Are you looking for the Article Forge Vs. Copymatic 2024? Or searching for the best AI copywriting tool for your business? If yes, your search ends here.

A well-formulated content can bring in high prospects, thereby generating maximum positive sales figures for a company. Amid the pandemic, traditional marketing has become obsolete. So, digital marketing has gained phenomenal growth with content and affiliate marketing. 

Furthermore, engaging content encompasses articulating the right keywords, accurate optimization, content conceptualization, and other significant factors. So, thorough research and development are key to writing highly engaging content.

In this regard, tools like Article Forge and Copymatic facilitate us by reducing the manual work while content generation. This article comprises an in-depth review with extensive comparison. This article will be helpful for you in choosing the feasible tool for content marketing!

Article Forge Vs. Copymatic: Our Honest Comparison

Article Forge and Copymatic are advanced copywriting tools that run on the AI principle to produce high-quality content. You need only enter the relevant information or topic of what you need, and Article Forge and Copymatic have all it takes to write good content.

So, they reduce the manual efforts greatly and create a seamless content writing experience for the users.

What is Article Forge?


If you're looking for high-quality, quick content but don't have the time to spend writing? You need Article Forge. This AI-powered content writing tool will help you generate long-form articles quickly, with just a single click. The articles that Article Forge generates are optimized for SEO and read as if a human copywriter wrote them.

Article Forge can easily create articles on a topic in just a few minutes, and it's perfect for marketers, copywriters, & entrepreneurs looking to save time & money.

Key Features of Article Forge – Is Article Forge Worth Your Money?

1. Case Studies

Article Forge mentions relevant case studies on their website to help users know how their copywriting style differs from human-generated content. Eventually, it helps the users in being more confident in its usage. In addition, it uses all the keywords and sub-keywords to strengthen the content.

Moreover, it also articulates the right content in minimal time. Thereby, it reduces human efforts rightly. Interestingly, it can also conceptualize the content as per the user’s requirements. 

2. Multilingual Contents

Article Forge helps you create SEO content in seven foreign languages, namely Italian, Portuguese, English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish. In this regard, it uses deep learning models, and the AI copywriter powers each language. It also chooses long tail and short tail keywords to reduce manual efforts.

3. Integrations

Of course, integrations are a vital aspect of life. So, Article Forge has many integrations with SEO Autopilot, SEnuke TNG, GSA Search Engine Ranker, WordAi, CyberSEO, and many more. Hence, the integrations help create high-quality backlinks, content, right keywords, and others.

Hereunder are the use cases of the above-mentioned integrations:

SEO AutoPilot: It helps create web 2.0 blogs and finds the high authority Web 2.0s for ranking the content generated by Article Forge. Eventually, it works hand-in-hand with Article Forge to give a high ranking to your articles.

WordAi: It is also an AI-based technology that helps paraphrase the content. Users can import their contents for checking on WordAi, and it will automatically rewrite the whole content after paraphrasing it. Hence, you can create multiple variations of an article using the Article Forge integration.

CyberSEO: It helps post content on your WordPress website. Moreover, it is a content curation plugin that facilitates users in updating their blog posts regularly. 

RankerX: It is a cloud-based platform wherein users can import their Article Forge blogs and posts directly into it to produce authoritative backlinks. In addition, it consists of a free indexer to ensure that Google identifies your backlinks. Moreover, sit has a huge database of SEO optimized yet authorized sites.

GSA Search Engine Tracker: It identifies new websites to post your SEO content. Additionally, it helps the Article Forge users create natural backlinks to provide an edge to their site.

SEnuke TNG: It helps users build SEO backlinks to enhance their position in the Google search engine results. Hence, it is a worthy integration.

4. One Secured Platform

It creates a lot of mess when searching for the file. So, Article Forge provides users with a ‘My articles’ section wherein they can save the finished articles. Hence, it helps find the relevant article during requirements. You can also add titles, images, videos to the content.

