Fad diets like keto are quite a lot in trend now. But as an affiliate, can you make enough money by advertising keto products? The answer is YES, and here are the top 7 keto affiliate programs that will help you earn better and quicker; read it now!

If you are a content marketer or have just stepped into the world of blogging or influencer marketing, you would know how hard it is to survive. It's not all green and good; the competition out there is massive. But did you know that heavy revenues are waiting for you? It's just about you making the bare minimum effort and exploring the right strategy. 

Suffice it to say, affiliate marketing is your search; just pick out the best niche, promote the best in-demand products on your blog or your social media channel, and you are all set to earn huge. However, Is niching down that easy? No, but to help you join the bandwagon quicker, here we are presenting you the most profitable niche – The Keto Industry

Read out this article ahead to explore why you must step into this industry and also some of the best keto affiliate programs of 2024.

Everything you Need to Know about the Keto Industry! 

The advent of covid-19, followed by more strict restrictions and work-from-home resolutions, made people think more about their health. Individuals are now more concerned about what they are consuming throughout the day and not forgetting what type of diet plan they need to follow, to stay healthier. That being said, the keto-based diet was one such diet that stayed in the talks for years. 

If you are unaware of what exactly it is, it's a high-fat, low-carb diet that induces ketosis in the human body. Ketosis burns fat in the body instead of carbs, hence helping an individual lose weight quickly. And since this diet proved much effective to many, the Ketogenic diet market is expected to grow at 5.5% CAGR and become a 16 billion-dollar industry by 2030.

Are Keto Affiliate Programs Profitable?

Now that you have explored what keto is all about and a few reasons why you must tap into it, let's find out whether keto programs are actually profitable or not. Many popular influencers and celebrities out there are vouching for keto dieting, be it Kim Kardashian or LeBron James

They are asking people to stick to this unique high-fat, ultra-low-carb diet. And people are getting influenced; they are looking out for the best ketogenic brands. Thus, as an affiliate, you have got the wholesome opportunity to promote the best keto brands to audiences out there, so why should you stop?

7 Best Keto Affiliate Programs to Make Huge Dollars!

To compile this list, we have analyzed hundreds of the most popular keto brands and whether their customers are really satisfied with their products. After all, at the end of the day, it's the product demand that will bring you a commission, and if customers already like the brand, there's a good chance you can convert more audience, so let's get started!

1. The Keto Box Affiliate Program

The Keto Box Affiliate Program

Subscription-based keto foods are quite an in-trend now, and The Keto Box is one such popular brand offering this service. With just one subscription, the brand gives customers atleast 10 keto go-to snacks a month, like bars, cookies, nuts, sweets, and meat items. Customers even get to taste baking ingredients like cookies and brownies; sounds amazing, right? 

Last but not least, The Keto Box even offers condiments and sauces like keto-friendly ketchups, BBQ sauces, drinks like flavored water and keto-friendly sodas. 

To add more to the list, The Keto Box also has come up with a 28-day keto meal plan so that individuals following a keto diet never run out of ideas. The monthly price of their standard subscription box is $40, and if the customer chooses to pay half-yearly, they can get it for as little as $36. 

As an affiliate, promoting The Keto Box products will undoubtedly bring you more commission because their packaging and even the products are of amazing quality. 

  • Commission rate: 15% 
  • Cookie duration: 1 day (only downside)

2. Perfect Keto Affiliate Program

Perfect Keto Affiliate Program

Perfect Keto is the second most popular keto affiliate program and is in the talks of the town because of its new product launch – keto cheesecake, and who won't love this? These cakes are rich, sweet, creamy, and, more importantly, low-carb, available in five wonderful flavors. 

Just as the name suggests, Perfect Keto believes in perfectionism, but they never compromise a bit on taste. And that's why their Keto collagen, Perfect Keto bars, Nola bars, Mallow munch, and Keto Mac and cheese are just so popular among customers. 

This specific keto brand will give you many products to promote, and after becoming an affiliate, you will get one email every week from the team on how best you can maximize your commissions quickly. 

