Hundreds of AI essay writing software are scattered over the web, and choosing the suitable one for yourself that stands right with your needs can be a bit confusing. In this article, we'll consider the 12 best AI essay writing tools to help you in upscaling your copywriting game.

In this blog, we'll be considering some of the important aspects of all these AI-powered essay writing software; the features, pricing plans, and many more. We'll also be looking forward to the credits and words/character limits that are offered by the below-mentioned AI essay writing software. These AI essay writing software includes Copymatic, Writesonic, Rytr, Closerscopy, and many more.

When it comes to Writing an Essay or poem, it is always a tough job start. We have featured the world's most advanced AI Essay outliners that can give a meaningful outline to your essays. This does not mean you can generate a complete Essay with the help of AI. You will need to give meaningful input to the AI so it can generate content for your essays.

Best AI Essay Writing Software 2024: Starts at $10 per month

If we consider all of these AI Writing tools and Essay writing software, they all focus on delivering the same purpose one way or the other. It is worth mentioning that all of them deliver great value in the long-form content generation. In contrast, some of them deliver excellence in generating digital ad copies or paragraph generation. Also, it is worth mentioning that not only does the below-mentioned AI essay writing software deliver quality content, but it also offers some excellent services in terms of reviewing your already written articles or blogs.

In the below sections, we’ll look forward to all the tools, features, and pricing plans offered by these top-tier AI copywriting tools in the market. But before we get over the below sections, here are some of the key aspects that you should be looking forward to, the use cases that are offered by the copywriting tool, the number of languages that it supports; whether your AI copywriting tool generates a plagiarism-free content and the cost of using it along with the word limit that it offers. Well, now that we have covered up all the common parameters to look after, and have got an overview of the following sections, let's take a look around these AI-powered essay writing tools.

Most of these AI copywriting tools come with a Free plan and also a free trial o premium plan. comes with a forever free plan that enables 5k characters monthly free for life. ClosersCopy comes with a lifetime plan that gives you unlimited access for life on one payment. While others come on monthly and yearly subscription models along with a free trial.

All these AI Essay Writing tools use GPT-3 technology from OpenAI and also have tons of tweaks and proprietary AI algorithms. All of these also comes with a free plagiarism checker, so you don't need to subscribe to any third-party plagiarism checker tool to check the originality of Ai-generated content,.

If you are confused about which to choose, Simply go with anyone from the top three listings, we have done in-depth research and invested many hours to find the best AI Essay Writers for you.

1. Writesonic

Writesonic review

The first one in our list is Writesonic; it can help you deliver more value in different aspects such as long-form content generation or creating content for social media posts while giving the best original content possible.

Writesonic is one of the top-tier AI content writing software that offers a wide range of features and use-cases along with the best value in terms of pricing. It is worth mentioning that Writesonic offered an unlimited plan earlier but does not offer any plan like this as of now. Since we are now all covered with the Writesonic overview, let's get along with the features followed up by the pricing plans.

Writesonic Features & Use Cases

  • AI Article & Blog Writer: Blog Ideas, Blog Intros, and Blog Outlines are some of the basic features that are offered under the blog writing section.
  • Product Descriptions: Features for Amazon Product Description, Amazon Product Features, Amazon Product Titles, and Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline can help eCom sellers/Amazon sellers while reducing the efforts in the above-mentioned parameters.
  • Paragraph writer (New Feature): One of the latest features which are offered by Writesonic, it enables you to get along with the use of content generation using artificial intelligence on a particular topic.
  • Digital Ad copies: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ad are some of the options that are offered under the digital ad copy section; these features can turn out to be an excellent thing for marketers and marketing agencies.
  • Youtube Video: YouTube Descriptions and YouTube Intros offered by Writesonic can work in several ways to make things better for people indulged in Youtube.
  • SEO Meta Tags: SEO meta tags, titles, and descriptions can be exceptionally good for digital marketers and bloggers who seek great value for ranking their blogs and content on Google.
  • Website Copies: As someone indulged in marketing or website creation, getting content can be really helpful as you don’t need a professional content writer to get things done the right way.
  • Paraphrasing and Sentence Expander: The feature of paraphrasing and sentence expansion can help make your content get along with different voices (active/passive).
  • Copywriting Framework: AIDA & PAS are some of the copywriting frameworks that are offered by Writesonic; working along these copywriting frameworks can help you in making things better in terms of audience targeting and better sales.

