Targeted advertising is what every brand is vouching for in 2024. That being said, finding the right tool that targets the right customer is literally a big deal. But what if we say we have found one for you, and it's just a click away. Yes, check out this latest AdTargeting review – a tool that has served 30,000+ customers across the globe with advanced targeting and is just doing amazing!

Social Media platforms are doing incredibly awesome nowadays. Even the most popular brands are investing a huge chunk of their marketing spending in advertising on popular platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more. And to be honest here, who wouldn't wish to advertise their product on a platform where over 3.6 billion people regularly hang out?

Well, you don't have to answer, because we already know the answer!

Talking about what the future of social media usage looks like, it's all expected to be bright and awesome. In fact, according to Statista, the number of people worldwide using social media will grow from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion by the year 2025. And since we love calculations very much, it's over half of the entire planet's population scrolling through social feeds and buying stuff from there.

AdTargeting Review

The numbers above are undoubtedly huge, and here's where targeted advertising comes into the picture. Since there will be so many users, it would be foolish for a brand to invest dollars in every random user. That being said, with targeted advertising, marketers can target consumers with ads that reflect their choices, shopping behavior, and specific traits.

If this sounds new to you, well, you are missing out on much!

Many brands have already cut the noise by adopting targeted advertising in their marketing strategy. And if you wish to do the same, AdTargeting tool is your search! Read out this amazing AdTargeting tool review to explore its features, pricing, and what best the tool offers you (and why you must not buy this tool)!

Quick Summary,

AdTargeting is a popular Facebook interest targeting tool that helps businesses analyze their audience interest and target them accordingly. Apart from Facebook ad targeting, AdTargeting even offers features like google ads targeting and TikTok ads targeting. To get started, the price of the basic plan of the tool is $9. However, they are running a promotional offer through which users can use the pro plan for just $1 for three days. If this sounds like you, make sure to read this review and move ahead with the purchase decision!

Detailed AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting is a popular Facebook interest targeting tool that supports 5 languages to help marketers target audiences from across the globe. The tool has been in the market for quite a long period now. Hence the database it has is vast and up to date. The main aim of the tool is to help advertisers reduce their ad spending by improving ad targeting.

With AdTargeting, marketers can refine their audience pool to a niche circle and then launch an ad campaign on any social media platform to get the best ROI. It even helps marketers discover new audiences and track competitors' audiences to get more customers.

AdTargeting is quite easy to use, and its free to sign-up as well. You only have to enter the keyword in the search box, and you will get a massive list of hidden interest words that your competitors don't know.

Through this tool, advertisers will even have access to a free Google keyword tool to find keywords related to the industry easily. Not just Facebook but also AdTargeting allows users to explore the best audiences for other popular social media platforms like TikTok.

The tool adds a whole new dimension to the insights you receive for your potential targets, like how many of your audiences are liking or using these words, their age, gender and even geographic distribution and region. AdTargeting is the best way to find all the hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It will really help you to boost the ROI of your Facebook Marketing and Targeting.

In short, AdTargeting helps advertisers and marketers get as much visibility and engagement as possible with the bare minimum investment. It's a beginner-friendly tool, so users are not required to have much technical knowledge, and the features it offers are amazing, so let's check it out all now!

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AdTargeting Features at a Glance!

1. Interest Search – AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review - Interest Search

Interest search is one of the best features of the tool, and the results it gives to the users are incredible as well. The tool offers Facebook and TikTok interests in five languages – Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, and German. Users are only required to choose the desired language, enter their interest keywords, and click on the search box. The tool thus gives a list of related interests and suggestions.

The results are divided into five columns – interest name, audience size, Facebook ads manager interest path, category, and type. Additionally, users can even sort by audience number and keyword relevance.

2. Interest List – AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review - Interest List

Next comes the second-best feature of AdTargeting tool – Interest List. With this feature, users can grab some hidden interest keywords that they would not have discovered on any other platform.

In fact, advertisers are often on a quest for an extensive Keyword list and fail to get on for their ad campaigns. With this interest list, the tool aims to give users hot interests by audience size in various industries to explore untapped business opportunities out there.

