Everyone is aware that AliExpress is one of the biggest marketplaces that connects retailers in China and many other countries so that billions of products could be shipped anywhere in the world.

You would be happy to know that eBay and Amazon, too, offer an affiliate program. You will get to know all about it in our ✅AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review.

AliExpress serves its benefits to one of the vast global leaders, Alibaba. Their low-cost shipping, service, and competitive pricing have helped Alibaba became the largest eCommerce volume shipper.

Besides this, you can also build your AliExpress affiliate store in WordPress and import the products directly into your store. The affiliate links will attract the customers to the site and handle shipment, customer care, and delivery on their side.

But is the affiliate program of the site is as effective and profit-making? That you will get to know in our AliExpress affiliate plugin review. Stay tuned for our take and the final verdict.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review

Like Amazon, AliExpress is an online marketplace that can be used to buy products from all over the world. You get to purchase everything from more than 200 countries around the world.

Right now, they have 130,000 active sellers. As most of the products are imported from China, they are sold at a meager price. In 2017, it was marked as one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

So, if the place is this demanding, it is confident that you can get lots of commission through that as well.

How to Get Started with AliExpress Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program of AliExpress works like any other affiliate program. If you are a pro affiliate marketer, you must be already familiar with the process of any affiliate program. But if you are new to this, you must know the basic steps to get started.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review

Once you are done with the account sign-up process, you will be provided with a unique link.

#1. Commission rate

On AliExpress, you get a reasonable commission rate as compared to what its competitors offer. They get started with a generous 8.5% commission rate and go upto 50%(a rare scenario.)

You can expect to stay within the range of 8.5% to 10% commission rate. This rate is too good compared to Amazon, which offers the top commission rate of 8% only.

Other than this, they also add some additional commissions for new users, which goes upto 6%.

#2. Payout Methods

The payout methods of AliExpress are not the best. You do not get paid by different payment modes like PayPal, which easily accessible by many users.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review

But, if you want to get paid on AliExpress, you will be required to go through an international wire transfer. The minimal withdrawal fee is $16, which is good.

But, if you are new to this, you will have to go through a lot to get paid.

Who can Benefit from AliExpress Affiliate Plugin?

AliPlugin is an excellent choice for the following people:

  • Who is already registered or plan to register as an AliExpress Affiliate in the future

The plugin is specially created for the AliExpress affiliates. It allows them to import the products quickly and earn a massive commission with that.

  • Do not have prior eCommerce experience.

Even if you don't have any experience in the eCommerce section, that will be fine. You don't need to be technical expertise to own an affiliate store.

An affiliate, all you need to do is promote their products and make people buy them as much as possible.

  • Have a restricted Budget

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing and do not have much money to start, you can easily trust AliPlugin.

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review

You can get the AliPlugin is only $69, and if you want a customized plugin, that can be bought for $199. These are very affordable options, especially when you want to start affiliate marketing with the minimum investment possible.

Steps to Sign-Up for AliExpress Affiliate Program

Signing up with this platform is pretty straightforward. You are only required a couple of minutes to get started with AliExpress Plugin.

You need to go through AliExprress website and click on the ‘Affiliate Program.'

Or you can type AliExpress Affiliate in the search bar, and the result will automatically pop up. From there, create your account using your current AliExpress account details.

After that, you need to provide your website and answer some basic questions about your website. After this, your application will be in process.

Once processed, you will receive your links and can begin advertising!

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Pros & Cons


  • The AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing. The commission rates of this platform are the key selling point, but they are not only the critical feature.
  • It works great with WordPress. The SEO features of the platform help you to attract more users to your site.
  • SEO optimization also helps to make an appealing and effective website that is accessible by various platforms.
  • You get to create an appealing online store in just a few clicks. Once you are done, you can select from the list of themes to get started with the customization.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate. Even if you are a new beginner, you will not face any issues regarding the accessibility of the AliExpress Affiliate Plugin.
  • AliPlugin is an excellent option for those who do not want to spend much on building sites.
  • Once the plugin is installed, you can use the search feature to import thousands of products to your store.
  • The translation features translate the product descriptions and product titles in over 40+ languages. This makes your product gets sold quickly, even in non-English countries.


  • Some might face issues while importing the products in their store. The task is time-consuming, and sometimes it becomes very frustrating.
  • There is also a lack of noticeable tools and support while creating AliExpress affiliate sites.

🌟 AliExpress Affiliate Plugin FAQ

✔What is AliExpress Affiliate Plugin?

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is a #1 WordPress plugin developed by AliExpress. With this plugin, you can easily add AliExpress products to your website and start earning a commission.

✔How do I become an affiliate on AliExpress?

Register an account at AliExpress.com. Go to  AliExpress Affiliate Program and apply to be an affiliate from there.

✔Is the AliExpress affiliate plugin free?

No, the AliExpress affiliate plugin is not free. You can use it for free during the 15-day trial period. But after 15 days, you need to purchase an upgrade key.

✔How much money does AliExpress make?

AliExpress revenue for GMV hit a historic $1 trillion in the fiscal year ending March 2020.

Conclusion: AliExpress Affiliate Plugin Review 2024 | Should you go for this plugin?

As we already mentioned, AliPlugin was built to make the AliExpress affiliate's lives much more accessible. The affiliates get the opportunity to earn significant chunks of commission by promoting AliExpress's products on their site. Affiliates get their affiliate ID once the platform accepts their proposal.

Affiliates are expected to promote AliExpress's seller's products on their site. They are not supposed to interact with the customers because they are not selling the merchandise. Once the visitor clicks on the product of an affiliate's site, they will get redirected AliExpress site to complete their order.

The ultimate motto of the AliExpress affiliates is to increase the traffic on the AliExpress site. If someone buys something by using their link, affiliates get the commission automatically.

If affiliates do not want to create a site from scratch, they also get an option to ready-made AliExpress stores! If you are thinking of getting yourself enrolled in AliPlugin, click on the link below to get started.

We hope that our AliExpress affiliate plugin review was helpful for you. We always love what our audience has to say! In case of any doubts or suggestions, comment down in the sections below.🙂

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