The world of digital advertising is a complex web of networks, platforms, and data—one that can sometimes feel impossible to track. Yet just below the surface, powerful ad spy tools exist to help make sense of it all.

Ads spy tools grant invaluable insight into this ecosystem, illuminating the strategies and campaigns of even the savviest competitors. Like a map that reveals the terrain ahead, ad spy tools enable marketers to plan smarter routes to success. 

Whether launching campaigns, expanding reach, or working to find that winning product for your dropshipping operations, these databases uncover volumes about audience targeting, creative content, and more.

In the later sections, I have tried to deliver the most for each and every segment, whether you are an affiliate marketer, dropshipper, or even a social media influencer, the list has got something for you.

What are Ads Spy Tools?

Ads spy tools are software that gathers data on competitors' advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, etc. They contain huge databases of ads that can be filtered by criteria like location, device, ad network, and more. 

Marketers use these tools to uncover trends, find new customers, and optimize their own ad performance by analyzing what works for rivals. Not being limited to marketers, Ads Spy Tools can be of great value to dropshippers and social media influencers as well.

Using an Ads Spy tool can help you in the following ways:

  • Identify Trending Products and Niches.
  • Analyzing strategies around targeting, creatives, offers, etc.
  • Identify relevant influencers to potentially collaborate with.
  • Seeing what products are working for others before promoting them.
  • Automated spy tools reduce the effort significantly.

Top Ads Spy Tools for Marketers and Dropshippers

Ads Spy ToolKey Feature OfferedDiscount Code/Offer
PiPiADS#1 TikTok Ads Spy ToolAFFCOUPON
MineaMulti-Platform Ads Spy ToolAFF20
AdspyBest for Instagram and Facebook Ad SpyingAFFTWEAKS
BigSpy9+ Platforms for Ads SpyingAFTWK
AdplexityWorks on Native, Mobile, Desktop, and PushBLOGECLIPSE_P
AnstrexAll-Rounder Ads Spy Tool (5 Platforms)BloggingEclipse_com
AdFlexFacebook, Native, and Google Display Ads SpyAFFC20
PowerAdspy9 Platforms for Ads SpyingAFF10
SemrushBest for Website and Search Engine Ads SpyingValid on Annual Plan
DropispyExcellent for Product ResearchAFFTWEAKS
AdspyderWorks on Google, YouTube, and FacebookNo Coupon Required

1. PiPiADS


PiPiADS is the leading TikTok ad spying tool that provides marketers invaluable insights into their competitors' advertising campaigns. With access to PiPiADS' extensive database of over 20 million TikTok ads, users can uncover trends, find new customers, and optimize ad performance.

With its user-friendly interface, powerful filtering capabilities, and accurate real-time data, PiPiADS is an invaluable tool for marketers looking to maximize their TikTok advertising potential.

Key Features Offered by PiPiADS

  • Search TikTok video ads by niche, product type, target audience, and more to discover high-performing creatives.
  • Research best-selling items on TikTok to identify potentially viral products to promote.
  • Get curated lists of trending products that are successfully advertised on TikTok.
  • View in-depth analytics on competitors' ads such as spend, impressions, and engagement.
  • Analyze top stores on TikTok to understand their growth strategies.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans and Free Trial

PiPiADS offers a range of pricing plans, starting with the Starter plan at $77 per month, which includes 200 ads per query and 50 ad and product details per day. The VIP plan, at $155 per month, expands access to 2000 ads per query and 200 ad and product details daily. For those needing even more, the Pro plan is available at $263 per month.

Additionally, PiPiADS provides a $1 trial for 3 days for users to experience it before committing financially.

2. Minea


1st Runner Up in our list of best Ads Spy tools is Minea. It is a comprehensive ad spying tool designed to boost e-commerce sales and maximize profits. It offers an all-in-one solution for tracking ads on various platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, and for finding winning products. With Minea, marketers can conduct advanced market research, track competitors' strategies, and discover trending products.

