If you are an online seller or wanting to become one, the first thing that will come to your mind and that will be “How do I maximize my profit by selling on Amazon?“.

Setting up your business online and selling on Amazon is not an easy task to do. You think that you can come up with significant customization, themes, integration manually, but do you believe it is as easy as it sounds?

There are tons of software out there, which are available to help us with this dilemma.
Two prominent examples include Amazon and Jungle Scout.

Here, in this article, ✅Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout, we will walk you through the features, pricing plans, pros & cons of this software simultaneously, so you can quickly select which platform is best for your online selling business.

Without a doubt, this is going to be a tough decision on which software to choose. So, keep reading this article and read mindfully because you do not want anything but the best for your online selling business.

To begin with, let us glance at the main differences and similarities between Amasuite and Jungle Scout.

Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout: Similarities & Differences

Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout

We have a lot to cover, so let us get started.

Similarities are as follows:

Let us see what makes these two software equally capable.

Key Differences are as follows:

Some differences are complex to ignore when comparing Amasuit and Jungle Scout.

Now that we know the critical differences and similarities between these two platforms, it is time to have a complete comparison overview.

Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout: Overview

It is time to get a basic overview of these two software's.

Amasuite Review

Amasuite Review

Amasuit is a perfect blend of various features. This software has been made by keeping one thing in mind, and the thing is accessibility. Owned by Dave Guidon and Chris Guthrie,

AmaSuite is now available in 5 different software; each is designed to perform its tasks with ease.

The key points are:

  • One of the advantages of an online platform would be the AmaKeyword generator that would show the most searched results, which will ideate your keywords for the products and list your product in priority.
  • They have designed their platform to have the database and data of the products that have been approved or hated, which would invariably guarantee the product performance that the online seller is striving for.
  • The newly launched platform provides to exhibit and unravel the keywords and products to ensure that online businesses could profit over Amazon.

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is a product research software invented precisely for product research and launches on Amazon only.

With more than 4,00,000 amazon clients universal, it is the central selling platform that has observed over 500 million amazon products for Amazon and assisted in saving a lot of time and improving many of its sellers' revenue.

The key points are:

  • This platform boasts and promises to effectively organize and swing through the sales data for businesses to help them in three different areas. These include suites of three tools: the product database, the niche hunter, and a product tracker, each of which does its tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • New users also reviewed to have had the ease of navigating through the website without assistance, which is a tip that says how user-friendly the dashboard is.
  • Moreover, as their marketing says and speaks, sellers who work through their platform could profit by always staying one step forward by having an added database of Amazon into their toolkit.

With a bit of overview, let us focus on both the platforms' extensive features to get a clear view of our selection.

Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout: Unique Features

For a better understanding, let us look at and compare the features of both platforms.

Amasuite Features

Amasuit has always stood out among all the platforms. The main reason behind that is Amasuite has some premium quality features, which we cannot compare to the other software which offers the same.

  • Product Validation & Research
Product Validation & Research

Opportunity score is a crucial factor in the growth of an online seller. That is an indicator that ensures you have the right idea about your competitors. And how well or how low you would be performing or your products are doing.

They assure you have all the product discovery tools depending on the demands and the market analysis you want.

  • Search Analyzer
Search Analyzer

This is an excellent tool to search for every type of information you are looking for regarding your product.

You can search for top-selling products, top-reviewed products, products by popularity, or products by price in this search bar. You can search for anything you want!

To use this tool, enter the type of data in the search bar, and the results will automatically show you all the information you can find on Amazon for that. You can also download an HTML report for future reference.

  • Top Product Analyzer
Top Product Analyzer

Before you start selling your products on Amazon, you need to know your chosen product's popularity.

You can use this function to make that list, and this app will extract data from around 67,000 products and provide you a list of 100 top-selling products.

You can also get the information on top-selling products, by the following characteristics:

  • Keyword Generator
Keyword Generator

This software enables you to generate all the desired keywords by comparing the most demanding keywords used for the products on four to five various online e-commerce websites.

The keyword generator ensures that the traffic enabling is the right choice of keywords by the seller for any product.

Using the correct keywords will support you increase your product ranks which will cause an enhancement in your sales overall.

You can find more than hundreds of keywords with more than a thousand match-per search filters. A lot of people are not aware of this thing.

You can use the instant search feature to help you find out the keywords precisely when you type the product instantly.

That is the best tool to find keywords with no SEO rankings, which will help new domains.
You can use a diversity of top-ranking keywords to boost the ranking of keywords on your merchandise.

  • Review Analyzer
Review Analyzer

To search for what everyone else is selling, you do not want to end up with a lot of data about every product's information your competitor is selling.

As the name suggests, Review Analyzer helps to choose the right product that lets you see what the customers are saying about that product online. If their feedback is positive on that product, then you do not have to go with the daunting process of choosing products; your suitable product is right in front of you.

