What is the benefit of being a millennial? The most beneficial factor of being a millennial is the uttermost knowledge of the online market.

And in today's battle of ✅BigSpy Vs. AdSpy, we will be talking about one of the best creations of technologies: ad spy tools.

If you told someone 20 years before that he can start earning money just by sitting in front of the screen, would he believe it? Not at all!

But in today's time, where the only valuable thing is your effective digital presence, you can make a treasure out of your online business.

Even if you are the best right now, it is just a matter of time when someone else beats you. Because you must know, with the growing competition, it gets tough to hold the crown forever.

If you want to stand amongst your competitors, you must build better-engaging ads to lure your audience. And social ad spy tools can help you with that. There are tons of online platforms that allow you to spy over your competitor's ads from multiple social media channels.

You can view their ads, understand their marketing tactics and optimize your marketing activities.

Let us see what does BigSpy Vs. AdSpy store for us.

What are Ad Spy Tools?

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy

Ad spy tools refer to software solutions that specialize in collecting data of the competitor's brand online. Spying is not about stealing or imitating. It is all about learning from your competition and develop innovative ideas by yourself. You are only applying your competitor's strategy to see whether or not it will work for you too.

An ad spy tool lets you see how your brand, competitors, and other companies work.

You can look into the activities of your competitors and follow the practical techniques to make your online advertisement game stronger.

In short, ad spy tools provides you with the information that is crucial for competitive advantage. If you are wondering if your opponents are using an ad spy tool to spy on your advertisement tactics- yes, they certainly do. And it is time for payback.

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy: The ultimate comparison

In-Depth BigSpy Review

BigSpy Reviews

Like we mentioned before, BigSpy is an ad software specially built for marketing and advertising agencies. This tool provides reliable data and internal information about marketing campaigns, particular ad designs, product launches, and many other things.

You can look for trending ads daily using BigSpy. Also, you can discover tons of other niches that are tracked daily by other users.

With the help of this tool, you can also search and download interested ad materials, which you can further use in your new marketing campaigns.

In-Depth AdSpy Review

AdSpy Coupon

AdSpy is an excellent searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. It allows top advertisers, marketers, and companies to gather data-driven insights, innovate, and streamline their marketing content.

With the cooperation of this software, you can curate the best ads from your competitors, the best accounts and use them in improving your new campaigns. Or else, you can enhance your existing marketing campaign by comparing it with the similar database of your competitors.

With AdSpy, you get access to a huge database that includes 90 million ads, more than 14 million advertisers from 203 countries.

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy: Key Features

BigSpy Features

The most excellent part about BigSpy is that you can find a hidden market and profitable opportunities for eliminating the hassle of all possible failures. You also can determine campaign goals and many other things.

BigSpy offers tons of features, and it is time to see how those help you build a perfect marketing campaign.

  • BigSpy Data Inventory

As we already mentioned before, BigSpy is one of the most effective online ad spy tools, which stores a huge database that covers almost every niche, ad type, and even every country.

BigSpy Data Inventory

At present, BigSpy has more than 2 million ads from over 40 countries, having more than 40 ad types, and the numbers keep growing!

The BigSpy ads tool comprises product trends, product stores, and top-level reports you don't want to miss.

With BigSpy, you can search for any ad in any format. Some of the most significant advantages include:

  • BigSpy Screening Options

BigSpy supports various screening options, including:

BigSpy Screening Options

Furthermore, BigSpy can sort the searched ads in 5 ways:

The best advertisements can be used as a reference case study to learn from creative ideas and innovative headline content.

AdSpy Features

AdSpy is one the most potent ad spy tool with lots of unique features. We can tool it is a super affordable and a powerful tool, as it charges much less than the other ad tools.

The possibilities of the AdSpy tool are infinite; find out new ads, copy their success and modify them according to your requirements.

AdSpy advanced features include:

  • Enhanced Basic Search
Enhanced Basic Search

Via this option, you can search using text in the ad, name of the advertiser, total number of likes, type of media, etc. After that, you can sort the filters with creative options like:

  • Search Through Comments
Search Through Comments

Using this option, you can search for ads using their comments. It is a pretty suitable option when you want to search for various ads on the go.

You can search via ad comments using the essential keywords, track your competitor's or your product, or verify the ad's positive or negative feedback.

  • Accurate Demographics
Accurate Demographics

AdSpy can review an ad depending on the age range, location, and sexual category to support the unrivaled network of providers.

You do not have to follow the same pattern as your competitors, and they can never imagine which location you will be targeting next.

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy: Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers 4 pricing plans. All the plans are built by keeping the customer's requirements in mind.

BigSpy Pricing

Even though BigSpy's free version cannot meet the higher demands, it still works great for beginners.

BigSpy also hears their customers. If they observe a demand for a specific feature that their customer is asking for, they look into it to match their customer's needs.

AdSpy Pricing

Unlike BigSpy, AdSpy only offers one pricing plan! The cost of the monthly subscription is $149. You get to access unlimited features in that, which is no doubt cost-saving.

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy does not offer a free basic plan. But it does offer credits upon subscription that you can use as a trial run. If you want to access the integrated features of AdSpy, you need to buy the premium version.

Either you can access unlimited features with the paid plan, or you can use your free credits for a basic idea of the platform.

The paid plans include the following features:

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy: Customer Support

BigSpy Support

BigSpy Coupon

BigSpy offers live chat customer support. If you have any quick queries, they can be solved via live chat. They can also be connected through email support for more complicated issues.

Other than this, BigSpy has an extensive repository of support articles and blog posts.

AdSpy Support

Adspy Coupon

With AdSppy, you get phone ad email support. The customer care executives of AdSpy are available 24/7 for your help.

BigSpy Vs. AdSpy: Pros & Cons



🌟 BigSpy Vs. AdSpy FAQ

👉 What is BigSpy?

It is the leading ad spy tool that helps you to spy on your competitor's ads. You can spy ads on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest, etc. It offers an extensive database of ads and covers all your competitor's strategies that you need to start your campaign.

👉 What is AdSpy?

Like BigSpy, AdSpy is also the powerful social media ad spy software covering the largest searchable databases of Instagram and Facebook. AdSpy tool enables top marketers, advertisers, companies to spy on their competitor's ads, keywords, landing pages, etc. that helps them to enhance their advertising activities.

👉 Can I start free with BigSpy?

BigSpy offers a free plan that enables anyone to easily start free with this #1 rated ad spying tool. Start BigSpy free trial and discover ads in seconds.

👉 Is Adspy free?

AdSpy is the No. 1 ad spying tool that offers a free trial for upto 2000 views. Sign up for AdSpy free trial and spy on your competitor's strategies for free.

👉 How good is AdSpy?

Compared to the other ad spying tool, AdSpy is a powerful spying tool that provides all the unique features at an affordable price. AdSpy offers everything that you need to make your PPC campaign more effective. Grab our exclusive AdSpy coupon code and enjoy a $75 discount along with a free trial.

👉 Can I get a working BigSpy coupon code?

If you are looking for the verified BigSpy discount coupon code that allows you to save bucks, use the above-mentioned BigSpy coupon to enjoy a 15% discount.

👉 Is there any active AdSpy discount coupon?

If you want to save money on an AdSpy subscription, use this AdSpy coupon code “AFFTWEAKS” and get a $75 discount.

Conclusion: BigSpy Vs. AdSpy 2024 | Who is the Winner?

The winner of today's battle is both of these great platforms! It is a tie. Both the tools are equally efficient. AdSpy indeed has cheaper plans, but there are no free trials.

We hope you got the detailed information on BigSpy Vs. AdSpy. Any doubts and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below.🙂

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