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With the rise in user base around social media, marketers, and dropshippers have been looking to monetize this huge user base. You might be amazed to know that globally 59% of people are active on social media, and TikTok has quite a substantial part of this whole social media user pool.

But how would you get the most accurate data on what your competitors are doing? The answer lies in a few words, the TikTok Ads Spying Tools. These analysis tools allow you to peek behind the curtain and see what your competitors are doing right—and wrong.

Now that, you have got an overview of what TikTok ads spy tools are, let's take a look at who can use TikTok ad spying tools, later followed by the list of best TikTok ads spying tools.

Who Can Use TikTok Ads Spying Tools?

TikTok Ads Spying Tools are versatile and beneficial for a wide range of users, including:

  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs: Find trending products and effective ad strategies to boost sales.
  • Digital Marketers: Analyze competitor campaigns to refine marketing strategies and improve ROI.
  • Influencers: Identify successful content trends and ad formats to enhance engagement.
  • Advertisers: Optimize ad performance by learning from high-performing campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Find profitable niches and ad creatives to increase conversions.
  • Market Researchers: Gather data on industry trends and consumer behavior for strategic planning.

Top 10 TikTok Ads Spy Tools for Marketers and Dropshippers

ToolDatabase SizeKey FeaturesPricing (Monthly)Unique Aspect
PiPiADS20+ million adsAd filtering, trend discovery, competitor analysisStarts at $29.99Focuses on e-commerce and dropshipping
Anstrex InStreamMillions of adsReal-time analytics, customizable dashboardStarts at $59.99Specializes in native and push ads
MineaBillions of adsMulti-platform spying, influencer marketing analysisStarts at €49Covers Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok
BigSpy1+ billion ads9 major ad channels, AI-powered insightsFree plan available, paid plans start at $9Offers a free version with basic features
AutoDSNot specifiedProduct research, competitor analysisIncluded with AutoDS plansIntegrated with dropshipping automation platform
Social Peta1+ billion adsApp intelligence, creative analysisCustom pricingFocuses on mobile app and game advertising
PowerAdSpyMillions of adsMulti-platform spying, advanced filteringStarts at $49Covers multiple social media platforms
DropispyMillions of adsE-commerce focus, store analysisStarts at €29.90Tailored for dropshippers
AdWinsNAAd creative analysis, competitor trackingCustom pricingFocuses on Facebook and Instagram ads
TikTok Ads LibraryOfficial TikTok dataFree access, official dataFreeOfficial TikTok tool, limited features compared to paid options


PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS has emerged as one of the best TikTok ad spying tools in the market; one of the reasons behind this is due to its one of the largest databases of TikTok ads, which gives a bigger and wider range of options to explore around. From a dropshipper’s perspective, having a huge searchable database can help in better chances of getting the hot selling products or performing a better competitive ad analysis; all this combined can also help dropshippers come across any potential product that might deliver better ROI and sales.

PiPiADS Key Features

  • Perform TikTok Ad Search from one of the largest searchable databases of TikTok ads.
  • Perform product research to find suitable products for your dropshipping and marketing operations.
  • Get along with the Winning products that have been performing well on TikTok.
  • Run an in-depth analysis of the competitors/advertisers and their marketing campaigns.
  • You can also search for Etsy Products and ads from Etsy sellers running over PiPiADS.
  • You can also make your own collection of the ads and products that you want to shortlist or want to work on.
  • Shopify Tool is one of the newest tools offered by PiPiADS and can help in better analysis on the go.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

10 Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools 2024 1

PiPiADS offer basically 4 different pricing plans, including the free plan; these plans are mentioned below:

  • PiPiADS Free Plan: The free plan by PiPiADS can be an excellent way to explore the interface and features offered by PiPiADS; even though the free plan offers minimal features, you can also try out the $1 3-day trial for PiPiADS.
  • PiPiADS Starter Plan: The starter plan costs around $77/month and offers 200 query results, 50 ad details, 50 product details, and much more. The starter plan can be an excellent choice for beginners.
  • PiPiADS VIP Plan: The VIP plan costs around $155/month and offers features like query show results of 1000 ads, 200 ad details per day, query results to show 1000 advertisers, and much more. The VIP Plan can be an excellent choice for medium-sized dropshippers and marketers.
  • PiPiADS Pro Plan: The Pro plan costs around $263/month and offers 3000 ads query results, 1000 ad details/day, query results show 3000 advertisers, unlimited users, and 5 seats for that certain product.