Additionally, its add rewriting feature is powered by WordAi. You can also post the saved articles to your WordPress blog using Article Forge. Also, you can replace the keywords with appropriate links.

5. Bulk Article Creation

You can use Article Forge for bulk article creation. You need to provide a keyword list in an excel file in the Article Forge dashboard. Afterwards, you have to click on ‘Switch to bulk article generator’. Eventually, Article Forge will create all the articles and save them in your ‘My articles section.’

6. Post Scheduler Module

Every affiliate marketer emphasizes opting for a post scheduler module that saves precious time. So, Article Forge lets users connect their dashboard with the WordPress blog. In your self hosted WordPress blog, you have to leave it for automatically posting whenever the blog or article is created. Eventually, the post scheduler has a crucial role in managing your blogs without your efforts.

How does Article Forge Work?

Users do not need to know any rocket science or coding for writing high-quality content using Article Forge. All they need to do is purchase a feasible plan and enter the relevant keyword of your topic and sub-topic.

Article Forge Coupon

Additionally, you have to mention the article length and other requirements like target audience, number of paragraphs, and others. Eventually, Article Forge will generate the content within a minute, and you need only to relax in your chair.

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What can you write with Article Forge?

Article Forge lets you write various contents depending on your requirements. Therefore, it can be used by thousands of professionals who emphasize adding video, pictures, and headings to their write-ups. Interestingly, you can create engaging articles with Article Forge with multiple integrations. Additionally, it has featured SEO integrations that help create bulk content in no time.

Pros & Cons of Article Forge

Pros of Article Forge

You can get high-quality yet relevant content in a couple of minutes using Article Forge. Hence, this multifunctional AI-based copywriting tool can save ample time and money. In addition, you can generate non-plagiarized and SEO friendly content in no time by using it.

Moreover, you can also get the keyword ideas from it whenever you emphasize writing a blog or an article by yourself. The ease of use, navigation, features and functionalities create a ‘hassle-free’ user experience in Article Forge.

Cons of Article Forge

One con of Article Forge is that you cannot operate it for teams. Unlike other AI-based copywriting software, it does not allow users to work in teams.

Article Forge Pricing Plans

Interestingly, unsatisfied users can claim a refund as Article Forge provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, it provides you with a five-day trial plan. Also, the four paid versions are:

Article Forge Pricing Plans

Article Forge Monthly Plans

Basic Plan: It is billed monthly, and this plan will cost you $27/month. In this plan, the users enable you to generate 25,000 words per month. The other features which are included in this plan are bulk article generation, API access, etc.

Standard Plan: It is billed monthly and costs $57. You can generate 250,000 words a month by using this version. It helps you with an AI-powered writer and API access. In addition, you can enjoy bulk article generation, and your content passes Copyscape. 

Unlimited Plan: It is also billed monthly and costs $117. It has the same benefits as the standard plan. However, you can generate unlimited content using it. 

Article Forge Annual Plans

Basic Plan: In this plan, you will get all the features of the Basic monthly plan. In the annual Basic Plan, you need to pay $13 per month annually.

Standard Plan: It has the same benefits as the standard monthly plan. However, you need to pay $27 for it, which is billed annually.

Unlimited Plan: It also has the same benefits as the standard annual plan. However, you need to pay $57, which is billed annually.

How to Create a Fresh Article using Article Forge?

Of course, beginners must know how to create a new article on Article Forge. In this regard, they have to adhere to the following steps:

After logging in to the Article Forge dashboard, you need to click on the “new article” on the top left side. Afterwards, you need to click on the “create” option. In the ‘create a new article’ section, you will find the blank spaces asking for filling the keywords and sub-keywords for the new article.

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Then, you will see a customization option wherein you can adjust different characteristics of your writing style, such as article length, title, and others. You can even add images and videos and replace the keywords with links.

Eventually, you will see the option to enable or disable the WordAi feature. Once you enable this feature, you can easily paraphrase the content whenever needed. However, you can choose to enable or disable this option anytime. You can enable it by inserting a WordAi API key. Afterwards, you can create a fresh write-up by clicking ‘create a new article.’