3. Audience Analysis – AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review - Audience Analysis

The audience analysis feature works wonders for advertising on popular social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Advertisers just have to click on any interesting keyword, and then they will be redirected to graphical analysis of the number of audiences interested in the same. If you have double thoughts about whether to choose or not to choose any keyword, this tool can help you with the best answer.

This feature is completely based on the audience screening method of Facebook audience insight. It analyzes the number of audiences for each interest, demographics, age distribution, gender, job title, a device used, location, top country, and Facebook page. With this tool, advertisers can even check out their competitor's interests.

4. Interest Comparison – AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting Review - Interest Comparison

After going through all these features by AdTargeting, in the end, you will explore a comparison table – and we are talking about that only. With this feature, marketers can explore the audience's interest in any specific keyword. The tool displays the interest in the form of a chart which is very easy to understand.

5. Intelligent TikTok Hashtag Analytics – AdTargeting Review

AdTargeting - TikTok Hashtag Analytics 

If you are into TikTok, you would know how important hashtags are to reach out to the right audience. This feature by AdTargeting would aim at helping TikTok users track any Hashtag with just a click. It even provides comprehensive alternatives to the selected hashtags and discovers trending ones for the users through different dimensions.

Benefits of AdTargeting – AdTargeting Review 

AdTargeting offers you a large number of keywords so that Facebook interest and Google Adwords are revealed precisely to target the audience and spy on your competitor's traffic.

You can use AdTargeting to precisely target, and it is a powerful tool to do so. It aids in advertising by classifying keywords on the audience in detail through interest classification strategies. Let's now checkouts the AdTargeting benefits! 

  • Target competitor's audience & find Facebook interest

With AdTargeting, you can expand and discover great interest and remove the guesswork the interest Targeting.

By using it, you can target competitors' Facebook Page Fans' interest by using the “Advertiser” to search for your competitor's ad campaigns. Then you will know whether they have run an ad and, if they are running it, how long they are running it. You can also see how the ads perform and what their audience profile is, which can help you to select the right audiences.

  • Provides you with more specific keyword insight

AdTargeting is a really good tool that also helps you to reduce and cost of advertising and also helps you to maximize its effectiveness of it. When you compare AdTargeting with the likes of Google Keyword Planner, AdTargeting offers you more in-depth insights into keywords.

While you do research on AdTargeting, you will see that it provides you with a massive list of relatable keywords along with specific search volume, CPC and also paid difficulty, which varies from 1-100. Now the larger this number is, the harder it would be to bid on the Google ad.

Though Google's official tool only provides you with an unnecessary range of search volume and only a simple evaluation of the paid difficulty in terms of easy, normal, hard, and super-hard. And moreover, the Google keywords planner only offers several suggestion keywords, but with AdTargeting, you get a whole new list of keywords which is enormous.

  • Saves time and makes interest research easier

While we used AdTargeting personally, the main advantage it offers is time-saving. It saves much time, which can go into researching for interest on the web. You can add the interest you have collected to check out if the keyword is suitable and then proceed with the next step.

You get only the most relevant interest words in the listing, which you can use in your Facebook ad sets. By this, you don't have to search for the interest keywords manually, which in turn saves you more time.

  • Discovering advertiser pages to spy on Facebook Ads of competitors

Now to find out more advertiser pages and get Facebook Advertiser analysis, including Hot words, Advertising trends, Platform distribution, Creative types and Geographical distribution. You can also get creative insights to spy on the Facebook ads of your competitors and spy on their traffic.

  • Adding interests directly to your Ad account with a single click

Well, with AdTargeting, you can import keywords directly to your Facebook Ad account with just a single click which is going to save you time and reduce the manual work which normally does into copy and paste.

  • Comparing interests and choosing the best one

With AdTargeting, you can compare by Gender, Age, Education, Location etc and analyze the audience to get the most accurate one for your marketing. You can even compare keywords by paid difficulty, search volume and regions in Google Trends to get the most suitable and best keywords.

How to Use AdTargeting to Get Best Facebook Interest? 

When we talk about Facebook Interest and Google AdWords, well AdTargeting is something which is easy to use tool which even beginners can use to fulfill their task of finding the best Facebook interest. Here are a few steps by which you can learn how AdTargeting can help you to target the precise audience and keywords.

