Writing a novel is quite a backbreaking task in 2024. But what if we say that you can write a novel, all exactly like you have wished, without breaking your back. Yes, you heard that right, and it's now possible with AI novel writing software. Check out this list of best AI novel writing software in 2024, and don't miss out on reading till the end, because we have something for you, FOR FREE!

In 2024 and beyond, artificial intelligence has come a long way and is seen as the very next major technological revolution. It has progressed to become much more like humans, to help humans live better. Furthermore, it has now become far more “intelligent” than anyone would have ever imagined. With intelligence we mean, it's offering far greater opportunities for positive development.

To iterate better, today marketers are making the most out of AI technology. From writing uber cool social media posts,  exciting long-form blogs, and humorous short articles, everything has now become possible with AI. Literally, the tools are writing the best articles just in a few seconds. It is blending the aspects of Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to produce human-like text that is unique, and well-ready to publish.

Wait, have you already smelled the potential of AI in the writing industry? There's more! You can now write novels with AI writing software. It's a biggie, we know, you know, but let's explore it today, for the better!

How AI Novel Writing Software Actually Work? Are They Worth Investing?

Top 6 AI novel writing tool

An AI novel writing software is a new, ai-driven approach to writing novels. It generates chapters of a novel based on the prompt/details the user adds. These software are completely designed around a neural network, which learns the writer's preferred style of words they would like to use in their novel. 

Initially, the software reads the previous chapters and the feedback given while the writer types more. It saves the information for future reference. For example, you have been writing a novel revolving around a home that's red-themed. The AI writing tool makes note of this and includes it whenever needed in the next chapter.

These tools also make sure that the chapters are consistent, and the information shared by the writer is used everywhere required. Moreover, such tools often look out for grammatical errors and misspelled words so that the writer doesn't miss out on any silly errors.

Lastly, AI novel writing softwares even assists users with a fresh perspective on their novel. It gives creative ideas and storyline which the writer might not have thought of before. For novel writers, AI writing softwares is no less like a boon. They can get rid of issues like writer's block, or creativity problems with these tools.  But it's also important to know that not all AI writing softwares can be used for novel writing. And the ones that are available vary in quality, or in simpler words, are unique in their own way.

So, with no further ado, let's check out some best AI novel writing softwares of 2024!

The Best AI Novel Writing Software to look out for in 2024!

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the most popular AI writing softwares available out there. You can simply use it by just a click and can write around or get 10,000 words for free. This AI writing software has thousands of positive reviews from freelancers and entrepreneurs who literally swear by this platform for their content needs.

The software's ability to churn human-like content within a few seconds is amazing.  It can write content on pretty much any topic one would ever think of. The tool's core audience is marketers and copywriters, but with some tricks even novelists can benefit from it.

By tricks, we mean the input you would be giving to the tool for your novel. And trust us, Jasper is truly an innovative novel writing tool, it has built-in template for creative writing. We have used this tool for creative writing, like short stories and many times we have got great results.

The best part about Jasper AI is the grammarly integration. We all know, writing a novel requires much patience while editing. You will have to check out grammatical errors, but with Jasper AI, you really don't have to. It will catch the grammar mistakes of each chapter without even you knowing it.

However, please note that if you want to write an adult novel, Jasper AI wouldn't be of your help. This is because the tool comes with pre-set content filters that prevent explicit generation. Lastly, fiction or nonfiction, Jasper AI, with its amazing features can literally turn your ideas into a great novel, do give it a try!

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI comes with two pricing plans – the starter pack and the boss mode. The starter plan is priced at $29 per month for 20,000 words per month. It comes with 50+ AI templates, and supports 20+ languages.

The boss mode is priced at $59 per month for 50,000 words. This plan is power packed with best features like, compose and command feature,Google docs style editor, and more. In short, this plan is best suited for novelists like you!