You can also ask for a PiPiADS Enterprise plan by contacting the PiPiADS team. The enterprise plan can help you in customizing the number of users and usage as per your business needs.

Anstrex InStream

Anstrex InStream

Securing the 3rd spot in our list of Top TikTok Ads Spy Tools, Anstrex InStream is an excellent ad intelligence spy tool designed to provide comprehensive insights into in-stream video ads across TikTok. With a great number game, Anstrex InStream has got 5 Million+ Ads, 32 Platforms, 156,000+ Advertisers, and 58 Countries.

Anstrex InStream is designed to provide users with ads relevant to e-commerce and mobile app/games verticals, which offer the best Return on Investment (ROI) for advertisers. The tool is currently in its beta phase, and all paid subscribers have access to it. One of the key factors that make Anstrex InStream a recommended tool among our list of Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools is that it is completely free to use for now (while in the beta phase).

Anstrex InStream Key Features

  • Monitors thousands of native and push advertising campaigns.
  • Focuses on in-stream ads on TikTok, providing a massive user base with very precise demographic targeting.
  • Provides ads relevant to e-commerce and mobile app/games verticals.
  • Offers access to top-converting landing pages.
  • Available for free while in the beta phase.

Anstrex InStream provides a comprehensive view of in-stream video ads, particularly on TikTok, which is a rapidly growing platform with a highly targeted demographic. Anstrex Instream is designed to provide ads relevant to e-commerce and mobile app/games verticals, offering the best ROI for advertisers.

Additionally, it provides access to top-converting landing pages, giving users a competitive edge. The tool is currently in its beta phase and is available for free, making it an excellent opportunity for marketers to explore its capabilities.

Anstrex InStream Pricing Plans

Anstrex InStream Pricing

Anstrex Instream is available at a cost of $69/month while giving access to all the premium features offered by it.


Minea Review

Minea is a TikTok ads spy tool that not only functions on TikTok but is also functional on other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as well. This way, you can use Minea as an excellent choice for running a competitive ad analysis for different platforms and better in terms of reach and content generation. It is worth mentioning that Minea also offers a free plan by the name of Minea Lite.

Minea Key Features

  • TikTok Spy
  • Research over Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Snapchat Ads.
  • Influencer placements
  • In-depth analysis of ads and placements
  • Advanced Search Filters for performing ad analysis
  • Chrome Extension available for easy execution
  • Shop Analysis

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea pricing plans are categorized into 3 different pricing plans, including the lite plan; the pricing plans along with the features are mentioned below:

  • Minea Lite Plan: The Lite plan by Minea is a free plan that offers 250 research credits, along with Facebook ads, Influencer placements, Snapchat ads, advanced search filters and Chrome extension as well, whereas the TikTok ads analysis is not available in the Lite Plan.
  • Minea Starter Plan: The Minea Starter plan by Minea costs around €49/month with 10,000 research credits and all the features that were offered in the Lite plan. The Mine Starter plan can be an excellent choice for dropshippers and marketers with limited usage.
  • Minea Premium Plan: The Premium plan by Minea costs around €99/month with 100,000 research credits per month. The premium plan offers all the features that were offered by the Minea Starter plan; in addition to that, you can also get some additional features, including the Shop analysis, TikTok Spy, and Pinterest ads as well.


