Making money is not at all difficult if you pursue it with an open mind. Only going for a particular way to make money in affiliate marketing, will not suffice the purpose.

One has to find out ways to go beyond the regular options and explore every possible way to make 🤑🤑 money from the available resources. In today’s post, we will talk about CB Engine Review updated for 2024, a tool for finding profitable product niches in the ClickBank directory.

The process takes less time and effort allowing you to explore a wider marketplace. So, let’s explore what it is all about and what are the advantages of CB Engine. 

Bottom Line Upfront: CB Engine is a ClickBank Resource Application where you can get all the information, metrics and reports that ClickBank does not discloses easily. This Data can really be a gem for Affiliate Marketers to maximize their product sales by converting products rather than spending effort on non-converting ones. 

What is CB Engine? – CB Engine Review 

CB Engine Review

CB Engine, as described earlier, is a valuable resource application that can offer you information on key metrics which ClickBank does not disclose. So with this Data, you can easily discover products that can drive you good sales and drive more profit for you.

But the question might come to your mind – Why Does ClickBank not disclose these metrics? 

Let's first clear out things why ClickBank does not disclose these metrics. As marketplaces have to protect the vendors who are advertising and paying the marketplaces, if these key metrics do get disclosed, then it would have a serious influence directly on product sales. 

Now turning to the next question – How will CB Engine offer this secret information? 

First things first! CB Engine is not any magic tool that will disclose all the information; instead, it provides you with an estimation of product sales by analyzing the feeds of ClickBank with the help of an algorithm. CB Engine uses these algorithms to offer you essential information about profitability which you will need help finding.

Every affiliate marketer can freely promote the CB Engine products without any charges. As we all know, the ClickBank marketplace is the best place for entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

ClickBank marketplace is a marketplace where you will find products in every niche imaginable – from health and wellness to fashion and beauty.

What is CB Engine?

As we all know, CB Engine is the leading ClickBank analytics search site on the Internet. CB Engine helps you to get all the detailed information such as data, reports, metrics, etc. ClickBank does not reveal all this information.

The informations shared by CB Engine helps ClickBank affiliates to generate more sales.

They can focus on profitable products and can promote high converting products rather than looking for non-converting products.

Encouraging News about CB Engine – Make $$$ Affiliate Sales 

Though the process takes time, if you want billions of dollars and never wish to miss out on any sales, you get access to marketplaces like ClickBank, by which you can maximize your affiliate commission. And the icing on the cake is that you can find all the affiliate products in one place and even some products which you have never heard of!

Daunting News about CB Engine – Tough Competition 

The marketplaces you get here are almost overcrowded. So this makes it difficult to make maximum use of their products as they have tightened the approval process in the market places as well.

As you cannot predict the demand for the product, and if you do happen to promote the wrong product, you can end up wasting your time and losing money-making opportunities. Also, if you do manage to finish the entire process and then start promoting, there is no absolute guarantee that you will be making successful sales. Now let's just check out what's more in it in our CB Engine review 2024.

Who is CB Engine for? 

We would say that it is for every affiliate marketer who offers ClickBank products. With CB Engine, you can discover the best products and applications that can deliver you a good profit margin on the most recent products shown on it. You can find numerous criteria you can utilize to discover merchandise to offer.

💡 Why CB Engine? – Best ClickBank Analytics Tool

CB Engine has proved to be a turning point for many affiliate marketers, as this platform brings together a vast library of products and services to be promoted directly.

CB Engine

Every category comes with a product database containing numerous affiliate products to be promoted. Those with less experience will also get some training on how to proceed with the promotions. 

Looking at the present competition, CB Engine promises a far better source of money to the affiliates. The whole system helps the affiliate marketers find the best products in their chosen niche, hence acting as a reliable source of online money

The category-wise structuring of the products makes it easy for every affiliate marketer to get the required product. Every information related to the commission structure and the product will be showcased to make the right decision.

CB search tool has featured modules to help you find what to sell and what to avoid. 

Overall, CB Engines is the easiest and well-explained route for the affiliate marketers, offering every detail of the products and services they want to promote. The entire process of promoting the available products becomes stress-free, and the affiliate

Features of CB Engine – Pro and Free

The features offered by CB Engine are something that is going to help affiliate marketers explore new horizons for making money from it. Let's have a quick look at what it has to offer.

  • Bookmark System

This feature allows you to keep track of the products which you have been marketing and also the ones which you are attempting to market.

  • Product Stats & Graphs

With this feature, you can get all the newest & current product info and seller statistics.

  • Clickbank Adsense Style Ads

This feature comes with the PRO version, which grants the use of PPC advertisements sponsored by Clickbank. It almost works like Ad Sense about how various websites and businesses pay you by the click for every site visitor who comes for the advertisement on your website.

  • Nickname Manager

This feature will provide you with one-click access to your CBE account on the hop link of just about any and every time you wish to promote. 

  • CB Affiliate Insider

Here in this feature, you can find the most lucrative and newest products available.

