Are you looking for a leading CPA affiliate network?

CPA is one of the best models that cooperate much effectively between the publishers and the advertisers, unlike other models.

CPA is economical as the advertisers have to spend a low budget. This allows advertisers to pay commission to the affiliates only when a sale is made. This makes the CPA model flexible and cost-effective.

Publishers also benefit from the CPA model, as this is the only model that pays the highest payouts. The actual sales commission is much higher in CPA than other models, and this allows publishers to maximize their profit from massive traffic.

In this article, we have featured the ✅AdVendor Review updated for 2024, which is one of the best choices and recommended affiliate network for Publishers and Advertisers.

Let us learn more about this network in this AdVendor Review

About AdVendor

AdVendor Review

AdVendor is the #1 leading affiliate network supporting the CPA model throughout. It offers publishers to earn a partnership program with the advertisers and pays for user-targeted action on the advertiser’s website.

AdVendor works with a philosophy for the success of its partners, which indeed results in the achievement of their network.

AdVendor has immense experience in the internet marketing field and has built strong partnerships with advertisers from around the world. 

The chosen model has been supervised over the past years and based on the feedback from their partners. So when registering at AdVendor, you are sure to grow your business by leveraging traffic on your website.

How AdVendor Works?

AdVendor is a pay per cost affiliate network and pays for lead generation. A lead generation might be in the form of signup, purchase of any product/service, downloads/installations from your blog or website.

But to get started with the AdVendor affiliate program, you need to meet the criteria. Your website traffic source should meet the minimum traffic requirement, and also requirements from the advertiser side should be fulfilled.


You can grab any offer that is available for free and use its link to promote on your website and start generating leads and commissions. But if it’s a limited offer, then you have to apply for it and wait for the confirmation that doesn’t take more than 24 hours.

Have you had a bad experience with payouts with your previous or existing CPA network?

This won’t happen at AdVendor as payouts are performed automatically without any need for manual requests. So you have to keep promoting the advertisers without worrying about the payouts.

Payouts are performed every week on Wednesday automatically without any manual request required. But if you are monetizing your traffic more and generating maximum leads, then you might be eligible for payouts earlier.

Want to know minimum withdrawal limit at AdVendor?

Different withdrawal limits have been set for different payment methods. You can choose any payment method for withdrawal, as supported in your country.

There are three payment methods supported by AdVendor.

The minimum payout for ePayments and WMZ is set for $50 & 50 EUR, whereas the maximum payout limit for WMZ is set at $50000. 

For Wire transfer, the minimum payout is 5000 USD.

AdVendor supports multiple payment options for receiving your commissions. This includes Webmoney, Bank/Wire transfer, ePayments, and YandexMoney.

AdVendor also offers a referral program where you can earn a bonus by referring to other affiliates about their network. Upon successful registration, you will be rewarded with 5% of the referral payouts. Just choose a referral program from the profile and start referring to earn extra income.

AdVendor for Publishers

If you have a website, blog, or if not both, then at least a social network page, then AdVendor can help you monetize your traffic into money.

AdVendor believes that the CPA model works the best to maximize your profit as it very efficient and stable monetization model for your website traffic.

If you want to earn online by monetizing your traffic, then AdVendor is the right choice. It offers numerous benefits to publishers, and this helps them monetize their traffic with maximum efficiency.

  • The foremost step is to register yourself by filling up the registration form at the official website of AdVendor. 
  • Registration is quite simple, and you have to enter your email address, generate a password, mention your IM/Skype, and enter a description of your traffic sources & experience without which your application will not be accepted. 
  • Finally, I chose a preferable vertical and accepted the terms and conditions. Verticals offered at AdVendor include cryptocurrency, gambling, dating, adult, mobile, finance, ICO and bonus, CPA daily verification.
  • Click on registration and wait for moderation. Your application will be confirmed after reviewing your website/blog/social network account, and you will receive a confirmation email.

AdVendor for Advertiser

Many advertisers lose a lot of money in choosing different payment models like CPL, CPC, etc. but with the advertiser’s experience of choosing different models, AdVendor finally decided to support the CPA model, which is a win-win situation for both advertisers and publishers.

The main reason for advertisers joining AdVendor its full automation platform designed for any merchandise or services and its CPA advertisement model.

With the CPA model, advertisers can save a lot as they have to pay only for the sales made. But the commission for CPA is high, so once a sale is made, advertisers have to pay high commission to affiliates.

So because advertisers don’t have to pay for clicks or views instead based on some actions like purchase or registration, this provides a meaningful and reliable solution for a budget-friendly management system.

Are you gaming, e-commerce, financial, or other service providers looking to boost your sales online by attracting traffic from various sources?

AdVendor is best for increasing your sales and growing our business online, a global platform.

So have you decided to join AdVendor?

Follow three simple steps and start working with AdVendor.

The first step is to apply online on the official website of AdVendor for acquiring ad space. Once the AdVendor team receives your request, their representative will contact you for further details.

Don’t worry about configuring your ad campaign!

One of the technical representatives at AdVendor will help you get started and configure your ad campaign at every stage until your ad campaign has been launched.

Fly high! Once your campaign has been configured and ready to get started, the AdVendor team will execute a promo-campaign about your paid partnership program.

For working at AdVendor, you need to register with your email address, daily conversion limit, project URL, phone number, and Skype ID, choose currency between USD, RUB & EUR, and submit it.

Requirements of joining AdVendor

Affiliate joining this AdVendor must have a website, blog, or social networking page with the right amount of traffic. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have any objectionable content on your website, and no copyright laws are broken.

The use of bots, spam, and fake traffic is strictly not acceptable and, if found later, may lead to account suspension. 

The affiliate should not have multiple accounts with different id’s. 

🌟 AdVendor FAQ

✅ What is AdVendor?

AdVendor is the affiliate network that pays for performance to the users. It uses the CPA (cost-per-action) model that builds effective cooperation between publishers and advertisers.

✅ How to connect to an affiliate program?

If you are looking to start with an affiliate program, then it becomes very vital for you to ensure that your website meets all the conditions which are imposed by the advertiser. You can easily use the link if the offer is easily freely available to you.

✅ What options are available to receive payment?

AdVendor Support Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Bank, and Wire transfer, Epayments to provide payments.

✅ Does AdVendor support the referral system?

Yes, AdVendor supports the referral system and give rewards for attracting referrals. Select “Referral Program” from the Profile to use the referral link.

Conclusion: AdVendor Review 2024 | Should you join or not?

AdVendor has partnered with many brand advertisers, and the success of these advertisers proves why they are the leading CPA network maximizing profits in every vertical.

Brands like Hashflare, Cryptopay, Geneses Mining, AWEM, and more have partnered with AdVendor and monetized traffic sources to maximize their revenue.

Although AdVendor is a new name in the affiliate industry, but has remarkable recognition in the past few years.

Their payouts are made automatically, unlike other networks that hold payouts for a month and ultimately that result in affiliates closing their accounts.

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  1. I started working with Advendor in Oct-22 and they paid my initial due on weekly basis, but since then all payments from November are in processing with stating only reason their financial department is having issues and no one is getting paid, their all offers from has vanished and not sure if this network is out of business and just making money and not paying affiliates– Stay away for now!! Also, I will put this on all social platforms and blogs until I get my payment which is 6000$!! @advendor pay my money now and will delete all of the reviews! or else you are based in EU Estonia it’s not an easy way out.

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