  • Commission rate: 15% 
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

3. Keto Bars Affiliate Program

Keto Bars Affiliate Program

A brand with more than 3000 positive reviews and 5-star ratings – if you are thinking of becoming a keto affiliate, you must not miss out on Keto Bars. The team's mission is to help people get fit without compromising a bit on taste. One can even eat their bars as a meal replacement or snacks, whatever they like the most. 

Currently, Keto Bars are popular for their chocolate peanut butter bars, mint chocolate keto bars, and dark chocolate coconut almond keto bars. 

The best part about becoming a Keto Bars affiliate is they will give you quick access to an affiliate manager who will help you out with any concerns. In fact, they even offer affiliate creatives that one can use on their website and social media channels. The application approval process is done manually by the team and is based on the number of followers and traffic count. 

  • Commission rate: 20%
  • Cookie duration: Unknown

4. Green Chef Keto Affiliate Program

Green Chef Keto Affiliate Program

Green Chef is a popular, now rated as the #1 ketogenic meal delivery service that has served thousands of customers to date. The brand offers customers more than 30 meal plans to choose from – both keto and plant-powered plans. Whatever your lifestyle is, their flexible meal preferences will surely help any individual lose weight without doing much. 

The best part about promoting Green Chef Keto plans is their culinary team; every week comes up with atleast 10 new keto recipes, all of the different flavors. 

Joining the Green Chef Keto affiliate program is extremely easy too, and also they have fantastic conversion rates because their customers LOVE their products. And as a matter of fact, the team offers affiliates a wide choice of creative ads, logos, and banners so that anyone can promote their product quickly and easily. 

  • Commission rate: $15 a meal
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

5. Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Kiss My Keto is yet another popular keto affiliate program, best known for its highly affordable keto snacks and supplements. The founders came up with this brand because they were super sugar addicts, and they even found out that many people out there are already struggling with the same issue. Hence, for this reason, they came up with the same snacks but with no sugar, no processed carbs, or any other artificial nonsense. 

From yummy keto snacks, keto foods, and keto bread to keto supplements, Kiss My Keto literally has so much more to offer to your audience. More importantly, if your audience falls under the 20-35 age group, they will undoubtedly love these products. 

Some of the best-selling Kiss My Keto products are keto gummies, keto cookies, keto dark chocolate, and keto granola. Becoming a Kiss My Keto affiliate or ambassador (as they say) is easy, too; you just have to reach out to the manager via email with all the required documents, like your follower number and traffic, and they will personally approve your application. 

  • Commission rate: 20% (plus personal bonuses)
  • Cookie duration: 365 days

6. KetoLogic Affiliate Program

KetoLogic Affiliate Program

KetoLogic is a popular Ketogenic brand that has been providing customers with the best keto products in the form of bundles. The brand was launched with the aim of delivering every individual the right products and the right resources so that they can lose weight naturally. From meal replacement drinks, fat reduction supplements, and snacks to keto coaching, you name it, and KetoLogic has got you covered with everything. 

Moreover, all KetoLogic customers get access to free workout sessions and recipes – a specific benefit point that can attract your audience more. 

The brand has recently come up with the Take the Keto 30 challenge, which helps individuals lose weight and feel good in just 30 days. Hence, since the brand is now focusing on delivering the best service, even its affiliate program is administered by its in-house professional team. 

The average order value of KetoLogic is $98. Thus you can earn a good commission as well. And to the last, KetoLogic even offers affiliates premium access to their new launches so that they can promote them early. 

  • Commission rate: 20% 
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

7. Keto Mojo Affiliate Program

Keto Mojo Affiliate Program

Started by a husband and wife with an aim to make the Ketogenic lifestyle enjoyable, approachable, and accessible to everyone, Keto Mojo is a popular Ketogenic brand. The brand was launched back in 2017 when the team first offered the most affordable blood ketone and glucose testing meter, that too with a lifetime guarantee. 