Some other key features offered by Writesonic are as follows:

Tweet generator (New Feature)Review Responder
Cold Emails V2Personal Bios
Email Subject LinesShort Press Releases
Article SummarizerQuora Answers

Now that we are all done with the features, let's take a look at the Writesonic Pricing plans.

Writesonic Pricing Plans | Writesonic Coupons 2024

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic offers three pricing plans if we consider the free trial, including the short-form and long-form. These plans are further subdivided under the category of economy, average, good and premium type of content generation. The pricing may vary depending upon the option that you choose. Basically, the price is different in short-form and long-form options. The short-form content creation starts for $10/month, whereas the long-form content generation option starts at the cost of around $13/month; the pricing varies depending upon the number of seats/users.

  • Short Form Content: The plan for short-form content starts at the cost of $10/month; the number of words and users can vary the cost of using a short-form content generator. For a single user, the short form content creation costs $10/month, and the output of the content may vary depending upon the quality you choose (economy, average, good, and premium).
  • Long-Form Content: The cost of using the long-form content starts at $13/month, along with similar options for the output quality (economy, average, good, and premium). The top-tier long-form content costs $666/month with an output of 2,000,000 words (for premium words).


Jasper Review

The second on our list is; it offers some excellent features and tools that can help you upscale your copywriting game; offers excellent features that are helpful in several things, including the premade templates, Boss mode, Jasper recipes, and much more. So far, the reviews have shown that offers excellent output in terms of quality. Features for Essay Writers offer different features, including the boss mode, jasper recipes, blog creation, and much more. Let's take a look at some of the key features that offers:

Jasper Recipe: The recipes offered by Jasper can be helpful in several ways. Jasper offers more than 50 templates that can be helpful for several operations and use cases; these basically include the SOPs/templates that can help you make things better for your use. You can also download the SOPs from the Jasper community made by different users; these recipes include:

  • Blog posts
  • Rewrite/Expand blog posts
  • The Idea Factory
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Review Blog Posts
  • Press Release and much more.

SurferSEO integration: Jasper also offers a SurferSEO integration which makes things better for you in terms of SEO. The SurferSEO integration can help you with some of the specific use cases/features, such as SEO meta titles and descriptions. In addition to all this, you can also use SurferSEO for other things, including Jasper for blog posts; as a result, it decreases your efforts and maximizes the chance of your blog being ranked on Google.

Boss Mode: The Jasper Boss Mode lets you get along with creating different types of content for blog posts, emails, social media posts, reports, and much more. The boss mode also enables you to get along with editing the same document using different features, it enables you to get along with the process of making different folders and organizing things better.

Now that we are all done with the Jasper features, it's time to look after the Jasper pricing plans.

Jasper Pricing Plans | Free 10K words with Jasper discount (Free Trial)

Jasper Pricing Plans
  • Starter Plan: The starter plan costs $29/month using 20,000 words/month. The starter plans give you access to different things such as 50+ AI templates, supporting 20+ languages, and up to 5 users. The starter plan starts from $29/month and goes up to $399/month with 320,000 words and up to 5 users. The starter plan can be considered a great option for short text generation.
  • Boss Mode Plan: The Boss mode costs around $59/month and offers 50,000 words/month. Boss mode gives you access to all the features offered in the Starter plan and additional features such as Google docs style editor, maximum content look back, priority support, and much more. You can also maximize the number of words in the boss mode plan to 700,000 words/month at an estimated cost of $600/month. The boss mode plan by Jasper is more suitable for generating long-form content.
  • Business Plan: If you are not happy with the features that are offered in the Starter or Boss plan, you can even ask for a customized plan in the business plan module. The business plan by Jasper is fully customizable depending upon the word count, features, number of team members, etc.

3. Rytr

Rytr Review

Another AI essay writing tool on our list is Rytr; you can make your way around using this AI-powered content generation tool for multiple things such as writing blog outlines, intros, social media post captions, and much more.

