Want to upscale your Amazon FBA revenues? But stuck on how to make it happen? Well, there are hundreds and thousands of Amazon FBA courses available in the market but which one is yours truly made for each other type of Amazon FBA course? Fortunately, you don’t need to get stuck around this question as I have listed some of the Best Amazon FBA Courses that can help you upscale your Amazon FBA revenues.

Having an Amazon FBA Course by your side can help not only upscale your revenues but making you a Pro with great skills. In this article on Best Amazon FBA courses, we'll be looking forward to the important aspects that a beginner-level Amazon seller should look forward to, and to deliver real value to you, I have also mentioned some of the major drawbacks that one might have to deal with while choosing the appropriate one.

Best Amazon FBA Courses Online to make you a PRO Seller

Let's hop on to the list that we have compiled for you of the Best Amazon FBA Courses Online that can turn a beginner into a skilled sailor in the ocean of Amazon selling.

1. Freedom Ticket by Helium 10

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review

Freedom Ticket is one of the latest courses on the market. It is an eight-week course that covers selling in detail along with various current market scenarios. It provides written notes, videos, and other data to get a complete understanding of the concepts. The price of the course is $997 making it a great price for the value proposition.

Why Freedom Ticket is the #1 Amazon FBA Course?

The training is led by the creator of the course Kevin King who shares his in-depth knowledge and experience with students along with secrets and hacks that are a part of becoming a seller on Amazon. There are 66 modules in a course that are a complete guide to e-commerce. This course is a great guide and selling tool that is highly recommended for people new to the field. The price of the course is $997 but it drops down to zero if you buy a Helium10 Platinum, Diamond, or Elite plan.

The course gives you access to the best tools out there with subscriptions. Freedom Ticket is backed by the industry's most successful FBA tools brand. The best FBA tools are included in the subscription (based on the package) that will enable you to do everything from finding a product and validating it to launching, growing, and managing your store.

Pro tip: You get Freedom Ticket for free if you buy any Helium10 Plan.

Disadvantages of Freedom Ticket

Freedom ticket is not perfect. There are some disadvantages to the course like there is no elite community for you to grow your seller network, there is restricted access to tools based on your subscription, Helium 10 is hard to master initially and if you cancel your subscription, you lose the Freedom Ticket once you cancel the subscription.

2. Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course Reviews

Proven Amazon Course is another great tool for sellers that teaches selling to newcomers from scratch. This course provides material in the form of PDFs and videos and they also conduct seminars online for their users. They have an active Facebook group and other forums where sellers can interact and get help. This course is great for people looking to build an international business. It is another affordable course at $999.

Why you should choose Proven Amazon Course?

This course is pocket friendly at $999/lifetime and provides great value in terms of learning and support. The creators of the course solve queries on their platforms. Additionally, this course has been added to the curriculum of some of the top universities. Starting in 2009 the course has been upgraded with various additions and updates over time. Another great thing about the course is that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Disadvantages of Proven Amazon Course

The main drawback of this course is that it provides relatively shallow information about a wide range of concepts and there is no real order to the course, unlike the step-by-step guide provided by other courses. The course also lacks marketing training.

3. Marketplace Super Heroes 2.0

Marketplace Super Heroes Reviews

Marketplace Super Heroes 2.0 is a course that focuses on product sourcing. Started by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers, this course provides complete solutions. Product sourcing is considered the most essential step in starting any online business.

Marketplace Super Heroes provides a complete step-by-step guide on building an online business from scratch. The course provides various case studies and videos. The course starts at $997.

Why you should choose Marketplace Super Heroes 2.0?

This course is a complete guide to selling on Amazon with a focus on sourcing because sourcing the product is the most important aspect of an online business. The course provides you with premium tools at your disposal like 4S product finder which is considered to be the best in the biz. Along with that the course also gives you access to the MPSH Mastermind Facebook group which has over 5000 members.

Disadvantages of the Marketplace Super Heroes 2.0

Marketplace Superheroes 2.0 course is a great course but it has its quirks. Starting off, some videos in the course are not engaging. This is due to the lack of supporting images or diagrams to better facilitate learning. Another disadvantage is the access to the materials used in the course like lists and spreadsheets that are not available to download for learners.

4. Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Amazing Selling Machine is quite an expensive course with the price being almost double the average cost at $4997. However, it is worthy of its price tag because of the level of value it provides. This course is considered one of the best FBA courses out there. This course is especially for those who want to become the best and create their private label. The 8-week course is easy to digest with more than a hundred easy-to-digest in-depth videos that cover all the basics to grow your brand.

Why you should choose Amazing Selling Machine?

This is the most value-for-money course providing in-depth knowledge and solutions. The course provides solutions for everything you need and has by far the most in-depth knowledge compared to any other course. They have the most bonus content compared to any other course out there. They have great mentors and a very supportive community that will help you every step of the way and they have a private resource vault with private contacts, templates, and tools of the founders. Along with that, the course provides a money-back guarantee with a 30-day money-back policy.

