Have you just recently set up your shop on Amazon? We all know that the number of customers on online shopping has increased, but the number of sellers has also increased on the same side.

In this case, you would want your products to rank at the top and become the best sellers!! Even, Are you thinking about what category is at the top and which product performs the best?

For this, you will indeed require some software to gather all this information for you to perform better than your competitors. Amz Tracker or Jungle Scout can do this.

There is a lot of confusion about which one to choose from, so here is a comparison between ✅Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout. So, let's get started!

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout 2024: Overview

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout

Many businesses are running on Amazon right now. There is a lot of competition at present, and in this competition, we all need to know who is our relative competitor.

We want to know how to reach the top of search results. This can be done very quickly by using the Amz Tracker or Jungle Scout.

These are beneficial tools in boosting your Amazon business and will help you make the most of your income.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is one of the popular product research tools, Amazon sellers. This tool uses various tools and strategies to increase ranking on Amazon as it uses Amazon’s A9 algorithm. 

It also provides you special products that help you in every aspect of your business. Using this product research tool, you can increase your sales volumes by promoting your products directly to your potential customers. 

AMZ Tracker uses three strategies that allow you to become the best seller: an offensive strategy, defensive strategy, and recon strategy.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is also a research web tool that helps you understand what products are being sold at different prices.

You can even know how many people are selling the same effect, the ranking of the product, and the quantity of that same product sold by different sellers on Amazon.

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It will also help you find a unique product out of all the ones that are being sold. Selling a unique product will increase your sales and help you earn good profits.

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout: Features

Amz Tracker

Keyword Tracking

This feature is beneficial in increasing the visibility of your Amazon Products. We all want our product to appear in the first few listings, which increases the chances of the product being sold quickly.

Amz Tracker - Keyword tracking

We all mostly purchase the items that we see at the top of the lists. The secret to reaching the top listings is the use of correct keywords.

Sometimes we don't realize that the keywords we have been using are not appropriate, resulting in a product not showing up in the first few listings.

Keyword tracking helps the user understand what kind of keywords should be used to get their work at the top listings. You can keep changing the keywords to reach the top of the listings for a better sale.

Super URLs

A lot of times, you might have considered super long URL's to be spam, right? Often, we keep sharing our product with long URLs, which leads to people thinking it to be spam.

Amz Tracker helps you convert these long URLs to short ones, making it convenient for you to share your product links to a broader audience rather than relying on just Amazon searches.

Also, short URLs make it easier for people to trust and click on those links and purchase your product.

Increase conversion rates

Does it happen that sometimes one product has a lot of sales and the other doesn't? Conversion rate is nowadays one of the essential tools which will help you to understand how your work is getting a lot of sales or why it is a product not getting deal.

Amz Tracker - Conversion rate

This will help you to analyze the reasons for the sale. The reason behind this could be the listing, reviews, description of the product, etc.

You can keep a check on your product's conversion rate and know what changes you need to make for it to have a good sale.


Who wants a negative review of their product for sale? Amz Tracker will immediately give you an alert that one of your customers has posted up a negative review.

You can directly make contact with your customer and understand why he or she has made a negative one and consider solving the problem your customer is facing.

You can assure them that you will make the necessary changes and get the review removed. This will help you keep your thoughts positive and, so you are listings at the top.

Competitor Analysis

We all want to be in the first position of the products that we are selling. Consider another person entering your listing and selling the works just like you at a competitive price; you would always want to have a hijack alert for your product listing.


You have decided to bring good deals for your customers; you win some with these deals to vipon.com and help customers purchase the best of them.

Amz Tracker - Vipon

Vipon.com shows the best values of Amazon itself. When customers buy through this, this will increase your conversion rates.

Jungle Scout

Keyword Finder

Like Amz Tracker, Jungle Scout will help you find out the correct keywords to top your listings. You can discover keywords under your niche, which will help you get more searches by Amazon customers.