1. Targeting 

Here we will take an example by searching about Games. We entered “Games” in the search box and got a report which contained a comprehensive list of related keywords and the also the amount of audience base it has, along with the analysis of the audience like age, region, and gender.


So as you can see, the report gave us 170 related interested keywords and also an overall image of what the target audience is. Along with that, you can also see that we can choose different platforms.

You can switch to Google, and it will give you details like search volume, related keywords and also a massive list of suggested keywords. The same goes for TikTok Interest, and you also don't forget to check out their latest Bing Keyword feature. It will provide you accurate data in specific rows like paid difficulty, top countries they are in, their popularity and also the related keywords.

AdTargeting Features

AdTargeting has a newly launched feature where you can switch to”domain” and enter your competitor's URL, and you a get all the Long Tail keywords and other related hot words.

So that's how you can get an insight into keywords that your competitors are using and make the most of this tool for yourself and improve your website ranking and Google Ads.

AdTargeting Search

2. Advertiser Analysis

Well, you can get more in-depth information about your competitors with the Advertise feature. You only have to enter a keyword or the Facebook Page name, and this tool will provide you with all the information you require. And this information includes how long they have been running ads, the Advertising trend in the last 90 days, the number of page likes and whether they are running ads on other products which have been promoted on a specific Facebook page.

Plus, you can also have a deep dive into the pages and get good insights about the hot words, advertising trends, platform distribution, geographical distribution and type of creativity. You can check out all the details about the campaigns that your competitor is using.

You can also check out and get access to all that your competitors are using in their ad campaigns, and you can also filter them by platforms, location, duration and ad types.

3. Top Chart

In this AdTargeting Review, we found a great feature as it provides you with a complete list of the most popular interest or keywords under various keyword sets, which will save you time and from it, you can choose the most suitable keywords. You get to find that there are charts of 8 Facebook categories and 22 Google categories which are sorted by the audience in 5 different languages. All these stats are really worth it before you start targeting. 

👉 Who Should Use the AdTargeting Tool?

Now that you have explored what the AdTargeting tool is all about and the features of the tool, next come to the question of whether you should or should not buy this tool! 

If you are an advertiser, you might know that targeting the correct audience is very crucial while launching any ad campaign. If you manage to find the right target audience, you would not just save a whole lot of dollars, but even the ROI on each dollar spent would be massive. Besides, achieving targets gets easier when you target the right audience, even if you spend less time.

  • If you are a Business Owner who wants to boost their sales and impressions online, you should definitely try AdTargeting.
  • All Digital Marketers who are looking to expand their business and sales to various countries which offer high ROI and lower cost should try AdTargeting.
  • Business Managers looking for new leads should at least try AdTargeting once.

But what if you target the wrong audience? 

You see, just a wrong decision can turn out to be a nightmare for advertisers. So, the answer to the above question asked, who should use this tool is:

  • Advertisers
  • Marketers

When you use AdTargeting for your marketing purposes, you would be saving hours of manual testing time and, of course, dollars. And if you are a marketer, you can build up great marketing strategies by spying on your competitors' strategies

🔥 Looking to target a precise audience? Click on this link to get started with AdTargeting Pro Plan for 3 days for just $1 only.

👉 Who Should Not Use the AdTargeting Tool? 

Like the mantra we have been saying for a long time, not every tool is best suited to everyone, to every business. That being said, AdTargeting is also one such tool that is best suited for certain individuals only. 

  • You want to explore Instagram for your business needs, and Facebook or TikTok is not your target platform
  • You don't really want to invest in targeted marketing and are up for other marketing tactics
  • You don't want to spy on your competitors' actions and wish to stand unique by not comparing
  • You are looking out for a free tool that would offer all these features for free (however, you won't get any)

You don't have much time to invest in marketing because AdTargeting is not just about buying the subscription; you will have to spend time to get the most out of the tool.

Why is AdTargeting Better?

Compared to other ad targeting tools available in the market, this tool offers precise targeting, and it's not just us saying this, but thousands of users who have already used AdTargeting tool. If used properly, the tool's features help advertisers classify keywords based on their target audience through interest classification strategies. 