Disadvantages of Amazing Selling Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine course has only two issues with it. The first and biggest is the price. The heavy price tag can be unappealing to many learners but it is fair for the value it provides. Another minor issue is that the founders of the course do not always teach the course.

5. The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula Review

This FBA course focuses on wholesale strategies for Amazon. The course is designed by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. The whole idea behind the course is to provide strategies for buying a product in bulk and then selling it individually for a higher price. This is a good strategy to start with but it is too easy for others to get into creating competition. The course starts at $2997.

Why you should choose The Wholesale Formula?

You should choose this course for its comprehensive training and the fact that this course is designed by successful Amazon sellers themselves. Along with that, this course has created several success stories. This is a great course for people who want to create a wholesale business.

Disadvantages of The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula is a good FBA course to learn about the reverse sourcing wholesale model. Having said that, there are some disadvantages of the course. The main disadvantage of this method is the amount of capital required to buy in bulk. Along with that, the course itself is not exactly cheap. These are some of the things to consider before buying the course.

6. Amazon FBA Zon Ninja

Amazon FBA Zon Ninja Review

The Amazon FBA Zon Ninja course is designed by Kevin David. He is a well-known person in the E-commerce industry. He has developed a great platform for users and has established himself as one of the best mentors to tutor Amazon Sellers. With a bunch of success stories, the course is proven to be reliable. The video content of the course material is brief and to the point. They also provide PDFs for learners who prefer to read. The course is a good low-price option at $1,997.

Why you should choose Amazon FBA Zon Ninja?

This course has a lot more to offer that an average course in this category. It not only helps you to build your business but also helps you to understand different aspects like Pay-per-click ads, Facebook ads and so much more. You can even join the Ninja group for additional tips and tricks.

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA Zon Ninja

The reputation of this course is not great because of its controversial founder Kevin David. Another issue is that the course is expensive compared to the other courses out there and does not provide anything exclusive that you can't find in cheaper courses or for free. There have also been reports of dissatisfaction among students.

7. Private Label Masters

Private Label Masters

Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders is one of the best online courses that teach you how to create an e-commerce business and an Amazon Business. This is a well-rounded course that covers aspects like how to find the best products, how to run ads, how to deal with suppliers, and increase traffic on your Amazon Store. This course comes with a hefty price tag however at $5000.

Why you should choose Private label Masters?

Private Label masters provide 8 modules in the course that covers aspects like product research, mindset, getting listed, finding suppliers, and more. This course is the perfect way to upskill yourself as an e-commerce seller. The course is taught by active sellers with an 8-figure income. The course provides live sessions by the course creator Tim Sanders once a week. The modules are easy to follow and yet cover in-depth high-level strategies for various products.

Disadvantages of Private Label Masters

There are some disadvantages of the Private Label Masters course like the high price of the course that can lead to people not choosing it. The course does not provide insight into the day-to-day functioning of the founder's team and how it is set up creating a gap in understanding for students on how to scale their business successfully. There is a premium price for staying in the community after six months.

8. Blue Sky Amazon Course

Blue Sky Amazon Course Review

Sophie Howard's Blue Sky Amazon course is for intermediate Amazon sellers that want to learn the principles of branding and marketing that can help sellers to make more money. The course has 14 modules focusing on hacks and tips to be a pro seller. This course is only 36 hours long and will help you optimize sales.

What makes this course stand out is the contrarian approach that gives the sellers an edge over the competition leaving them with a fighting chance. This course focuses on the high minimum order quantity of products, eliminating barriers and imitators. These strategies help to reduce competition and build a solid brand face that cannot be replicated. The price of this course is $3,495 which can be paid one time or in installments.

Why you should choose Blue Sky Amazon Course?

Sophie teaches marketing and branding principles that empower you to create a brand that people will care about. The best part is you get to learn from someone that has made it in that space. The course teaches you unique strategies and sources of products. These techniques will help you build and scale your business.

Disadvantages of Blue Sky Amazon Course

This course is not something that can be recommended to people just starting. The course does not provide a selling blueprint. The course lacks practical tips for actually selling products, rather it focuses a lot on branding, mindset, and so on. Another major disadvantage is the lack of support in the course.

9. Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout academy is designed by Greg Mercer the president of Jungle Scout. He was one of the top Amazon sellers of his time. The course offers a comprehensive guide on how to sell on Amazon. This course is especially great for newcomers as it has bite-sized tutorials that keep the learning impactful and engaging. The course is 6 weeks long and has a price range starting from $349-$999 per year.

Why you should choose Jungle Scout Academy?

This course offers in-depth research data allowing users to get the right listing information to boost sales. The modules are lean and fast-paced. All the modules come from Greg Mercer himself. They have the best supplier database and have bonus live training too.

