Are you looking for Residential proxies for your Marketing needs? Your search ends here! This article will talk about the Best Residential IPs for AD verification to overcome all the hurdles you face while accessing most of the major websites.

What makes everything so efficient today? One can say that the rise of the digital era has affected our lives both negatively and positively. But the fair usage of technology can also make us better than ever!

That is where information technology comes into play! Using Residential IPs hides your IP address and shows you as a regular user by bypassing it.

What is a residential IP address?

Best residential IPs

We can talk about residential proxy, but one needs to understand what residential IP address is? Internet service providers, i.e., ISP, provide specific addresses to the homeowners. That address is called an IP address.

In simple words, every Residential computer holds its IP address, which involves certain information about the homeowners and their specific locations.

These IP addresses are entirely legit, tagged to a legit location. Another added advantage of IP address is that they cannot be banned quickly due to the absence of data centers. They are instrumental as proxies.

What is AD fraud? How it commits?

Ad fraud is a digital crime performed by hackers in which every click redirects to an unwanted website. If a person clicks on a specific AD to go to the desired page, this malware will automatically redirect the user to another website.

In this way, the hackers generate revenue in terms of false ADs, pages, and redirections.

The botnet is one of the most popular forms of advertising scams. A group of hackers works on a malicious computer that is full of malware. By interfering with the browsers, this malicious software generates, which real people do not visit.

With fake Traffic, ADs generate automatically, resulting in a big chunk of income for the hackers.

One can avoid these frauds. There are particular Residential IPs for proper verification of the ads. By using them, the Homeowners can avoid getting caught by hacker's nets.

Let us all have a look at the Best Residential IPs for Ad verification!


Luminati was the first company to identify this issue. They went on board and provided the first Residential proxy server for millions of households.

Its easy hands-on services made work easy for many. Luminati offers excellent potential for expansion, and their web automation applications make every piece a feather.

Luminati is useful for the following roles:

  • Business development
  • Product management
  • Marketing management
  • Security management
  • Information technology

Other than this, there are certain proxy types that Luminati offers. Let us have a look at the proxy types provided by them:

  • Data Centre Proxies
  • Static Residential Proxies
  • Rotation Residential Proxies
  • Mobile Residential Proxies

Luminati is useful for millions of cases! To name a few, we have listed our own few instances in which Luminati comes in handy:

  • AD verification: DSPs, SSPs, AD servers, and affiliate marketers understand that verifying their ads and supplementary is most important. Luminati helps to ensure online campaigns in terms of verified affiliate links and programs.
  • Web Data Extraction: It collects the most accurate data for any marketing research, detailed study, or case studies.
  • Price Comparison: Helps compare prices with competitive marketers and retailers for significant production growth.
  • E-Commerce: To avoid wrong information while accessing other competitive websites, Luminati helps with great Residential Ips to stay anonymous and collect whatever amount of data you need to manage to always stay ahead in the game.

What makes Luminati stand out among others?

One might be baffled by the relatively high price of the Luminati proxies that whether it is worth going for or not. But we can assure you that with the given services of Luminati software, every doubt will get clear along its way.

If we talk about technicality, Luminati is entirely reliable. There are thousands of free and paid users in Luminati. It consists of Millions of IP addresses and multiple super proxies. People faced some technical issues regarding security and reliability, but Luminati solved them within a specific period.

Some errors are due to the network architecture of Luminati, but all of them are preventable in the development phase.

If we talk about the customer service of Luminati, then there are some issues like finding no proper solutions and unanswerable questions of the people. That is also improving day-to-day.

The Network platform of Luminati is commendable! The efficiency, the security, and reliability make us go with Luminati without a second thought.

Start performing data mining for customer information and competitive using intellectual intelligence using Luminati. One thing assures you, you will never get blocked.

Check out the Luminati Pricing Plan

Luminati pricing plan


Smartproxy is a rotating residential proxy network. It uses a pool of 40 million proxies! That is not all; Smartproxy also shares Datacenter proxies for correct efficiency.