Tips for novelists to write with Jasper

Jasper has never marketed the tool as an AI novel writing software, but the boss mode truly offers the best features with which you can write amazing novels. You can tell the AI what exactly you want, or can use the Recipes feature for writing chapters.

And also, since Jasper reads past 3,000 characters before writing a new one, it easily fleshes out new creative novel ideas that is in context with the previous chapters. You can try different chapter heads, tweak starting paragraphs to get more creative output.


Rytr is the perfect AI novel writing software to get your novel journey started. In fact, Rytr is the best cure for writer's block which novelists often face while writing their novel. The software uses state of the art GPT-3 powered AI language engine to craft creative words for novels. In short, we can even say that this technology learns as the writer writes!

The best part about Rytr is the availability of tons of features built into the program. For example, the software can write the whole chapter with just a few inputs, and a crisp chapter name. Even if you are not adding much inputs, the software, by reading previously written characters, can flesh out a somewhat decent chapter in a few seconds.

You can even use Rytr for rewriting purposes. The software has extremely excellent quality to improve existing content. However, do remember that sometimes the software ends up writing irrelevant words, or can even break off the storyline at random places, you have to be very much careful. Lastly, make sure to use Rytr's paragraph command feature to get relevant words out of the softwares for your novel.

Rytr Pricing Plans

Rytr Pricing

The best part about Rytr is it offers a forever free plan through which a writer can generate 5000 characters per month. It comes with 30+ use cases, can write in 30+ languages, and access 20+ tones.

Next comes the save plan which is priced at $9 per month. This plan comes with a built-in plagiarism checker and access to premium communities. But we are not suggesting this for novelists at all! Because, Rytr even offers an unlimited plan that is priced at just $29 per month. With this plan, you will get a dedicated account manager to help you with issues, and you can create your own custom use-case for the novel, followed by priority chat and email support.

Tips for novelists to write with Rytr

As a novelist, with Rytr, you will have to do a lot of hand holding, stay prepared. However, the tool really writes an amazing introduction, which you can use for your novel. Just like Jasper, even Rytr markets itself as an all in one AI writing tool, but given its amazing features, we are dead sure that you can churn out some amazing words from this tool.

The best thing Rytr has for novelists are the use cases, this feature is available in the unlimited plan. So make sure to draft a use case that would best align to your story line, to draft a great novel!


Designed similar to Jasper.ai, Writesonic is a new age, creative AI writing tool that is known to produce quality, natural language content all within a few seconds. This premium online writer has generated millions of copies for writers across the globe, from Google and Facebook ads, blog posts, articles, till long creative stories, you name it and Writesonic has got you covered with all.

When compared to other AI novel writing tools mentioned in this list, Writesonic has a distinctively clean interface. The writer has to simply follow a few steps to get their novel chapters all according to them.

Initially, the writer needs to add the chapter title, a little introduction about the novel or the chapter, and the outline of the same. Then, they must hit the generate button for Writesonic to bring out the magic to you.

Apart from this, one of the best features Writesonic offer is the content rephraser and expander. With this feature, novelists can rephrase the existing blog to get some more creative inputs from the AI, or generate some more creative chapters that would bring more excitement to the reader.

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic Pricing

As compared to other AI novel writing softwares mentioned in this list, Writesonic offers multiple pricing options for users to choose from. The best part is that the tool even offers a free trial for new users.

The basic plan of Writesonic is priced at $15 per month through which users can write upto 50,000 words. The economy plan is priced at $25 per month through which users can write 375,000 words.

The professional plan of Writesonic is priced at $45 per month, and last comes the startup plan with unlimited credits that is priced at $95 per month. If you want to write a huge book, you can consider the startup plan since the generations here are of superior quality and you will get priority support round the clock.

Tips for novelists to write with writesonic

If you are an experienced novelist looking forward to buying an AI copywriter that would assist you better, then Writesonic must be your choice. Moreover, if before investment you wish to check out how best Writesonic works, you can anyday use its free trial period. The tool is power packed with a plethora of features for creative writing. Lastly, Writesonic will also be super useful to get creative headlines if you are missing out on any!


