There are many affiliate networks out there but how do you choose the right one? How do you find a reliable affiliate network in 2024? A network with multiple offers, dynamic payouts, and other such features. There is a network out there with all this and a lot more. In this article, we will look at one of the best affiliate networks out there! Let's take a look at the Affiliate network in this Affstar Review.

What is the Affstar Affiliate Network? Affstar Review

AFFstar Review

Affstar is a CPA Affiliate network that has various Health/Nutra and subscriptions offers and direct advertising for any traffic source. This network is for the new generation. They have various features and attractive terms for new affiliates making them one of the best affiliate networks out there.

What makes Affstar Special?

If you are looking for an affiliate network that is reliable and offers some of the best deals, then Affstar is the right choice for you. Affstar has a lot going, in terms of its network which includes: 100 affiliate programs you can get access to instantly.

From health to tech, their network has a great assortment of products in different spaces. Affstar offers dynamic payments and claims to offer twice the payout compared to other networks because of transparent traffic parameters.

They have affiliate network offers worldwide that convert different offers from countries and regions like the CIS, Latin America, Europe.

They offer great tech support along with managers handling all their accounts. Affstar also offers learning materials in the form of manuals to give you more information about the traffic source. It offers a community with exclusive offers and also develops special offers according to partners.

They also have a media buying team that constantly tests new offers. The affiliate program offers detailed statistics on your earnings. Compared to other CPA networks, Affstar offers a unique ecosystem.

The affiliate program offers detailed statistics on your earnings. Compared to other CPA networks, Affstar offers a unique ecosystem.

Afftstar Key Features: Tick Off Affiliates


As it has been already mentioned earlier, Affstar has got several features that make it an excellent choice overall for your business operations in terms of affiliation and everything else; let's take a look at these key features that make Affstar a good choice:

Minimum Payout $1
Commission typeCPA, RebShare
Payment Method OfferedBank Card, Web Money, Capitalist, QIWI, Paypal, etc.
Tracking SoftwareIn-house tracking software
Verticals in focusNutra, Subscriptions/Information Products
Payment FrequencyUpon Request

The above-mentioned features offered by Affstar can be helpful for Affiliates if compared to other affiliate networks in the ecosystem, this basically includes CPA, CPS, and CPI modes of commission structure. On the brighter side, one of the things that will get your attention is the payment frequency, even though the payout is available on request it might take a week to roll in as they have to check things based on the traffic source.

Let us mention one more thing that will excite you, the multiple verticals around which Affstar can work. This includes things like Nutra, mobile applications, services, info products, and much more. The current offers offered by Affstar are excellent in multiple ways for an affiliate.

What does Affstar provide?

Once you start working with this affiliate network website ‘Affstar’ you will actually be showered with offers. The international offers which help you convert tenders spread across the globe is one of them. One should also know that the company deals with a lot of countries start from the USA, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the CIS countries, and also Europe. The partners who are affiliated with Affstar earn 20% more, through the dynamic payout process, and also they are covered with advanced advertiser analytics.

The website has designed such plans and structure for their community that it will always have them in profit, once they start to show their good performance. Along with all of that, Affstar is the most flexible affiliate network one would have ever worked with.

The traffic that they work with also are the most profitable ones. They are open for all types of traffic except just motivated traffic.  If you are worried of you being the perfect candidate for the Affstar network of affiliates, they will provide you with great and super-knowledgeable study materials.

Plus if you compare the affiliate network, Affstar with other existing networks, you could notice that the CPA network has got 2x payout, which comes with a transparent parameter for traffic generation.

They are also known to help their affiliates by having one of the most profitable targeted advertising networks. Affstar will proved you with great analytics tools to have you spread in every network and sector.

How to check if Affstar is the best network for you?

We would suggest that before getting started you should be sure of what other affiliate programs have to offer and how Affstar makes it different and approachable for you.

First things first, look out for your targeted affiliate markets and regions. Check out the countries that fit within your knowledge, with which country you can work, and whether will you be able to understand their community languages and principles. Do thorough research of your targeted category and country.

You should be aware of the political, religious as well as explicit policies of Affstar. If you are studying a region. This should be your top priority, as all these aspects have a huge sentimental value depending on the region.

One more thing that you should be checking is the traffic source. Check with the platforms and promotions of your business and even the cookies’ duration. See for the time duration of the cookies from Affstar. 

Payouts by Affstar

The payouts by Affstar are one of the most comfortable things you would experience while being a part of the company. You get the most convenient payment options for yourself, and the commissions are great.

When we talk about the payouts, they are totally based on the commission and the performance you have. It is the word of the company itself that the better the traffic and the more approval, the higher the payout, Individual payout plan can be provided by the manager.

Now coming to the part which is a crucial one for all the affiliates, the payout model. Affstar, the CPA network has payout methods such as Revshare, Paypal, Digital currencies and direct debit payments for instant payments. The affiliate program even uses Capitalist (USD), Capitalist RUR, EntryProfit, Google Adwords, Iskander, Tether (ERC20/TRC20), TIkTok, Wire, ZaleyCash and a few more methods from which the money can be transferred directly to your bank account.

Where can you meet Affstar associates?

Affstar is known to be a part of all the business exhibitions and events that happens pan globe. To have a face-to-face interaction with the recognized partners and clients of Affstar you can visit their website and have a look at what expo they will be a part of. Speaking of which, the upcoming expos, Affstar will be a part of are: Kinza 360, a cross-continental marketing forum. You can also have a meeting with Affstar associates at MAC: Affiliate Conference Moscow, which is one of the largest conferences taking place in Europe. Then they will also be a part of ZM Conf. which is the main conference in the field of traffic arbitration.

Pros and Cons of AFFSTAR Review

Top FAQs on Affstar Review 2024

Is Affstar an advertising agency?

Many people believe that Affstar is an advertising agency. But it is not. You can check the same under their ‘Terms and Conditions section available online.

What is Affstar’s main motto?

Affstar Affiliate Network is an online information platform created and operating for the purpose of placing commercial offers by Advertisers, forming, increasing and/or maintaining interest among the population by Publishers, as well as for the purpose of selling objects of commercial offers to the end consumer.

Where can you contact Affstar?

As mentioned earlier, you can get in touch with the associates of Affstar at the business expos. You can have a look at the dates of such expos they will be a part of on their website.

How can Affstar make a business grow?

Affstar will help you reach both affiliates and publishers. Affstar is also known to expose your product to a fresh audience and at the same time even promote it.

Affstar Review Wrap-up: Is it a Worthy Affiliate Program?

The ideal alternative for you is to work remotely if you intend to supplement your income with side jobs. You will discover numerous fresh methods for marketing your goods as well as fresh connections to the global marketplace.

The top-tier affiliate program offered by the CPA networking platform Affstar will enable you to make large revenues. It also dominates the affiliate marketing sector. In the entire affiliate marketing industry, they offer a greater margin through their minimum payment level than any other affiliate website, agency, or program.

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