Are you running an Amazon affiliate website? A survey showed that, on average, an affiliate site loses 16% of revenue from broken Amazon affiliate links per month.

After reading this survey, are you now worried about the broken link? Well, we do have a solution to that, which is our AMZ Watcher review. This is the tool that can fix all of your broken links and save your time and build your affiliate commission.

Running an affiliate business is highly profitable, but keeping an eye on all the links you provide to your readers or potential buyers can be a tedious process. You do have to master and promote numerous products depending on the size of your website. Also, tracking your affiliate links can sometimes be a bit confusing and messy.

But don't worry; AMZ Watcher is a tool that can help you to simplify the process, and it is among the best Amazon affiliate tool in the Amazon business arena. This read of our AMZ Watcher review will help you to understand the tool more and also its features, benefits, pros and & cons, along with its pricing.

AMZ Watcher Review

AMZ Watcher is an incredible tool that can help you to find and oversee broken Amazon links, missing affiliate tags and broken Amazon products from your Amazon affiliate site. AMZ Watcher sends you notifications about unavailable products, and you can also monitor links on your own website with specific affiliate tags; you can also generate reports in CSV format. AMZ Watcher explores the process via the Dashboard.

Let's first have a use case scenario. If you have an Amazon site, you know that there are many requirements to keep it running successfully. It is also essential to research your niche, create quality content and link buildings. And if such kinds of things are broken or products are unavailable, then this will directly increase the bounce rate, and then Google will put you down in the SERPs.

And that's precisely the reason why you should use AMZ Watcher. This tool will help you to monitor all such issues and save your time and effort so you can focus on other aspects of your website.

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AMZ Watcher Features at a Glance – AMZ Watcher Review

After having a brief overview of AMZ Watcher, let us now explore its features so that you can understand the tool better.

1. Alert Notification

AMZ Watcher Alert Notification

As this review began, we did mention that this tool is capable of sending you email notifications as soon as any of your products become unavailable or are out of stock. You will get these notifications on a daily basis. This can save you time which you can use in seeing the broken links on your website.

Monitoring of Amazon Affiliate Links

AMZ Watcher does an audit about product availability and any affiliate link on your website. by this, you can get the status of your broken Amazon links and the unavailable products. This gives you the advantage of presenting more relevant, functional links to your buyers.

3. Locates Missing Affiliate Tags

Locates Missing Affiliate Tags

This excellent tool can help you find the affiliate tags from your Amazon affiliate website by reviewing links on your site which have specific affiliate tags. After adding affiliate tags, you can achieve a boost in your revenue.

4. Easy Data Exportation

AMZ Watcher Easy Data Exportation

One of the best features which we wish to describe in the AMZ Watcher review is that you can create and generate actionable reports in CSV export. So no extra efforts are required from your end to export the data. You just have to pass the exported file on your V/A and consider it done. With this feature, you can also generate links without the use of any third-party software.

5. Intuitive User Interface and Dashboard

Intuitive User Interface and Dashboard

AMZ Watcher gives you an intuitive interface and dashboard by which you can monitor and analyse deals by increasing your revenues to a whole new level.

Plus, the entire Amazon affiliate portfolio is also available with the click of a button, so you get a real-time idea about your performance. And if you are not reaching the desired metrics, you can use this information to make corrections and make your success ascertain.

6. Accessible Reporting

AMZ Watcher Accessible Reporting

AMZ Watcher provides every affiliate website owner with a HealthScore. This is a tracking method that categorizes every link on your website by labeling it as one of the following options:

  • A 404 not-found link
  • A good link
  • A link to a product that's out of stock
  • A link to an unavailable product

All of these categories do give you an in-depth idea about how your entire Amazon affiliate site is performing. And this information is available with a single click of a button, so you don't have to worry about deep down research.

Along with this, AMZ Watcher also helps you get an insightful report and various task performance analytics that can help you measure the task monitoring outcomes. Such kind of professional management of revenue gives you the utmost guarantee of success.

AMZ Watcher Pricing Plans – How much is AMZ Watcher?

