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A domain by essence is something that you can't buy. It is rented from your provider for the one or multiples of 1 number of years that your contract is active.

Millions of domains expire every day for a variety of reasons. Switching names, switching providers, or switching their whole business are many reasons the original owners of domains abandon them.

The focus of this article is not why users leave their domains but how you can benefit from these expired domains. Also, check for the top 16 websites to buy expired domains that will boost your SEO.

We will explain later why buying an expired domain can benefit you, particularly if you're just starting. First, let's understand some of the factors you should consider while buying an expired domain.

Ensure that the domain has a good DA (domain authority) with a minimum of 15 being considered good. If you are getting a domain that has a trust flow over 20, then it's a must-buy as this is a domain that is coming with a set of users who already trust it.

Also, check if the domain is banned in any region by Google Crawlers or Google AdSense. There are many websites like to prevent this, and buying a banned domain won't be fruitful if the region is essential to what you want to do with the domain.

Finally, check the number of backlinks that the domain you're considering has. Many backlinks, anchor links, and referring domains are excellent for your future SEO experience with the domain.

Now that you know how to choose the right domain, let's briefly go over why you should consider buying expired domains and who are the providers you should use to buy those expired domains.

Buy Expired Domains
  • Established domain:

Many expired domain providers ensure their marketplace only provide established domains. These are powerful domains because they already have a lot of traffic attached to them and the domain name by default gets you a lot of traffic in search pages.

  • Easier to reach the top in search engine rankings:

An expired one is a perfect domain for you to rank quickly. Because of their domain age, page authority, and high trust flow, these domains get lots of traffic compared to new domains.

You can fast forward your website's progress by foregoing a couple of months you would have to work on a new domain to get it to the same standards.

  • Premium domain names:

If you've thought that all the good domain names for your niche are already gone, then these expired domain marketplaces are a goldmine for you because they house some of the best-known names in many categories.

Additionally, one can't find a friendly, easy on the tongue domain name for a reasonable price, so getting established and engaging names for your website is a significant advantage.

  • High DA:

Moz Domain Authority is a score that determines how well a website will rank in Google Search. Domains that have been active for a while have high DAs, and this can significantly benefit your SEO efforts as a higher DA directly translates to reach.

Go for a minimum of 15 DA, and if you see a domain with DA over 30, you should definitely go for it.

  • Backlinks:

Similar to domain authority, a website with many backlinks is considered an audience favorite by Google (as Google considers backlinks as votes).

If you're having trouble moving further up in search ranking, getting a domain with many backlinks is an easy solution to aid your quality content.

Now that you're convinced of the value of buying a used domain let's see who the top providers are and why.


NameCheap has found itself at the top of this list simply for the fact that it provides the best user experience overall while purchasing a domain.

It is a two-way marketplace where previous owners list domains they would like to sell to interested buyers.

This allows you to buy domains that are about to expire soon, so you are the first ones to see an offer a domain you might be interested in.

On entering the website, you see a list of domains that are currently available. You can see complete data on these domains and check a section that displays a list of domains that are about to expire and could be available soon.

Their portfolio is highly curated, so you're almost good to go with any of the domains they appear to be offering.


DropCatch is one of the most sought-after public domain auctions out there. It is a somewhat competitive website because anyone who accesses the website can bid on the domain you have your eye on. Like any other auction highest bidder takes all,

Create an account with DropCatch and verify it to bid on some of the most powerful domains out there.

DropCatch deals with the domain registrars after the auction is over to transfer ownership of the domain to you. It should be noted that all bids are essentially proxy bids.

In some cases, account verification can take up to 72 hours, but it is a one-time process, and you can bid on all future auctions after this process is completed.


The real standout factor about is its advanced search and filter options.

Their data on domains and domain library itself leave something to be desired, but if they have the kind of domain you're looking for, you will be able to find exactly what you want on their platform.

You can filter through the library by telling the tool what your specific needs are, and it will guide you towards a tool that is suitable for users with those needs.


DomCop helps you find the best domains as per your needs with their combination of providing necessary info alongside some helpful search options.

All required information that we mentioned earlier is available in the list of domains, and you can search through all of them easily using some great filtering options.

Their complete database stretches over 200,000 domains, so having these filters to find the kind of domains that you want can be really helpful to your user experience.

They are allied with major players in the industry to help you make informed decisions about your purchase. These include Majestic External Backlinks, SEMRush, Moz, Alexa, and many more.


GoDaddy is one of the most popular brands, which almost everyone in the industry is familiar with.

They have one of the largest consumer bases in anyone on this list and in the world, but their auctions are reputed for helping users find great domains at relatively low prices.

The feature which most impressed us was their ability to search for domains by keyword. This feature essentially allows you to find domains that are already established around the keyword where you want to operate.

If you are a domain owner, then GoDaddy Auctions will probably get you the best price and the most satisfactory customer experience.


All of the domains listed on SnapNames are their exclusive property. You should definitely check out their collection as the domain names you will find are unavailable anywhere else, so you might find something you like more than the other options you're considering on other sites.

Daily deals, price drops, and quickly navigatable top categories help you find the domain name you want faster than ever before at the price which you want it.

They also offer an iOS app accessible on iPhones and iPod Touch after a system software version if you want to look for domains on the go.

