Are you wondering what this new hype about App Store Optimization is? Why are marketers getting crazy about ASO tools? And, on top of it, are you looking for a complete ASOTools review but haven't found any worthwhile? Well, we have got you covered. Readout this review now!!

You launched your brand online? Great, congratulations!

You built a website and app for your brand and spent good dollars on both? Well, that's awesome too!

Now, the next thing you did was marketing, and first things first, you just found that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all that your website and app need?

Wait, what? Here's where you skipped the opportunity to rank your app at the top.

Didn't understand the theory here? Get it this way,

ASO, otherwise known as App Store Optimization, is quite similar to SEO, but over here, the focus is to help Apps rank higher on Google Play Store or any other app stores search lists. There are millions of apps readily available at any app store, but the crazy fact here is only a few get the desired attention from users. And with so many apps already struggling to rank better, it would be more difficult for a brand to get noticed who has just launched their app. However, we don't want you to fret even a bit, and to your surprise, the answer to your app ranking issues is ASOTools.

But since there are so many options available in the market, which App Store Optimization tool can you really trust? The answer to your question is – ASOTools, a premium and affordable app store optimization tool used by market leaders to optimize their app, the great way. Check out this ASOTools review, and don't miss out on reading till the end, because since the review is honest, we have highlighted a bit of con too!

ASOTools Review

ASOTools is a free app store optimization tool, helping individual developers, SMBs and also big enterprises with their huge databases. With its huge database, the tool helps businesses spy on their competitors, track keywords, and search for new app strategies, all with just a click. Moreover, with ASOTools, users can grab real-time data on reviews, downloads, revenues, and more instantly.

ASOTools has 50 million keywords data stored in its database and in-depth information of 6 million apps, both iOS and Google Play Store. The best part is the number of data points of the tool is over 1 billion in total. Coming to the app analysis part, ASOTools provides more than 10 dimensions of data to businesses to analyze the current status of their app, or even of the competitors' app. It even helps businesses ace their keyword game with its daily updated datasheet to rank higher, which means a good number of downloads.

The tool is highly intuitive to use; there are several filters and sorting options available for users to get precise and real-time data. With its amazing features like- keyword research, app research, app ranking by revenue, and app ranking by install, businesses can quickly ace their app game.

We mentioned earlier that ASOTools would help you rank higher and get more downloads, but we didn't mention how! So, let's dive deep into ASOTools features to understand what's so amazing about it:

ASOTools App Directory

The App Directory by ASOTools, helps users explore relevant and real-time data of any target app quickly and efficiently. The function is basically divided into two parts – Find target app, and get target app data. To get started, you can locate the App section at ASOTools dashboard, click on it, and there you will find multiple filters that will help you narrow down your research.

The best part about this feature by ASOTools is that it supports all application data from two popular stores – Google Play Store, Apple Store, and from across 46 regions. The tool gives data to users depending on two search logics – overall search and store simulated search. With Overall Search, users can explore their target application quickly. However, in the case of Store Simulated Search, users will get the ranking of each keyword, which will help them assist with further research.

Firstly, you will have to enter any keyword or app name, and the tool will display the store data in the search results. Additionally, you can even enter AppID directly in the search bar to get more accurate data of the App. Next, make sure to pick up any country out of 40 options available there, to get region-specific results.

ASOTools App directory thus gives users data of:

ASOTools Keyword Research

After the App directory, ASOTools have a dedicated section on the dashboard available for keyword research. With this feature, users can find high-ranking keywords and use them to optimize their own app to rank better.

Similar to the previous feature, this feature by ASOTools helps users see keywords from Bothell Google Play Store and Apple App Store from across 40 countries. Further, users can even filter to narrow down their research according to popularity (ranging from 0 ~ 100), keyword difficulty (ranging from 0 ~ 100), and a number of related apps. After applying all the required filters, the tool will show you two types of keywords- matched keywords, and suggested keywords. However, both the keywords listed are displayed with the below-given metrics:

  • On a scale of 0-100, ASOTools display the popularity of each keyword.
  • The specific keyword's search volume on both the play stores.
  • The difficulty level of keywords to rank in the top 5 organic search list (ranging from 0 ~ 100).
  • A number of related apps are available in the app store.
  • Several head apps (subset apps) are available with more than 1000 ratings in the app store.
  • The top three apps ranked on the play store for the same keyword.

