Why are chatbots such a big opportunity, and why are they trending in recent times.

Well, you will find your answer in this post of best chatbots to increase conversions. Chatbots are contributing to the websites for bringing in more visitors. 

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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots is an AI software used for conversing with users for a common language. They are employed through messaging apps, websites, smartphones, and mobile apps.

They are also called “conversational agents” and available to visitors in two ways -standalone apps or web-based apps. The primary purpose of designing such tools is to check how humans will react as a conversational partner.

Chatbots are characteristically utilized in a dialog system for various reasons like information procurement and customer services. Some chatbots use high-level natural language dealing out procedures.

In contrast, others scan for keywords within the entered data, then pull a response with the most identical keywords, or the most alike wording outline, from an archive.

In 1994, the word “ChatterBot” was first invented by Michael Mauldin (inventor of the first Verbot, Julia) to explain these spoken programs.

Today, most chatbots are retrieved via simulated assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WeChat, or via specific establishments' applications and websites.

Chatbots can be categorized into management taxonomies such as colloquial commerce (e-commerce via chat), analytics, communiqué, customer support, designing, developer tools, education, entertaining, investment, food, games, health, HR, publicizing, broadcast, private, production, shopping, societal, sporting, tourism, and services. 

Why Chatbots?

Chatbots are progressively existing in industries and often used to computerize everyday jobs that do not need skill-based capabilities.

With customer service taking over through messaging apps and phone calls, there are developing numbers of instances where chatbot deployment gives organizations a clear revenue on investing. Call center workers may be most at risk from AI-driven chatbots.

A report by Forrester (June 2017) envisages that AI technologies will most probably compress 25% of the present works by 2019.

The reasons why organizations use chatbots are:

  • Information processing is quick and productive
  • Increases curiosity levels by enabling users to try something new
  • Helps in killing time as users find it entertaining
  • Improves overall social experience without being poked 
  • Enhances conversational skills

Overall, the chatbot system enhances the customer experience by restructuring exchanges between people and services. They increase customer involvement and expand operative competence by plummeting the price of customer service.

Their job is not only to expand email opt-ins by asking emails of the visitors but increase the conversion rate. The emails, in return, are further used for sending more details about the products and services.

Few limitations of Chatbots

The conception and execution of chatbots are still evolving, deeply associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, it has some crucial restrictions in terms of functionalities and usage.

  • The database for output creation is static and curbed, and chatbots might fail while dealing with an unsaved inquiry.
  • A chatbot's effectiveness vitally depends on language dealing out and a few irregularities, such as pronunciations and blunders that can create an imperative blockade for worldwide and multi-cultural organizations
  • Inability to deal with numerous interrogations at the same time
  • Not everyone is comfortable with chatbots

Therefore, chatbots are very helpful in increasing conversions, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Let’s get to know the seven best Chatbots to increase conversions.

✅7 Best Chatbots to Increase Conversions (Updated 2024)

Best Chatbots
Best ChatbotsOfficial Links
MobileMonkeyCheck It Out Now
ManyChatCheck It Out Now
SnatchBotCheck It Out Now
Zoho SalesIQCheck It Out Now
DialogFlow ChatbotsCheck It Out Now
ChatBotCheck It Out Now
ChatfuelCheck It Out Now


Larry Kim came up with this idea of MobileMonkey in 2017, looking at the need for a service that facilitates marketers to engross with customers via mobile messaging platforms.


Today, MM offers various platforms to get leads in the online market. These platforms include chatbot tools, Facebook ads, website chatbot, chatbot templates, messaging automation, and integrations. 

MobileMonkey proves to be the best channel for an active lead generation. It keeps the users involved and enables you to create 70% of open rates.

The CTA buttons let you generate conceivable leads. Its integration with Facebook ads helps you in creating ads most suitably. The Facebook Messenger marketing tool is quite powerful, with an open rate going to 80%. 

There is no marketing channel like messenger, which offers 154% increase engagement, 400% Quadruple, and 97% reduced Facebook ad CPA. It is indeed an excellent WordPress chatbot platform, according to entrepreneurs.

It has the most empowering chatbot tools starting at $9 p/m going to $99 p/m, depending on the features. The premier consulting for chat begins at $449 for 3 hours, going to $1399 for 12 hours.


ManyChat is another automation tool for Facebook Messenger and SMS to grow your business. With about 80% open rates and 25% CTR, FB Messenger blows away every other channel.

The interactive chatbots help in building relationships with customers via tailored content. It drives sales with simple customized experiences.
MC assists in building an engaging bot in minutes.

You have to choose the template determined on your business or create your bot in minutes with a meek drag-and-drop interface. It allows you to automatically welcome new users, send them relevant content, schedule messages, reply to precise keywords, and create an interactive and involving base for users.

ManyChat is the most used bot platform on Facebook and has over one million customers and 500 million subscribers. Many small businesses across 190 nations have chosen ManyChat. It is a free tool, but if you want to upgrade yourself to Pro version, it will cost you $10 p/m.

The free plan includes all the required features to empower your marketing with chatbots and increase the ROI.


SnatchBot is all about user-friendliness and no complexity in ad marketing. It lets you craft smart chatbots for multi-channel messaging on your innovative platform.