In addition to all this, what makes Rytr an excellent choice among other AI copywriting tools is its forever free plan; along with the Rytr free plan, the Rytr unlimited plan can be considered another perk that users get while choosing Rytr over other AI copywriting tools. It is worth mentioning that Rytr offers several use cases that can help you upscale your copywriting game; let's take a look at some of the key features and use cases that are offered by Rytr.

Rytr Features for Essay Writing:

Here are some of the Rytr features and use cases that are worth mentioning and can help you elevate your copywriting level:

  • Blog content generation using Rytr: The blog content generation by Rytr can help you make things all set for your blogs. Some of the use cases that are offered under the blog-related content include blog outline, blog intros, and even writing the blog sections in paragraphs.
  • Copywriting Framework: Another key feature that makes Rytr an excellent choice is its copywriting framework, as there aren't a lot of AI essay writing software that works on the copywriting framework. Rytr basically works on the AIDA and PAS copywriting framework; the AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, whereas PAS stands for Pain-Agitate-Solution; using these frameworks for your copywriting operations can help you better target over the audience.
  • Digital Ads: Rytr offers several digital ad options for generating digital ad copies; these include creating ad copies for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. So most of the task is completed for you when it comes to wasting your time and energy on stuff that can be done in a few minutes.
  • SEO meta title & Description: Rytr also offers this feature to generate SEO meta titles and descriptions for your content. This helps make content that has better chances of getting ranked on Google.
  • Expand & rephrasing: Another important feature worth mentioning here is the expand and rephrase option offered by Rytr. The rephrase option helps you change the content voice (active/passive), whereas the expand option helps add some extra meaningful words to the existing content.
  • Video Content: Rytr offers these excellent features/use cases for generating content for youtube videos. You can generate youtube video titles, and descriptions and even get some ideas for your youtube videos.

Other features by Rytr not to be missed

  1. Rytr also offers other additional features that can help you in your content creation journey; these additional features include creating:
  2. Sales Emails
  3. Append, Improve and Reword your existing content
  4. Product Descriptions (Paragraph & bullets)
  5. Job Description
  6. Profile Bio
  7. Landing Page and Website Copies
  8. Question and Answers
  9. Testimonial Reviews
  10. Rytr gives the user, access to 30+ use cases, 20+ tones and 30+ language options.
  11. Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Rytr Pricing Plans | 33% OFF Rytr Coupon Code 2024

Rytr Pricing Plans

Rytr offers 3 different pricing options for a user, including the forever free plan:

  • Rytr Forever Free Plan: Rytr offers 5000 characters/month while getting access to all the basic features free for a lifetime.
  • Rytr Saver Plan: The Rytr saver plan costs around $9/month with a limit of 50,000 characters per month. The Rytr saver plan also gives you access to the premium community and creates your own custom use case.
  • Rytr Unlimited Plan: The Rytr unlimited plan costs around $29/month, the Rytr unlimited plan gives you access to using unlimited characters per month along with all the features that were offered in other Rytr pricing plans.

4. ClosersCopy

Closerscopy Review

ClosersCopy is one of the other AI essay writing tools in our list that offers some excellent features for your copywriting. ClosersCopy is a bit different from other AI essay writing tools mentioned in our list as it offers some other features, including SEO Audits, SEO Planner, Workflows, and much more.

ClosersCopy Features for essay/Poem Writing

Here are some of the key features that are offered by ClosersCopy :

  • AI Content Writing: ClosersCopy offers the AI-powered copywriting feature that can help you generate long-form content, Framework, and much more.
  • SEO Audits: Another major tool that gives ClosersCopy a perk is its SEO Audit option; as a result, it can help you make things better for your SEO-related operations. Better ranking can help you make things better for your business in terms of reach.
  • Framework: Another major tool that is offered by ClosersCopy is its framework, as it helps in making things easily accessible and more time-efficient. ClosersCopy offers more than 700+ frameworks to work on.