The multiple filters available within the AdTargeting tool offer advertisers more opportunities to explore consumer interests, thus improving the overall ROI. Back then, advertisers used to select interest keywords suggested by Facebook, which didn't often give desired results. But with AdTargeting, the situation is a lot different. 

The tool literally helps advertisers target a more vast audience with just $9 a month. And the best, it even allows advertisers to target competitor's audiences, all with just a click!

Long story short, what we liked the most about the tool is: 

  • It helps marketers with best interest keywords
  • It helps marketers explore what strategy their competitors are following

It gives marketers detailed reports about how best they can target their audience and where exactly they are lacking behind.

🚀 Click here to create your AdTargeting account and discover hidden interests and Google keywords.

AdTargeting Pricing Plans

The AdTargeting tool is not offering any free plan to the users, and there's not even a free trial period available. Having said that, we do not even find AdTargeting Pricing to be the costliest one as compared to its competitors. The tool offers three paid plans to its users, each coming with different features: 

AdTargeting Pricing Plans
  • 20 Queries daily
  • TikTok interest search
  • Audience insight
  • Interest suggestions
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Google Keyword Search
  • Facebook interest search
  • Page audience analysis
  • Bing keyword search
  • Advertisers ranking
  • Advertiser insight
  • Top charts
  • Online support

And everything else is included in the Basic Plan!

  • More dimensions of the ad
  • More ad platform data
  • Exclusive and detailed analysis of ads
  • Competitor ad information
  • API integration
  • Personal assistance
  • Free demo available

You might have noticed already that the VIP Enterprise plan by AdTargeting comes with no pre-set pricing, you will have to request a demo, and the team will further offer you the best-suited plans according to your interests. Moreover, users can get all these plans at a massive 50% off if they opt for a yearly subscription and not monthly. All you have to do is, choose your best plan, and the subscription will renew automatically before you unsubscribe.

Coming to the refund policy, AdTargeting, as of now, doesn't offer any refunds, except if any errors occurred due to system bugs or the user raises a refund order within 24 hours of the first payment. The team doesn't guarantee refunds for lack of usage or dissatisfaction. Hence we have done the work for you and kept this review as honest as possible to help you make wiser decisions!

How prompt is the AdTargeting support system? Our personal review!

There are more than 30,000+ active users of the AdTargeting tool, and thus, the developers have made sure that each user gets the best support from the team quickly. For VIP Enterprise Plan subscribers, the team offers prompt support service, which is impressive, given the amount of dollars a user would be spending.

Moreover, the tool even has a dedicated resource section available on the official website. In this section, the developers have made sure to answer all the frequently raised issues by the questions. There's even a tutorial section available on the website, where the team has covered questions like – how to use AdTargeting to do keyword research? How to use AdTargeting for advertising query and analysis? And more!

AdTargeting Affiliate Program

Next, in our AdTargeting review, we will discuss its Affiliate Program. The AdTargeting Affiliate Program offers all affiliates the to earn 20% commission for a lifetime by promoting the AdTargeting tools, which are already loved by several users around the world. 

AdTargeting Affiliate Program

What are the benefits of an AdTargeting affiliate program?

  • Affiliates get to earn at least 20% commission from each monthly payment which is made by a user who registers from their Affiliate link.
  • No approval is required, and Affiliates can start promoting immediately.
  • It also offers quick and high conversions as more than 80% of users who subscribed have decided to do so just within the first 24 hours after registration.
  • Also, Affiliates can get a special commission panel by which they can know about the current number of good commissions and promotions. 

Also, the cookies are valid for 60 days which is a decent cookie window for the Affiliates to promote AdTargeting effectively. And the Last commission will be paid the next month via PayPal, and the minimum payment is $50.

AdTargeting Alternatives – AdTargeting Competitors

At present, the best and closest alternative to AdTargeting is Ubersuggest which is actually a free SEO tool designed as a one-stop solution for keyword research and SEO reports, along with offering massive data which can help users get specific keywords and rank their websites. It was first founded as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms, but recently it was acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel who has then expanded all of its features and is also the face behind it.

What Ubersuggest offers differently?

  • Provides necessary related keywords and suggestions and also gives a domain overview. 
  • Even you can analyze competitors' pages with the SEO report and then copy their successful strategy and fetch traffic. 
  • It offers features like tracking your link to look out for the backlink data and get access to these sites and then ask them to link back to you. 

