Can any random person become Amazon product tester also? Do product testers get free Amazon stuff or a rumor? Amazon is the world's largest and most popular marketing platform, with a reason. So, becoming a product tester on or for Amazon is quite an incredible and amazing experience.

Each query related to Amazon Product Tester We will be explaining in detail. Therefore, after reading this article, you can start your journey as an Amazon product tester, possibly a top reviewer.

Don't you think the journey will be exciting, amazing, and incredible?

However, We must warn you that becoming an Amazon product tester/reviewer neither very easy nor complex. Just need to follow certain steps and procedure to become the top Amazon product tester and reviewer. As an Amazon product tester or, reviewer, you can get various outstanding offers while purchasing the products.

Follow this complete guide if you're wondering how to become a top-ranking reviewer or tester. We can assure you that following the methods of this post will help to become an Amazon tester.

Amazon Product Tester | Is Being an Amazon Product Tester Legit?

Amazon Product Tester

Since Amazon is a super popular and world's no. 1 digital marketing that features more than 20-30 Million products of different-different categories and brands. Those individuals who register themselves with Amazon to review or test the newest or oldest products are Amazon product testers or reviewers.

And, these individuals use those products and reviews everything about that specific product. This helps users to read everything about any specific product just before buying it. With each minute detail, the customers can happily decide whether to buy it or not with complete satisfaction.

Before becoming a super Amazon product tester, I am highlighting the benefits. Looking at the advantages of becoming a top-ranked reviewer or tester possibly can force or lure you for sure. After you have become Amazon product tester, you literally can take many advantages. As a reviewer or tester, you can get a heavy discount or free products just after trying them out.

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How to Become an Amazon Product Tester

Let's start the detailed journey to become an Amazon product reviewer/tester.

Amazon has recently changed its terms of service and policy and made it more complex for the testers to get reviews. What all the opportunities it was offering earlier now aren't available because of amendments in Amazon's review policies and its terms and conditions. You can also choose the best suitable way to become an Amazon product reviewer or tester in the following ways.

#1. Become Amazon Vine Member

Become Amazon vine member

As per changed and updated policy and T&C's, becoming an Amazon Vine member isn't so easy. Amazon Vine runs by Amazon and, it is an Invitation-Only-Program, which recruits/selects only trusted reviewers who can test pre-release and new products. Then, post their opinion/view on the Amazon product description for the other consumers or shoppers to read.

There's no way to become a member of the Amazon Vine program. Do you know Amazon Vine testers/reviewers known as Vines Voices? And, they receive the products from the vendors for an unbiased and honest review after a complete test of items.

#2. Sign Up for any Review Websites

Sign up for any review websites

As an Amazon seller, it is not easy to strive in the highly competitive online platform. And, each seller tries every possible trick and tip to drive more profit from their selling account. Thus, taking help for increasing the conversion rates, ROI, and traffic from Product testers/reviewers whom customers trust is very significant.

It doesn't even matter whether the reviews are negative or positive on the products. And, if any shoppers/buyers want to become Amazon product tester then, Amazon review sites serves this purpose.

And Amazon review sites are the best platform where shoppers can review the products of Amazon sellers with easy and quick exchange free items. For that, you need to be patient whenever a new product is ready for review before that sign up on any of the Amazon review sites to be a product reviewer.

Those websites that give you an amazing possible chance to become a product tester for Amazon are:

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#3. Become an Amazon Prime Member

Become an Amazon prime member

All the above-mentioned and some other Amazon review sites allow and enable shoppers/reviewers/testers to access the products at free or at a heavily discounted price.

However, some products charge shipping fees. In some cases, delivery fees are very high.
Just to get products completely free which doesn't include delivery charge and cost of products, you need to just join or become Amazon Prime Member. Opting for Amazon prime also increases your chances as a product tester.

Isn't it amazing?

A lot of features you can access with Amazon prime subscription like Amazon Music, Movies, Books, and many more. You pay a certain amount to become a member of the program and enjoy its comprehensive features.

#4. Do You have any Blog or Social Media Page/Channel?

Blog or social media page

Have you ever heard about influencers and bloggers?

These influencers and bloggers have a blog, vlogs, and pages or channels on social media with significant followers. With sizable followers, the sellers will reach to you for products review after a full assessment of their features and functions.

You know that Amazon has its influencer program for individuals with huge followers. This program asks these influencers or celebrities to test and review the products. So, the number of games of followers plays an important role. Sellers approach Influencers with many offers like money, freebies, and others. Becoming Influencers can be time-taking but worth it.

#5. Product Tester Groups for Social Media

Product tester groups for social media

In case you want to join the product tester groups of Facebook, Reddit to become an Amazon product tester then, you need not join the review sites, Amazon Vine, and Prime. Facebook and Reddit offer groups to join to become a successful Amazon product reviewer. Isn't it cool?