ClosersCopy Pricing Plans | 15% OFF ClosersCopy Coupon

ClosersCopy Pricing plans

Here are the ClosersCopy pricing plans; ClosersCopy offers 3 different pricing plans for users, which includes:

  • Power Plan: The ClosersCopy Power plan costs around $49.99/month with 300 AI runs/month and 50 SEO audits/month. The ClosersCopy Power plan gives access to 2 members, including yourself.
  • Superpower Plan: The ClosersCopy Superpower plan costs around $79.99/month with Unlimited AI writing, Unlimited SEO audits, and Unlimited updates. The superpower plan gives access to 3 members, including yourself.
  • Superpower Squad Plan: The Superpower Squad plan costs around $99.99/month, with similar features being offered by the Superpower plan. The ClosersCopy squad plan is best suitable for teams, as it offers 5 members access to the user.

5. Review is an AI essay writing software that offers content generation using AI. offers a wide range of services and use cases for multiple industries; these use cases include content generation for social media marketers, blog writers, and email marketers. offers more than 90 tools and templates to help make your content generation efficient. Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the key features that are offered by

  • Blog Content: offers some excellent features for blog post generation in a few seconds.
  • Digital Ad copies: also generates digital ad copies, as this can help you create ad copies for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.
  • eCommerce copies: The eCom copies can help you get along with better content generation for your eCommerce operations; you can use this AI copywriting tool for creating product descriptions, etc.
  • Social Media and Website copies: As mentioned above, offers some excellent features for marketers and content generation for social media can help make things better engagement-wise.
  • Sales Copy: also offers a feature that can help you create engaging sales copies for lead generation and sales.. Pricing Plans | 3 months Free Coupon Pricing Plans offers two different pricing plans, including the free and pro plans. The price of using for the Pro plan varies depending upon the usage of the words.

  • Free Plan: The free plan is basically a free trial that is offered by, it includes a 7-day free trial of the pro plan, that enables you to generate up to 2000 words per month. In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that while getting along with the free plan, no credit cards are required.
  • Pro Plan: The pro plan offered by starts at the cost of $14/month with a limit of 15000 words, and this gets up to $209/month for 300,000 words of content generation using AI. The pro plan costs you $209/month and gives you access to 5 user seats.

6. Instoried

Instoried Review

Unlike other AI copywriting tools that were mentioned above. Instoried offers some different features that are more focused on the creative writing part; you can get along with some of the features that are not found in other AI copywriting software. Instoried AI content writing tool focuses on delivering analysis under different parameters.

Instoried Features for Essay writing

Instoried offers analysis under parameters like:

  • Tonal Analysis: An analysis based on tone can help deliver better content in terms of engagement.
  • Emotional Analysis: Instoried offers this feature for emotional analysis that can help improve things by building a better connection with the readers.
  • Plagiarism Check: The plagiarism checker is one of the other important features when it comes to searching for an AI-powered copywriting tool.
  • Panel Analysis: The panel analysis enables you to get along with getting your content reviewed and analyzed by experts in the Instoried panel (team).

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that Instoried also offers an easy-to-use user interface. One of the major advantages of a user-friendly interface is that it makes it much easier for people to use. Generally, people are more likely to use something if it is easy to use and intuitive.

Instoried Pricing | 7-Day Free Trial

Instoried Pricing Plans

Instoried offers 4 different pricing plans, and currently, all of them are available for a yearly fee. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Individual Plan: This plan costs around $49/year and is accessible for a single user.
  • Standard Plan: The Standard plan costs around $99/year and is accessible for 4 users.
  • Growth Plan: This plan costs around $149/year and gives access to 10 users, so it can be said that the growth plan by Instoried can be an excellent choice for small to medium-sized agencies.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $249/year and gives access to a base of 20 users. The plan is built with keeping enterprises or big marketing agencies.

7. Wordtune

Wordtune Review

Wordtune is another AI essay writing tool that focuses on delivering great value for Academic articles, Business reports, Magazine articles, and much more. So getting along with Wordtune read can be an excellent choice for essay writing using AI. In addition to all this, Wordtune is basically a Chrome extension that makes things easy to use on the go. Wordtune offers some excellent features in terms of rewriting and performing other tasks like shortening and expansion.