BigSpy Review

BigSpy is another TikTok ad spying tool in our list that not only functions on TikTok but also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. As an overview, BigSpy offers 9+ platforms and 10+ filtering features at a comparatively lower price than other ad spying tools with so many platform options. The BigSpy provides multiple features and includes the following:

  • Ad Ideas
  • Playable Ads
  • Top Charts
  • Trending ads
  • Huge database of 1 billion+ ads

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing
  • BigSpy Basic Plan: The BigSpy basic plan costs around $9/month and gives access to 20 daily queries, 25 daily ad tracks, 25 daily downloads, and a few more limited equipment with access to Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • BigSpy Pro Plan: The BigSpy Pro plan costs around $99/month and gives access to Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, and Yahoo ads. In addition to that, you get unlimited queries, 250 ad tracks, and 250 downloads daily, you can also get some additional features such as unlimited search filtering, audience analysis, limited featured ads, online support and much more. You can also try a $1 BigSpy trial to get along with all the key features offered by it.
  • BigSpy VIP Enterprise plan: The BigSpy VIP enterprise plan costs around $300+/month, depending upon the new intelligence prices and seats. If we look forward to the features that are offered by the VIP Enterprise plan, it lets you get along with unlimited queries, track ads, downloads, featured ads, ad ideas, audience analysis, multi-account seats and much more.


Auto DS TikTok Ads Spy

AutoDS TikTok Ads Spy Tool is a powerful platform designed to help e-commerce entrepreneurs discover trending products and successful advertising strategies on TikTok. This tool allows users to analyze popular product-related TikTok ads and videos, enabling them to identify proven products based on engagement and conversion data.

In addition to its TikTok Ads Spy Tool, AutoDS offers a comprehensive suite of dropshipping solutions. These include a Marketplace with access to private suppliers, a Hand-Picked Products Hub for curated product selections, automated product importing and order fulfillment, and integration with multiple e-commerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

AutoDS Key Features

  • Trend discovery tool for finding trending products quickly.
  • Advanced filtering options (likes, impressions, interaction rate, CTA button text, and keywords).
  • Constantly updated database with the latest ads and videos.
  • Access to up-to-date data for identifying best-sellers.

AutoDS Pricing Plans

AutoDS does not have a publically disclosed pricing plan, but you can check out their pricing plans once, you have signed up for the AutoDS. It is also worth mentioning that AutoDS offers a 14-day trial for just $1.

Social Peta

Social Peta Review

Social Peta is another TikTok ad spy tool on our list that enables you to work not only on TikTok but also on different platforms such as Unity, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. It is worth mentioning that Social Peta has around 1.2 billion ad creatives and covers around 69 countries, 70 mainstream channels, 5 million+ advertiser’s data, and a data of 270 million E-com products with 50 million updates daily. If we look at the ad analytics that are offered by Social Peta, they are as follows:

  • Global ad analytics and China ad analytics
  • Insights are available for CPM, CPC, and KD.
  • Top Countries Benchmark of CTR, CPM, and CPC.
  • Important data like Current BSR, Total reviews, trends in review, buy box sellers, and much more.

Social Peta Pricing Plans

Social Peta offers a free trial while signing up for an account. The pricing plan works a bit differently as compared to other tools in a similar niche. The Social Peta pricing plan works along with the service named on SAAS that works on a usage basis. You need to log in using your business email and get along with it; the drawback that the users might face is the pricing plan option, as they do not have any pricing plans mentioned on their official website, which might create a state of confusion among users.