As we mentioned earlier, millions of domains go out of use every day. keeps track of all major domains which are about to become available to the public and tries to be the first to make a sale on them.

Backlinking, PR, and all other expired domain-related product info are stored in an easy-to-use interface here for users of any technical skill level to use. offers their services without you having to complete any sign-up procedure.


This is a platform that is very popular amongst resellers of expired domains as they offer fast deals on the newly expired domain names.

The moment you open the site, you will see a list of powerful domains with established audiences for you to use.

Moonsy is designed for you to be really able to take advantage of how established the old domain you purchase. is a complete solution for those who're looking to start a new website for any business or personal need.

They offer integrations with web-hosting providers, Google Workspace, and everything else you need to achieve your vision of your online space.

As for their expired domains service, it is pretty limited. They curate a list of high-quality expired domains for users who might not want to start from scratch.

Although if you're looking to build your own brand, then they can help you with that right, from the domain registrations to the creation of the actual website.

SERP. Domains

As the name suggests, the company policy is heavily based on search engine optimizations. All domains part of their catalog are reviewed by experts, and only the best domains get featured in their list.

The pricing is a little on the higher side for many of these domains, but you are assured of the quality of each domain.

If you can afford the higher price tag and don't want to go through the hassle of individually comparing domains, then you can choose SERP. Domains top pick for your keyword and start on a successful path.


NameJet is an expired domain marketplace that equally caters to many different kinds of users at the same time. They use premium software to display domains ideal for professionals, individuals, and small and large businesses alike.

They generally have open auctions going on all the time (closing soon items are marked separately).

They also have a curated “hot picks” section where their expert team provides you the URLs with the highest domain rating and other factors that we mentioned.

Their “Last Chance” feature is handy as it lets you bid on items just before they go up to the auction.


Anyone who has been blogging for some time has undoubtedly heard of Flippa. They have now risen to become one of the largest providers of expired domains in the industry today.

Its dedicated search engine can help you sort through brokered domains, expired domains, and will expire domains soon.

Filipa itself and the domains are a bit on the costlier side, but you have to know that the high price is to provide you with the best services and get your blog post(s) the engagement they have been missing.

Domain hunter gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer is a tool that necessarily does not have any domains as their own collection but instead guides you towards other services which can serve you well in finding the perfect domain.

If the kind of domain you're looking for is being auctioned on GoDaddy, when you search for it on Domain Hunter Gatherer, you will be directed to GoDaddy so you can get the perfect domain.

This feature extends to all providers who auction domains.

Their search function includes data on all niches.


DomainPeel is easy to use and completely clean interface-based.

A spam-free list of best-expired domains for all use cases like a business or a personal blog is available.

All domains are verified to be authentic, and the tool is excellent for users who're just getting started in their website creation journey.

This is a straightforward portal offering data on dropped and expired domains that are available in the market at that point in time.

Simple check-in check-out policy, no sign-up required, and free access to complete data on any domain you're looking to buy.

The filter options are relatively sparse, but if you're looking to make an on-the-fly purchase, is your perfect domain services partner on that.


DynaDot is primarily a web hosting company. They offer best-in-class tools for all hosting and domain needs.

They have a small section where they show you access to some of the popular websites on their platform that are giving up their domain later that year so you can keep track of when these domains will show up on other marketplaces.

DynaDot is a very reputed hosting platform that helps users start out the right way.

If the idea of the expired domains did not appeal to you, you should consider joining the DynaDot community and rake in hundreds of new visitors per month on your brand new domain.

πŸ‘‰What is the expired domain?

Domains that have been registered by people, businesses, or organizations but aren't renewed when the contract expires or are intentionally canceled are known as expired domains & This indicates that they are open for re-registration.

πŸ‘‰Why do domains expire?

If you do not pay the renewal costs for your domain name, it will most likely expire on its own. Keep in mind that if you cancel (delete) a domain name registration, it will almost certainly become available for registration by someone else.

πŸ‘‰What happens to the website when a domain expires?

When a domain name expires, all of the services linked with it stop working as well. This means you won't be able to make any changes to the domain. The domain may or may not be available for reactivation, depending on your web hosting provider.

πŸ‘‰Are expired domains good?

Consider purchasing an expired domain rather than a new one if you're thinking about starting a new website or blog. You'll need to create new content & backlinks, and domain age authority will require establishing time. You can use an expired domain's existing SEO value to start ranking faster right immediately.

πŸ‘‰How long after the domain expires can you buy it?

After your registration ends, you'll have 30 days (for most domains) to renew your domain at the usual charge. It will continue after 30 days, but you will have to pay an additional cost.

πŸ‘‰Can I own a domain name forever?

A domain name cannot be purchased forever. The registration of a domain name is done once a year. You can, however, pre-pay for up to 10 years, ensuring that you will have a domain name for 10 years.

Finding the right expired domains is a bit of hard work in the short run, which can save a lot of the work you will have to put in the long run for establishing your domain.

With a little research, you can get excellent domains for very affordable rates, which will give you the engagement you have always wanted.

The domains you will find on the websites on this list will cost anywhere between $10 to $10000 depending on the factors which we mentioned earlier.

Find a trusted domain with a high DA, a long domain age, and a high number of backlinks in your niche, and you are well on your way to achieving all your personal and financial goals, well before you expected to achieve them.πŸ™‚

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