No one can deny the importance of education in our lives.

Whether you wish to be an entrepreneur or take a side in the IT sector, knowledge is something that you have to have on your side.

Millennials like us have always relied on physical textbooks. Going to school regularly and opting for coaching classes are the first things we did as soon as we entered the higher education phase.

Knowledge has helped people like you and me grow and has made us the people we are right now: sound and educated.

But as soon as 2020 knocked in our lives, our definition of education changed.

People like us opting for PHDs and the Generation Z going for their high school education faced multiple issues as education centers and institutions were shut off due to Covid 19.

But every misfortunate incident comes with a convenient solution. That’s what we learned during these challenging times.

We found ourselves going for online education and took the support of screens to keep going in the battle. And many online teaching platforms have supported students to keep swimming in the knowledge of the ocean.

Physical textbooks are reasonable; we cannot deny their contribution to our learning phase.

But online learning process platforms like Bartleby and Chegg have made their way into our lives. Both of these platforms have equally contributed in their part and act as online textbooks. There are no chapters of your Geology classes that you won't find in them.

But the most significant confusion is Bartleby Vs. Chegg. Which one is the better option?

Both of them are very viable options when it comes to premium quality education. The material ranges from free to paid services, and the quality depends on what kind of content you are looking for.

Let us know more about these two online platforms and understand the better option for our needs.

Bartleby vs. Chegg

First, we need to get to know what these platforms are and how they work. And for that, we have to start with the basics.

What is Bartleby?

Bartleby is an online education platform that offers all types of services that a general textbook provides. Whether you are looking for information related to which subject, Bartleby has all the solutions.


With the help of this option, your learning process is improved. The knowledge provided by Bartleby is in-depth, and its step-by-step explanations help to understand the subject better.

Other than this, their expert opinions and solutions are available 24/7 for your support. You don't have to keep an eye on the watch if you are looking for the answer to any question.

One of the other advantages of this learning software is that the beginners get writing assistance. Yes, you heard it right. Bartleby is not just about textbooks and journals; it is a lot more than that!

You can take your own sweet time to learn about any subject. There is no limited-time bondage that you need to follow with Bartleby, and that is the beauty of this application that sets it among its competitors.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is also online learning software that helps students with every possible issue in their learning process.


Whether you are preparing for high school, college, internships, or jobs, you will find every possible solution on Chegg.

During your learning days, Chegg works as a mentor who holds your hand throughout the complications. It’s a God-sent gift for high school students.

Chegg can aid any students with possible solutions in the Q&A and tutorials. You even get video explanations of the questions.

The sole intention of this online textbook provider is to help students in every possible way during their learning days.

As we have understood both Bartleby's and Chegg's performances, there is one thing that we got to know so far.

If you are on a tight budget and do not want to feel overwhelmed, then Bartleby is the option you choose.

But if you want premium quality content and services, then Chegg is the option you must move to!


The interface of Bartleby is pretty straightforward. The users claim that this is one of the more accessible learning software that they have used in their lives.

The user panel is smooth to run, and there won't be any hurdles and obstacles in accessing the services.

Bartleby- Ease of Use

When you are a beginner, it takes time for you to adjust to any software's pace, especially learning software like Bartleby. But with this pick, there are no such issues to witness.

The ease of adaptability of Bartleby is what makes it's a hit among its competitors.

These are some favors that make Bartleby a winner among many. For long-term usage, people want something easy to sustain.

If there's anything they cannot sustain for long, they like to keep a distance from that.


Chegg is the leader of the online education market. If you want something tremendous both in Quality and affordability, one of the best options to go with is Chegg.

The user interface is simple to use with advanced features. Even though the complexities of learning software are hard to pass, Chegg makes the process much more straightforward.

chegg study

Not only is this software specific to use, but the combined features provide an integrated solution.

The online reviews of Chegg suppose to favor its outcomes. This is one of the best solutions for online tutoring, textbooks, and other study materials.

Chegg has managed to make its base among the competitors, and we can see why people prefer this option for premium quality online tutoring.

Bartleby Pricing

Bartleby makes sure that their pricing plans are affordable and even a student can handle the pricing they offer. That is why you get the study material ranging from $7.99 a month to $9.99 a month.

Bartleby pricing

Recently, for promotional purposes, Bartleby has offered its services only for $4.99. If we talk about beginner discount, you get up to 50% off on your first month's subscription!

