Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social channels in the world. With over 450 million monthly active users, it's no wonder why so many businesses are eager to get their feet wet with Pinterest marketing. And with the help of these 3 Best Pinterest Ad Spy Tools, you will ace this marketing game.

Are you a small business owner or marketing specialist just getting started with social media? No matter where you stand on the spectrum, the unique interface of Pinterest is worth your attention.

Pinterest continues to grow at a fast pace as more and more people begin using it as an excellent resource for inspiration. Be it for decorating their rooms, cooking, makeup, and everything you can think of. The network is driving heavy traffic, and thus, businesses of all sizes are flocking to it because they see its potential as a traffic driver.

If you have been thinking of joining the craze and marketing your business on Pinterest, then ad campaigns are always a go-to option. But where will you go for your product inspiration and ad analysis? This blog post shows you our top 3 Pinterest Ad Spy Tools to level up your game.

The 3 Best Pinterest Ad Spy Tools are:

1. Minea

Minea Review

Finding the most profitable products to promote on your social media platforms is now a cakewalk, thanks to Minea. It earns its position as the best Pinterest ad spy tool out there because of its sophisticated competitive analysis. You can track and discover the best ads across some of the major advertising channels. Get to know about all the trending campaigns and hot-selling products in your niche, allowing you to seize all the golden opportunities.

Create your own strategy by being aware of the online advertising trends and launch the best products. Analyzing the most successful creatives by top marketers and deriving inspiration from them will help you increase sales. Minea enables you to boost your eCommerce business without any restrictions. It becomes your one-stop-shop to find top-ranking campaigns and products, and increases your productivity.

You might know how much time you waste while scrolling pages and pages just to locate a decent product with high search volume and low traffic. And Minea lets you do exactly that with two clicks. You can support your decision with the tool's essential metric and critical statistics. The web app has global coverage and supports various platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Shopify, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

Features Offered by Minea

  • An advanced ad search tool that lets you explore winning products on advertising channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Shopify, Snapchat and TikTok.
  • Minea becomes the largest source of ads as it analyzes thousands of ads regularly and gets placements from numerous influencers.
  • Minea removes boundaries and lets you expand your perspective by analyzing ads and products from all across the world.
  • With the various filtration options, you can easily pick the ads and products that suit your business.
  • The tool is developed to help enhance productivity, therefore, is fast and intuitive.
  • You can also search AliExpress, access lists, select by AI, and enable dark mode.
  • Though Minea is available for 0€, you get more amazing features at very compelling prices.

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Lite Offer

The best part about Minea is that it offers wide-range functionality and lets you get started free of cost. There will be no commitment, and you don't have to put in your credit card information. The pack includes 250 research credits, Facebooks ads, influencer placements, details of ads and placements, advanced filters and chrome extension. You will also be able to access Snapchat ads once the feature has been launched.

Minea Starter Offer

This pack includes all the features of the Lite Offer. But with Starter, you get 10000 search credits. If you opt for the monthly pack, you will be charged 49€/month, but the yearly subscription will cost you 34.50 €/month. (No Pinterest Ads)

Minea Premium Offer

The Premium pack comes with all the features of the Lite Offer, but additionally, you get 100000 search credits. The deal does not end here, you will also be able to access TikTok ads and Pinterest ads along with Shop analysis. And all this is available for 99€/month whereas the yearly subscription will cost you only 69.33 €/month

Apart from that, make sure to keep your Minea subscription private, as the officials say they might suspend the account if it is connected to various devices. The Pinterest Ad Spy version is only available in the Premium Offer.

2. BigSpy

BigSpy Reviews

Another important spy tool that has made it to the top of our list is BigSpy. BigSpy helps users get inspiration from some hot-selling ad campaigns and make the most profitable decisions. The best part about this “based advertisement spy tool” is that it offers insights from 9 major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, AdMob, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, and Unity. To provide you with the best, the tool provides you with 10+ advanced filters.

Track and discover new ideas each day. The multi-platform ad spy tool has a massive database of over 1 billion ads. You will get to scrutinize and filter your searches based on ad types, formats, industry types, CTA, locations, and more. You can also find profitable ideas by analyzing the daily trending ads picked out by its AI. Real-Time data helps you look out for featured ads and gives you time to match the trends.

Compared to the Facebook Ad library, BigSpy has a more extensive database, providing powerful search filters and many effective features. As for its future plans, the official site says they are planning to build the “largest ads database, advertiser database, and ads-related business database over global platforms and local platforms.” Actively search for your competitor's Pinterest ads, closely analyze their creatives, know your target audience and beat the competition with greater ease.

Features Offered by BigSpy

  • BigSpy is a multi-platform ad spy tool that includes ads from 9 major social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, AdMob, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, and Unity.
  • A huge profitable database of over a billion ads.
  • The web allows you to narrow your search results based on 10+ high-profile filters.
  • Track daily trending ads, influential marketers and top brands to always stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Get advanced features such as payable ads, ad ideas, new trending and top charts.
  • The pricing plans are quite affordable as well as reasonable.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy Basic Plan

The Basic Pack offers one seat and is available for $9 on a monthly subscription. You can switch 3 industries a month and can only access 2 platforms: Facebook and Instagram. With limited equipment access, you will daily get to run 20 queries, track 25 ads and get 25 downloads.

