Top Adult AD Networks

Do you have any idea how much money affiliate marketers are making from adult websites? You won’t imagine that Adult sites are the most visited sites online; and also, the most searched and popular keywords or terms. 

Earning money from adult Advertising is a goldmine for publishers and webmasters.

The adult or dating website generates more traffic than other health or food websites. You can get more traffic not only for your related products or services but any other product you want to.

If you have ever browsed one, then you must have an idea about it. Affiliate marketers drop in their links in the comment section for related or totally different products or services. You might see an ad for food stores, medicine stores, or clothing on adult sites

The most common ads will be from other adult sites like dating, cam sites, or adult products. Affiliates use this platform to drive traffic to their adult dating deals.

You must be thinking about how they do all this and make so much money. The answer is through adult ad networks. The top adult ad networks that we are going to talk about in detail assist them in driving more traffic organically by offering them the required tools and ad ideas.

Top 15+ Adult Ad networks (Updated 2024)

#1 Juicy Ads

JuicyAds has been awarded Company of the Year at the 2019 YNOT Awards for Traffic Services. Today, they have over 105000 active accounts and 222,000+ NETWORK WEBSITES.

Juicy Ads

Being Sexy is their corporate policy, and JuicyAds is the stellar monetization solution for your Publisher websites. It is an outlet for Publishers to expand their proceeds by selling ad space to Advertisers. They do Banner Ads, Native Advertising, and PopUnders. 

An advertiser can work with them on a self-service or full-service basis. They were ranked as one of the Top 10 Advertising Networks globally by W3 Techs because of their committed network, traffic, and customer support.

All advertisers can access standard anti-fraud systems, and effective targeting through all devices, operating systems, geo-locations, etc. To measure revenues, you get pixel trailing technology and customized S2S Postback systems to check your ROI, instant placement, and dedicated account managers.

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Highlights of JuicyAds Ad Network

  • Fully-optimized banners for all devices
  • Exclusive marketplace 
  • CPC, POP, Adult, and CPM payment models
  • IAB Standard banner sizes
  • Maximum exposure via popunder ads
  • Spam-free ad
  • $25 minimum payout
  • Weekly, bi-monthly and monthly payments
  • Payments through PayPal, Payza, Paxum, Cheque, and wire

#2 HillTopAds

They provide the best-performing ad formats to fit the up-to-the-minute industry and technology drifts. It deals with display banners, push notifications, native ads, video ads, pops, and direct links.


The attributes that make HillTopAds stand out from the rest are- direct traffic from publishers, advanced targeting, no blocked impressions, detailed analytics, eCPM real-time optimization, self-service for advertisers, 24/7 qualified reports, ad network rotation for publishers, and no additional fees. 

Highlights of HillTopAds Ad Network

  • 30% more effective brands
  • Get paid weekly via Bitcoin, ePayments, Webmoney, Wire, ePayService, and Paxum
  • Monetize web and mobile traffic.
  • Works on all niches, be it gaming, dating, adulting, etc.
  • Clean ads and detailed reports
  • Competitive CPM rates
  • Verified traffic and self-serve platform
  • 5% commission on referrals
  • $50 minimum payout

#3 Kadam

Kadam Ad Network has established itself as a preferred choice for advertisers looking to tap into the adult ad market. Leveraging modern technologies, Kadam offers a comprehensive solution to advertisers' needs, ensuring high-quality traffic and vast volumes. With its ability to target desired GEOs effectively, advertisers can launch campaigns that reach a top-quality audience, driving maximum conversions at competitive prices.

Kadam Ad Network

The network's extensive reach is supported by hundreds of thousands of sites and applications worldwide, ready to display ads. This capability, combined with a variety of popular ad formats and detailed, clear statistics, makes Kadam an attractive option for those seeking effective sales and stable profit in the adult advertising sector.

Key Features Offered by Kadam Adult Ad Network

  • Offers one of the highest traffic volumes in the market, ensuring wide reach and visibility for campaigns.
  • Supports 7 popular ad formats including Banners, Native ads, Push Notifications, and Clickunder, catering to diverse advertising needs.
  • Allows targeting by platforms, countries, regions, ISPs, devices, and more, enabling precise audience targeting.
  • Advertisers can choose between payment for impressions or clicks, providing flexibility in budgeting and campaign optimization.
  • Utilizes both own and external anti-cheat systems to maintain the quality of traffic and protect advertisers' interests.
  • Offers dedicated personal managers and a general chat for assistance in setting up, launching, and optimizing advertising campaigns.

