Looking for an in-depth AdsPower review? In this review, we'll be looking after some of the important aspects along with features and everything that can help you in making the right choice regarding AdsPower. In addition to that, I'll also be mentioning some discounted deals for AdsPower that can help you save some extra bucks on your next purchase.

AdsPower is one of the best virtual browsers in the market, or you can also check their website, stating that it is the World's #1 Virtual Browser.

AdsPower Review

AdsPower delivers its services and solutions across traffic arbitrage, online advertising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, betting, crypto, and much more. They have also got a 5-star rating in G2 along with a 4.6 star rating at Trustpilot.

Why is AdsPower a “Must-Have” Tool for Affiliate Marketers?

AdsPower browser is quite an important tool when it comes to managing multiple accounts for your business or personal uses, and this includes:

AdsPower Reviews
  • For Affiliate Marketing: AdsPower lets you run unlimited ad accounts and manage them accordingly in a single place using a single browser.
  • For Agencies: AdsPower can help you securely manage accounts for multiple accounts that can be later used for several clients at the same time.
  • Crypto: AdsPower can also help you in managing things from the crypto perspective as well, so no more worrying about restrictions of physical infrastructure.
  • Ecommerce: As an ecom seller or someone who is indulged in similar operations related to ecommerce, charge your sales across multiple channels while being able to make things even better for all the operations.

On the other hand, AdsPower also gives you access to some of the different options in terms of browsers; these browsers basically include Sun Browser and Flower Browser; we'll be discussing them in the later sections on how these AdsPower browsers can be helpful in performing the right operations and how?

The browsers offered by AdsPower can help you in multiple aspects, including data, encryption, and other important aspects.

Browsers Offered by AdsPower

 AdsPower basically offers 2 more options when it comes to browser options, this includes:

  • Sun-Browser: Sun Browser is built on the same Chromium engine as Chrome, but it also includes additional features for keeping browser fingerprints secure. Unlike Chrome, Sun Browser does not send any data about the user to Google, making it an ideal choice for accessing Google accounts without revealing any personal information.
  • Flower Browser: Flower Browser relies on the same technology as Firefox but with a greater commitment to protecting user privacy. It provides enhanced features for controlling and managing a user's browser fingerprint.

Major Solutions Offered by AdsPower Antidetect Browser

The above-mentioned aspects are some of the major solutions offered by AdsPower, and this basically includes some excellent services that can be helpful to you in a number of ways.

AdsPower Antidetect Browser
  • Traffic Arbitrage
  • Online Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Betting
  • Crypto

Traffic Arbitrage Using AdsPower

An arbitrage expert typically earns money by purchasing cheap traffic and reselling it for a higher price—redirecting it to advertisers' websites, where clients are hoping to be persuaded to buy some services or products. Well, AdsPower can help you in multiple aspects. Since traffic arbitrage comprises a number of risks, an effective strategy for establishing a successful business while reducing the risk is to operate multiple accounts, spread out risks, and increase the chances of profit.

Creating multiple accounts is frequently barred by websites due to multi-accounting restrictions, so protecting your accounts is critical for safeguarding your business, and AdsPower can help you in this aspect.

How AdsPower Help in Terms of Traffic Arbitrage?

Maintaining a large number of accounts is difficult, but with the help of AdsPower, you can do it. To avoid account bans, the goal is to make all of your accounts look real. To accomplish this, make sure each account has a unique profile and is operated in a separate environment.

Online Advertising Using AdsPower Virtual Browser

Online advertisements are more likely to reach their target audience because the ad platforms' algorithms allow you to target people searching for specific items or with certain interests or behaviors.

How can AdsPower Help in Online Advertising?

Performing online marketing can be really difficult, and using AdsPower can help prevent account bans, as long as your accounts look like real people. In other words, each account should appear to be operated by a ‘real person.'

Make sure your accounts have unique profiles and are operated in separate environments to ensure this. Managing numerous accounts is challenging. However, AdsPower may help you with this.