  • StoreFront 

You get this feature in the PRO Version, and it functions almost like Amazon or eBay PHP shop widget in your website's sidebar.

Types of Affiliate Products

Types of Affiliate Products

If you are an affiliate and looking to promote CB Engine products, then majorly fall into the below category:

  • High Commission + Normal Selling
  • High Affiliate commission Paying + Best Selling products
  • Low Commission + Normal Selling
  • Low Commission + Best Selling

With the help of the following CB Engine tools, you will be able to use CB Engine easily:

  • Recent Gravity Tool
  • Vendor Payout / ClickBank Commission Calculator
  • New Product Listing
  • CB Press Plugin
  • Accurate Filter

Tools Offered by CB Engine – Find ClickBank Products that Sell!

Next, in our CB Engine review, we will look at the tools offered by it. These tools really help you to get your product research better and maximize your profits.

1. Recent Gravity Tool – CB Engine Review

The Recent Gravity Tool will help affiliates quickly determine the conversion rate and percentage of specific products. To explain to you better – the conversion rate or demand for a product widely varies with respect to time and quality. Like the cost of AC goes up in the summer season, whereas it remains low in winter.

Also, the conversion rates depend on the time period, and if it is not a standard product, then you cannot predict the time period during which it is sold in maximum numbers, and at times you can miss out on a wonderful opportunity. But with the Graph Form tool, you can estimate the conversion rate of the product in the form of a graph.

2. New Product Listings – CB Engine Review

Predicting and knowing about a new product launch can be profitable because the competition promoting the product will be very less. And if you manage to promote the product well, you can make good sales.

With the CB Engine's new product listing, you can consider the market trends through ClickBank and outside and then identify the profitability of the product, which can be launched into the market in the near future with in-depth details. With this information, you can plan a review for the product well before its launch. This can also help you to calm down a little and cure you of the hurry like most of the others after a product launch. Instead, you can simply first promote your review immediately after launch.

3. Vendor Payout or ClickBank Commission Calculator – CB Engine Review

With different affiliate products, if you don't look into the Vendor Payout or Affiliate Commission, you will end up with very little revenue even if you make a lot of sales. With this tool, you can find the best-paying vendor and check out their payout variance.

As Payouts are based on the time period, to provoke Affiliates to market their product maximum, this can vary their payout. And by using this tool, you can quickly understand the payout variance patterns and then plan accordingly.

We will recommend you use the Recent Gravity tool and Vendor Payout in combination to maximize your revenue. This can deliver you the highest vendor payouts when there is a high demand period.

4. Accurate Filters – CB Engine Review

There are times when you need help finding the desired product on ClickBank because the payment factor of the vendor dominates the search. And with CB Engine's Accurate Filter Search, you can sit and relax as it lists out the product you are searching for without any payment metric influencing the search.

This tool also helps you to find the vendor products who pay more to affiliates rather than ClickBank to list out their product on top of the search results.

5. CB Engine WordPress Plugin – CB Engine Review

The CB Press Plugin is among the best plugins available for searching the ClickBank marketplace right from your WordPress dashboard.

CB Engine Pro Edition Review

Not only you get the details about products and services to be promoted, but CB Engine gives you full support with intuitive features to reward your hard work and make it bankable.

So, let’s have a look at the Pro features:

  • Thorough access to product graphs, stats and ranking records.
  • Bookmark System helps you in handling products you're presently endorsing or is appealing.
  • Custom Search Results for selecting what you want based on category, product, and average.
  • ClickBank Affiliate Insider is a referring procedure for best-selling products.
  • ClickBank Nickname Manager allows jumping directly on
  • Find Products w/Advanced Search Attributes.
  • ClickBank Adsense Style customized Ads for your blog or website.
  • ClickBank Storefront 2.0 (PHP script).
  • Product Bookmarking/Folder App feature.
  • Organize ad blocks from bookmark files.
  • Create HTML pages with affiliate links from folders.
  • Copy and paste content to your website.
  • Have a look at product Gravity, EPC, name change history, and refund rates.

ClickBank Engine is the top CB Analytics search website that helps you in becoming a thriving affiliate. The Pro Lifetime Membership priced at $27 with all the above features and much more than that.

CB Engine is a dependable tool designed to assist you in the money-making process through ClickBank.

Can You Still Make Good Revenue from ClickBank? 

ClickBank is a tremendous marketplace for all the affiliates who choose online affiliate marketing products. The only challenging fact is about the greatest number of refunds.

And many users take advantage of CB's no-questions-asked 90-day refund policy. This leads to hardship for a few of the affiliate marketers as it can then be difficult to make money consistently.

Well, that's the case when you only have a little experience with ClickBank and if you are new to it. But with CB Engine, you can rest assured that if you know how to use it correctly and make huge revenue.

How to Find ClickBank Marketplace? (Step-by-Step Guide)

ClickBank Marketplace

Step 1: First, log into your ClickBank account using your login credentials. 