Sections on the Article Forge Dashboard

There are five sections on the Article Forge dashboard: new articles, my articles, WordPress, post scheduler, and help centre. Moreover, you can generate new articles with the ‘new article’ section. You can get ample options to enter the keywords and sub-keywords. Afterwards, you can also enter the article length, add titles, images, videos, replace keywords with links, add spinning with WordAi. Hence, you can get abundant options while creating a fresh write-up. 

Furthermore, there is a ‘my articles’ section below the new article. You can view every content you have created in the ‘my articles’ section. In addition, you will find a WordPress section below my articles section. It helps the users integrate their WordPress websites with Article Forge to post the new content easily.

Afterwards, a post scheduler option below WordPress lets users post fresh content automatically once a new article is created. Lastly, a help centre provides 24/7 assistance to the users in case of queries and concerns.

What is Copymatic?


Copymatic is an AI-powered content writing tool that's as easy to use as compared to the other AI copywriting tools. It lets you create content at the click of a button and boosts your website traffic with engaging, well-written copy.

Copymatic is the perfect tool for any marketer, copywriter, entrepreneur, or content marketer that needs to generate unique, high-quality copy in seconds.

Key Features of Copymatic – Is Copymatic Worth Your Money?

1. GP3 Model

Copymatic runs on the GP3 model wherein deep learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms produce human-like texts. It also helps create conversational, informational, and creative writing styles in no time. But, of course, the best thing is to create large datasets with millions and billions of words.

2. Grammatical Accuracy

Of course, grammatical errors hinder your rank on the search engine results. In this regard, checking grammar is essential, but it entails a lot of time and effort. So, Copymatic corrects the grammatical errors and rephrases the texts using AI algorithms. Copymatic also corrects incorrect sentences, tones, and grammar, apart from generating bulk content.

3. Multiple Tools

There are multiple (more than 50) tools in Copymatic that facilitate the users in creating engaging content. In addition, you can optimize your content using the SEO optimization techniques in Copymatic. Interestingly, all the 50 tools help write plagiarism-free articles in minimal time.

4. Text Completion

Every content creator tends to provide a human touch to the articles. In this regard, we often take the initiative to write on a topic for better clarification instead of relying on an AI-based copywriting tool. So, Copymatic helps complete the missing texts in a sentence. We often get stuck while writing an article, so Copymatic is the ‘one-time solution’ to this problem.

5. The ‘about us’ Page Generator

The about us page is the crucial point of your website. It shows your inception, story, values, and services in detail. So, Copymatic can also generate the ‘about us page in less time. You have only to enter your company’s details, and Copymatic can perform every function for you. 

6. User-Friendly

The good thing is Copymatic is user-friendly with a well-structured interface and navigation. Additionally, it is a cloud-based system wherein you can create multiple write-ups in one go. You also get comprehensive video training to understand the services better. You can also translate a copy in 108 languages

You can minimize your efforts with Copymatic. In this regard, it saves your keywords and the company information so that you do not need to enter it again. Eventually, it creates information based on previous data. You also get 24/7 customer support when you avail yourself of the services of Copymatic. 

8. Multiple Email Sub Copies

You can create ample sub copies of your mails using Copymatic. In this regard, it helps you create emails to onboard your new subscribers. You can also create emails for product launches and webinar invitations. The emails for affiliate promotion and inviting JV partners can be created using Copymatic. Also, you can create the mails for bringing the customers who abandoned the carts. 

9. Video Scripts

Video-based marketing is the new normal as customers prioritize video streaming services. In this regard, Copymatic helps you create video scripts for lead capture pages, Facebook and Instagram, long-form sales, YouTube, upsell, cross-sell and pre-launch.

In addition, you can create ads using Copymatic for lead generation, direct promotion, webinar registration, discount offers, retargeting, and more.

How does Copymatic Work?