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#6. Joining a Facebook Review Group

Facebook Review Group

Facebook review groups for Amazon are becoming the new medium for sellers and testers to trade services as they become more common and widely used by both parties. These groups serve as a middle ground for buyers and sellers to feel comfortable with online transactions.
An increasingly popular feature of Facebook is the Facebook group. These days there are specific Facebook groups for everything from support groups for professionals to forums for those who love a specific kind of food.

Over the past few years, sellers and reviewers on Amazon have been creating groups that help with both the sale of products and reviews and recommendations of the same. Members are commonly referred to as “Facebook groups” because they are specifically geared towards Amazon sellers and reviewers. These groups cover review exchanges, offers on product deals, and product tester recommendations.

Some of the Popular Groups Include:

Top Amazon Reviews Vote and Deals Club: This group has a worldwide membership of over 14,000 people that connects Amazon sellers with reviewers and Amazon product testers. Sellers post a product but state whether it's free or discounted, and potential testers can comment or send a private message to apply. This group is free to join on approval of the group Admin.

Amazon Trusted Reviewers Community: Experience and reliability are the two most important qualities when it comes to product testers and reviewers, which is why this group is such a goldmine for those who are looking to make informed decisions. They have the capability of providing high-quality reviews of products that can be used as an integral part of consumer research.

This group is strictly monitored and is free to join. The potential members must apply via an online form and provide information like Amazon and Facebook profile links.

👉 Ultimate Steps to Become an Amazon Product Reviewer

Following the below-mentioned methods, you can become Amazon product tester easily. If you are still standing in the market where other renowned reviewer draws all sellers then learn and follow the steps to become a master reviewer.

Step 1: Create Amazon account

Becoming Amazon reviewer, Sign up for an account on Amazon (World's Best Marketing Platform) is the very first step. And, to do that, either go to the official website or just download the Amazon app to your mobile device.

As soon as you created an account, shortlist all niches in which you're an expert to start the reviewing procedure. These niches can be anything like Stationery, Technology, Gadgets, Cosmetics, and many more.

Step 2: Write more & more reviews

On successful sign-up and selection of expert niches, write reviews of newest and latest items or products more and more. To write more and more reviews, you need to purchase the products from Amazon too. Apply the discount, coupon, or promo codes to avail products at a low price.

Reviewing more and more products increases your chances of becoming an Amazon reviewer. Being consistent, honest, and unbiased increase the probability too and, also ensure that the profile is not flooded with reviews/opinions.

Step 3: Keep tracking product launch

Staying updated on what's coming in the near future plays a significant role for the best & renowned reviewers or testers. So better to keep tracking the launch dates of those products to review before anyone else can do. It increases the chances to reflect your opinion on that specific product among the best five reviews section.

When you post first, the shoppers have more chances to see your post. If the post was more helpful then, consumers can give you more votes which automatically improves your reviewer rankings on Amazon.

Step 4: Share your personal experience or give personal tone!

Share your personal experience

When you give the review in a personal tone, the consumers trust your post more. Writing a personal experience can help shoppers to make the decision. In your post, you can add features, pros, and cons, and some details to help the customers in decision-making.

Step 5: State why & what you liked?

If you're reviewing products of your niche at which you are an expert then, you must give what you liked about the product. What you want more in that product, or were it best as per expectation, price, and other important factors. While giving the personal tone, add all essential factors because it reflects the reviewers/testers' interest. It states how much knowledgeable and genuine your post is.

All these above-mentioned factors in your post directly impact the mind of the consumers. This helps you to get more stars and ratings to become Amazon product tester.

Step 6: Take reference from existing reviews

Writing the reviews on some of the most written reviews may responsible for not being noticed. To decrease that probability, check the existing reviews. Don't get demotivated in this case; writing genuine and helpful reviews can improve your post ranking. In case you get that product in which no feedback or comment is added then, it may be your trump card.

Step 7: Optimize & update the account often

Adding adequate contact information on your reviewer profile account helps sellers to find and contact you very easily. For that, you need to keep managing the profile quite often and don't let the reviews flood your account.

Step 8: Review purchased product

Review purchased products

Becoming a member of Amazon Vine by invitation then it is a great way to become Amazon's best reviewer. Impress Amazon with the review on previously purchased items/products. Also, add the photos and videos if possible; all this because it can improve your history as a reviewer.

Also, make sure that reviews are engaging, informative, lucrative, and an attention seeker. It increases the probability to rank higher with a trusting impression on your customers.

What are the Benefits of Being an Amazon Product Tester?

Primarily, Amazon allows sellers to give customers coupon codes to get free stuff on Amazon against theirs. But due to all the fake 5-star reviews of people who just wanted free stuff, the original retail giant did reviews and changed its policies so that sellers can provide coupon codes not just for gaining reviews.

Many review sites shut down shortly after the decision was announced. However, new loopholes surfaced, so it became difficult to control the situation.

