Are you an affiliate marketer looking to increase your sales? Then you probably need a sales page. In this article, we've picked the 8 best landing page builders that have been successfully used by other affiliate marketers.

A landing page will make your business successful in 2024! If you don't already have one, you should set one up. Landing pages can be crucial to convert visitors into leads and help your company grow. Everything that you need to know and the best landing page builder for you is just a scroll away. To help you make the right choice, we compiled the list of 8 top-rated landing page builder tools below:

Our Top 3 Highly Recommended Landing Page Builders

Best Landing Page Builders for Affiliate Marketing
Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages simplifies the creation of high-quality landing pages for online marketers within minutes – all thanks to their AMP-ready templates. The great thing about the platform is the level of optimization, which guarantees high conversion rates.

Swipe Pages Features

  • With 25+ different items to choose from – such as tailor-made modules, image carousels, and multi-step forms – you'll be sure to find the perfect element for your website. Drag and drop editing will make it even easier to add these features when you need them.
  • Features like copy/paste, multi-select and edit, undo and redo capabilities, keyboard shortcuts, and countdown timers are designed to make the process easier for you.
  • You can get landing page templates that are guaranteed to load quickly, easy A/B testing of different customer targets, and full access to a powerful form builder and dynamic text replacement to help individualize each customer's experience by easily replacing text-based on queries.
  • They offer a free SSL certificate as well as CDN and Amazon AWS/Digital Ocean servers to ensure your site is always available.
  • 40+ Google AMP-ready mobile landing page templates to meet any industry needs, 80+ blocks for customization and 1000+ font variations to support PX, EM and REM values.
  • Add pricing tables to your online store for different plans and needs.
  • Responsive breakpoints allow you to easily customize your landing page for different screen devices. The feature has the ability to change layouts and duplicate pages as well.


One of Brizy's most unique aspects is the ability to customize different page elements: change fonts, adjust margins, and more. Unlike other page builders, Brizy lets you edit all the content inline and is compatible with all kinds of themes, which lets you use it on any WordPress site.

Brizy Key Features

  • With a clutter-free UI, you'll never encounter any unnecessary elements. The plug-in just does what it promises and provides a hassle-free experience.
  • You get 150 pre-made blocks you can use or mix-and-match, including multipurpose templates and layouts. If the entire site's color palette or typography is set up once, it can be edited to fit unique blocks of content.
  • The mobile view in the plug-in offers a clear depiction of how a webpage may look when viewed on the phone.
  • You'll find a wide variety of theme blocks, plug-ins, and modules to help you style your pages.
  • All data is stored in an online platform, so you'll be able to access it anytime and anywhere you like.
  • When editing pre-built pages, you are free to customize the page to your specific needs without following any predefined structure.
  • Four thousand icons are included and can be either Outline or Glyph variants.


Elementor is a web page-building plug-in for WordPress. It works on any theme and lets users build landing pages in a drag and drop manner. You don't require coding skills to use the visual editor. Elementor allows you to create unlimited landing pages, from short ones to long and professional-looking advertorials. The design process is quick and easy.

Elementor Key Features

  • Elementor is a platform that offers pixel-perfect design and creates 100% clean code.
  • Create beautiful, professional forms that you can embed on your website to create more traffic, leads & conversions.
  • Thousands of developers have contributed to Elementor by building themes, add-ons, and various products.
  • Elementor is a WordPress Page Builder that can be used by affiliates, design, marketing and web development teams to quickly and efficiently create custom websites.


With Leadpages, you get the best landing page builder available that allows for fast publishing of pages, confident lead generation and consistent customer acquisition. With Leadpages, you can create landing pages, websites & other marketing materials that are optimized to help close sales, generate leads and grow your business. With no coding skills required!