#4 Adsterra

Adsterra is a popular Adult ad network that has been connecting brands and marketing professionals through top-tier advertising and monetization solutions since 2013. It is recognized as one of the best adult ad networks, offering a wide range of services for both publishers and advertisers.


Adsterra provides a unique partner care approach, helping publishers maximize eCPM with relevant ad feeds while advertisers meet their KPIs and enhance ROI. It offers over 20 targeting settings, allowing marketers to deliver ads to the best-matching audiences.

Key Features of Adsterra Ad Network

  • Offers high CPM rates.
  • Adsterra offers a variety of ad formats, including Popunders, Social Bar, and Native Banners.
  • Offers CPA, CPM, and CPC pricing models.
  • 3-level security system prevents malware, ad fraud, and bot traffic.
  • 10-minute or less website verification, making it easy for any publisher or webmaster to join Adsterra.
  • Minimum payout of $5 for publishers and $100 for advertisers.

#5 MyLead

As one of the most frequently rewarded affiliate networks in the previous years, MyLead offers a wide selection of over 4000 affiliate programs, also from direct advertisers, from the most popular niches in affiliate marketing, including Nutra, Dating, Sweepstakes, Forex/Crypto and Gaming.

Mylead Affiliate Network

With its excellent client service, the company welcomes advanced publishers who care about individual approaches. Adjusted rates, exclusive campaigns, free affiliate tools, including Content Lockers and a link cloaking system, are just a few of the many advantages the platform offers.

MyLead is all about educating its users. With its frequently published blog posts, ebooks and video tutorials, you will learn how to maximize your profits even more.

Highlights of the MyLead Affiliate Network

  • $20 minimum payouts via PayPal, Revolut, Skrill, 
  • Withdrawals in Bitcoin and Tether, 
  • Express withdrawals available,
  • Worldwide GEO traffic accepted
  • In-house developed tracing system with directly real-time statics
  • Massive database of exclusive campaigns with individual rates
  • Free affiliate tools (Content Lockers, link cloaking system, API, postback)

MyLead cares about modern solutions. The platform allows you to order express withdrawals with the guarantee of delivering the money within 48 business hours. Users can also count on a constantly developing cryptocurrency payout system.

#6 Zeropark

Zeropark is an advanced ad network geared towards affiliate marketers and media buyers who are eager to access high-intent audiences beyond mainstream search engines. This platform is built on the premise of offering incremental audiences for your campaigns, creating opportunities to reach potential customers who might be missed by more traditional advertising methods.


With an impressively low average CPC of $0.15, Zeropark offers not only cost-effective advertising options but also a staggering monthly available volume of over 96 million. This network truly has a global reach, which allows you to extend your campaigns to audiences all over the world.

Designed for results-driven advertising, Zeropark is an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their customer acquisition strategies, particularly outside of competitive sources. The platform provides unparalleled access to audiences showing high intent, further improving your campaign's effectiveness and potential for success.

Highlights of Zeropark Affiliate Network

  • Offers competitively low average CPC of $0.15.
  • More than 96 Million+ Volumes all over the globe.
  • Offers direct optimization with Voluum.
  • Works on both Adult and Mainstream verticals.

#7 TrafficStars


TrafficStars is a self-served premium ad network that works well for all including publishers, advertisers, marketers, etc. over a single platform. One of the other key features worth mentioning is its real-time bidding. With over 5 billion ad impressions daily, they have an experience of 7+ years with 2 offices functioning in Spain and Cyprus.

TrafficStars serves over 200+ countries with India, the USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Italy being the top GEOs per traffic volume. As an affiliate network, TrafficStars have around 7 ad formats including Push, Popunder, Banner ads, Native ads, Interstitial ads, Native, video, and In-page ads.

Below mentioned are some of the highlights of TrafficStars

  • Offers multiple payment options like Paxum, Cosmopay, ePayService, Capitalist, European SEPA transfer, International Wire Transfer, and Crypto.
  • Have over 5 billion+ daily ad impressions.
  • Have revenue models like CPM, CPA, and CPC.
  • Offers detailed statistics with Domaine API, Trackers, S2S Postback, and Optimizers.
  • Minimum payout from $10/€10 (Crypto) and $100/€100 for other options except for Wire transfer ($1000/€1000).
  • Real-time bidding along with campaign optimization tools.

#8 ExoClick

This Ad Network is the 4th biggest ad network in the world by W3Techs. It serves over 7 billion geo-targeted ads daily, to an international network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms.

ExoCLick Logo

Present-day – CEO Benjamin Fonzé established ExoClick, and he operates the organization with his brother Adrien who is the COO of the firm.

