Are you wondering about the best ways to boost the sales of a business?

Moreover, if you have worked in the marketing field, you would be familiar with how important the leads are and how difficult it is to convert the leads to customers. There are several marketing tools in online marketing, but sales funnel is the best because it gives you comprehensive information about a business's sales.

There are several Sales Funnel in the digital world, and to know which one is the best for your web business, this guide will help you. Here, you will get to know about the βœ…Best Sales Funnel Software that you need to boost your business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Best Sales Funnel Software

To understand sales funnel comprehensively, let's see an example. Let us suppose you have posted an ad of “A Guide to rank high in Google SERP” on social media such as Facebook.

After clicking on it, the user will reach the landing page and will take action to download the guide by providing the email address. This was the first action taken by the user, and you got the user's email address.

Now using the same, you can send the detailed guide to the user via email. Once the user sign-in and purchase the comprehensive guide, your lead will be converted to a potential customer.

In short, sales funnel offers you the entire way to trace the user's action and at which point the lead is converting or dropping. After knowing these points, you can build a good strategy to reduce the conversion drop rate.

When is a Good Time to Choose Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is software that gives you the tracking features of your business. Using the same, you can trace the point where the users are leaving your website or not getting converted. If you are an entrepreneur, then it is ideal to use this software to enhance your business.

However, if you are a beginner in the online marketing field, you should learn about marketing tools and features. Moreover, the proper knowledge of the exact tool is also essential and if you are stuck at a point to judge the best one, then go with Sales funnel.

Sales funnel is good for mere novice and entrepreneurs, so anyone can use this software to boost a business's sales.

How to Find the Best Sales Funnel Tools?

To get the answer to the above question, you should know about the sales funnel features. After knowing the same, you can match your requirement, and then you can get the sales funnel appropriate for your web business.

πŸ… Compatibility with Other Marketing Tools

It is quite essential to check the compatibility of sales funnel with other marketing tools to use multiple tools, including the sales funnel at one place, to convert more leads to the customers.

You can readily understand the compatibility feature via an example. Let us suppose you are running an online business and using the CRM system. Now, if you want to use sales funnels, then your first task is to find out whether sales funnel is compatible with CRM or not. There are several sales funnel that come without CRM and support the same.

πŸ’» Personalization & Creation of a Landing Page

The landing page is a very important aspect of web business, and it should be well personalized. However, if you are not a web developer or don't want to spend huge money creating a landing page, then sales funnel is a good option.

Sales funnel helps you to design a personalized landing page where you can add product details, promotional videos, and many more. Moreover, it is not mandatory to have the technical knowledge to access the sales funnel features to build a landing page.

⏳ Create Deadline Zone for Offers

Promotion of a product via deadline form is an ultimate way to enhance the business. In simple terms, you need to create a page where you can feature the product deadline, and once that date is over, then the offer should be closed.

The above phenomena directly trigger the user's mind to take action before the deadline, or if they missed the deadline, they would contact you via email. In both the scenario, you will get the business, the former will be a potential customer, and the latter will be your lead.

In sales funnel, you will get the deadline feature and using the same. You can create an awesome page. No doubt, the conversion rate will be higher due to this action.

πŸ“§ Sales Funnel Comprises Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tool is quite an important tool for web business. In sales funnel, you will get an auto-responder feature and the follow-up of the users. Using email marketing tools, you can increase your leads and enable them to get the conversion.

Moreover, if you are using sales funnel, you don't have to use an additional CRM tool. The reason is sales funnel is embedded with CRM and additional marketing tools that will increase your business sales.

πŸ“² Mobile Supportive

In business, traveling is very frequent, so that you will like such ready-to-go software. Sales funnel is the one you can use anywhere, and even you can create a landing page on mobile. You can access the ample features of sales funnel on your mobile.

This means your running business will never stop, even if you are traveling from one place to another.

Best Sales Funnel Software to Boost Your Business

Now, you are very much familiar with the features of sales funnel, and it will be easier for you to take out the one from the list of Sales Funnel to boost the business. Here, the top few Sales Funnel are provided below,

Best Sales Funnel SoftwareOfficial Links
#1. GetResponseCheck now
#2. KartraCheck now
#3. ClickFunnelsCheck now
#4. Thrive ThemeCheck now
#5. LeadpagesCheck now
#6. LandingiCheck now
#7. InstapageCheck now



It is an email marketing tool with a 99.5% success rate, which means your message to the desired inbox will reach for sure. Using this, you can create a contact list and import the same from the existing list to build your contact database.

GetResponse is covered with full of features, and one such is the conversion funnel. This feature will help you to sell the product online and monitor the same. The conversion funnel is the utmost tool that enables you to perform web marketing smoothly. Through this, you can sell the product, get the buyers, enhance your contact database, and many more.

GetResponse is featured with A/B testing, good for making the marketing strategies. Moreover, the analysis part of GetResponse is outstanding, as it supports you to search the contact based on the selective demographics.

GetResponse Pricing Plans

There are 4 plans of GetResponse, and each differs from the others based on features. Now, let's see the price, plans, and features associated with each plan of GetResponse.

  • Basic plan

The plan starts with $15/month, where you can target 1000 users. It offers email marketing, Autoresponders, and an unlimited landing page.

  • Plus Plan

In this plan, you will get the basic plan features and also additional ones. They are Automation Builder, Webinars, Sales Funnel, and Webinar Funnel, just $49/month.

  • Professional Plan

The plan starts with $99/month, and you will get all the plus features with additional ones. The other features are, Unlimited Automation Builder, Web push notification, and Paid Webinars.

