Adsterra has brought up a new and fully automated model for optimizing traffic, CPA Goal. Now you can reach your target CPA by spending less for your profitable traffic from Adsterra.

Advertisers can purchase traffic from the most effective placements. All they have to do is simply set up rules and have Adsterra CPA Goal review for you. You can even unlink any placement that does not meet your KPIs, with the help of this tool.

Adsterra CPA Goal

Adsterra CPA Goal

Adsterra has recently released CPA Goal, a new feature that allows brands, agencies, and also affiliate marketers to optimize CPM and CPC traffic for conversions.

Talking in detail about this new feature by Adsterra, the CPA Goal is actually a rule-based instrument, especially for media buyers. This is something that will intrigue the usual buyers, the ones who purchase a high volume of impressions or even clicks.

As a media buyer, you can now create rules to automatically unlink traffic sources and get rid of those which don't meet vital performance metrics like eCPA. When you compare this to the earlier versions of the feature that is present in the existing market, the CPA Goal allows you to adjust much better traffic.

This new feature is highly valuable as brands and affiliate marketers can gain a lot more profits from it. As a brand, you can now promote proprietary services and as an affiliate marketer, you can aim towards gaining more profits, balancing between spending for CPM or CPC traffic and more.

Quality over quantity is the new mantra. With CPA Goal Optimization, you purchase tons of impressions but optimize them by critical marketing parameters. This approach ensures that you are not just buying traffic, but quality traffic that converts.

For affiliate marketers, the CPA Goal is also profitable during the process of conversion of KPIs set by their advertiser.

Where can you find CPA Goal?

You can find this feature in the Advertisers account on the website. Optimize CPM/CPC campaigns for conversions with maximum impact. With this rule-based tool, you can now easily provide high value traffic that meets your criteria in conversions or eCPA.

Adsterra CPA Goal

This tool lets the media buyers create and save unlimited rules and also ad the same to CPM or CPC campaigns. This will let them have control over the traffic for conversions.

Now talking about the Ad placements that are unlinked by the CPA Goal, these links are kept in a totally separate table, where users can return them to ad campaigns. You can even download all IDs for future use, especially while creating a blocklist.

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CPA Goal's Top-Rated Benefits for Advertisers

Safety from Overpaying

Our intelligent algorithms check every placement that reaches the critical spending you mark and verify if it delivers the desired number of conversions or eCPA. This feature ensures that you are not overpaying for traffic that does not convert.

Flexible Price Configurations

With CPA Goal Optimization, you can create a set of rules that will automatically verify traffic and sort the best slices. This feature allows you to manage your budget effectively and ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising spend.

Automated Placement Unlinking

Once a placement doesn’t meet your rules, it will be unlinked automatically. This feature saves you the time and effort of manually unlinking non-performing placements.

Protection from False Unlinking

When an ad placement hits the critical spending mark but keeps delivering enough conversions or desirable eCPA, we keep it in your campaign. We will recheck the placement after several days to make sure it still meets your KPIs.

Case Study: eCPA Twice Lower with Rules-Based Optimization

Here is how CPA Goal helped our direct advertiser, a local online store. A Brazilian e-mail was launching a promo campaign aiming to embrace new audiences. Thanks to smart optimization, our advertiser managed to reduce eCPA almost by half, while growing the number of conversions and ROI.


  • Vertical: E-commerce
  • Conversion flow: first order
  • Geo: Brazil

1st Campaign

  • 14 days
  • CPM pricing (no auto-optimization)
  • eCPA = $12
  • 2327 conversions

2nd Campaign – with Optimization

  • 14 days
  • CPM pricing with CPA Goal added
  • Rule: If eCPA is >$7, then unlink the placement
  • eCPA = $6–7
  • 2619 conversions

Smart rules allow for managing huge traffic volumes and achieving your desirable KPIs much faster.

Words from Adsterra

While talking about the benefits of CPA Goal, Gala Grigoreva, the CMO at Adsterra says “Earlier, you would manually remove placements that spent too much while sending very few conversions. First, that's time-consuming. Second, that demands mastery. And finally, with tons of traffic, you could have missed the right moment for optimization and spent too much.”

Further stating,  “We're excited we can now provide our partners with a more advanced way of improving ROI and pulling the best-matching traffic from their targeting. Here at Adsterra, we have a local motto, ‘Make great ROI your rule,' and that's precisely what this tool is about.”

What is Adsterra?

Adsterra Affiliate Network

Adsterra is a global advertising and CPA affiliate network that is widely known to work with Advertisers, Publishers, and Affiliates.

The company is widely known for its tech-driven developments and market-leading advertising network. It is widely known to bring together advertisers and publishers from around the world since the year 2013.

Adsterra has got a number of solutions, which are also powered by Artificial Intelligence. These tools and features work frictionless and are a perfect match for advertisers to fetch a great amount of traffic.

Adsterra has created a positive image in the development of ad tech solutions, such as a proprietary stack of ad formats. As a brand, Adsterra focuses on the best customer service and hence it has got its in-house Partner Care Program to cater to all types of industries and also support every associated partner.

Conclusion: CPA Goal by Adsterra

CPA Goal Optimization is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to maximize their ROI by optimizing their traffic for conversions. By setting a CPA Goal, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising spend. This tool is particularly useful for advertisers who are using CPM or CPC pricing models but want to optimize their traffic for conversions.

With CPA Goal Optimization, you can automate the process of unlinking non-performing placements, protect yourself from overpaying for traffic, and manage your advertising budget more effectively. By leveraging this tool, you can take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Remember, the key to successful media buying is not just about acquiring traffic but acquiring quality traffic that converts. With CPA Goal Optimization, you can do just that. So, start optimizing your campaigns today and see the difference it can make to your bottom line.

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