They offer full-bodied administrative features and enterprise-grade safety to abide by directing authorizations. It has made Artificial Intelligence more straightforward.

You can put together, connect, and publish intelligent bots to communicate with your users innately.

The Snatchbot Builder Platform enables you to advertise your chatbots directly to mobiles, web applications, and chat services such as Facebook Messenger, SnatchApp, Skype, and other widespread ways. (with Slack and Twilio incorporation).

The tool is free, but if you want premium features included in your chatbot, then upgrade to the Pro plan containing. The Pro plan will give you access to the chat without SnatchBot branding, unlimited messages, premium support, premium interactions, advanced plugins, and many more. The price for a Pro plan is $30 for 10000 words.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ gives stress-free live chat for customer support and business development. You get to link with real-time visitors and increase ROI on your marketing efforts.

Zoho SalesIQ

You can also track and engage visitors, drive involvement with Zoho CRM, get 24/7 support, real-time lead scoring, quick sales, and triable analytics.

Zoho allows you to integrate with a lot of CMS, email marketing, analytics, and other tools to close business deals quicker than ever. It offers live chat for ecommerce, customer service, startups, travel, real state, education, and restaurants.

With Zoho 15-day free trial on the premium plans, you can get hands-on all the features and decide for yourself. The free plan has all the basic features that are good to close the deals.

The other plans, like Basic, professional, and Enterprise, are priced at rupees 1020, 3180, 6960, respectively. All the premium plans have additional features like customized chatbots, unlimited storage, audio calls, astute reports, and chat translation support.

If you have constant complaints about the working, you will get a full refund as per the refund policies.

DialogFlow Chatbots

DF is a simple, intuitive, sensible, and natural language processing tool of modern marketing. With DialogFlow, you give your users brand-new ways to communicate with your product by structuring piquant voice and content-based conversational user interface, such as voice apps and chatbots, power-driven by AI.


You can link up with users on your website, mobile app, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and other well-known platforms and devices.

You can reach more audiences wherever you are irrespective of the platforms you use. DialogFlow helps you reach your users on-the-go, whether they are using a wearable, speakers, cars, or any other smart device.

It lets you connect around the world in 20 plus supported languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, and more. The ample of resources available will help you in knowing the right path to success.

As long as the pricing is concerned, you will get the necessary features for free. The other two plans, Essentials and, will offer premium features along with the basic ones. For 0 to 1 million queries, you will be charged $1 per 1000 queries and more the number of queries, less will be the amount charged.


ChatBot is yet another influential automated customer service chatbot. You can connect to all the familiar tools with just one-click integrations.


Its AI and machine learning technology lets you constantly upgrade your bot by assembling and analyzing past chat data and give you a 100% satisfaction rate. You can create the bots with even no knowledge of coding. The whole team will help you in the process.

ChatBot offers easy integration with Live chat, Messenger, Slack, and Chat Widget. A chatbot is a feature-rich mechanism that delivers intuitive bot stories, encouraging stories, visually rich messages, third party integrations, live testing, reports, robust API, and much more.

It is an affordable tool with an advanced framework and straightforward pricing. You can try it free of cost for 14 days and then buy the premium edition at $50.

The features included in the premium plan are 1000 conversations, unlimited bots, chat widget to insert bot on your site, and premium customer support. The free support is available through community groups, docs, expert’s assistance.


If you want to boost your sales, reduce cost, and automate support on Facebook, use Chatfuel. It is the world’s leading chatbot platform for FB Messesnger.


It started in 2015, and its client's extent from small and medium businesses to the world’s most identifiable brands. Some of their big customers include Adidas, TechCrunch, T–Mobile, LEGO, Golden State Warriors, and many others.

You can start with ChatFuel for free, including all the basic and result-oriented features. The premium plans are divided into two categories, namely Pro and Premium.

The Pro plan is priced at $15, and for the premium plan, you need to contact the ChatFuel team. 

The additional features you get in the subscriptions are no branding, precise targeting of FB ads, priority support, several teammates, account manager, synced cloning, etc. It also has a 30-day refund policy for Pro plan. 

🌟 Chatbots FAQ

✅ What is Chatbot?

It is a software application that is used to carry online chat conversations through text. One can use a chatbot on a website to direct contact with the user with a live human agent.

✅ What technology do Chatbots use?

Chatbots uses many technologies, including Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP). These technologies take brand communication to the new personalized level.

✅ How does a Chatbot respond?

Chatbot answer question in a very natural language and also respond like a real human. Depending on the predefined scripts and machine learning applications, it responds to the users.

✅ Do Chatbots increase sales?

Yes, if you smartly used Chatbot, then it will increase your sales by encouraging customers that they try different packages. Apart from lead generation, the Chatbot also plays a very vital role in customer support.

Conclusion: Top 7 Best Chatbots with AI Support | Should you go for it?

We have mentioned the seven best Chatbots for increasing conversions along with their smart features. You can choose any one of them according to the promotional purpose it is used for. 

Therefore, Chatbots offers the quickest and most efficient customer support allowing you to engross with the customers in a more personal way. These chatbots will give a different perspective to marketing shortly. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please revert in case of any queries.

Are you ready to welcome the new AI marketing trends with Chatbots?


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