Jungle Scout - Keyword finder

You can also understand the volume of keywords and the demand for those keywords. It will also help you to rank your Amazon products faster for a target keyword.

Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout is a tool that will help you search out your Amazon niche products. It will help you to analyze all the competitor listings and search all the keywords for the same.

It is one of the most helpful tools for people who are on Amazon to sell their products. Niche hunter will help you to maximize your speed and efficiency.

This feature will also help you to know if the product will give you the right opportunities or not. It will help you to effectively launch new products that will help you make a lot of money.

Supplier Database

It is a difficult task to find out the right supplier. Some people do not even find the right ones. But Jungle Scout has a fantastic tool that will help you find the right supplier and your product research.

Jungle Scout - Supplier database

Jungle Scout has made it a super easy task to find a supplier with the searchable supplier database, a feature of a searchable supplier database.

Jungle Scout does not only prove to be a handy product research web tool but also a tool that caters to the needs of a lot of Amazon sellers, making it a searchable supplier database tool too.

Listing Builder

Adding on to its keywords features, it is also a helpful tool that will help you generate a new listing and help you build it up in a better way.

Jungle Scout Listing builder

The listing allows you to increase your product sale, making the Jungle Scout listing tool a valuable Amazon seller tool.

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout: Launch tool

Both Jungle Scout and Amz Tracker have launch tools that provide you with email campaigns to increase your sales and have a reasonable conversion rate.

Another launch tool is the promotions you can create, which helps you advertise and promote your products to make a good sale.

Promotions and advertising help you boost your sales and reach a large number of the customer base for the sale of your products.

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout: Pricing plans

The per month price of AMZ Tracker starts at $50.00 per month. Since they do not have a free version, they indeed provide you with a free trial.

Amz Tracker Pricing

The per month price of Jungle Scout starts from about $49 and Yearly for about $39/mo.

Jungle Scout Pricing

There are just two free alternatives for JungleScout; one is the Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray, accessible only for the first 1000 product lookups.

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout: Customer support

Amz Tracker does not have much adequate customer support, according to some users. The customer support lacks efficiency in language sometimes, but as a whole, the customer support is good enough to help its customers in handling their accounts.

People have had unique experiences with the customer support of Jungle Scout. People say that customer support has been significant enough to solve all the customers' queries, along with providing them with extra information that would help them further.

They have been incredible customer service support, along with giving good software for product research.

Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Amz Tracker

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout

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🌟 Amz Tracker vs. Jungle Scout FAQ

❓Is Jungle Scout free?

As we all know, there is nothing free in the market, but they offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. One can quickly try Jungle Scout risk-free for 14 days.

❓How much does Jungle Scout cost?

Jungle Scout has three pricing plans for its users; Basic, Suite, Professional. The basic cost $19/mo, and it is only limited to single users. The suite plan cost $49/mo and provide industry-leading features. This plan includes 1 user and provides you the option to add many users. The professional costs $84/mo and allows you to add 6 users.

❓What is the free Jungle Scout alternative?

There are various alternatives to Jungle Scout that one can use freely. Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10 Xray are the tools that one can use for free of cost. You will get what you pay for.

❓Does AMZtracker offer a free trial?

Yes, AMZtracker provides a 7-day free trial in which you can test this amazing product research tool. 

Final Verdict:

We all know about the increasing market place on online platforms like Amazon. Day by day, we see a hike in the number of customers shopping on Amazon and building up the trust on this platform.

Not only consumers but also sellers have been increasing day by day to earn from this platform.

Amz Tracker and Jungle Scout both serve to be useful tools that have helped consumers increase their reach and rank with growing sales and profits.

Amz Tracker has its different features, whereas Jungle Scout has different ones. Both of them have a list of pros and cons, but it depends upon the user to which software he/she wants to operate depending upon their needs or budget and what tools come out to be useful for them.🚀🚀

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