And in 2020, the team came up with the Glucose Ketone Index calculator. Some other best products KetoMojo is popular for are alcohol prep pads, advanced lancing design, keto for beginners (digital e-book), and GK+ COMBO Glucose & Ketone Control Solutions. 

The Keto Mojo affiliate program allows affiliates to earn atleast 10% commission on their meter kits. And if you are a social media influencer with more than 5000 followers, you can earn more than 15% as well. 

The team manually approves all the applications, and just after approval, the affiliate gets access to a portal with the required tools and some exclusive resources to help you promote Keto Mojo products quickly. They will even give affiliates eye-catching banners, which they can use on their social media, website, and blogs

  • Commission rate: 10% 
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

Liked any Keto Affiliate Programs? Here's How You can Make More Money!

With so many excellent options around, and also because of the growing popularity of ketogenic diet plans, you won't face much hard time monetizing your blog or website. Once you have picked a program or two from the above list, you just have to build a strategy for your blog. Make sure to check the conversion rates of each program; if the rate is higher, you definitely have to stick to it. 

And, if you have already picked up a program, and within 30 days you are unable to get any sales, make sure to contact the affiliate manager – since they will help you out with better graphics and ad ideas. 

To get more profits quickly, make sure to search for a low-competition keyword in the keto niche so that you'll rank better/higher. Pick up a domain name that is all about dieting, and if it's related to keto, then you will make great sales. Next, keep on writing about keto, share a few listicles and informative blog posts, and over time, you'll undoubtedly start making money with these keto affiliate programs.

Want to Explore More Keto Affiliate Programs?

Here's how you can find them easily! 

We do know that seven is a small number, and with such few options, you won't be able to find the best keto affiliate program for yourself. Hence, to cut your doubts off, know that Keto is an amazing niche, and finding affiliate programs is literally not DIFFICULT. In fact, here are some more options for you to get started with: 

  • Custom Keto Diet Affiliate Program – up to 60% commission and 60 days cookie duration
  • Real Ketones Affiliate Program – up to 25% commission and 60 days cookie duration
  • Keto Krate Affiliate Program – up to 5% to 15% commission, and 30 days cookie duration
  • Koncious Keto Affiliate Program – up to 5% commission and 30 days cookie duration
  • Magic Spoon Affiliate Program – up to 20% commission rate and 7 days cookie duration.

Top FAQs on Keto Affiliate Programs

What are keto affiliate programs?

Keto affiliate programs are usually launched by keto brand owners selling diet plans, supplements, specialty foods, and more. Affiliates over here will either have to promote any digital or physical product of the brand to help their audience stick to their diet goals.

How to promote Keto affiliate programs?

To promote Keto affiliate programs, you must have a website that is all about wellness and lifestyle; you can even run a social media account that's all about dieting and nutrition planning.

Which is the best Keto affiliate program?

The best Keto affiliate programs offering the highest commission as of today's date are Keto Bars, The Keto Box, Green Chef Keto, Ketologic, and Perfect Keto.

How much money can I make with Keto?

You can make atleast $100 a day with the best Keto affiliate programs mentioned in this list.

Final Verdict: 7 Best Keto Affiliate Programs – Why & How to Choose One? 

Some affiliate niches are so underrated, but when tapped into it at the right time, many can make hundreds and thousands of dollars quickly, and one such niche is Keto. Finding the right ketogenic affiliate program is difficult, but didn't we do the groundwork for you? Yes, we did!

The above-mentioned keto affiliate programs will give you multiple products to promote, from food delivery services to metabolism trackers. Now, it's your time to pick up a program or two that best suits your websites or blogs. 

Not every program will work best for you; for example, if you want to introduce the keto diet to your readers, the ketologic affiliate program will work in your favor. And if you have already introduced Keto to your audience and want to help them with keto meal delivery services, Green Chef Keto will work best for you. 

Also, there are several other keto affiliate programs to work with, but since you are starting out afresh, why not stick to the legit and older ones? And if you have started out already, stay tuned to AFFTweaks to explore more such hidden yet profitable affiliate programs!

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