You get passage to the product's rating, the number of positive reviews vs. negative reviews, any comments customers left, and other things. You can also scale checks for ratings and verified purchasers, as you do as customers on Amazon.

To top the quality, there is one more thing available. This built-in software assists you in knowing combinations of words often used in reviews. You can check the results populated by this tool by adding stop-words so the other terms such as “they,” “I,” etc., are omitted.

Jungle Scout Features

No matter what all the other premium features software will tell you, Jungle Scout will always be an exception. Do you want to know how? Keep reading the extensive features of Jungle Scout to clear all the doubts.

  • Product Database
Product Database

This is similar to the Amasuit search analyzer. You can search for every product's detail in this section. Filters can be used to precise down the results.

It is a collection of over 70 million products directly from the Amazon catalog. That will help you organize all the products and arrange the products according to your desired product requirements.

  • Product Tracker
Product Tracker

This tool helps you to track the product's performance. You can get to know the history of the product you are selling your choosing to sell.

You can keep an eye on the product's report, which could help you develop a logical strategy.
You can also know if the selected product is losing its popularity over time or not.

From here, you can track:

  • Supplier Database
Supplier Database

Jungle Scout says that its supplier database is full of validated global suppliers. You can see their approved shipments, numbers of customers and use the supplier database's “Match Score” to find manufacturers specializing in specific products.

It's also possible to search by product name, brand, company, and supplier.

Suppose you're interested in selling niche products. In that case, the supplier database can also direct you to factories that produce the types of products you're looking for, including those that ship in smaller quantities.

  • Keyword Scout
Keyword Scout

This tool gives you a detailed list of keywords that you can use in your product description.

The most popular keywords will give you the benefit of choosing the right product.

You can also use Keyword Scout to reverse search for competing ASINs to get data about their keyword rankings. Interestingly, you can view their keyword rankings over the past two years to get an accurate picture of how they fare per month and quarter.

Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout: Pricing Plans

Amasuite Pricing

Amasuite Pricing

Amasuite offers only a single price option which is known as a full-pay option.

Full-Pay Option charged $97 from you to use complete Amasuite tools.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout's pricing plan is entirely different than Ama's. It gives you more customized packages to select from. You can choose the best service according to your choice.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Basic Plan: $19 per month

It includes:

Suite Plan: $49 per mont

It includes:

Professional Plan: $84 per month

It includes:

🌟 Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout FAQ

✔ What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a powerful product research tool and Amazon seller software that helps Amazon sellers and other entrepreneurs scale their businesses. One can try Jungle Scout free for 7 days that enable you to test this amazing tool's features.

✔ How does Jungle Scout work?

With the help of Jungle Scout, one can easily find, launch and sell winning products on Amazon. Jungle Scout helps you find best-selling products, research keywords, estimate sales, spy on competitors' strategies, and many more. Fundamentally, Jungle Scout enables you to quickly get the most profitable and highest selling products to grow your Amazon business.

✔ How accurate is Jungle Scout?

Compared to the other Amazon seller tools, Jungle Scout provides the most accurate data to the users. One can even try a Jungle Scout free estimator that offers average monthly sales volume based on BSR and Marketplace.

✔ How to get Jungle Scout for free?

If you are looking for the jungle scout free trial, then it does not offer any free trial. But you can try the jungle scout free for 7 days with their money-back guarantee.

✔ Is there any working Jungle Scout coupon code?

If you are looking for an active Jungle Scout coupon code that helps you get an attractive discount, use the above-mentioned Jungle Scout discount coupon code and save money on its pricing plans.

✔ How much money can I save by using the jungle scout coupon code?

Using our exclusive Jungle Scout coupon code, you will enjoy a flat 50% discount on all its pricing plans. Apart from this, grab our special Jungle Scout Chrome extension discount coupon and speed up your product research.

✔ Which is better; AmaSuite vs. Jungle Scout?

It becomes very difficult to choose between AmaSuite vs. Jungle Scout as it totally depends upon your need. You can either go with AmaSuite or Jungle Scout to enhance your Amazon business.

Conclusion: Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout 2024 | Which is the best tool for Amazon sellers?

Now, after reviewing both the software, it is time to know which platform won this battle?
If you ask us, then without a doubt, we will go with Jungle Scout.

Its features, value for money are entirely exquisite and have minimum disadvantages as compared to Amasuite.

So, for us, the winner is Jungle Scout. We would highly recommend this software for your online selling business. It will include kelp in setting up a foundation and maximize your product's value to a great extent.

That is it with our detailed Amasuite Vs. Jungle Scout review. We hope that we covered all the necessities which you were looking for in this search. If you think that there is something we missed in our above article, kindly let us know in the comments sections below.

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