Key Features Offered by Minea

  • Minea houses almost 20 million ads from Facebook, providing a rich resource for market research.
  • Users can refine their search with filters like ad view date, domain name, and more to find specific ads.
  • Great features for influencer marketing, Snapchat ad analysis, etc.
  • By entering a competitor's domain name, users can browse all the ads that Minea has collected on that competitor.
  • Minea supports the analysis of changes in the engagement trend of ads.

Minea Pricing Plans and Free Trial

Minea offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs. The Lite plan is free and provides a way to test the service. The Starter plan costs €49 (or $49) per month, and the Premium plan is available at €99 (or $99) per month.

Minea also offers a free trial with 250 research credits, allowing users to experience the service before committing financially.

3. Adspy


AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world, with over 123 million ads across 88 languages and 216 countries. Its unparalleled data and innovative search functionality help users easily uncover relevant ads.

AdSpy offers the most advanced search options of any ad intelligence tool. You can search by ad text, URL, page name, user reactions in comments, affiliate network, affiliate ID, offer ID, landing page technologies, and more. This allows you to precisely find the ads and data that suit your needs.

Key Features Offered by AdSpy

  • AdSpy maintains a vast collection of ads from Facebook and Instagram.
  •  AdSpy's global reach spans 216 countries and 88 languages.
  • Offers advanced search options, including ad text, URL, page name, user reactions, and more.
  • Provides in-depth analysis of ad targeting, including location, gender, and age.
  •  With over 123 million ads in its database, AdSpy offers the largest pool of social media ad data available.
  • AdSpy's powerful search engine can sift through millions of ads in seconds.

Adspy Pricing Plans and Free Trial

AdSpy offers a straightforward pricing plan at $149 per month, providing virtually unlimited usage and access to its comprehensive advertising intelligence tool. A free trial is available, offering free 1000 ad views to allow users to test the service before committing financially.

4. BigSpy


BigSpy is a robust ad intelligence tool that provides an extensive database of advertisements from various social media platforms. With BigSpy, users can access over a billion data points, including ads from Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and more, making it an indispensable resource for marketers and businesses aiming to gain insights into their competitors' advertising strategies and discover creative inspirations for their own campaigns.

Key Features Offered by BigSpy

  • Comprehensive collection of over 1 billion ads from multiple platforms.
  • Provides ad insights from over 70 countries and regions, catering to a diverse range of languages and markets.
  • Users can search for ads using various criteria such as keywords, engagement rate, etc.
  • Delivers up-to-the-minute data and social proof to help users stay on top of current trends and activities.
  • Covers ads from major networks including YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.

Bigspy Pricing Plans and Free Trial

BigSpy offers several pricing plans to suit various needs. The Basic plan starts at $6 per month, the Pro plan is $99 per month, and the VIP Enterprise plan ranges from $199 to $499 per month. They also offer a Free plan with limited features. For those interested in trying out the service, BigSpy provides a 3-day Pro trial for $1.

5. Adplexity


Another Ads Spy tool on our list is AdPlexity. It is a complete ads spy tool that offers a complete suite of features designed for various forms of digital advertising. It is widely recognized for its in-depth analysis and real-time data across mobile, desktop, native, and e-commerce advertising.

AdPlexity enables marketers to uncover successful campaigns, track competitor strategies, and gain insights into the most profitable ads running in more than 75 countries. With its extensive database, users can filter by keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network to find specific campaigns, and even download landing pages and creatives with ease.

Key Features Offered by Adplexity

  • Offers up-to-the-minute insights into profitable campaigns and competitor strategies.
  • Access to a vast array of ads across multiple platforms and over 75 countries.
  • Search and filter by keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks for targeted analysis.
  • Ability to download landing pages and creatives directly from the platform.
  • Reveals where advertisers buy traffic, helping to optimize ad spend.
  • Shows which devices and browsers campaigns are optimized for.
  • Covers a range of traffic types including mobile, desktop, native, and push.

Adplexity Pricing Plans and Free Trial

AdPlexity offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different types of data sets for affiliate marketing and e-commerce. The Push plan is available at $149 per month, while the Mobile and Desktop plans are priced at $199 per month. For more in-depth native ad intelligence, the Native plan is offered at $249 per month.

AdPlexity does not currently provide a trial version, but they do offer a 24-hour cancellation policy after purchase if the service does not meet your needs.