Closerscopy is a fantastic AI novel writing software that can crush up some creative chunks for your novel. It is a perfect tool for those writers who have just started out and get stuck often while writing new chapters. It highlights sections where you as a novelist can rewrite sentences more creatively, both vocabulary wise and sentence structure creation. The tool often brings out alternative words and phrases, so that the novelist get more choices.

As compared to other tools mentioned in the list, this AI novel writing software is surprisingly simple to use. One of the amazing features by Closerscopy we liked much is the StoryAI. With this feature, novelists can literally get the best stories for their chapters by just inputting a few words.

Some other flagship features by Closerscopy are longform, frameworks, fluent, thesaurus, that would best help novel writers write novels within a few time period. The tool has even promised a lot of future updates that we are very excited to look into. Lastly, the huge community of Closerscopy is what attracted us more, and to bring out the numbers it's around 11k+ individuals.

Closerscopy Pricing Plans

Closerscopy Pricing

Back then Closerscopy used to offer lifetime plans, but very recently they have switched to monthly/yearly plans. As of today's date Closerscopy offers three packages, and a 14 day money back guarantee.

The cheaper plan, that's the power plan of Closerscopy, is priced at $49.99 for a month. With this plan, writers can run 300 AI per month. Next comes the superpower plan which is priced at $79.99 per month. The best thing about this plan is writers get access to unlimited AI writing, followed by access to some great insights.

Last comes the superpower squad plan which is priced at $99.99 per month. This plan is best suited for big enterprises. If you are a novelist, the superpower plan is simply enough for you!

Tips for novelists to write with Closerscopy

Much like many other AI novel writing tools mentioned in this list, over here too the game is all about you entering the right details for the AI to bring the best words to you. Also while using Closerscopy make sure to use the most out of productivity features like fluent, swipe, words, shortcuts, and more. These features itself will help you write your novel very quickly!


Writecream is the best AI novel writing software, or an AI writer that would help your novel journey get started. With Writecream, it's like having a novel editor along with you round the clock. The best thing about Writecream when compared to other writing softwares mentioned in this list is personalization. Yes, you got that right, Writecream aces at personalization!

The browser extension of Writecream allows novelists to generate chapters directly in Grammarly, Google Docs, or in any other online text editor. It's available for Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Google. Moreover, the Writesonic Mobile App for Android makes the novel writing process much easier, you can write on the go at any hour of the day.

Initially, the long blog article feature by Writesonic will best help novelists write chapters for their novels. All you have to do is pick any idea you would require in your chapter, write the outline, and hit the generate button to let Writesonic do the wonders for you!

And lastly, Writesonic offers 30+ use cases, and additionally, novelists can even create their own custom use case, if they aren't able to find one that would best help them.

Writecream Pricing Plans

Writecream Pricing

Writesonic offers 10,000 words per month for free to new users. You can use this opportunity to make sure that the tool can write your novel, just your way. Apart from this, it offers four packages out of which one is the free forever plan.

Next, comes the unlimited plan priced at $29 per month. This is a limited period offer, and writers can write unlimited words with this plan. The standard plan is priced at $49 per month through which writers can write upto 400,000 characters. The highest priced plan by Writesonic is the Extended plan priced at $69 per month.

Tips for novelists to write with Writecream

The best feature of Writesonic for novelists is the custom use case itself which is still in the beta mode. This use case will undoubtedly work like wonder for those novelists who are looking forward to investing in a highly personalized AI writing tool.

Apart from this, novelists can even make best use of the flagship feature of Writesonic – the long form editor to create wonderful novel chapters or edit the existing ones within a few minutes or hours to the max.


Another and the last best AI novel writer is Copymatic, offering very similar features like Jasper and Rytr. It comes with a super user friendly interface, you don't have to be a tech geek to use the software. And the best part is Copymatic has every template for every use case, so from novels, blogs, till sales copy for your novels, copymatic has got you covered with all.