Disadvantages of Jungle Scout Academy

The only disadvantages of this course are in comparison to Helium 10 courses, the course depth is shallow and the tools provided by the course are inferior in comparison to Helium 10. However, opinions might differ based on user experience.

10. Seller Systems

Seller Systems Review

Seller System is a course that primarily focuses on private labels, Amazon PPC management, and product launch. Developed by Amazon mastermind Brandon Young, the course is an Amazon Business masterclass with proven strategies in product discovery, wholesale marketing, and online arbitrage. The program is designed with instructors and students in mind. Users have to submit weekly assignments that are assessed by the experts. Along with this you also get access to their Facebook community to connect with hundreds of ambitious Amazon sellers to share your experience.

Why you should choose Seller Systems?

This course teaches techniques to find products with low competition and high-profit margins. The course teaches you SEO strategies to drive traffic to your page. It gives useful insight and strategies to create optimal product listings. The course has tutorials on how to launch a product and handle PPC campaigns, the course also teaches you about Amazon's algorithms for FBA businesses.

Disadvantages of Seller Systems

To start off, the Seller Systems FBA is quite costly. The course gives no guarantee that the methods in the course will help you in any way and the course is largely similar to other available FBA courses online.

11. Freedom Builder BootCamp

Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review

Freedom Builder Bootcamp is an Amazon FBA course by Greg Mercer. The course offers a three-step formula for building and scaling a physical product business on Amazon. This course from Jungle Scout will also teach you how to avoid mistakes made by other sellers and automate most of the processes of your business. This course starts $999 per year which is right on the value considering the amount of material and value you will gain from this course.

Why you should choose Freedom Builder Bootcamp?

The Freedom builder Bootcamp is a great course for all levels of sellers, especially for the ones starting out. The course provides knowledge on a wide basis of topics and the course gives a lot of material in the form of PDFs, Video Content, and live sessions too. All of these will help you to up your game as a seller.

Disadvantages of Freedom Builder Bootcamp

There are certain drawbacks of this course like, the live courses are monthly which is less when compared to some other courses available. The Jungle Scout extension is needed to understand and go through the course. This course does not offer installments in any payment plan.

12. Just One Dime

Just One Dime Review

Just One Dime is an Amazon FBA course by Seth Kneip. The course is based on Seth's personal journey as a seller and his research offers advice on how to streamline the selling process. It teaches smart business strategies, how to make a business model, how to pick the right products to sell, and gives tips for improving marketing techniques. The course is taught via training videos and slideshows.

Why you should choose Just One Dime?

Just one dime provides over 200 hours of online video lessons focused on improving operations. The course also provides expert opinions and well-researched ideas all tailored to your needs.

Disadvantages of Just One Dime

While the course provides specific features, most of its content is not unique. You can find this kind of content for free online and can use that money to get help from other experts.

Why do you need to join a course to sell online?

Before we begin it is important to understand why you need an FBA course or seller training to sell online. Many of you may have this question if all the resources and techniques are available online for free then why do I need to buy a course?

All the seller tools and techniques are indeed available online for you to study on your own but the fact remains that this data is not organized and apart from that, it will take a lot of time for someone new to figure out their needs as a seller and the tools that are required to use and more importantly the best ways to use those tools.

An Amazon FBA course is designed based on the prior experience of experienced sellers and their particular way of selling. Each course on this list is unique in its way as it has different pedagogy, concepts, tools, techniques, and skills for learners to learn and apply to their journey. Let's look at some of the best Amazon FBA courses out there to begin your journey in the world of e-commerce.

Top FAQs on Best Amazon FBA Courses Online 2024

What is an Amazon FBA course?

An Amazon FBA course helps you learn everything about the logistical aspects of online retail. There is a wide range of courses available that you can choose from.

What is FBA eligibility?

Amazon FBA eligibility is a 3 step process. If you can successfully create an account to sell on Amazon, and, adhere to the product restrictions and inventory requirements, you are eligible for FBA.

Is Amazon FBA easy?

This system is quite easy for you to get started. Amazon's robust FBA model supports and allows you to scale your business globally too.

How much does Amazon pay FBA?

The earnings of FBA sellers can range from $20,500-86,500 annually. The average annual earnings of FBA sellers can range from $31,500 to $47,500 with top earners making $57,500 annually.

Do I need money to start FBA?

Ideally, one should have at least $10,000 to boot for a stable business on Amazon FBA. But that is not completely necessary as many business owners have made successful businesses with less capital. As an Amazon FBA seller, you will need to invest a massive chunk of your capital in purchasing inventory.

Best Amazon FBA Courses Online | Conclusion

Choosing the right FBA course is an essential part of any seller's journey. There are many options available online that you can look at based on your budget, the content of the course, and their reviews. There are advantages and disadvantages to each course and so what becomes important is to choose the trade-off that gives you the most value.

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