Leadpages Key Features

  • Leadpages predicts your page's performance before you publish it and tells you what to tweak. With Leadpages, there's no guesswork involved.
  • You can now create as many landing pages as you want, without any limits! Imagine what you could do with all the extra space.
  • Quickly and easily craft professional-looking landing pages without the need to hire outside help.
  • With more than 200 professionally designed templates in their gallery, you can create a high-quality website without the stress of design.
  • Add an interactive timer, video player, schedule widget, and more within the Drag & Drop Editor.


There are a lot of advanced features in Unbounce, which saves you time and simplifies the design process. With their streamlined interface, you can upload content easily with no coding required.

Unbounce Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Instantly create a custom landing page with a vast selection of templates. Create beautiful pages from scratch or use a template to build one in minutes
  • Clone and Edit: Duplicate a successful landing page and tweak the content to fit a new campaign. This will save your time since you can focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Full Control: Brand your business by customizing every detail to the pixel and without limitations.
  • You can automatically show your best offers by scheduling them to run on a regular basis.
  • Want to know which ad offers people respond to best? An A/B test will let you know.
  • You can see just how your landing pages perform and your A/B tests by looking at data from Unbounce's dashboard.
  • Smart Traffic™ helps businesses boost conversion rates by 20% on average by using AI technology that sends traffic to relevant landing pages that match a visitor's needs.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is designed to load faster on mobile devices. It takes the average web page only 1 second to load on a mobile device and helps visitors stay on your site, increasing engagement with your content!


Landerbolt is a popular and high-quality landing page builder that comes with a WordPress-style interface. It also has a powerful drag-and-drop editor that can help you build amazing multi-step sales funnels.

Landerbolt Key Features

  • Landerbolt's dynamic testing module can help you create and test different versions of a page with different percentages of visitors. This way, you can identify the version that is most effective for converting more visitors into leads.
  • If you're not a front-end coder, you're going to love the drag-and-drop editor of Landerbolt, which is easy to use and effective.
  • Landerbolt's import tool makes it easy to import pages from all over the internet or to merge old websites with your new ones.
  • Landerbolt acts as a landing page creator for all your sites. Their servers were designed to be highly responsive, quick, and efficient, which enables customers to make the decision easily.
  • With Landerbolt, you don't need another server to store files and images. It comes with an FTP file management solution that will allow you to upload content and manage the files on your website or landing pages.


Convertri enables you to build funnels that increase the chances of converting visitors into leads, then leads into paying customers and ultimately, paying customers into repeat customers. Convertri was founded in 2016 – which makes them one of the newest companies in its field.

Convertri Key Features

  • Convertri has its own CDN. It contains data servers and proxy centers that provide geographical coverage.
  • Your landing pages created on it are ring-fenced, meaning the company can't mess with them. If they go down, your page will stay up.
  • Convertri's landing pages are blisteringly fast. The company claims that its app is the world's fastest funnel builder.
  • The tool is designed to include all the features you would expect. There are images, videos, and forms in addition to text and CTA buttons.
  • The company also offers templates for any kind of sales funnel or web page you want.
  • The Convertri checkout system has a built-in shopping cart, so you don't need to add another cart plug-in just for e-commerce.
  • Convertri lets you bring over your work done elsewhere in case you can't recreate it. This might help you work much more efficiently in the long run.
  • Convertri comes with a built-in A/B testing functionality that empowers you to improve your pages.
  • Convertri offers a sub-accounts feature that allows you to create multiple sub-accounts for each client.

With Purelander, you can get high converting landing pages for a fraction of the cost. They're designed to look great not just on mobile devices but also for desktop users. Purelander has a lot of landing pages and contacts forms that offer a variety of different features. This ensures that you'll find a type that's right for you.

Purelander Key Features

  • With Purelander, you can create any kind of promotions and landing pages you want. Its code is completely editable, and cleaning up your landing page has never been easier.
  • Importing landing pages is easy. Any website format can be imported into Purelander and edited with an easy-to-use interface.
  • There are a number of great affiliate programs to choose from, and running your campaigns is an easy task with them.
  • You can disable the back button on your landing page. So, most visitors will move forward with the purchase and not look for other websites.
  • Purelander offers you landing pages for mobile as well as desktops.
  • The tracking features on Plainlander are perfect for marketers looking to improve their campaigns.
  • Purelander is a user-friendly product with a variety of technical support channels. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact one of them.