The pricing plan depends on what kind of services you are opting for. If you go for an advanced plan, then a detailed explanation guide with proper Q and A are the bonus services you get.

Whatever the price that one has to pay to get Bartleby is justified given the improvement in their services.

Chegg Pricing

When it comes to their pricing plans, Chegg has something unique to offer. The basic that Chegg offers costs you around $14.95/month.

chegg Pricing

As you can see that Chegg's pricing plans are pricier than Bartleby's, the features are also slightly different. Some more exclusive study packs also cost up to 19.95/month.

You should not take a step back from Chegg just because of its pricing strategy. Because given the Quality of the services that they offer, the pricing plans are entirely justified.

The services that Chegg offers are more than what Bartleby's does!

You also get writing assistant with it, which can help to write in-depth research papers.

They even provide a “Chegg online graphing calculator” that makes the challenging mathematical process a little easier to deal with!

Other than this, on purchasing the premium plans of Chegg, you get to access a 4-week free trial of the software. You can use all the advanced features on websites as well as on mobile applications.

When it comes to writing assistance, both Bartleby and Chegg offer different kinds of services. This software can aid in writing both essays and research papers.

However, when we looked through the reviews of both of these software's, a few things came to our knowledge.


Bartleby is an application that offers users different topics to research and helps them with various solutions to go with the available content.

With Bartleby, you can even write from a simple essay to a detailed research paper. For in-depth studies, it also offers proper guidelines that one can follow during their writing assignments.

Bartleby Research Paper

You get the help of multiple sources. If you are searching for a particular topic, you can compile all the sources online on a single screen.

But could you trust the authenticity of Bartleby's sources? This question is tough to crack.

Even though you get the information you look out for, the compilation of multiple sources makes it a little difficult for us to trust the base.

Also, while writing anything, be it an essay or a research paper, the one thing that needs to be taken care of the most is plagiarism.

At the same time, Bartleby shows 0% plagiarism in its content, the other trusted plagiarism checkers like Quetext and other software showed 10%-60% plagiarism in the same range.

This issue raises a doubt about the authenticity of the content. Also, Bartleby is not that effective when it comes to detecting grammatical errors. It says that it offers an in-depth grammatical checker, but with personal experience, we cannot put a fact-checked sticker to their claim.

These issues lead us to trust other platforms that offer authenticity in their programs and algorithms.


If we talk about Chegg, it does not offer the same services related to citing a research paper, but it makes the citing process much more simplified. It also provides professional proofreading to your articles.

But that feature does not come in the in-built pricing package.

Chegg Review

There are additional services by Chegg named Chegg Umbrella that help you write a research paper. You can even paste the whole research paper into a checkbox, which will help with its rectification.

If we consider both of these applications for writing an authentic research paper, we cannot trust 100% on either of them. Even if you initiate your research citation, you will still need professional writing assistant platforms.

If you have to choose one of these platforms, the undeniable attribute that you cannot make a pass to is, what do these platforms say about themselves in terms of study material quality?

The term Quality is like a Black Hole. The more we learn about it, the more it needs us to know about it. An application could only be an all-rounder if it covers all the prospects.


While Bartleby is an easier choice, there are few deal-breakers that users cannot find their way out to. Specific reviews claim that sometimes, Bartleby becomes messy to use.

Some people also define the process as a little awkward. That is a loophole that makes the decision process of a subscription a little messy to deal with.

Users also claim about a repetitive issue of Bartleby that they face during the subscription process.

Sometimes, Bartleby charges extra fees even after the subscription has been canceled, or occasionally when no subscriptions have been made, no subscriptions at all.

And also, the citation sources of this platform are not 100% trustworthy. According to the Google norms, specific reviews claim that they did not find the research content plagiarism-free, which is a huge loophole.

No professor and even any coach would entertain that kind of skates. When it comes to content writing, plagiarism is also considered a crime!

These issues are too important to ignore, and some of these reasons drift away from the customers.

However, some reviews say that the resource books and textbooks of Bartleby are of premium quality. They were able to fund every possible information with the help of it.

Another excellent feature that Bartleby offers is its free trial period. Before gambling with their money, a user can get to know Bartleby with its free trial and decide whether or not the platform is apt for them.


As compared to Bartleby, the reviews of Chegg are relatively better.