But Ubersuggest is expensive when you compare it with AdTargeting, and it focuses more on your site's SEO than keyword suggestion.

AdTargeting Reviews & Customer Testimonials

AdTargeting Review - Testimonial

AdTargeting FAQ

Is AdTargeting tool legit?

Yes, AdTargeting is a legit Facebook interest targeting tool used by thousands of advertisers across the globe.

What can I do with AdTargeting?

With the AdTargeting tool, you can explore hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook and TikTok audiences. You can even maximize your ROI by picking up the interest keywords displayed by the tool and reaching out to the right audience before your competitor does.

How good is AdTargeting database?

AdTargeting regularly updates its database, all according to the platform. The tool does not rely on any other search engine to procure data.

How often AdTargeting update its database?

AdTargeting updates its Facebook ad data in real-time.

How to use AdTargeting for free?

AdTargeting does not offer any free plan or free trial period to its users. Hence you can't use this tool for free. However, you can make the most out of the tool's pro package with its recent $1 offer.

Can I use AdTargeting premium plans for free?

No, you can't use AdTargeting premium plan for free. However, you can use it for just $1 for three days. Hurry up; it's a limited period offer!

How many languages AdTargeting support?

AdTargeting supports five languages – Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, and German.

What are the data sources of AdTargeting?

AdTargeting uses data from their own independent database as they have their search crawlers. AdTargeting does not use third-party services to use its data, nor is it affiliated with different search engines.

Does AdTargeting allow me to cancel my subscription?

Yes, AdTargeting allows all its users to cancel their subscriptions at any time. Even after canceling the plan, the user can use the remainder of their bill.

How do I see hidden interests on Facebook?

If you want to see hidden interests on Facebook, then you can easily go for AdTargeting. Click here to get started with AdTargeting Pro Plan for just $1. AdTargeting is a tool that helps you identify targeted keywords and interest groups of huge audiences on Facebook. It automatically finds its ads based on targeted keywords and their interests, thereby increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) of advertisement targeting by bidding higher than the entire market in your chosen sectors. AdTargeting helps you find the right audience to target for each keyword/interest group in a short time with minimal effort.

Why should I go for AdTargeting?

The entire industry is out there searching for more effective targeting options such as AdWords, Facebook and Google Plus. Still, not everyone knows them, and many businesses are left under-invested. is the leading tool that can offer you the benefit of modern targeting options that help you get higher ROI while also providing comprehensive keyword insights.

Does AdTargeting offer any discount coupons?

Yes, AdTargeting offers an exclusive discount coupon on annual billings to all new users. If you are new to AdTargeting and want to save more money, then grab the above-mentioned AdTargeting coupon code.

How much discount will I get by using the AdTargeting coupon code?

By using our latest AdTargeting discount coupon code, you will be able to save a flat 50% off on all its annual plans

How to cancel AdTargeting account?

It's quite an easy and straightforward procedure to cancel your account. You can follow the steps mentioned below to do that.
1. Log in to your account and head to My Plan.
2. Then click on the Username, which you can find in the top right corner.
3. After this, click on “cancel the subscription” to confirm each step.
And make sure that after cancellation, you recheck your account status about any upcoming payment.

Conclusion: AdTargeting Review – Is AdTargeting the best Ad targeting tool in 2024?

While reviewing this tool for over a few days now, we found that AdTargeting goes far beyond being just a Facebook Interest targeting tool. It literally has so much more to offer to advertisers who are looking forward to expanding their business online.

And on top of features, the basic plan of AdTargeting is highly affordable, it's just $9 for a month, and you get access to all amazing and exclusive features. By only buying the basic plan, even if you are running a small-scale business, you can get insights about your audience, keywords suggestions, TikTok interest search, and so much more.

Previously while we explored this tool, we thought that the pro plan (previously named as elite plan) was a bit expensive. However, the developers have recently come up with a fair win-win deal. Users can experience the benefits of a pro plan for just $1 for three days.

So, what are you waiting for?

It isn't going to get any lesser than this; grab the tool now to make the most out of your $1. And if you have been using the AdTargeting tool for a while, do let us know your experience in the comments below!

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