As a dropshipper or someone who is into dropshipping, having a browser like AdsPower is going to be helpful in multiple operations, this basically includes marketing and other operations that might have things related to digital fingerprints and having them all managed.

You can expand your reach and market your goods to different regions and in multiple product categories without having to open a multitude of accounts on E-commerce platforms, which can be very risky for your brand. This leads to more opportunities for you to showcase your products to your desired audiences and, thus, increases your chances of bringing in revenue.

How can AdsPower Help in Ecommerce Related Operations?

One of the major issues that one has to go through includes an account ban while performing marketing operations. This, as a result, can help you in making your dropshipping operations even better when you are working across different regions.

As an ecom seller, you might need to work on different geo locations since you might need to make multiple accounts based on different locations; this, as a result, might get you restricted multiple ecom accounts across certain platforms since, AdsPower is an anti-detect browser, it leaves no digital fingerprint and making things better in terms of saving you from a lot of hassle.

AdsPower Application Center

AdsPower Application Center

The AdsPower Application Center is a hub for enhancing your browsing experience. It offers a variety of tools and extensions to streamline your workflow. Users can access recommended applications, upload custom extensions, and manage their installed apps. This centralized platform allows for easy discovery, installation, and organization of browser add-ons, tailored to improve productivity and functionality within the AdsPower environment.

AdsPower Antidetect Browser for Affiliate Marketing

Utilizing a variety of accounts in affiliate marketing is already a well-known practice. The advantage of having more accounts is that it can give you more visibility, thus expanding the potential for opportunities. It is recommended that you organize your merchandise into groups so that you can effectively promote each one with separate but associated accounts and not use the same traffic.

However, taking care of multiple accounts is certainly not an easy job. A lot of websites are formulating more sophisticated ways to detect numerous accounts. Even though it may be easy to set up a new account, the bad news is that you'll need to start all over again, including constructing your reputation and target audience.

How can AdsPower Help in Affiliate Marketing?

To minimize the chances of your accounts being blocked, it is important to make them appear legitimate. That is, each one should simulate a genuine individual. To make this possible, you need to give each account a distinctive biography and manage them separately.

Taking charge of numerous accounts is no easy feat. However, AdsPower can help you with that.

Local Settings Available on AdsPower

AdsPower Local Settings

AdsPower offers robust Local settings to customize your browsing experience. In the Local settings, users can manage their browser versions, including both SunBrowser (Chromium-based) and FlowerBrowser (Firefox-based).

You can download and update these browsers to ensure you're using the latest versions with enhanced security features. The Local settings also allow you to configure cache options, manage RPA tasks, and adjust system preferences.

Users can set minimum free disk space requirements, customize zoom levels, and access system logs. These settings provide granular control over your AdsPower environment, allowing you to optimize performance and tailor the browsing experience to your specific needs.

Other Parameters Covered by AdsPower

Apart from the operations that were mentioned above, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, online advertising, and much more. In addition to all this, AdsPower can help you with betting and crypto-related operations as well.

When it comes to gambling and betting, bookmakers always have an edge. Nevertheless, the odds between bookies can vary, and that's the basis of arbitrage betting. To increase your chances of winning, you can spread your bets over several websites or bet on multiple outcomes within the same bookmaker. In this case, it's beneficial to use the multi-accounting method.

Experienced punters should be aware of the threat of account suspensions because betting platforms have become better at recognizing multi-account users, even when it's done for valid reasons. And this is one of the major factors that make AdsPower a good-to-go choice overall for betting as well.

Now, if we look into the crypto aspect, Taking advantage of multiple accounts in the crypto world can open up more possible avenues of earning. For instance, when it comes to IDO lotteries, having multiple accounts can give you a better chance of being chosen for the offer. Similarly, you can send many requests for coin boosting with numerous accounts.