To get more precise and Keyword-specific information, users can also manually search any keyword and get relevant data for the same.

App Downloads

There's a dedicated top charts section available at ASOTools dashboard, where you will find two more subsections – top revenue and pre-order ranking. In these sections, you will get detailed information about apps dominating other apps on the app stores.

The tool gives data on their different charts – ranking, rising, and release charts. Similar to other features, over here, too, users can filter out their search on the basis of specific location, app category, whether or not the app includes in-app purchases and time period.

With the help of download charts, users can basically get information about – the most successful app in the industry, the fastest-growing app, and the best performing rookie app. Further, it also provides users operations and marketing ideas to decide which sections to imitate to improve their own app.

With the help of the revenue chart, users can get a hold of the overall ranking of the app, the total revenue that the app has generated on any selected region and time mentioned, and the rank growth percentage. All in all, these charts will help you grab essential data of any specific app and explore what specifics are working the best for the app and what is not.

ASOTools App Subscription

If you wish to grab some core data about any specific app, this feature by ASOTools will help you with the same. The App subscription feature by ASOTools works on the tool's exclusive precise estimate model. Suppose you are interested in getting detailed information about just an app. In that case, you can subscribe to it, and the tool will give you historical data about the app through graphical representation.

ASOTools offers both free and paid plans to its users, all coming with a different range of features. Having said that, we do not find ASOTools pricing to be the costliest one as compared with its competitors. Let's explore what the tool has for you in detail, with each of its pricing plans:

ASOTools Pricing Plans

The subscription automatically renews at every billing date; however, you even have an opportunity to buy any of the plans on a yearly basis. The best part, if you choose to pay on a yearly basis, you will save up to 36% on every plan!

There's no refund policy by ASOTools. Hence you will have to do your ground research before investing in this SaaS product. To avoid refund-related circumstances, we have made sure to list all the relevant information in this review article. However, in most rare cases, ASOTools do accept refund orders. And the reason for the same should only be – errors occurred due to system bugs or a refund request applied within 24 hours of buying any of the plans.

To avoid renewal for the future months, users will have to cancel the subscription by visiting my profile section and then locating my plan option. Users can even cancel their subscriptions by contacting the online customer service team. With that being said, let's explore below how prompt ASOTools customer support service is!

ASOTools Customer Support Service

When it comes to customer support, ASOTools doesn't lack behind even a bit. They have a dedicated guide section available at the dashboard to help users understand what best they can do with the available features. Also, they have a dedicated Blog section for users that covers industry-related and software-related topics.

Even several FAQs and case studies are available for users to understand how exactly the tool works. Lastly, if any of these resources doesn't work well for you, you even have an opportunity to contact the customer support service executives directly. They have their official email id listed on the website, and the team usually reverts within 24 hours.

App Store Optimization is growing rapidly, and if you are extremely content by the services provided by ASOTools, then why join the bandwagon? Yes, you heard that right! ASOTools has come up with its affiliate program, offering affiliates multiple benefits to earn better, like:

ASOTools Affiliate Program
  • On every successful sale, affiliates will get at least 20% through their referral link.
  • No tiring selection process. You just have to click on the start earning now option to promote the tool's features right away.
  • Dedicated commission panel available for affiliates to know the current number of promotions and commissions.
  • Once the affiliates reach the minimum threshold of $50, they will receive a payout on a monthly basis via PayPal.

👉 Join ASOTools affiliate program and get a 20% LIFETIME commission by promoting ASOTools.

Since the only motive here is to bring out the best review of the tool to you, we have compared ASOTools with its alternatives to help you make better decisions.

Apptweak is highly similar to ASOTools specifically designed for app and game developers. The tool even has a good amount of keyword database, but when compared to ASOTools, the dashboard is not so intuitive. Moreover, the tool is quite expensive as well because the basic plan itself starts from $69.