The software uses the power of GPT 3 developed by OpenAI to generate creative, human-like content. All you have to do is enter the chapter name, the details you want to be in the chapter, main context, or just a small description or outline of the story.

Whenever you run the tool, it will give you 5-7 versions of the chapter, and you can pick the best one from it. That means, you will be getting multiple chapter versions without even spending any credits. Please note that, copymatic is a bit targeted at bloggers and marketers, so you can do best novel restructures with the tool. You can even grab some headline ideas, and get creative lines for the novel.

Copymatic Pricing Plans

Copymatic Pricing

Copymatic offers a free trial that includes 10 credits. With these credits, users can try all of their tools and can generate about 1,000 words within a few seconds.

Other than this, it offers two paid plans – the starter plan and the pro plan, that are even more affordable. The starter plan of Copymatic is priced at $19 per month through which users get 1000 credits. The pro plan is priced at $32 per month. With this plan, users get unlimited credits, 24/7 email support, and access to all tools.

Tips for novelists to write with Copymatic.ai

Rather than searching hours for expressions, idioms, or synonyms, with Copymatic you will be getting it all within a few seconds. The best part is the tool offers a plethora of vocabulary choices, hence if you are a beginner, and not so well versed with writing novels, this tool will best help you!

How to Write a Novel With AI Writing Softwares Properly?

Writing novels through AI writing software is not really a daunting task, you just have to explore the technique. First and foremost, you should be very particular about the information you will be providing. It should be realistic, and must include all the relevant keywords. For example, if you are writing a romantic novel, make sure to input the names of all the characters, how they are unique from each other, their dressing code, and specific information about events that would be taking place at several places.

You can even mention the physical descriptions of each character, and in fact their personality trait. All these minor details you would be adding would help AI understand the whole scenario better. These inputs itself will help the AI bring out the best and relevant future plots.

Remember that AI writing tools are still improving, EVERYDAY. They are not at all perfect, and they don't have keen attention to details like humans. And that's the reason why you might spot several fluff in the plot, which you will of course have to delete, Eh lol! So yes, as weird as it might sound, you would not need a writer to write your novel, but you will definitely need an editor. Invest best in an editor, to get the most out of AI novel writing tools.

🌟 AI Novel Writing Software FAQ

Can I write novels with AI writing software?

Yes, you can write novels with AI writing softwares like Jasper, Rytr, Writesonic, Copymatic, and Closerscopy.

Is Jasper AI good for novel writing?

Yes, Jasper is the best AI novel writing software you can use to draft novels quickly.

How to write a book for free online?

Use Jasper, copymatic, or closerscopy to write a book online for free, all within a few months.

Can I use Jasper for free?

Yes, you can use Jasper for free and can write almost 10,000 words to explore how best the tool work and its features.

What are the best AI novel writing softwares in 2024?

The best AI novel writing softwares you can invest in without thinking twice are Jasper, rytr, writesonic, closerscopy, writecream, and copymatic.

What are the best free AI novel writing softwares in 2024?

The best free AI novel writing software is Jasper AI, you can even check out copymatic.

Final Thoughts – Which is the best AI Novel Writing Softwares to use in 2024?

Hiring a good ghostwriter can cost you anything around $2000 – $10,000, but not with AI writing softwares. However, since there are so many AI novel writing softwares, the question that has to be asked is which one will help you execute the best novel. In short, before investing you must get a quick sneak peek into how the software actually works. And for that purpose, we would recommend you pick up the softwares offering a free trial, or at least a money back guarantee.  If you are content with the output, you can pay the fee accordingly.

As of now, you probably have much information about the best AI novel writing softwares. If you have picked one, do let us know whether it worked for you or not. And if you have not, you should pretty much checkout Jasper.ai for once, we highly, highly recommend this!

Happy writing to you fellow brilliant minds!

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