In this article, we shall be discussing Anstrex Vs. Adplexity and will find out which one is the best native ads spy tool.

Ad Spying tools are everywhere on the internet, and the choices you get are endless. With so many out there, at times, it can be slightly overwhelming which one to go for!

A native ad spy tool is a software program that lets you see exactly which native ads are performing best for your competitors and get an idea to use in your own campaigns. So this strategy helps you to get more clicks, views and conversions on our own ads by providing you with great insights into what's explicitly working best for other advertisers.

You can use native ad spying tools to get insights into the ads of your competitors and know their strategy, including details on what ad copy they're using, which images they're featuring, and other information and then optimize your own campaigns.

Anstrex Vs. Adplexity

Among those plethoras of ad spying tools, we are going to compare Anstrex Vs. Adplexity today and know what both tools have to offer and which one is the best. So let's begin!

Anstrex Vs. Adplexity: Comparison Upfront 

Types of Ad FormatsNative Ads
Push Ads
Native Ads
Push Ads
Ease of UseOffers many filters, but you cannot save filters when switching pages, and I find it a more clunky.Easier to use and filtering is all done on the same page, which makes it even more efficient.
Filtering OptionsFilters by affiliate networks, country, language, ad platforms, ad scores, duration of ads, and tracking tools.Filters by affiliate networks, country, duration of ads, tracking tools, advertisers, and ad platforms. 
Landing Pages & DownloadsYou can View & download landing pages or queue multiple downloads.You can View & download landing pages or export to Landerbolt.
Pricing$69.99 Native / $139.99 Native + PushYou can View & download landing pages or export to Landerbolt.
Official SiteVisit Anstrex NowVisit Adplexity Now

What is Anstrex? – Anstrex Review

Anstrex Review

Anstrex is one of the most fantastic push ad spying tools, which lets users analyze, strategize & execute your push advertising campaigns. This tool is helpful for building high-revenue generating Ad campaigns by spying on advertisers dominating push notification ads. Anstrex helps you unlock the hidden gems of push and native advertising by building winning advertising campaigns.

This ad spying tool offers its services to over 168,864 advertisers in around 92+ countries worldwide. Plus, it also allows its users to spy on over 38+ ad networks with over 10,401,875 ads and keeps adding every single day. It offers a wide range of features, like the ability to spy on your competition and see what kinds of campaigns they are running.

One aspect of this ad spying tool that I really like is that you can simply switch between native and push on the drop-down menu from the Anstrex logo. Whereas in the case of AdPlexity, you have to pay for each platform separately. So that's a plus point for Anstrex.

Spy Tools & Ad Types Offered by Anstrex 

Anstrex mainly focuses on native push and pops. Plus, it also has little information on Dropshipping.

1. Filtering Options by Anstrex 

With Anstrex, you do get more in-depth filtering options which I found a bit clunky, and if you switch pages to view reports or data, your original filters get removed. Now that's annoying at times. But Anstrex offers more affiliate networks and more ad platforms to spy than Adplexity.

2. Reports & Data Analytics by Anstrex 

With Anstrex, you get some sort of similar reporting to Adplexity, but its more spread out. When you enter the ad, you don't get all of the other data on the one-pager, which you can see from AdPlexity. You can head to the little tabs at the top and check out the stats, which can give you the same info as AdPlexity has to offer, just the fact that it is harder to navigate.

So when are compare both the ad spying tools, you do get the same info. In general, if you are looking for cheaper ad spy tools, you pretty much get the same data.

Anstrex stats allows you to view the percentage of the traffic that they think this affiliate is running on. You can view the publisher as well as the traffic source.

3. Landing Pages & Downloads on Anstrex 

So with Anstrex, you are allowed to download landing pages which is similar to Adplexity. One key feature here is the WYSIWYG editor of Anstrex, from where you can actually do edits right in. The next cool feature of Anstrex is the landing pages which are stripped of other people's links. 

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex Pricing

Talking about the pricing of Anstrex, well, its slightly in the more affordable category, with the lowest being $69.99/month. You can also club native and push together, which is beneficial for people running both push and native.

Anstrex Pros & Cons

What is AdPlexity? – AdPlexity Review

Adplexity Review

AdPlexity is also a leading ad spy tool that offers lots of fantastic features and filters which allow you to get all the insights of profitable ad campaigns worldwide. The platform lets you easily monitor and download promo materials like banners and landing pages, all from most of the popular ad networks, along with ad exchanges from over 70 countries.

AdPlexity is among the best mobile, desktop, native and push ads spy tools that are available in the market. It is also among the best affiliate marketing spy tools that offer a massive set of features. It provides a wealth of information on millions of advertisements. You can easily check out campaigns that are running in over 75 countries and easily uncover profitable campaigns that are basically turning on desktop and mobile pop-up sources.

AdPlexity also allows users to download each landing page with page dependencies ( images, CSS, JavaScript and more) and write in a .zip straight on their user interface. It also enables users to easily search keywords, advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks.

Spy Tools & Ad Types Offered by AdPlexity

With AdPlexity, you get access to the desktop, mobile, native, push, eCommerce, Carrier and Enterprise.

1. Filtering Options by AdPlexity

AdPlexity, at least in this aspect, has the upper hand over Anstrex. It is also better in terms of ease of use.