6. Anstrex


Compared to the above-mentioned Ad spy tools mentioned above, Anstrex offers insights into various ad formats, including push notifications, native ads, pop ads, TikTok in-stream ads, and dropshipping.

With an extensive database of millions of active and inactive campaigns from over 90 countries and 100+ ad networks, Anstrex allows users to analyze top-performing advertising campaigns, explore new niches, and adapt their strategies accordingly. The platform is designed for affiliates, dropshippers, e-commerce marketers, and advertising agencies, providing them with a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Key Features Offered by Anstrex

  • Provides insights into various ad formats, including push notifications, native ads, pop ads, TikTok in-stream ads, and dropshipping.
  • Contains millions of active and inactive campaigns from over 90 countries and 100+ ad networks.
  • Offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Serves as an excellent ads spy tool that works across several aspects of Native Ads and other ad formats.

Anstrex Pricing Plans and Free Trial

Anstrex offers several pricing plans, starting with the Native plan at $69.99 per month, which allows spying on profitable native ad campaigns across 27 ad networks. The Push plan is available at $89.99 per month, covering 38 push notification ad networks.

Anstrex also offers discounted bundle plans if you purchase multiple products. While the company doesn't offer free trials, they provide a 100% refund if you cancel your subscription within the first 2 days.

7. AdFlex


Securing the 7th spot across some of the best Ads Spy tools, AdFlex has acquired quite a great spot among affiliate marketers and dropshippers. AdFlex provides users with access to millions of high-quality ad campaigns from around the world. It offers an unprecedented level of transparency into the native ad ecosystem, allowing marketers to quickly and easily see what is working for their competitors and optimize their own campaigns for maximum ROI

AdFlex collects ads directly from advertising networks, providing detailed insights into competitors' ad performance. It is particularly beneficial for affiliates, eCommerce businesses, dropshippers, and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. With its intuitive ad search engine and user-friendly interface, AdFlex makes it easy to find successful ads for any need.

Key Features Offered by AdFlex

  • Access to a huge library of ads from Facebook and several native advertising networks.
  • Provides a highly detailed analysis of each ad, including conversion rate, cost per click, and click-through rate.
  • Collects ads directly from advertising networks, allowing users to see which ads are being served on a particular network.
  • Users can select the affiliate network they're looking for in the “Marketing” category and find ads.
  • Also offers a free version of AdFlex to explore the features offered.

Adflex Pricing Plans and Free Trial

AdFlex offers a Basic plan with a 30-day free trial for new users to experience its features. The Pro plan is priced at €99.99 per month, providing extensive ad intelligence capabilities. For larger businesses, the Enterprise plan offers custom solutions.

No credit card is required to start the free trial.

8. PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is a next-generation social ad intelligence tool that provides marketers with a competitive edge by uncovering their competitors' ad strategies. It supports a wide range of popular ad channels, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Display Network, Reddit, Quora, and Native ads. PowerAdSpy's extensive database contains millions of ads from over 100 countries

The platform's powerful search algorithm and advanced filtering capabilities allow users to easily find and analyze the most successful ads in their niche. PowerAdSpy is particularly beneficial for affiliates, dropshippers, and entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses.

Key Features Offered by PowerAdSpy

  • Contains millions of ads from over 100 countries across various ad channels.
  • Allows users to easily find and analyze the most successful ads in their niche.
  • Helps identify the best Call to Action working in a particular niche.
  • PowerAdSpy also offers a free trial with limited searches.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans and Free Trial

PowerAdSpy offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs. The Basic plan is priced at $49 per month, the Standard plan at $99, the Premium plan at $149, the Platinum plan at $249, the Titanium plan at $299, and the Palladium plan at $349 per month.

PowerAdSpy also offers a trial period where you can run up to 100 searches supporting up to 1000 ads.

9. Semrush


Semrush is particularly known for its ability to detect real-time competitor ad content and export the findings for later use. Semrush allows users to view the ad content, locations, and keywords their competitors are focusing on. It also provides insights into organic search traffic for keywords driving traffic to their competitors' sites.

