Searching for AdSpy Pricing Plans 2024? Wondering whether there is a free trial or plan available or maybe you could get access to AdSpy at a discounted price.

AdSpy is a powerful software that has the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It is the #1 Advertising Intelligence tool with a wide range of unique features like accurate demographics, big data, rapid interface, and more.

Is there a free trial for AdSpy available in 2024?

And what are the different pricing plans offered by AdSpy?

Check out this article curated specifically on AdSpy pricing plans, while covering some other related parameters you might be interested in.

AdSpy Key Features at a Glance

AdSpy is a powerful tool with the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. Here's a summary of its key features:

  • Extensive database: AdSpy has over 139 million ads across 222 countries and supports 88 different languages.
  • Advanced search functionality: Users can easily search and filter through vast amounts of data to find relevant ads for their social media campaigns.
  • Comprehensive features: AdSpy offers unique features that other tools may not have, making it a leading advertising intelligence tool.
  • Fast performance: The tool is designed to search through millions of records in seconds, ensuring efficient and quick results.
  • Mobile ads support: AdSpy tracks mobile ads, providing insights into this growing advertising segment.
  • Precision targeting: AdSpy's advanced filters allow users to target competitors' campaigns with high accuracy.
  • Access to ad details: Users can view ad text, comments, landing page URLs, and other ad details.

Does AdSpy offer a Free Trial?

AdSpy is not a completely free tool, but it does offer a free trial for up to 2,000 views. With the free trial, you get access to 1,000 free searches, allowing you to test the tool and see if it's a good fit for your needs.

Signing Up for AdSpy Free Trial

Signing Up for AdSpy Free Trial

To sign up for the AdSpy Free Trial, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the AdSpy website and click on the ‘Get Started' button.
  • Fill in the registration form with your email, first name, last name, and password.
  • Confirm your email address by clicking on the “Confirm your email” button in the confirmation email sent by AdSpy.

Features of AdSpy Free Trial

The AdSpy Free Trial offers a range of features to help you analyze competitor ads and develop better advertising strategies. Some of the key features include:

  • Access to the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world
  • Search filters for precise ad targeting.
  • Enhanced basic search and search through comments.
  • Accurate demographics and calling affiliates.
  • Big data and a rapid interface for quick and efficient searches.

AdSpy Pricing Plans

AdSpy offers a single pricing plan at $149 per month. This plan is designed to be simple, fair, and cost-effective compared to other ad intelligence tools in the market.

AdSpy pricing plans

Some of the benefits and features of the AdSpy plan include access to an extensive database of ads, advanced search filters, ad performance metrics, and competitor ad spying features.

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Plan NameAdSpy Plan
Monthly Subscription Cost$149
Limit on Viewing AdsVirtually unlimited usage
AdSpy Pricing Plans Benefits and FeaturesAccess to extensive database
Advanced search filters
Ad performance metrics
Competitor ad spying features
DiscountsAccess to an extensive database
Advanced search filters
Ad performance metrics
Competitor ad spying features

How to Sign Up for AdSpy?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to start your AdSpy subscription:

STEP 1: Click on “Get started” and fill in the required information to create your account.

AdSpy Free Trial

STEP 2: After creating your account, log in using your username and password.

create adspy account

STEP 3: Go to “My Account” and then manage subscription. Complete the checkout process by entering our discount code to get the desirable discount.

Adspy Coupon Code

STEP 4: That’s it! Wait for your confirmation mail as now you have successfully signed in for the AdSpy subscription.

Verified AdSpy Coupon codes and Discounts: Up to $150 OFF

We have collected some of the best AdSpy discount codes for our readers to help them save big on their subscriptions. The verified AdSpy coupon codes help customers to get discounts of $75 and a total of $150 on their purchases.

Here are the exclusive coupon codes and discounts for AdSpy:

Top FAQs for AdSpy Pricing Plans 2024

What is the monthly cost of AdSpy's plan?

AdSpy offers a single-paid plan with a monthly cost of $149, providing users with virtually unlimited usage and access to a massive database of ads across multiple platforms.

Is there a free trial available for AdSpy?

AdSpy does not offer a completely free trial, but it does provide a free trial for up to 2,000 views.

Are there any coupon codes available for AdSpy?

Yes, the best AdSpy coupon codes available out there are “AFFTWEAKS” which offers a $75 discount, and “BLOGE50” which offers $50 OFF for the first three months.

What are the benefits of using AdSpy?

The benefits of using AdSpy include its huge database of over 175 million Facebook ads, the ability to explore new campaigns, get to know new products, monitor competition, and gain valuable insights into top markets.

What is the AdSpy Refund Policy?

AdSpy offers a 24-hour refund policy for its customers. So if in case you are unsatisfied with your subscription, you need to ask for a refund within 24 hours of purchasing it.


AdSpy Pricing Plans for 2024 offer a cost-effective solution for users seeking advertising intelligence. With a monthly cost of $149 for the premium plan, users can get access to unlimited views and a large database of ads across multiple platforms.

The benefits of choosing AdSpy include its advanced features, and the ability to explore new marketing campaigns, discover top-selling products, and check out their competitors. From my perspective, it is highly recommended to use the exclusive AdSpy coupon codes mentioned above to get a high discount on your purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on AdSpy and get started with over-powered ad spying operations on your fingertips.

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