Its data gets refreshed every minute, and 24/7 customer service offers full assistance to the users. ExoClick’s API lets developers create their own tailored software add-ons for programmatic procedures on this platform.

The publishers get on-time payments, SaaS technology, fluid player, Adblock solution, and an attractive referral program.

Highlights of ExoClick Ad Network

  • 100% fill rate.
  • Weekly or monthly via Paypal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Cryptocurrency or Wire Transfer.
  • Web and mobile formats.
  • A free, open-source HTML video player Fluid to use.
  • $20 minimum payout.
  • CPS, CPM, POP models.
  • NeverBlock is a tested ad block solution.
  • 5% commissions on referral program.

#9 Algo Affiliates

As one of the Leading Performance Marketing Affiliate Networks in the ecosystem, Algo-Affiliates offers an impressive selection of over 1,500 top-quality merchants in various niches across finance, dating, insurance, loans, home improvement, health & beauty, sweepstakes, and more.

Algo Affiliates Affiliate Network

With their massive range of perfectly optimized marketing materials, available in various languages, they drive up conversions. Plus, their Traffic Monetization Algorithm is designed to dynamically adapt ads for the target audience to increase CTRs and EPCs through the use of smartlinks.

As if that weren't enough, they also offer tailored commissions and some of the highest payouts in the industry. To top it off, they provide timely payments via convenient payment methods.

Reasons to choose Algo Affiliates as your adult affiliate network

  • Wide range of offers: Unlike most of the adult affiliate networks in the ecosystem, Algo affiliates offer more than 12000+ offers across multiple verticals.
  • Minimum payout of $250: Where some of the adult affiliate networks with such an extensive list of offers give a minimum payout of $500, Algo affiliates have made it to $250 only.
  • Tracking Software: Algo affiliates use one of the most trusted affiliate software in the ecosystem which is Hasoffers, this as a result gives a good tracking of affiliates while keeping things transparent overall.

Multiple payment offers: Like most of the affiliate networks in the ecosystem, Algo affiliates offer Wire, Crypto, and Paypal as payment options.

#10 AdSpyglass

AdSpyglass is an innovative ad network that empowers website owners and publishers by delivering an array of diverse advertising options. Its main attraction lies in its ability to connect you to multiple ad partners with a single tool, maximizing revenue and offering the potential for up to a 50% growth in your profits. Known for working only with CPM ad networks, AdSpyglass features a comprehensive selection of popular ad formats, including popunders, display banners, native banners, instant messages, direct links, in-video (VAST), sliders (VAST), push notifications, in-page push, and interstitials.


Whether you're running tube sites, file shares, video hostings, adult sites, URL shorteners, or other high-volume traffic resources, AdSpyglass provides the benefit of simple integration without any coding skills required. With a free setup for your own ad server and a focus on websites with 50k and more daily traffic, this platform significantly enhances your advertising capabilities.

Highlights of AdSpyglass Ad Network

  • Works with CPM ad networks only.
  • Multiple ad formats are available for monetization.
  • Functional on different adult verticals including Tube Sites and Adult Sites
  • More than 50,000 websites with high-volume traffic.
  • Offer 13+ advanced filters and 14+ groupings.

#11 is another high-end and robust ad network for traffic monetization for both adults and mainstream. This adult ad network is specially built for both advertisers and publishers. It offers the most popular and in-demand Ad formats like push ads, native and popunders and also provides all the required tools like tags, back URL, APK for Monetization, and real-time statistics to the publishers and allows them to monitor things from one single dashboard.

One of the critical aspects of joining is that the platform offers you a very high CPM rate which you don't find easily with other ad networks. On average, it can provide your website with over 1 billion impressions on a daily basis and also the surety for conversions is also the major highlight of this adult ad network.

It is an optimum choice for publishers and media buyers as the ad network already has a vast base of loyal advertisers who are promoting their services on the platform.

Highlights of Network

  • Global audience of publishers and advertisers from over 170 countries
  • Offers a variety of Ad formats 
  • Transparent monetization as the platform claims to make 90% through its monetization systems based on the revenue share model.
  • consistently offers high-quality traffic.
  • The platform users can even customize and manage ad campaigns by using self-service.
  • also offers extensive tracking features for advertisers, media buyers and publishers.
  • It has a very less minimum payout threshold of $10. 
  • Offers payout via PayPal and WebMoney. 
  • Weekly Payouts 
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7 with quick response time

#12 TrafficJunky

TrafficJunky Inc. is a progressive web advertising and digital marketing organization established in 2008 in Montreal, Canada. TrafficJunky's mission is to improve the performance of your company and product(s) with each internet marketing ad campaign.