Listed below are the different factors you should consider before choosing the best affiliate landing page builder for affiliate marketing.

Domain Name: Whatsoever website builder you choose, it's vital that you can import your own domain without their name being in there. When we come to a website, we want to know that the builder has gone the extra mile and put in personalized touches.

Price: If you are just getting started, building your website is something you may need to do in stages. Factor in what you'll need to budget for in the beginning so that nothing will stop your site from making any ad revenue or support itself with its own profit.

Support: Make sure you choose a site builder that offers different options for contacting their support team, which should include email, phone and live chat. You will also need in-depth documentation, an FAQ page and a blog to refer to in case of any issues. YouTube video tutorials can be helpful as well.

Ease of Use: As a marketer with tight deadlines, you don't want to spend hours programming or running your affiliate site. You must make sure the platform you choose is intuitive and user-friendly with a streamlined UI. The simpler the editor, the better.

Ecommerce Functionality: Affiliate marketing is one way of making money from your website. You can also use it to earn money by selling services and products. However, if the affiliate website builder doesn't have built-in ecommerce functionality or the ability to integrate with third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy, then it becomes a challenge.

Marketing and SEO Tools: A good site builder should come with plenty of marketing and SEO tools, such as something that builds backlinks, enables white labeling, and has integrations for social media. This will get you started on growth right away and ensure you can access potential customers quicker.

Hosting Services: When choosing a website builder, be sure to find out if there are options for web hosting and how much space is supported by the host.

Web Design Options: You want customizable themes & templates that are easy to use on all devices. You need a large set of customization options so that you can optimize the appearance of your website for your audience.

Scalability: Think about your website's scalability. If you plan on growing your site, there needs to be a clear path for making this transition as seamless as possible. Consider your website's needs for the future.

🙄What is a landing page?

A landing page is nothing but a simple web page that is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. A landing page boosts your conversion rate by 80% faster and is easy to use, even if you don't have design experience. Create your own professional-looking landing page with any of the above-mentioned landing page builders.

🔎Why should I use landing pages?

It's quite difficult to convert visitors into leads. Conversion rates are the metric used to measure how well your marketing campaigns are doing. Landing pages are used to capture leads and generate sales from your marketing campaigns, thus increasing conversion rates.

💻How can I create a professional-looking landing page?

Landing pages are crucial to increasing conversion, but many people struggle to create them on their own. Building a stunning landing page can feel like a long and tedious task, especially when you're just trying to get your first few visitors on board. Following are the key points that you should take into consideration while creating a landing page for your ad campaign.
1. Make sure your message matches your ad goal.
2. Use directional cues on your landing page.
3. Clearly show your products and services.
4. Do not use navigation, more links.
5. Use social proof and testimonials on the landing page.

❓What Is A/B testing?

In A/B testing, we run two variants of landing pages simultaneously to check which landing page is performing better. With A/B testing, you are confident that your new page idea won't crash. With just a little effort, you can test every idea you have for your landing page.

🤔What are the types of landing pages?

There are a total of 5 different types of landing pages that one can create.
1. Squeeze landing page
2. Long-form landing page
3. Click-through landing page
4. Product details landing page
5. Video landing page

🏅What is the key difference between a website and a landing page?

A website is designed to get visitors who are interested in your business type. It has various accessible internal pages. On the other hand, landing is used for marketing and advertising purposes and is designed to get more conversions.

🚀Which landing page builder is the best?

If you are looking to drive more affiliate marketing sales, then check the above-mentioned list of best landing page builders that you can go for.

Now that we have reached the conclusion of our top 8 landing page builders. I hope it helped you on your way to finding a new landing page builder for your affiliate business. It's time to plan & set up a landing page for your next promotional campaign!

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