In AdPlexity, If you want to check out ads that have been running for 14 days, you can easily find them by moving the sliding bar up to 14 on the days running option on the left bar. What's more, exciting about this platform is that you can also filter by date range and select the dates you wish the ads to have been running. 

One more thing which puts AdPlexity ahead is that you can sort by receiving the most traffic, and you can check out also immediately which ads are getting the most traffic. Even it puts all the information on the main dashboard pages, which makes it even more efficient.

2. Reports & Data Analytics by AdPlexity 

With AdPlexity, you can check out all the data right away. It is easy to check out all the countries that are running, the placement of the devices and the affiliate networks and the traffic sources.

I found it much easier to filter through in AdPlexity as most of the information is in the form of graphics which is easy to read. You can view the days of the week they target and also the trends running. You can also check out all of their publishers by duration, placement IDs, and more on one page.

AdPlexity I must say that it has managed to bring together all of the key aspects together, and you can check out the landing page chart in the top right corner, and you can see which one's been running for the longest by the number of days running. Not just this, if you click on the show more button, it will filter out by referrer and its going to show you the landing page.

3. Landing Pages & Downloads on AdPlexity

As you join AdPlexity, you get 250+ Downloadable Landing Pages from the best verticals. Now that's fantastic to get. The next thing I like is that you can go inside of AdPlexity and download landing pages directly from the Ads you find.

AdPlexity Pricing

AdPlexity Pricing

The pricing of AdPlexity does not come in the high pricing band where you have the lowest option of $129/month.

AdPlexity Pros & Cons

Anstrex Vs. AdPlexity: Few More Considerations to Make Before the Final Choice! 

1. Various Networks to Work With

When we compared both the Ad spying tools, Anstrex has more affiliate networks. 

And if you filter out by affiliate network, you can see the exact ads that people are running for that particular network. Whereas in AdPlexity, you can find the affiliate network option on the left-hand side menu, from where you can choose ClickBank and other networks. On Anstrex, you can find the opportunity for affiliate networks on the top bar. 

2. Traffic Sources on Each of the Platforms 

So then, when I consider traffic sources, I found that there is a wider selection of Ad networks on the top bar menu on Anstrex. You can even sort by the exact traffic source that you are using depending on whatever you are getting your traffic from. On Anstrex, you get to see a ton of Taboola ads like Outbrain.

Whereas on AdPlexity, you don't get enough traffic sources, as you can see on the sidebar. You will also find that there are less than a dozen of them. So in this aspect, Anstrex has the upper hand. But on Anstrex, you don't get the date range. You can only filter by the number of days its been running.

3. Sorting by Days Running

It becomes critical to Sort the ads by the number of days its been running. And for that, you require the sorting by days filter. You should check out the ads that have been running for a long time because those are the ones that you can trust and the top converting ones.

And you get this filter in AdPlexity only. So its a win for AdPlexity. On this platform, you have not only the days running but also other parameters too. Whereas on Anstrex, you can check out the number of days these ads have been running on the sliding bar at the top, but it will reset if you switch pages.

4. Searching by Category

So when we wish to check out the filter by a category, only in AdPlexity can you choose if you want to see what's on the landing page or the Ad info. Also, you can filter by Images, advertisers, publishers' placement and a whole lot more!

In the case of Anstrex, you have to head over to the search button on the right, but when you add the parameter which you are looking for, it will reset all the previous parameters. And then you have to start all over again. But AdPlexity keeps all the filters in place when you do a new search and then use filters to sort out ads.

Top FAQs on Anstrex Vs. Adplexity

Does AdPlexity offer free trial?

Officially, you will not find any AdPlexity Free Trial. But when you sign up, and if you don't like its services, then you can request a refund within the first 24 hours. So overall, you can try it out for free, and if you don't like the service, you can raise a refund request within 24 hours.

Does Anstrex offer a free trial?

No. Anstrex does not have a Free Trial. If any website is offering you, then it is fake.

Does Anstrex have an affiliate program?

Yes. The Anstrex Affiliate program is extremely generous and offers a 50% commission for new signs up for the first month and a 25% recurring lifetime commission. Affiliates can sign up on their affiliate registration page.

What platforms does AdPlexity support?

AdPlexity comes with many options and provides a variety of platforms – Mobile, Desktop, Native, eCommerce, Carrier and Push.

Is AdPlexity accurate?

AdPlexity comes with complex algorithms which allow its users to spy on exact ads shown on the web. Also, the data offered by it is real-time base and reliable.

How accurate is the Anstrex data?

We did find the Anstrex data to be highly accurate. The platform collects data in real-time by using high-quality proxies to obtain the most precise geo-specific information. And to provide users with exceptionally powerful searching features, it uses a top-of-the-line database management system.

Conclusion: Anstrex Vs. Adplexity – Which One Stands Taller?

Well, for the most part of this Anstrex Vs. Adplexity review, we did find them neck and neck. They both can process the same amount of information.

Having said that, we like the filtering of Adplexity more because it is easy to use. And we did not have to reset our searches each time we did a new search. You can still have a look at all of the placements, all publishers and everything on it. At the same time, Anstrex is actually a lot cheaper than AdPlexity. But it would be best if you made your decisions depending on what outcomes you require.

If you are on a tight budget, then we recommend you to go with Anstrex or else you can also go ahead with AdPlexity as they both offer you the same amount of information.

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