Their self-serve user interface, innovative targeting options, CPM-bidding platform, and extremely trafficked Publisher sites are a winning combination that will assist you in running a prospering marketing campaign for your online eCommerce business.

By joining TrafficJunky, your authorized websites and spots become part of the TrafficJunky Run of Network (RON). This allows numerous Advertisers who are looking for a broad reach to display their ads on your sites. Read that guide/tutorial on how to start media buying with Crakrevenue and Traffic Junky

Highlights of TrafficJunky Ad Network

  • Identical Ad spots that the Premium Publishers use
  • Payment options include Paypal, Paxum, FirstChoice Pay, and International and US Wire Transfer
  • Accepts publishers from all verticals
  • Get individual spot and site earnings and impression stats
  • Offer maximum value for your inventory
  • Variety of ad formats
  • analytical and tracking tools available for measuring growth
  • 140 plus million ad impressions
  • Weekly payments, $50 minimum payout
  • CPM and Adult models

#13 PopAds

PopAds is another powerful and smart ad network with instant solutions. It is the prizewinning paying advertising network specially designed for popunders on the Internet.


They guarantee better prospects in the popunder ad network than others. They claim to have the safest, quickest, and most prompt services in the market with daily processing of payments policy. They have newly inserted a new opt-out derivative for campaigns endorsing gambling or software downloads.

Advertisers can simply set their budget, target visitors, and control the rates. The quality of the campaigns is excellent and comes with an advanced anti-fraud system.

PopAds offers lots of targeting choices: category, keyword, location, and time. You will be offered fair rates, support, and quick payouts. The publishers get to work on liberal terms, real-time stats, and safe and super-fast payments.

Highlights of PopAds Ad Network

  • Advertisers in 40 countries, including North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, and Australia.
  • Full control overworking and implementing features
  • Get paid with PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours
  • Support via email and messenger
  • 10% commission on referrals

#14 PlugRush

PlugRush is one of the robust yet straightforward solutions for your digital marketing needs. It mingles numerous advertising technologies in a secure, open, and agile form by offering real results. With PlugRush, you can buy, sell, or trade traffic as per your convenience. 


Advertisers receive high-quality traffic through massive targeting and automated optimization from numerous websites. You have to set up S2S conversion tracking via postback URL and supervise conversion rates and ROI in actual-time.

If you are a publisher, then tap into high-paying campaigns and improve your profits. They work with partners globally to offer you a 100% fill rate. The best quality campaigns get higher returns with real-time analyzing statistics.

Highlights of PlugRush Ad Network

  • Data is monitored 24/7 and 
  • All codes support HTTPS protocol
  • Prompt payments via PayPal, Paxum, or Bank Wire Transfer
  • Self-serve platform to implement the main Ad Code quickly
  • Works on pops, banners, display ads, and push ads 
  • Complete API support
  • CPM and CPC payment models
  • $25 minimum payout

#15 PopCash

Started in 2022, PopCash is rapidly gaining momentum for its unique and best service to the publishers and advertisers. PopCash uses a propelling bidding system.

It is because your traffic rate depends on a mixture of factors, such as traffic quality, end-user location, and advertiser demand. It offers global coverage, best results with customized support. 

PopCash Logo

The key facts about PopCash are- 850 million monthly visitors, 4500 active campaigns, 50k active publishers, and eight popular payment modes to make transactions.

The interface is user-friendly, and all features are performance-focused so that both advertisers and publishers get desired results. 

All advertisers get hourly reports, robust API, own ad server, and can start with a $5 minimum deposit. The publishers can get started making money in less than ten minutes. Once your domain has been sanctioned, all of your visitors will display a popunder ad every 24 hours.

Highlights of PopCash Ad Network

  • 80% revenue share
  • Safe and clean ads
  • $10 minimum withdrawal
  • Unique integration and simple implementation
  • Live support through email or Skype
  • Payment through PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, and wire transfer
  • 10% referral program

#16 TwinRed

TwinRed is a leading self-serve adult ad network and ad exchange developed by Double Impact (formerly DoublePimp). It offers a variety of ad formats and advanced targeting features, making it an ideal choice for affiliates specializing in adult advertising.

TwinRed's platform is designed to help advertisers maximize their advertising budget and publishers monetize their traffic effectively and safely.


TwinRed provides exceptional optimization tools and advanced targeting capabilities, making campaign creation a seamless process through the account dashboard.