The main Limelight about is their affordable prices. Their data security and reliability are what make people access the software for the best residential IP networks.

They also offer rotating residential networks to the households. With this, the chances of risk eliminate, giving data pack security to the networks. It also eliminates the maintenance of the agents and provides better internet protection to the customers. is mostly for the users whose need is to make a social media account, review ads, search for a casual outfit on the internet, research the online market, and many more!

Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Binge watching on Netflix!; will provide not-so-easy-to-block proxy IPs to you!

When should one use SmartProxy?

Best residential IPs

If you are an ad specialist and publishing an ad, then you can use SmartProxy to make your ad look however you want! You can stop thinking about malware or improper advertising.

If you are into E-commerce, then using SmartProxy will help you compare your competitor's campaign, resulting in a profit.

Although there are some pros and cons associated with, let us have a look into it:

Check out the SmartProxy Pricing Plan

smartproxy pricing plan


The pricing plans and cases of Infatica state that it is more suitable for the companies than the individuals!

Infatica strictly discourages the use of proxies for illegal activities. They offer various services like price aggregation, brand protection, tracking up-time.

Features of Infatica

While the offerings of Infatica are not so different from the other proxy servers, some benefits are hard to resist!

Check out the Benefits:

  • Infatica boasts of a rotating proxy server residential pool with over 10 million proxies.
  • Support all of the popular protocols, including SOCKS5.
  • The proxy pool also includes Mobile IPs.

Like this, there are certain limitations related to Infatica, which are also hard to ignore.

Limitations include:

  • It doesn't give an option to geo-target a particular city.
  • It doesn't offer the possibility to specify a custom rotation time.
  • It has an unintuitive dashboard, which lacks easy customization.

Check out the pricing plans of Infatica

Infatica pricing plan


Although some proxy services can reach the grey area, OxyLabs works legitly only in the white zone. They also offer an insurance policy to endear themselves in White-collar businesses.

OxyLabs is a Lithuania-based proxy provider working in multiple services like marketing research, Intellectual property, Business Intelligence, and, finally, ad verification.

Features of OxyLabs:

Best residential IPs

OxyLabs offers a wide variety of proxies for all sorts of use. It consists of over 2 million data center IPs exclusively for individual usage.

It also offers non-rotational residential proxies, which come straight from the ISPs. Both data-center and residential IPs are included, which provides good speed and resilience to the user.

OxyLabs also has a web scraping tool called Real-Time crawler. It is built to extract web data from search engines and e-commerce service providers. It also works around Captcha.

In OxyLabs, you can also use the dashboard to add your IP address to the White List.

There are some benefits and limitations of OxyLabs. Let us have a look at them.

Some of the OxyLabs Benefits include-

  • It has a large number of proxies and support for SOCKS5.
  • Provides an ample amount of documentation, introductory videos and has very dedicated managers.
  • You can also manage the proxy through a public API, but that is only available for residential users.

OxyLabs limitations include:

  • It is an expensive service to start with.
  • The dashboard has limited use.
  • The SOCKS5 support is limited.
  • There are no separate mobile proxies available.

Check out the pricing plans of OxyLabs

Oxylabs pricing plan


Above, we talked thoroughly about the Best Residential IPs for Ad verification. While summing up, we can say that among all, Luminati Proxy Service stands out.

In terms of security, speed, and features, Luminati has always kept their flow going on. They always keep their servers running, and there is no problem while using them.

Best residential IPs

Most importantly, the company's anonymous proxies are highly reliable, and the VPNs are much secured, which makes Luminati stand out among all the competitors.

Our recommendation will be to go with Luminati if you are looking for an efficient residential IP service provider.

We hope this review about best residential IPs for ad verification clears all your doubts and helps you choose the most matching proxy service according to your convenience. Feel free to comment down below for any suggestions or questions.

Happy proxying!

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