Users can avail themselves of the free trial option to try and test the AI copywriting tool. They can also purchase an appropriate paid version of Copymatic. Once you login into Copymatic, you can select from a wide array of writing tools. Afterwards, you need to enter the product details to make the tool understand the prerequisites of your article. Eventually, Copymatic can generate the content in a couple of seconds. 

What can you write with Copymatic?

Users can generate ample content with Copymatic ranging from article headlines to content. Additionally, you can write attractive blog posts, paragraphs, blog titles and ideas, listicles, blog intros and outlines, website headlines and subheaders, meta titles and descriptions, and more. Interestingly, you can also write social media ads and e-commerce copies for promoting your business. In addition, it fills the missing inspirations for your landing page smoothly.

Pros & Cons of Copymatic

Pros of Copymatic

You can create emails for the eight categories by using Copymatic. In addition, it allows you to invite your team members. So, we can infer it is a cloud-based platform that is feasible for multiple users. Additionally, it is a beginner-friendly and customizable platform. Moreover, you can also get your copy in multiple formats using Copymatic. Also, you can create sales letters, emails, video scripts, and multiple ad copies for numerous niches. 

Furthermore, it has multi-device compatibility, and you do not need to download, install, and update anything as it is a cloud-based platform. Additionally, you can reuse the saved responses for creating further articles. You can even save your copy in multiple formats and customize the templates greatly.

Cons of Copymatic

Unlike Article Forge, Copymatic does not provide multiple integration facilities to its users. Hence, you can create high-quality content but do not get the options to create SEO-friendly and top backlinks.

Copymatic Pricing Plans

Copymatic Pricing Plans

Copymatic also offers you a free trial plan and two paid versions:

Copymatic Starter Plan

It provides users with 1,000 credits and costs $49 a month. Moreover, you can access all the Copymatic tools and API. There is also a website generator that is coming soon with their services. In addition, you can get multilingual customer support in more than twenty languages. You also get 24/7 email chat support with this pricing.

Copymatic Pro Plan

All the other benefits are the same as the starter plan, except you will get unlimited credits. It costs $49 a month.

How to Create a Fresh Article Using Copymatic?

Of course, Copymatic has multiple features that compel the key market players in using it. Therefore, you need to emphasize the following steps while creating a fresh article using Copymatic:

On the homepage, you will find a ‘start copy’ option below the dashboard in your Copymatic account. After clicking it, you get the page title ‘create a new copy type’ wherein you need to click on-page copy. Afterwards, you need to click on a sub-copy type (for example, sales page). Eventually, Copymatic will ask you various project details like project title, profile name, your name, tag line, your experience level and experience in the niche, and others. Of course, you can always skip and continue for the boxes you do not want to answer. 

Copymatic Coupon

Additionally, the dashboard will ask you product details like name, type, features and functionalities, usability, others. You can also tell additional things about your products to excite the customers. You can inform Copymatic how your product will solve the customers’ problems.

Afterwards, you need to tell the target market details and social facts about your product. You can even provide Copymatic with a comprehensive FAQ section to explain to the customers better about your products. Eventually, Copymatic will design your content in minimal time!

Furthermore, you can either click on the preview mode or create a copy of your fresh article. You can even edit the saved copy using the ‘editing toolbar.’ Also, you can save the copy and translate it into more than 100 languages of your choice. Copymatic also provides its users with export options wherein you can share your new articles among your peers and circles in PDF, doc, and texts.

You can also click on the rewrite option to enhance the whole article. Everything will be saved in the ‘saved copy’ section, and it will depict the date of creation, copy type ID, profile name, category, copy type, and action. Moreover, you can get an immense template library to edit or insert the preferred templates.

Sections on Copymatic Dashboard

There are various sections available on the Copymatic dashboard. The first section is ‘start copy’, which helps users create fresh copies of their articles. Of course, you will get step-by-step instructions once you click on the option. Below the start copy section, there is a template library wherein you can find ample templates for enhancing your articles and ad posts.