  • Max Plan

The limit of the users is personalized, and also you will get complete professional features. The additional features are Transactional emails, support, and account migration.



Kartra is the one-stop solution of web marketing as it comprises all the essential tools relevant for the online business. Using this, you can create a landing page, can use video hosting to post the video. Moreover, in Kartra, you will get CRM and email marketing tools.

To do the web business, you will need multiple tools, and they are listed above. But in Kartra, all the tools are embedded, which means you don't have to look for any other tools to run the business.

Kartra Pricing Plans

There are 4 plans of Kartra and named Starter, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan gives you different features, and the same are listed below.

  • Starter Plan

You can get up to 2500 leads in this plan, 1 custom domain, 15,000 emails/month, and many more just at $99/month.

  • Silver Plan

This plan gives you Unlimited (pages, bandwidth, video, products, emails), 3 custom domains, 12500 leads, and many more just at $199/month.

  • Gold Plan

This plan starts with $299/month, and you will get up to 25000 leads, 5 custom domains, and significantly more.

  • Platinum Plan

This plan gives you ample unlimited features such as emails, bandwidth, helpdesks, team members. The plan's price is $499/month, and you will get p to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains.


ClickFunnels is best suited for entrepreneurs who are willing to create a good landing age as well as a sales funnel. It is pretty easy to use, and no coding knowledge is required. Even a pop-up builder is provided that you can use on the landing page.

ClickFunnels lack the template feature, but the good point is customer support. Whenever you get stuck, then you can use the help button to get the techie's assistance.

Also read: ClickFunnels vs. Convertri : Which is Better Sales Funnel?

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

  • Basic plan

It starts with $97/month, where you will get 20 Funnel templates, 100 pages, 3 Payment Gateway, and 3 domains.

  • Platinum Plan

It starts with $297/month, and you will get Unlimited Funnels templates, unlimited pages, 9 domains, 9 payment gateway, and Chat Support.

  • Two Comma ClubX

This plan is a bit costlier, i.e., $2497/month that will offer you unlimited funnels templates, pages, 27 payment gateways, 27 domains, and FunnelFlix.

Thrive Theme

Thrive Theme

It is a suite of marketing tools that helps you build a WordPress website to convert traffic into leads. It offers multiple features such as Architect, Leads, Quiz Builder, Membership, Ultimatum, Ovation, and many more. It offers A/B testing as well as Opt-in forms suitable for your business.

Using this tool, you can build the website, create a quiz page, optimize the headline, and perform many more tasks.

Thrive Theme Pricing Plans

It is a membership platform where you will have to pay only $19/month or $228 yearly to access the features of Thrive.



Leadpages is the leading website builder tool that offers SEO-friendly templates, real-time tracking, GDPR compliance, mobile responsive page, and many more.

This is a pretty good software for online business as you can perform multiple tasks, but the package won't offer you the email marketing tool. The good point of this software is the unlimited collection of leads.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

Standard Plan starts with $27/month, and here you will get the tool to work on the landing pages, pop-ups, unlimited leads, free hosting, and domains.

  • Pro Plan

The plan starts with $59/month, where you will get 3 sites, unlimited leads, free hosting, lead notification, and many more.

  • Advanced Plan

It is a complete package to get all the essential features of Leadpages just at $239/month.



It is a landing page creator tool that can create and publish an unlimited number of landing pages. The drag & drop template helps you to design the landing page, mobile page, and funnels.

Using this tool, you can sell the product, build followers, and use autoresponders to convert traffic into leads.

Landingi Pricing Plans

  • Create Plan

It is a basic plan that starts with $55/month in which you get 50,000 visitors/month, 10 custom domains, and unlimited landing pages.

  • Automate Plan

Here the number of visitors is 100,000/month and 20 custom domains. You can get this plan at $79/month and even many more features you can grab by spending such an amount.

  • Agency Plan

The plan will give you 300,000 unique visitors, 30 custom domains, unlimited landing pages, and many more, just at $149/month.



This is a landing page builder, and you can use it as sales funnels too. It offers ample features such as user-based templates, a user-friendly A/B testing feature, and many more. Instapage is the revenue booster as it enhances the business by converting traffic into leads.

Instapage Pricing Plans

It offers a Custom and Optimizing Plan where the former gives you a complete feature to boost the business. However, in the latter plan, i.e., Optimizing, you will get limited features AdMap, Heatmaps, unlimited conversion, and many more just at $149/month.

🌟 Sales Funnel Software FAQ

❓What is sales funnel software?

Sales funnel software is the tool that helps users to grow their business by creating customers. The sales funnel tool is used to create landing pages, payment gateway, follow-up emails, etc.

❓How do I build a free sales funnel?

Various sales funnel software such as HubSpot and Pipedrive provide free sales funnel templates to create sales funnel.

❓Are sales funnels effective?

It is very important to have effective sales funnel to generate sales for your business in this modern era.

❓What are the top sales funnel software?

Check the following list if you are looking for the top sales funnel tools:

❓ Do you need a sales funnel?

Yes. You'll need a sales funnel to upsell and retain customers so you can continue selling to them for years to come. With an excellent sales funnel, you may significantly increase your customers' lifetime value.

❓ Do sales funnels really work?

With a well-designed sales funnel, you can continue to create new leads and revenues while focusing on expanding your business, providing excellent service, or updating your goods rather than promoting.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Sales Funnel Software in 2024?

Now, you can easily distinguish which sales funnel is best for your web business. As in this article, you got comprehensive sales funnels and a list of top sales funnels software with the pricing and plans.

Hence, choose the one wisely as per your need and then boost the sales of your business.πŸš€πŸš€

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