10 Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools 2024 2

Poweradspy offers some excellent features and is functional on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Adsense, Native, Quora and much more. If we look forward to some of the key features that Poweradspy offers, it includes:

  • Enhanced Search for ad analysis
  • Breakdown ad components
  • Comprehensive filters included
  • Personalization for Dashboard
  • 100,000+ ads are added daily
  • 110+ Million ads listed
  • Dynamic device compatibility offered
  • Robust Reports are offered
  • Free Poweradspy extension available
  • Operational in 100+ countries

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plan

Poweradspy pricing Plans

PowerAdSpy offers 7 different pricing plans, including the free plan offered by it. These plans offer different features and change as per the plan you choose. Now, if we consider the features that PowerAdSpy offers, I would recommend you to get along with the premium as it offers all the features and is functional on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Below mentioned are the plans offered by PowerAdSpy:

  • PowerAdSpy Free Plan: It is more of a free trial and gives you access to all the platforms offered by PowerAdSpy. In addition, it offers 100 searches/1000 Ads for 10 days.
  • PowerAdSpy Basic Plan: The PowerAdSpy basic plan costs around $49/month and gives you access to perform ad analysis over Facebook and Pinterest.
  • PowerAdSpy Standard Plan: The PowerAdSpy standard plan costs $99/month and gives access to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • PowerAdSpy Premium Plan: The PowerAdSpy premium plan costs $149/month and gives access to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest while offering all the features.
  • PowerAdSpy Platinum Plan: The PowerAdSpy Platinum plan costs $249/month and gives access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • PowerAdSpy Titanium Plan: The PowerAdSpy Titanium plan costs $299/month and gives access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Native, and YouTube with all the features offered by PowerAdSpy.
  • PowerAdSpy Palladium Plan: The PowerAdSpy Palladium plan costs $349/month and gives access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Native and YouTube with all the features offered by the PowerAdSpy; the Palladium plan is the highest plan offered by PowerAdSpy.

In addition to all this, you can also apply for a custom plan as well by contacting the PowerAdSpy team.


Dropispy review

Dropispy has been quite a popular choice among people indulged in marketing or dropshipping business; not only it is has been in the advertising spy tool ecosystem for a long but also offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. The only drawback it might have is that it is not operational on TikTok and only works on Facebook.

The Dropispy offers some excellent features and data analytics parameters, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Content and Information of ads
  • Reactions to that Facebook ad
  • Demographics available
  • Links, Landing Page and URL
  • 20,000+ ads are added on a daily basis
  • Largest database of classified ads

Dropispy Pricing Plans

Dropispy Pricing

Dropispy offers 3 different pricing plans if we include the free plan offered by it:

  • Dropispy Free Plan: The free plan gives you access to unlimited credits and access to all the basic search filters, with unlimited downloads, so basically, even getting along with Dropsipy free plan can be a valuable asset to dropshipping business owners.
  • Dropispy Premium Plan: The Dropispy premium plan costs around €29.90/month and gives you access to features 150,000 credits per month, but you can also get access to unlimited media downloads and advanced filters, along with the latest ads.
  • Dropispy Business Plan: The Business plan costs around €249.90/month and gives 1.8 million credits per month along with all the features offered by Dropsipy. The business plan can be an excellent choice for large-scale dropshipping businesses or marketers who have more use of this.



Next is AdWins, which is another TikTok Ads Spy tool by which you can check out TikTok Ads. It offers good market insights by which you can discover winning products. AdWins provides you access to over 10 million TikTok Ads examples and helps you find the winning products from the TikTok Ads library. It also allows you to spy on the advertising strategies of your competitors as well.

Plus, there are several filters to choose from and get the best and most precise ad results. You can also compare impressions and popularity for each product's opportunity and get the best out of it.

AdWins offers you the following:

  • Inspiration from millions of ideas by which you can create viral campaigns as you get access to over 10 million TikTok Ads library. You can find Viral Ideas to launch a high-performance TikTok advertising campaign.
  • You can check out competitors' strategies in real-time and know more about the performance of your competitors and then learn from their successful ideas and improve your advertising conversions.
  • You can find and keep track of winning products and search for great campaigns and quickly find the winning product which has the maximum profit potential on TikTok.

AdWins Pricing Plans

AdWins comes in with three pricing plans and also offers a 3 day free trial. 