But still, there are many advantages of becoming an Amazon product tester which is mentioned below:

  • Assisting Buyers

The feedback provided by you on Amazon products can help others know more about the item sold based on your review. The idea is that if you know more about a product than someone else, you will be able to provide better feedback. As most buyers would like to know other people's experiences before buying any item, you are eventually contributing to the information buyers require while looking for products.

  • Free Shipping

If you are a reviewer on Amazon and you also have subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will get free shipping on all of the items that you've bought.

  • Free Items and Gifts

The top reviewers have the best opportunities to receive the hottest products for free and are often given a chance to participate in contests where they can win fabulous prizes. This is a great way to get introduced to an enjoyable and lucrative field.

💡 Few Tips for Boosting Your Ranking as an Amazon Reviewer

Amazon can also sort reviews according to dates and the number of votes they have received and calculate your average rating on a five-star system.

All these listings are updated within a few days, which means that no ranking is stationary and will change from time to time. The simple thought is that the better you get at reviews, the more planning and demand will come along.

So if you wish to become a trusted reviewer on Amazon, you can follow the following tips and tricks which can help you: 

  • Start writing detailed, helpful reviews on products you have already bought and posted on Amazon, as well as other places where you can post reviews on the same platform.
  • Try to give your review a professional toning and also avoid using informal phrases or cuss words and insults.
  • Always try to write your own idea whether you recommend the product. Also, remember that customers do rely on and trust your own experience, which you share. So make sure you do a review to help others decide better.
  • When you write, do keep in mind what other customers would want to know about the product you have bought and tested and include that in your review. 
  • Always write a detailed and complete review containing videos and photos so others can easily understand the product better.
  • Mention the pros and cons of the product in a bulleted form so that they can easily understand.

How much can Amazon Product Testers Earn? 

On average, the annual salaries can be as high as $64,000 and as low as $20,000. At the same time, the majority of the Product Tester's salaries are currently in the range of $28,000 (25th percentile) to $42,000 (75th percentile). In contrast, the top earners with (90th percentile) make $52,500 annually across the United States.

As of July 20, 2024, the average annual pay for an Amazon Tester in the United States is reported to be $56,664 a year. In case you need a simple salary calculator, this works out to be approximately $27.24 an hour, equivalent to $1,090/week or $4,722/month.

Top FAQ on Amazon Product Tester

✔Are Amazon product testers real?

If you love to write product reviews on Amazon, then becoming an Amazon product tester is the best opportunity for you. There are various Amazon reviewer sites for shoppers to test the products.

✔What is an Amazon-free sample?

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can benefit from prime membership to try products like gourmet snacks, nutritional products, cosmetics, and many more.

✔How do I become an Amazon product tester?

If you are looking to become an Amazon product tester, then follow the above-mentioned easy steps.

✔What are the best Amazon review sites?

Following are the best list of Amazon review sites that help you to get free products:
1. Snagshout
2. Rebaid
3. Vipon
4. Elite Deal Club
5. Giveaway Service
6. Deal Go!Go!Go!
7. EtekCitizen

✔Does Amazon hire product testers?

If you like to write Amazon reviews for products offered on the site, then becoming an Amazon product tester is an excellent choice. On the other hand, one can effortlessly find various Amazon reviewer trader program websites on the web. The users can quickly sign up on these sites and test products. Through the Amazon Vine program, Amazon also hires reviewers.

✔How can I boost my ranking as an Amazon reviewer?

One can follow several ways to boost their ranking as an Amazon reviewer.
1. Provide a detailed and in-depth review of the particular product.
2. Always use a professional tone while reviewing the product.
3. One can even post photos and videos of the product so that others can understand the product nicely.
4. Give pros and cons of the product that helps others make better decisions.

✔Is Amazon product tester a legit job?

Yes, It is a legit job. Many products need to undergo product testing before the final release. This helps businesses get insights about the products & services they have before launching them. The product can start receiving an authentic reviews from users all around the globe!

✔Which are the top 5 best paying related Amazon tester jobs in the U.S.?

1. Senior Penetration Tester ($137,686)
2. Application Penetration Tester ($134,408)
3. Security Tester ($127,514)
4. Cyber Security Penetration Tester ($126,148)
5. Penetration Testing Engineer ($125,937)

✔How can you become an Amazon product tester?

To become an Amazon Product Tester, you have to scale up your ranking as a reviewer before you are invited to join. As you become a reviewer for Amazon, a rank is assigned to you depending on the quality and quantity of reviews you have written and how other customers find your reviews. To put it straight, the more “helpful” likes you get, the better your rank becomes.

Bottom Line:

The journey to become an Amazon product tester or reviewer seems like a very tedious and patient process. Once you have started, you will be able to reap all the benefits of your hardworking.

Follow all the steps, tips, and tricks mentioned in this post will help you to become an amazing and outstanding Amazon product reviewer and testers. Give try any one of the methods and start receiving all the rewards and benefits. And, it's a surest and simplest way of getting products very easily you can't even imagine.🚀🚀

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