BigSpy Pro Plan

One of the most popular packs is the Pro Pack. You can try the pack for 3 days just by paying $1. It is also available as monthly Pro ($99/mo), half-yearly or 6-month Pro ($79/mo) and lastly, Annual Pro ($69/mo). The pack includes 3 per month industry switch, online support, unlimited search filtering, unlimited queries, 250 daily ad tracks, and 250 daily downloads. You also get limited featured ads, ad ideas and equipment. You can ad spy on major social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo.

BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan

Then there is the ultimate pack with the most advanced features that the web app has to offer. At $3600+, BigSpy lets you discover ads across all 9 platforms. You even get unlimited access to queries, search filtering, ad tracks, downloads, featured ads, ad ideas, data usage, equipment, and much more. Enjoy some of BigSpy's other premium benefits, such as payable ad analysis, top charts, latest trending, online support, multi-accounts seats and their special team support.

3. PowerAdSpy


Third, on our list, we have PowerAdSpy, one of the best AI-powered ad intelligence platforms that helps you discover the most profitable ads. Develop your ad strategies considering the top competitors' ad data analysis. Get to see the top-performing ads and do your research on all major social media platforms. PowerAdSpy has the world's largest ad database, which is powered by its “advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.”

Make the most of PowerAdSpy by discovering ads based on your industry type, analyzing them and making amendments to your strategies. The tool offers some of the best features that any other spy tool is capable of offering. Enhanced searches, broken down ad components, advanced filters, robust data reports, customizable dashboards, and it also offers dynamic device compatibility. The customer response the tool has received is quite optimistic and provides evidence of its efficiency.

PowerAdSpy free extension is another factor that makes it better than its competitors. It offers a robust Facebook ads spy extension that helps users get a complete overview of the targeted ads. The tool has 110+ million ads listed, serves 100+ countries, and adds more than 100k ads daily. No matter the scale of your business, it has a global coverage of advertisers that helps you break all your boundaries. Track the marketing funnel, drive leads, discover trends, get comprehensive stats and do a lot more with Poweradspy.

Features Offered by PowerAdSpy:

  • It helps you run ad analysis on 9 major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Google Ads, Native, Quora, Reddit and Pinterest.
  • Filter ads based on your needs with some advanced filters.
  • To get complete ad analysis, you can directly jump to the post from the platform and access its real-time audience engagement. 
  • It adds thousands of ads each day to its database from 100+ countries so that you can access the latest ads data.
  • Choose the best by sorting things based on keywords, advertisers, and competitors' domains.
  • You can bookmark the ad campaigns that you find attractive and profitable.
  • The powerful search algorithm helps you locate your desired campaigns using appropriate keywords.
  • Get engagement-oriented reports, find both images and video-based ads, and do a lot more with PowerAdSpy.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans

Poweradspy pricing Plans

PowerAdSpy Free Trial

You get a free trial including all the advanced features of PowerAdSpy that is available for 100 searches/ 1000 ads for 10 days. It covers all 9 networks and includes keyword search, sorting, data interval search, bookmark, advertiser and domain search, advanced filters, ad insights, crucial data, etc.

PowerAdSpy Premium Plan

This plan works with four networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube) at $104.30 per month. Search the trending ads based on keywords, data intervals, advertisers and domains. Get all the advanced filters, call-to-action features, bookmark ads, ad insights and much more. Marketing platform, E-commerce platform and funnel are also included.

PowerAdSpy Palladium Plan

This tool's most popular and functional plan is available for $244.30 per month. It includes all the features of the Premium Plan. Users will be able to filter searches based on country, ad type, ad placement, gender-wise, audience age, and device type.

PowerAdSpy also offers other pricing plans such as Basic ($34.30/month), Standard ($69.30/month), Platinum ($174.30/month) and Titanium ($209.30/month).

Top FAQs on Best Pinterest Ad Spy Tools 2022

Should you invest in Pinterest ads?

Yes, Pinterest is a major social network with a unique visual interface. Creative ads in your section will get strong impressions and will eventually get you high returns.

How does Pinterest marketing work?

You can simply sign up and get started with Pinterest marketing. Upload your content, engage with the audience, educate your customers, inspire them, run ads and promote products.

Is Pinterest a good platform for affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is quite profitable. You can create pins and add the affiliate link, which will help you earn your profits.

Is dropshipping possible on Pinterest?

Yes, you can advertise and promote your dropshipping stores on Pinterest. With the help of paid Pinterest ads and promoted pins, you can increase your exposure to yield maximum output.

Conclusion: Get the Best Pinterest Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Did you know Pinterest is ranked among one of the largest social networks in the world? It might not be as big as Facebook or Instagram, but it's still an essential platform for businesses to connect with their target audience and grow their brand awareness. The unique visual nature of Pinterest makes it one of the best social media sites for e-commerce and brands that sell products.

You can run ads and promote profitable products. Make your research easy and fun with the help of the best ad spy tools. This will not only save you time but also give you a competitive edge.

Minea, BigSpy and PowerAdSpy are some of the best ad intelligence tools. They are versatile, influential, and highly functional. They offer free trials, and the pricing plans are also quite affordable. Choose the one that meets your requirements and grow your business profoundly. 

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