for over 1 billion creatives, unrestricted search results, and the ability to download over 2.4 billion creative media files. Full access to app analysis and creative analysis is also included. For those who want to try the platform before committing to a paid plan, Adheart offers a free demo mode with limited search queries and no creative downloads.

Commonly Asked Questions on Adheart

What platforms does Adheart cover?

Adheart covers ad creatives on Facebook, Instagram, FB Messenger, and the Audience Network.

How large is Adheart's database of ads and creatives?

Adheart boasts a database of over 1 billion creatives, making it one of the largest ad intelligence tools in the market.

Does Adheart offer a free trial?

Yes, Adheart offers a free demo mode with limited search queries and no creative downloads.

What filters does Adheart offer for searching creatives?

Adheart offers filters based on text, links, location, domain, Facebook page ID, creative title, application information, IP address, language, text availability, publishing platform, media type, and format.

Wrapping Up on Adheart Review

From a marketer's perspective, gaining a competitive edge requires keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and tactics. Adheart empowers marketers to stay one step ahead by unlocking data-driven insights into their competitors' highest-performing ad creatives. With its expansive creative database, robust analytics, and user-friendly interface, this platform makes ad spying accessible and actionable.

Whether you're looking to optimize existing campaigns, seek inspiration for new ones, or simply keep tabs on rivals, Adheart transforms raw intelligence into strategic advantage. Ultimately, no tool can replace creativity and innovation. But by revealing the creative strategies and formats that achieve results across niches, Adheart gives users an invaluable head start.

So, how will you use Adheart's insights to upscale your ad campaigns and outperform your competitors?

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