Next, you can find an option “agencies” below the template library that shows various agencies associated with Copymatic. Afterwards, an integration option provides users with different platforms they can join to enhance the content. The last is the support section available 24/7 for the users to mention their queries and concerns.

Article Forge Vs. Copymatic: Final Review and Comparison

Every coin has dual aspects. So, Copymatic and Article Forge also have some pros and cons. However, the pros dominate the cons. So, we can infer that both the AI-based copywriting tools are worth using. Of course, the 30 days money-back guarantee option is in Article Forge for the initial days. Copymatic lacks this option.

Article Forge and Copymatic run on the GP3 principle. The multilingual format, foreign language assistance, multiple integrations, post scheduler module, bulk article creation, and affiliate programs pave the way for Article Forge. On the other hand, the grammatical accuracy, multiple tools. Text completion, page creation options, and user-friendly navigation are the advantages of Copymatic. You can also get the advantage of working in teams while in Copymatic. So, you can choose it if you emphasize working collectively on your blog content. 

Furthermore, there are options of scheduling posts and integrating the content writing dashboard with the WordPress website in Article Forge. However, Copymatic lacks this feature. In addition, Copymatic allows users to save their responses for future use. On the other hand, Article Forge does not provide this service.

Moreover, Copymatic offers readymade templates to the users for creating highly appealing articles, whereas Article Forge lacks this feature. So, both of the copywriting tools have perks and multiple benefits that help them differentiate.

Top FAQ on Article Forge Vs. Copymatic

How does Article Forge function?

Article Forge is a website content writer application that will create entire articles for you. You only need to enter a keyword, and you'll have freshly “baked” content in a matter of a few seconds. It utilizes complex algorithms to provide you with new articles within minutes.

How can Copymatic help me increase traffic?

Writing blog entries for content marketing might help you improve your organic reach. Copymatic allows you to create a limitless amount of high-quality content that ranks; combine this with appropriate keyword research, and you will quickly dominate your niche.

Why Should You Use Article Forge?

If you activate this option, Article Forge will automatically add relevant titles, videos, and images to every article it creates. It can also automatically add links. It is pretty simple to use the Article Forge article creator tool. Because it is web-based, there is no need to download or install anything.

Is there a free trial available for Copymatic?

Yes, Its free trial includes 10 credits that allow you to test all of its AI tools, including blog content, copywriting, digital ads, marketing tools, and more. With 10 credits, you can create around 1,000 words of blog content.

Can I use Article Forge for free?

Yes, Article Forge provides a 5-day free trial period for users to get the most out of the service. It even provides a 30-day money-back promise with no strings attached.

Can I use Copymatic to write long articles (1,000 words or more)?

Absolutely! One of its tools is a long-form article writer, which is meant to generate an endless amount of content for every article. It allows you to quickly generate a blog title, outline, introduction, long paragraphs, or complete your text.

Is article Forge worth it?

Yes. The program generates original, coherent writing based on your specifications. It takes some work on the part, but the WordAI integration and WordPress uploader help to speed up the process.

Conclusion: Article Forge Vs. Copymatic – Which AI copywriting tool is good for your business?

We can infer that Article Forge and Copymatic are cloud-based platforms specializing in AI-based copywriting. Of course, there are great differences in the features and functionalities of both tools. We can expect that both the AI-based copywriting tools will encounter significant developments and introduce new content writing capabilities.

Of course, the existing capabilities of both AI-based copywriting tools differ depending on their prices. Additionally, Copymatic has extensive features and functionalities than Article Forge. So, both the tools have some advantages that compel users to generate fresh yet SEO optimized content.

If you want multiple integrations and high customization, you can avail yourself of the Article Forge copywriting tool. However, you can avail of it when you do not have any budget constraints. You can also use the Copymatic copywriting tool to create video scripts, related copies, multiple email sub-copies, social media posts, and others. However, you need to be a pro user for using the functionalities and features. In the comment section below, let us know your viewpoints on Copymatic and Article Forge. We’d love to hear from you.

We will develop an interesting yet informative write-up to boost your acumen again. 

That’s all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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