Wordtune Features for essay writing

Basically, Wordtune can be categorized into 2 categories; one is for the Wordtune read and the Wordtune editor. In general, Wordtune offers features like:

  • Rewriting the content: This option will allow you to rewrite the content, making it look different from the original copy.
  • Casual and Formal tone: Choosing the right tone for your content can help match your subject matter.
  • Shortening or Expanding: Wordtune also offers a feature to short and expand your content depending upon your needs.

Wordtune Pricing Plan | 60% OFF Wordtune Coupon

Wordtune Pricing Plans
  • Free Plan: The free plan by Wordtune does not give access to different features that it has to offer. The free plan only allows you to rewrite 10 sentences/day, whereas all the other features are not available in the free plan.
  • Premium Plan: The Wordtune Premium plan costs you around $9.99/month and gives you unlimited access to features like rewriting, choosing casual and formal tones for content along with shortening and expanding the content.
  • Premium Plan for Teams: You can get a customized plan for your team; all the features included in the Premium plan are offered in this plan, and a team billing option is available.

8. Writecream

Writecream Review

Another AI copywriting tool that offers some excellent features in terms of delivering value for different things such as ad copies, blog articles, sales, copywriting, etc. Writecream can be an excellent choice for you as someone indulged in marketing or content writing.

Writecream Features for AI Essay Writing

  • Blog Articles: This section includes offering some excellent features for blog outlines, intros, section expander, and blog conclusion.
  • Ad copies: You can also create digital ad copies for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.
  • Sales Copies: Having an AI copywriting tool for generating sales copies can help you on multiple levels.
  • Youtube Description & titles: Writecream also offers you some excellent features for generating descriptions and titles for Youtube.
  • eCommerce: The ecom section offers you different features for brand descriptions, product descriptions, and reviews.
  • Copywriting and much more (PAS, value proposition, Podcast scripts, etc.).

Writecream Pricing Plans | Free Forever Writecream Coupon

Writecream Pricing

Free Forever Plan: This plan gives you access to around 20 credits/month, which gives you access to generate around 40,000 characters.

  • Unlimited Plan: Writecream currently offers a limited-time deal for unlimited character uses. The plan costs you around $29/month. You can access unlimited long blog articles, short blog articles, etc.
  • Standard Plan: The standard plan costs around $49/month while giving you access to 200 credits (~400,000 characters).
  • Extended Plan: The extended plan costs you around $69/month and gives you access to 750 credits (~1,500,000 characters).

9. Article Forge

Article Forge Review

Another AI-powered copywriting tool in our list is Article Forge; it offers some different features, including content generation for marketing articles, entertainment articles, local articles, health articles, and finance articles. It almost takes 60 seconds to get content created. All you need to do is enter a few words and wait for 60 seconds, and your content is now done.

Article Forge Features: Get high quality content in a click

Article forge offers different features that can help in generating article content for:

  • Market Articles
  • Entertainment Articles
  • Local Articles
  • Health Articles
  • Finance Articles

You can also get access to some other tools as well which include:

  • AI Article Writer
  • Copyscape Content Passing
  • Automatic post to blogs
  • Bulk article generation
  • API Access

Article Forge Pricing Plans | Save 51% with ArticleForge Coupon

Articleforge Pricing Plans

Article Forge offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: The Basic plan costs around $13/month, which gives you access to 25,000 words per month of content creation.
  • Standard Plan: The standard plan costs around $27/month and gives you a limit of 250,000 words per month of content generation.
  • Unlimited Plan: The unlimited plan costs you around $57/month, which gives you access to unlimited words per month for content generation.

10. Review offers different use cases for Social media, Ad copies, Website copies, SEO, blog content, and e-commerce copies. Features on Ai Writing

  • Sentence rewriter
  • Grammar Checker
  • 50+ available tools
  • Optimized content creation for creating attention-seeking and engaging content. Pricing Plans | 4 Months free

Copymatic Pricing Plans
  • Copymatic Starter Pricing Plan: The starter plan costs around $19/month, with 1000 credits (~100,000 words).
  • Copymatic Pro Pricing Plan: The pro plan costs around $32/month, with unlimited credits.

11. EssayAiLab

EssayAILab Review

Another AI-powered copywriting on our list is EssayAiLab, which offers a number of features that can help you in upscaling your copywriting game for essay writing using AI.