AMZ Watcher Pricing Plans

So as you can see, AMZ Watcher offers four pricing plans which are flexible and affordable when compared to other tools. Also, AMZ Watcher offers both annual and monthly. Let's discuss what you can get with these pricing plans.

AMZ Watcher Starter Plan – $19.95/mo

In this plan, you get 5000 pages of checks/mo along with 3 projects. 

  • Find Broken Amazon Links
  • Find Wrong and Missing Affiliate Tags
  • Find Low-Quality Products
  • Monitor a Website or a YouTube Channel
  • Check International Stores
  • Daily Checking and Reporting
  • Uncapped Daily Page Checks

AMZ Watcher Starter Plan – $35.95/mo

In this plan, you get 10,000-page checks/mo along with 5 projects. Along with this plan, you do get all the features of the Starter Plan, and with that, you can find alternatives to Amazon products. 

AMZ Watcher Portfolio Plan – $49.95/mo

This plan gets 20,000-page checks/mo along with 10 projects. Along with this plan, you get all the Portfolio Plan's features. Along with that, you get Priority support. 

AMZ Watcher Tycoon Plan – $124.95/mo

In this plan, you get 50,000-page checks/mo along with unlimited projects. Along with this plan, you get all the features of this tool. 

Does AMZ Watcher offer a refund policy?

With a monthly subscription, you do get 7 days after you are done with the transactions to request a refund. But the company does reserve the right to decline if you have a high activity on your account within this time. And the refund is not applicable on discounted plans. The same goes for coupons, promotions and yearly plans, as they already come at a discounted price.

💡 Why Should You Choose AMZ Watcher over Other Tools?

Our objective in bringing this AMZ Watcher review was to highlight the importance of this tool in the affiliate Amazon business. Numerous people don't have information about specific tools that can help you with your broken affiliate links and don't have their affiliate ID attached.

Plus, it can also inform you about the availability of products on your website as it notifies you about it. So when this tool takes care of so many issues, well, you simply don't have to worry about these aspects, and you can better concentrate on other vital issues.

We can term AMZ Watcher as a one-stop solution to find answers to all these problems and fix them. Also, it is pretty easy to use this tool as there are flexible options to fix all these types of issues. In short, this tool can help you to save time and increase the productivity of your business.

AMZ Watcher Reviews & Customers Testimonials

AMZ Watcher Reviews

Top FAQ on AMZ Watcher Review

How frequently does AMZ Watcher check the broken links?

It is up to you how many times you want AMZ Watcher scans your broken Amazon links. You get the option of every 1, 3 or 5 days. Plus, the software also comes with increments of every 1, 2, or 4 weeks.

Do you require any sort of plugins in order to use AMZ Watcher?

No plugins are required to use AMZ Watcher. It is excellent software that does not have any sort of complicated setup or installation. Along with this, it works on multiple browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari.

Does AMZ Watcher have a daily page check limit?

There is no such daily limit in AMZ Watcher. The tool determines your limit based on the pricing plan you are in. If you are on Tycoon subscriptions, the limit is about 50,000 checks a month. But after that, you have to wait for the 30-day cycle to get the checks renewed.

What are the payment methods provided by AMZ Watcher?

AMZ Watcher accepts Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Cards. Along with these, you can also send money via Bank Transfer and PayPal. And the best of them all, you can also pay with Bitcoin.

Does AMZ Watcher offer a free trial?

There is no free trial as such with AMZ Watcher. When you pay for the monthly subscription, you have seven days to ask for a refund, but the company has the right to deny your request if they notice high account activity during this period.

AMZ Watcher Facebook Group

AMZ Watcher Facebook Group

So the answer to that question is a BIG YES. After using and doing this in-depth AMZ Watcher review, we did feel that this tool is of great importance to all Amazon affiliate businesses.

And to support this thought, numerous experience and customer reviews confidently say that the AMZ Watcher is among the best tool of its kind. Its not too overwhelming with features and functions, but the ultimate goal is just to help the website owners optimize their affiliate programs and scale their revenues.

So we highly recommend this tool to all Amazon affiliates and those who are into Amazon FBA business.

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