TwinRed is a popular choice for affiliates in the adult niche due to its comprehensive features and user-friendly platform. By offering a variety of ad formats and advanced targeting options, TwinRed helps advertisers and publishers achieve their advertising and monetization goals

Highlights of TwinRed Ad Networks

  • Wide range of ad formats, including pop-unders, video pre-rolls, native, banner, and more.
  • Multi-platform solutions such as self-serve, private marketplace, OpenRTB, and XML integrations.
  • Full tracking capabilities for effective campaign management.
  • Retargeting options for better conversion rates and improved ROI.
  • Advanced targeting features for precise user targeting.

#17 RollerAds

RollerAds is a high-performance advertising network specializing in push notifications, offering advertisers effective affiliate marketing solutions, and helping publishers monetize their websites.


Looking at the numbers, RollerAds has an extensive network spread across 10,000+ Publishers, 2B+ Daily Impressions, 5 Million+ Clicks daily, and a minimum bid of just $0.001

Launched in 2019, RollerAds has quickly gained traction and now boasts over 10,000 direct publishers and billions of daily impressions. With a focus on quality traffic and advanced targeting options, RollerAds is a popular choice for advertisers and publishers in the adult niche.

Highlights of RollerAds Ad Networks

  • RollerAds offers push notifications, in-page push, calendar notifications, and on-click (popunders) ad formats.
  • RollerAds has got millions of daily impressions and clicks, ensuring a global audience engagement with their ads.
  • Advertisers can start with a minimum bid of only $0.001, making it accessible for campaigns of different sizes.
  • Advertisers can target their ideal audience with RollerAds using options like IP range, traffic quality, location, carriers, and connection type.

Can I Make Money with Adult Ad Networks?

The direct answer to this question is yes. As we all know in the adult industry, adult entertainment is a 100 billion-dollar industry, and it is still growing.

Working on an adult niche is an incredible business opportunity because 30 to 40% of web traffic comes from an adult website.

Adult advertising is a broad term that includes adult products, adult services, adult entertainment ads, online services, etc. It is one of the lucrative businesses that is growing day by day.

We all know there's a lot of competition when it comes to the adult niche. Getting your website or blog through search engines can seem like a mission impossible.

Therefore going with the best adult ad network helps you grow your online sales tremendously by attracting more website visitors.

The only thing is that you need to optimize your campaign to stay ahead of your competitors.

🌟 Adult Ad Networks FAQ

How do ad networks work?

Ad networks pool inventory of the ads which are unsold from publishers and sell it to advertisers. By cutting the ad revenue, ads networks earn money from that.

What does the ad server mean?

It is a web-based tool that is mostly used by publishers, networks, and advertisers. This ad server is used for ad management, campaign management, and ad trafficking. It also provides reporting on ads served on the website.

Can I use multiple ad networks?

Yes, you can use multiple ad networks at a time. A publisher allows integrating more than one ad network.

What is eCPM?

eCPM stands for Effective Cost Per Mille, which is a kind of measurement system used by Advertising Networks, Advertisers, and Publishers to calculate the actual value of advertising cost.

What is the difference between an Ad network and AD Exchange?

Tl;dr: the difference between an ad network and an ad exchange? An ad network aggregates (collects) inventory from publishers, whereas an ad exchange matches demand with supply. In short, advertisers who buy ads through exchanges typically pay less for their impressions because they are “bidding” on available inventory per impression.

How to earn money from JuicyAds?

Juicy ads is an adult affiliate ad network for publishers and advertisers. Publishers can earn money by showing ads to their audience.

Why is adult content beneficial in affiliate marketing?

Adult content is a gold mine opportunity for affiliate marketers because its a 100$ billion industry. Adult niche and content can be controversial topics as it is not limited to some adult videos but more than that, including adult magazines, dating platforms, adult toys, etc.

What are the most suitable ad formats for adult traffic?

Adult ads are the best way to get amazing results in adult affiliate marketing. Following are the best adult ad formats for adult traffic:
1. Domain Redirect Traffic
2. Pop Traffic
3. Desktop vs. Mobile Traffic
4. Push or In-Page Push Ads

Conclusion: Best 15+ Adult Ad Networks | Should you join?

One can use these adult ad networks to increase your website’s ROI. For better working and results, use ad mediation services like AdSpyglass, in which publishers can connect themselves to all the adult ad networks given above and gather the profits that each can offer.

If you are looking for the best Ad network for adult Traffic, I recommend the best is JuicyAds. It is indeed one of the most popular and Classic ad networks for adult traffic. If you are running Adult affiliate offers, Check out the premium adult traffic of JuicyAds.

I hope you will utilize these top adult ad networks in 2024 to boost your ROI. So, are you all set to monetize your marketing campaigns with these top adult ad networks?

If you have any questions in mind, feel free to comment below. 

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