However, you need to be vigilant – crypto sites are using more and more advanced means of identifying multiple accounts, even if those accounts are valid and have passed KYC checks. Even the slightest discrepancy in information can give you away – like if the font on your devices doesn't match. Well, this is when AdsPower can be an excellent choice in this aspect.

User Aspect from Number Aspect

AdsPower has some numbers when it comes to the user base, running profiles, and active countries. It is worth mentioning that AdsPower has a user base of more than 900,000+ users with a whopping figure of 10M+, which are available in 150+ countries. If we look into the trust factor, AdsPower has got 330+ Global partners, including giants in proxy, eCommerce, Traffic/Media, and Tech industries.

AdsPower Pricing Plans – Does AdsPower Offer Free Trial?

AdsPower offers 4 different pricing plans, including the free plan and a customized pricing plan.

AdsPower Pricing Plans

AdsPower Free Plan: The free plan gives you access to 2 profiles and a single user; the free plan gives you access to a Firefox-based browser, browser fingerprint control, account import via login/password or cookies, Local API, Real person support, use extensions from extensions menu.

AdsPower Base Plan: The AdsPower Base Plan costs $9/month; the plan gives you access to 10 profiles and a single user. The base plan gives access to all the features that were included in the free plan, along with upload extensions, operation log, permission management, profile sharing, RPA robot (5000 points for free), and Remote training.

AdsPower Pro Plan: The AdsPower Pro Plan costs $50/month and gives access to all the features which were offered in the free and base plan. Some of the additional features include a profile recycle bin, Profile storage, and automatic proxy matching.

Custom Plan: You can also get yourself a custom profile, custom team, tailored solutions, and dedicated consulting service.

The payment options that are accepted by AdsPower include PayPal, Webmoney, Sofort, iDEAL, Przelewy, Trustly, Yoomoney, Mastercard, Crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, and ETH), and many more.

Answering Queries Related to AdsPower Antidetect Browser

What Operating Systems Does AdsPower Support?

AdsPower supports Windows 10 and later, Windows Server 2016 and later, and macOS 10.15 and later for its SunBrowser 111 and later Chromium-based browser versions.

Does AdsPower Offer a Free Version?

Yes, AdsPower offers a free plan that allows users to create two accounts with no additional members, providing basic features to get familiar with the browser.

What is the Difference Between SunBrowser and FlowerBrowser in AdsPower?

SunBrowser is Chromium-based with added fingerprint management, while FlowerBrowser is Firefox-based, both offering enhanced privacy features compared to standard browsers.

Can AdsPower Automate Tasks?

Yes, AdsPower offers automation features through Local API and RPA robots, allowing users to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.

How does AdsPower Handle WebRTC Leaks?

AdsPower disables WebRTC by default and offers custom WebRTC configurations to prevent IP leaks. Users can also manually adjust WebRTC settings for each profile.

Is AdsPower Suitable for Team Collaboration?

AdsPower provides collaboration tools including a shared calendar, task management system, and chat feature, making it ideal for team-based work.

Can AdsPower Integrate with Proxy Servers?

Yes, AdsPower supports various proxy protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. It allows for easy proxy configuration and rotation on a per-profile basis.

How does AdsPower Handle SSL Certificate Validation?

AdsPower allows users to bypass SSL certificate checks, import custom certificates, and manage certificate authorities, providing flexibility for various network environments and security requirements.

Wrapping Up the AdsPower Review

As an overview, it can be said that AdsPower is one of the highest-rated virtual browsers on the market, being referred to as the World's #1 Virtual Browser on their website.

AdsPower has been awarded a 5⭐ rating from G2 and has a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot.

If you're looking for multi-account management or just want to keep your online activities on the down low, AdsPower is definitely worth a shot.

Sure, it might take a bit of getting used to, but once you're in the groove, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Is it perfect? Nah, but what is? The pros far outweigh the cons, and the team behind AdsPower seems committed to constant improvement.

Ready to Give AdsPower a Shot?

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