Similar to ASOTools, App Radar also has a massive keyword database of up to 25 million keywords. It even offers real-time data to its users about any specific app and gives suggestions for improvements. The only difference between ASOTools and App Radar is the pricing plan itself. App Radar doesn't offer any free plans and is a bit expensive too.

AppFollow is yet another popular App Store Optimization tool focusing on increasing organic user acquisition. The tool is not similar to ASOTools because it offers a keyword translation service and claims to increase app impressions by 5%. The tool also has a free plan available for users to explore its features.

  • Highly efficient

The tool doesn't just work with big enterprises but even give equal opportunities to small and medium-sized business to grow their app ranking. It comes with highly affordable pricing, and what's better is that there are no lock-in contracts or confusing agreements involved at all. If you are facing any issues with their services, you can contact the team, and they will tweak your package accordingly.

  • Huge database

With over 1 billion data points, the tool amazingly covers apps and keywords of popular countries' Android and iOS platforms. Users can easily monitor and track keywords keep a hold on new trends that are auto-updated on a daily basis.

  • Accurate data estimates

ASOTools offers free app analysis to its users, which means you don't have to pay a single penny, yet get a good amount of information to build a full-proof strategy for your app. The tool has its own unique data prediction model that is highly accurate and gives the best possible estimates.

  • Competitive data analysis and tracking

Since the data provided by ASOTools are real-time and much more accurate, it always keeps users updated about the current happenings in the industry. Users can even check competitors' apps according to revenue, downloads, comments, and reviews, all by a single subscription. This competitive data works best to spot potential opportunities and increase download volume in a very short period of time.

  • Importance of App Store Optimization

Now that you have explored what ASOTools is all about and its amazing features, followed by a highly-affordable pricing structure, this is the time to make a decision for yourself, for your app. Thus, to help you with the same, here's a quick yet detailed benefit of App Store Optimization, and later, our conclusion on whether you should buy ASOTools or not?

Click here to create your free ASOTools account that enables you to test its features for free.

ASOTools Reviews Testimonial

✔What is ASOTools?

ASOTools is an amazing App Store Optimization tool, popular for its huge database and intuitive dashboard. The tool allows users to do competitive keyword research and get real-time information about competitors' apps to rank higher.

✔Can I use ASOTools for free?

Yes, ASOTools offers a free plan to its users. However, this plan comes with access to limited features only.

✔Do ASOTools really work?

Yes, the App Store Optimization tool really works, and many developers have used it already to increase the ranking of their apps.

✔What can I do to rank my app higher?

You can optimize your app with App store optimization tools like ASOTools and enjoy the benefits.

✔How big is ASOTools database?

The database of ASOTools allows users to access 50 Million Keywords and 6 Million Apps of Android and IOS. The data points of ASOTools are around 1 Billion as it fully covers apps and keywords of IOS and Android platforms of mainstream countries.

✔How frequently does ASOTools updates their data?

ASOTools updates their database regularly for popular apps which are in store ranking. At the same time, if you purchase their subscription plan, then you will get updated data daily.

✔What is the core function of ASOTools?

By using ASOTools, you can instantly view and analyze your own App's performance in real-time, which helps you learn how to improve your apps' performance and start growing your business. Accurate Downloads and Revenue Estimates are the core function of ASOTools.

✔Is there any active ASOTools coupon available?

Yes, use our exclusive ASOTools coupon code to get massive discounts on both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

✔How much discount will I get by using the ASOTools coupon code?

Bu using our exclusive ASOTools coupon code, the user will save up to 36% off on their major paid plans.

ASOTools Facebook Group

To come to a conclusion, ASOTools is undoubtedly the best app store optimization tool, Period. And we aren't just stating it because of the features alone, but the extra sales service the team offers throughout the optimization cycle. The tool is used by a whole host of big clients in the industry, and they ultimately have seen results in a bare minimum period.

ASOTools uses deep learning algorithms and a diverse range of data, hence providing their clients key metrics and insights that are highly accurate. You don't really have to be a tech-master to use this tool in the learning curve. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and is highly affordable – which we believe is a great thing for newbies and businesses who are just starting out!

So, are you ready to make your app stand out from 2.87 million others? Well, we know the answer, and ASOTools is all that we recommend.

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