Even though the pricing plans are a little out of the pocket, the authenticity and reliability of Chegg are what make it the market leader. Unlike Bartleby, you will not have to worry about the source's authenticity.

The only thing that the users swear with Chegg is their trustworthiness. Once a user faced an impromptu issue with the payment option, and they filed a complaint.

The customer care executives immediately responded to the problem, and the glitch was solved in a few hours. That means that the support system of Chegg is more considerate than Bartleby's.

Not just this, the posted questions on the platform are answered within a few minutes only! That is a critical factor that one needs to focus on while opting for a learning source.

No matter the time, if they have an issue, they need it to be immediately solved, and Chegg offers precisely that. If we have to choose between these two platforms and our priority is a reliable source, then Chegg is the first option we would go with.

Bartleby Modules

If a student wants an effective learning platform, then Bartleby is an exclusive option they can say yes to.

The most critical thing for a student is to have a reliable alternative to their needs. Bartleby ensures to have all the possible information one can look upon the internet.

Bartleby Modules

Bartleby modules are as follows:

  • Bartleby write-up: 

This feature is your partner in your wiring needs. Whether you are looking to write an introductory essay or a detailed research paper, you are set with Bartleby in all terms! It also offers a compilation of multiple sources to help you write down your research paper.'

you can use this virtual platform to write complicated research papers, and the plagiarism checker will ensure your content is authentic.

One can refer to the compilation of the various sources of the research paper that can help you in your writing process. Your grammatical errors also get checked constantly, so you do not have to waste a lot of time in the proofreading process.

  • Bartleby Learn: 

The next suitable name for Bartleby is a study guide. This platform has all the textbooks and possible information that we may need related to any subject. The experts are available 24/7 for your support to help you with any issues.

Also, there are tons of reading material, textbooks, and tutorials. Bartleby provides accurate information for all the questions and makes sure you get it on time.

  • Bartleby Research: 

You can use the Bartleby research module to get an idea of the research paper you are writing. It offers you enough guidelines that help you in the formation of a detailed research paper.

Chegg Modules

Chegg offers three different modules. And all these modules have a different pricing plan.

They are not related to each other. However, the premium plan covers all the modules in a single umbrella.

Chegg Modules
  • Chegg Math Solver: 

This is one of the unique offerings of Chegg. You get an expert math solver. We are sure that everybody comes across different issues when it comes to solving a mathematical problem. And sometimes, a person is even stuck down forever.

But with Chegg Math solver, not only do you get an answer to the solution, but also a step-by-step explanation to it! And if you must know, the best part is that it covers all mathematical topics, from calculus to geometry!

  • Chegg Textbooks:

This is where you get online textbooks of every possible subject in the world in one place! The best part is you get to rent the textbooks with this platform, which helps you save tons of money. If you compare the pricing plans of these rented textboo.

  • Chegg Play:

It works as an entertaining as well as an educational source for the students! They can come together on one platform and learn while playing. Without a doubt, this makes the learning process much more fun to deal with! Students can play these games and earn points.

And these points can be spent on different purchasing study materials. Without a doubt, the addition of these particular features makes the Chegg game a lot stronger than Bartleby!

✅What is Bartleby?

Bartleby is an online educational resource with 24/7 homework, Q&A, study, and writing assistance for students of all kinds.

✅What is Chegg?

Chegg is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California. It provides digital & physical textbook rentals.

✅Is Bartleby free?

Yes. Bartleby is offering a FREE Trial for the first month.

✅Does Bartleby cost money?

The first month was offered for free for each subscription and was billed $9.99 monthly until canceled. The complainant canceled the subscription to Bartleby Learn within the free trial period, and no further charges were incurred.

✅Can I trust Chegg?

Chegg has reasonable prices for renting or buying textbooks, & Chegg even adds extra goodies and coupons.

✅Is Chegg free?

You can get a four-week free trial of Chegg study material at no cost.

Now, the final question arises, which one of these learning platforms is the winner?

According to us, both Bartleby and Chegg serve their primary purposes.

While Bartleby is an effective option for people running on a tight budget, Chegg is more considerate of premium quality features.

We do not want students to compromise in their learning procedures; that is why Chegg is the winner in this challenging battle!

This platform has everything that makes it a winner, be it reliable reach sources or interactive features like Chegg play!

And do let us know what you think in the comments section below.🚀🚀

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