With Semrush, users can perform an in-depth Google Ads competitor analysis, localize their ad campaigns, and monitor ad copy and landing pages. The platform is designed to help users discover new competitors, assess the PPC competitive landscape, and analyze competitor ad budgets and keywords.

Key Features Offered by Semrush

  • Semrush can detect real-time competitor ad content and export the findings for later use.
  • Allows users to perform an in-depth Google Ads competitor analysis.
  • Users can localize their ad campaigns to over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages.
  • Custom reporting and project management capabilities with APIs and integrations with other platforms.

Semrush Pricing Plans and Free Trial

Semrush offers three main pricing plans: the Pro plan at $129.95 per month, the Guru plan at $249.95 per month, and the Business plan at $499.95 per month. Semrush also offers a 30-day free trial for users to test the service before committing financially. Discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

10. Dropispy


Dropispy is an all-in-one ad intelligence platform designed specifically for eCommerce businesses and dropshippers. It features one of the largest databases of Facebook and Instagram ads with over 50 million entries. Dropispy allows users to easily discover trending and successful ad campaigns in their niche through advanced filtering and sorting.

The platform provides detailed performance metrics and targeting information on each ad, helping users identify winning products, spy on competitors, and optimize their own marketing campaigns.

Key Features Offered by Dropispy

  • Dropispy has a massive database of 50M+ Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Offers Advanced search and filtering to find relevant campaigns.
  • In-depth ad performance analytics and targeting insights.
  • Identify winning products and spy on competitors' ads.
  • Optimize your own campaigns by analyzing what works.
  • Shop database to analyze eCommerce stores' metrics.
  • Free and paid plans to suit different budgets.

Dropispy Pricing Plans and Free Trial

Dropispy offers three main pricing plans: a Free plan with limited features, a Premium plan at €29.90 per month, and a Business plan at €249.90 per month. Each plan provides access to the Adspy tool, basic filters, and unlimited downloads. The Premium and Business plans offer additional features like advanced filters and access to the Shop Spy tool.

Dropispy does not offer a free trial, but it does have a free plan for users to explore its features.

11. Adspyder


AdSpyder is a cutting-edge ad intelligence SaaS platform designed to help individuals and businesses analyze their competitors' ad marketing campaigns and gain valuable insights. Developed by a team of digital marketing experts and technology enthusiasts, AdSpyder is tailored for marketers, agencies, and businesses aiming to maximize their ad campaign effectiveness.

Key Features Offered by Adspyder

  • Provides access to 10 million ad copies across different channels.
  • Allows users to narrow down the results to what matters most to them.
  • Enables users to follow their ads and see how they're performing.
  • PPC Keyword Analysis that helps boost ads with the best keywords.
  • Allows users to check out any website or domain with a simple click.
  • Landing Page Analysis to provide detailed insights into landing page ads.
  • Includes ad integration, ad copy creation, ad push, and ad optimization.

AdSpyder Pricing Plans and Free Trial

AdSpyder offers a variety of pricing plans, starting with the Basic plan at $49 per month, the Standard plan at $99 per month, the Premium plan at $199 per month, and the Business plan at $249 per month. AdSpyder also offers annual plans with significant discounts. All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

Even though ad spying trends are still difficult to predict and can consist of multiple key parameters, well, here are some of the key factors that are worth considering:

  • Stability in Digital Ad Spending: The industry is expected to see less volatile ad spend, with slow but steady growth.
  • Loss of Cookies: With Google's full phaseout of cookies set for 2024, there will be a push for mergers and acquisitions among ID providers.
  • Rise of AI: AI's role in advertising is expected to escalate, with advancements in personalization, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality enhancing user engagement.
  • Increased Interest in Identity Resolution Technology: This technology can help brands identify more site visitors and improve personalization.
  • Growing Importance of Personalized Advertising: As consumers expect more personalized experiences and value privacy, brands will need to create highly targeted and personalized advertisements.

Leveraging Ads Spy Tools for Better Sales [Case Study]

Ads Spy Tools Case Study Stats

As an ecommerce store owner, I was struggling to gain traction on social media despite investing in ads. I decided to try PiPiADS and Adspy ad spy tools to research what was working for competitors. Using PiPiADS, I uncovered a winning TikTok video ad from a competitor selling a popular pet product. It had 850K views and 4K comments.