AdWins Pricing Plans
  • AdWins Basic Plan – $34/month:

This plan is best suited for individuals & start-up business where you get 200 ads/advertisers per query, along with 50 Ads and Advertisers' details per day. You also get 50 Promoted goods details per day with 1 user login. 

  • AdWins Pro Plan – $69/month:

This Plan is for growing Business, where you get 1000 ads/advertisers per query, along with 200 Ads and Advertisers' details per day. You also get 200 Promoted goods details per day with 1 user login. 

  • AdWins Team Plan – $119/month:

Finally, the team plan is for bigger teams and pro operations where you get 3000 ads/advertisers per query, along with 1000 Ads and Advertisers' details per day. You also get 1000 Promoted goods details per day with 5 user logins. 

AdWins also offers an Enterprise plan for which you have to contact its team and get a plan that covers all your needs. 

TikTok Ads Library

TikTok Ads Library

The TikTok Ads Library is a comprehensive resource that provides advertisers and marketers with valuable insights into ad campaigns on the platform. This searchable database allows users to explore a vast collection of TikTok ads, including those from the TikTok Creative Center. Key features include advanced search functionality, filtering options, and the ability to view high-performing ads for specific time periods.

Users can access detailed ad information, engagement metrics, and audience insights to inform their own advertising strategies. The library is updated daily, with approximately 80,000 new ads and 50,000 advertisers added every 24 hours. With access to over 5 million TikTok ads, this tool offers inspiration, competitive analysis, and data-driven insights to help businesses create more effective ad campaigns on the platform.

Why Use TikTok Ads Spy Tools?

Using a TikTok Ad spying tool can be a valuable asset for people dealing with operations such as dropshipping business, affiliate marketing, content creation, and much more. Now, if we look forward to some of the common results of using a TikTok ad spying tool include the:

  • In-depth analysis of the competitive ads.
  • Data analytics are available for the ads running.
  • Can help in making better marketing campaigns.
  • You might also discover some great video ads and copies for dropshipping.
  • Advanced filtering options offered by most TikTok ads spy tools can help in better audience targeting.
  • Can help perform product research (ads research using analytics).

Common Queries Related to TikTok Ads Spy Tools

How do TikTok Ads Spy Tools work?

TikTok Ads Spy Tools are platforms that allow users to analyze and gather insights from successful TikTok ad campaigns, helping marketers improve their own strategies.

Are TikTok Ads Spy Tools Legal to Use?

Yes, these tools are legal as they collect publicly available data. However, users should always respect TikTok's terms of service and privacy policies.

How Often is the Data in TikTok Ads Spy Tools Updated?

Most tools update their databases daily or in real-time, ensuring users have access to the most current trends and successful ad campaigns.

Can TikTok Ads Spy Tools Spy on Specific Competitors?

Many tools allow you to search for ads by specific brands or competitors, helping you analyze their strategies and performance.

Can TikTok Ads Spy Tools Help with Targeting Specific Demographics?

Yes, many TikTok Ads Spy Tools provide information on the target audience of successful ads, including age ranges, genders, and locations, which can help refine your targeting strategy.

Got Your TikTok Ads Spy Tool?

After using a bunch of these TikTok advertising spy tools, I am more bent toward PiPiADS. Well, the above-mentioned list is made in an order starting from the best first. I prefer using PiPiADS because of its clean and beginner-friendly interface along with one of the largest databases of TikTok ads; this, as a result, can help its users search around a much wider pool of ads.

On the other side, you can get yourself PiPiADS for a discounted price using the coupon code mentioned here. Well, I have also mentioned some discounted offers for other tools, so choose the suitable TikTok Ads spy tool and upscale your game. Getting along with PiPiADS is my personal experience so far, and the choice of the TikTok ad spy tools might vary from person to person, depending upon your needs.

Hopefully, this article on the 10 Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools might have helped you to some extent.

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