EssayAiLab features:

  • Unlimited Search Database
  • Auto writing suggestions
  • Sensitive Plagiarism Checker
  • MLA & APA citations
  • Unlimited essay downloads
  • Top-notched grammar checker

EssayAiLab Pricing | Free Plan

No pricing plans were found related to the EssayAiLab; all you need to do is signup and get along with the writing part. They might add a pricing plan later, but no plans have been found.

 12. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI Review

The last Ai copywriting tool on our list is ShortlyAI; unlike other AI copywriting tools, ShortlyAI delivers its features that are more focused on content generation in long form.

ShortlyAI features:

  • Uses GPT-3 tech for creating AI-powered content.
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Continuous updates

ShortlyAI Pricing Plans | Get 2 Months Free

ShortlyAi Pricing Plan
  • ShortlyAI Annual Plan: The annual plan costs around $65/month as you get 2 months free on ShortlyAi.
  • ShortlyAI Monthly Plan: The monthly plan for ShortlyAi costs around $79/month.

Well, it is worth mentioning that there is a single plan that is offered by ShortlyAi, but it can be mentioned for the monthly and annual plans.

FAQs on AI Essay Writing

Is there an AI that can write essays?

Yes, there are several AI essay writing that is available in the market. Some of them include Writesonic, Jasper, Article Forge, and Writecream. You can also check other AI copywriting tools for short-form content such as Rytr, Closerscopy, etc.

What technology does AI essay writing software use?

Most of the AI essay writing software work on the artificial intelligence framework with the use of other secondary techs like GPT-3 or GPT-4. The GPT-3 and GPT-4 help in creating original content for your writing operations, hence giving you plagiarism-free content.

What type of articles can be created using AI article writing tools?

Having an AI article writing tool by your side can help you in generating academic articles, marketing articles, finance articles, entertainment articles, and many more.

Do Rytr offer a lifetime deal?

Rytr did offer a lifetime deal earlier from appsumo, but as of now, Rytr does not offer a lifetime deal, but you can get yourself an unlimited plan at the cost of $29/month + two months free on yearly billing.

Which AI copywriting tool can I use for writing paragraphs?

Writesonic has recently come up with this excellent feature named paragraph writer, which enables you to get along with generating a paragraph using AI on any of the topics entered by you. Using AI, you can also try some other tools like Rytr, Writecream, etc., for short-form content generation.

Can I get my articles reviewed using AI copywriting tools?

Yes, there are a number of AI-powered copywriting tools that offer analysis under different parameters like tonal analysis, emotional analysis, and more. Some tools also offer a panel analysis done by their own team.

Does Writesonic offer a lifetime deal?

As of now, Writesonic does not offer any lifetime deal; it did offer an unlimited plan earlier but has changed its subscription module based on the short-form and long-form content generation with the number of words that you use.

Can JasperAI write essays? is one of the most popular AI Writing tool that helps you write Essays, Blog posts, news, Intro and powerful sales copy. You can use Jasper (jarvis.Ai) for Essay Writing.

Conclusion: AI Essay Writing Software 2024

Well, the choice totally depends upon your needs and requirements. Searching for a suitable AI essay writing software can be difficult in itself. Few users might be more aligned towards the writing process, or some might look forward to creating content in the quality of academic papers. The above-mentioned are some of the 12 best AI essay copywriting software that delivers value to the users. Some above-mentioned AI copywriting tools deliver more value in terms of generating short-form content (Rytr), whereas some of them are more focused on long-form content generation (Writesonic).

It is always easier to use AI for writing essays. Gone are the days when you need to write long essays on notebooks or Grammarly using traditional way. Artificial intelligence has changed the whole game, from writing essay to Poetry or even lyrics, You can use the power of AI to get your work done in lesser time. AI Essay writing has been in high demand because of its powerful update. Almost all the above mentioned AI Copywriting tools enables Essay writing, We prefer Writesonic or Jasper because of its popularity, Feature pack editor, and weekly updates.

Hopefully, this article has helped clear some of the questions and queries you might have while searching for the best AI Essay writing software in 2024.

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