I analyzed the video, captions, sounds, and target audience. I then created a similar TikTok video ad targeting the same audience and it received 600K views and 2.5K comments in 2 weeks. With Adspy, I found a successful Facebook ad from a large retailer promoting fitness equipment to women ages 28-45. The ad had 15K reactions over 30 days. I created a lookalike audience of those engagers and ran a similar video ad for my exercise equipment.

In 3 weeks I received 9K link clicks from the $500 ad spend. By leveraging PiPiADS and Adspy, I significantly improved the performance of my social ads, increased website traffic by 35%, and boosted sales by 25% in one month. These tools provide invaluable competitor intelligence to help optimize ad campaigns.

Theo Randserz

Ecom store owner []

Competitor Analysis Techniques Worth Reading

Competitor Strategy Analysis Meme

Competitor analysis is a pivotal component of any successful digital marketing strategy. By studying rivals' advertising campaigns in-depth, brands can gain invaluable insights to sharpen their own efforts. A range of techniques can be utilized to carry out competitor analysis, with ad spy tools proving particularly useful to secure detailed intelligence on competitor ads.

Specifically, ad spy tools empower brands to uncover data on their competitors' strategies, creatives, target audiences, and campaign performance. By inputting a competitor's domain, these tools can reveal the actual ads they are running across display, video, and social platforms. This provides visibility into the specific creatives, ad copies, calls-to-action (CTAs), and landing pages being used. Further analysis can showcase the types of audiences competitors are targeting, helping identify customer demographics and interests to target or avoid.

Armed with these granular insights, brands can refine their own messaging, visuals, offers, and audience targeting to align with demonstrated best practices. They can also estimate competitors' ad spending and impression volumes to right-size their own budgets. Over time, the learnings gleaned from continually monitoring competitor ads using spy tools can prove invaluable in staying atop the latest trends and innovations in digital advertising. The end goal is simple – leverage competitors' successful strategies to get ahead.

Questions you might have on Ads Spy Tools

How do Ads Spy tools work?

Ads Spy tools use web crawlers and data scraping techniques to collect information from different platforms. They analyze ad creatives, ad copies, landing pages, and other relevant data, providing users with comprehensive details on their competitors’ advertising activities.

What is unique about the Foreplay Inspiration library as an Ads Spy tool?

Unlike traditional ad spy tools that use bots and bulk scrapers to build their database, the Foreplay Inspiration library is the largest community-curated ad library in the world, meaning every ad is saved by a human on their platform.

How can I ensure data accuracy with Ads Spy tools?

The accuracy and timeliness of advertising data directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. Advanced intelligent technology is used to ensure a powerful database, providing accurate and consistent data.

How can Ads Spy tools improve my ad campaigns?

Ads Spy tools can uncover effective ad creatives, working ad copies, appropriate target audiences, and optimization opportunities. They provide you with the information crucial for competitive advantage, helping to improve your ad campaigns.

Can TikTok Ads Spy Tools provide insights into effective marketing strategies?

Yes, by exploring a wide range of videos and ads, you can gain insights into the marketing strategies employed by successful campaigns. Advanced filter options like demographical filters, statistical filters, etc. can make things better for ad research and ad spying.

Can I use Facebook Ads Spy Tools to find my competitors' ad budgets?

Yes, some of these tools can provide insights into your competitors' ad budgets, helping you understand their spending strategies. Whereas some of these tools do not clearly show the ads budget but, the CPC and ads running duration can make things better to get an overview.

Wrapping Up on Best Ads Spy Tools

It's not any hidden secret that revealing competitors' successful ad creatives, targeting strategies, and engagement levels, can help you to refine your own campaigns for optimal performance. Platforms like PowerAdSpy and AdSpy stand out for their comprehensive features and intuitive interfaces. 

While tempting, avoid simply copying competitors. Instead, use spy tools for inspiration to create uniquely captivating ads tailored to your brand identity and target demographics.

Implementing these best practices, Ads Spy tools can unlock transformative growth opportunities through actionable competitor intelligence.

So, Which Adspy Tool are you Choosing?

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