Step 2: Click on the “Marketplace” tab, which you will find on the top horizontal navigation bar.

Step 3: You can now search in the “Find Products” tab.

The main challenge when you use ClickBank is to find the right product. Even if you use the filters to get rid of scams, they actually have a lot of low-quality products that make it into the ClickBank marketplace.

Finding great affiliate products can be a daunting and time-consuming affair where you have to manually research the product which you consider for promotion. But if you use CB Engine, you can save a lot of money as well as time. 

👉 How to Find ClickBank Products using CB Engine?

You can see the various sections on the CB Engine website's left side as it is one of the best ClickBank analytics search sites available on the internet.

You can see top CB vendors, CB product findings as per classifications, and everything accessed by members. In the top vendor list, you will find surveys6, 1minweight, ezpayjobs, homebiz99, manifestd1, resurge, 1keto, leptitox, and d2free.

The new CB product list includes product name along with the commissions earned:

  • Facephone – 75%                           
  • Boutique 1tpe- 25%
  • Pg Funding Handbook- 60%         
  • Dream Manifestation – 75%                  
  • Bets from Stables – 50%               
  • Heal Through Hypnosis -75%     
  • “3 In 1” – 50%                
  • Best Value Influencer Marketing Platform- 50%                
  • Top Tinnitus Offer – 75%                             
  • How To Crack The Financial Markets? – 50%                        
  • High Roller Sports Betting Tips- 60%                    
  • Pheromone Spray For Men- 50%                            
  • Passive Profit Pages – 60%      
  • Practice Masterclass- 50%           

All these product lists are divided based on CB's new products, gains, gravity, insider, reviews, re-listed, recurring, removed, categories, vendor, statistics, payouts, RSS Feeds, affiliate tools

How much is CB Engine? – Is CB Engine Free? 

The best part about CB Engine is that it comes in with a 7-day free trial where affiliates can try it out and see the effectiveness of this search engine. And if you really like CB Engine, you have two options:

CB Engine Free Edition

With this option, you can test out the CBE search features without paying for their features.

CBEngine Pro

With the Pro membership of CB Engine, you will unlock its complete potential, for which the Pro Lifetime Membership will only cost you $27. 

Affiliate Tools

Moreover, you get hands-on, the smartest affiliate tools called CB Calculators. These calculators determine ClickBank refund rates and commissions.

CB Engine Affiliate Tools

The calculators include:

  • ClickBank Refund Rate Calculator

RRC will compute the repayment rate for a ClickBank product

  • ClickBank Reverse Commission Calculator

RCC will determine the sale price for a ClickBank product based on the Amount Earned and Commission Rate

  • ClickBank Commission Calculator

CC will Analyze the amount a CB affiliate and vendor should receive from a deal.

  • ClickBank Affiliate Hoplink Generator

AHG will create an affiliate hop link for any ClickBank product

  • ClickBank Sales Link Generator

SLG will build a vendor sales link to the ClickBank order page

Can You really Make Money with CB Engine? 

For an affiliate to make good money has always been challenging. Though many of them struggle, it all comes down to learning the right techniques and skills to make the earnings grow.

And by using CB Engine, you can certainly make money. But if you only rely on it, it will not be possible to make a huge profit as you have to put in the grueling work to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The general reviews of this program suggest that it has helped skyrocket many online businesses to $40,000+ a month, which is really awesome. But after all, your affiliate marketing skills are the ones that will show you how to monetize them in a more profitable way.

Is CB Engine Scam or Legit? – CB Engine Reviews

CB Engine is 100% legit. And when we talk about being a scam, they are not going to collect your payment detail and going to misuse them without delivering the program to you.

You can really make money with this program, but as it is said -making money for affiliate marketers is not as easy as it looks. While you use CB Engine, you have to bring in traffic, where you have to be good at writing ads that sell, running ads on Google, running ads on Facebook, writing website blogs and much more. So make sure you combine all of this to make your Affiliate Marketing Revenue Scale New Heights!

Is CB Engine really Worth the Money? 

Well, to be honest, many of them reported an increase in their profits, but not much. After all, every tool helps, but what matters is the additional $100-200, which can already make a difference.

So we would rather say that unless you find an easier way, you should use CB Engine, as it will help you to increase your income as a ClickBank affiliate marketer. And for the cherry on the cake, if you go for the CBE pro, you can make much more money by doubling down as a CBE affiliate marketing.

And of course, it is entirely possible to make a successful affiliate marketing business as there are many options. That's because affiliate marketing is going to provide proof of real success from real people.

Pros and Cons of CB Engine

Top FAQ on CB Engine Review

What is CB Engine?

It is also known as ClickBank Engine that contains large databases like software, eBooks, and other digital items; as an affiliate, one can easily promote products in ClickBank Engine. CB Engine is nothing but the ClickBank resource tool that helps affiliates earn more money by maximizing their sales.

Can I make money with CB Engine?

Yes, CB Engine allows you to earn money, but you need it as an affiliate. To make money, you need to promote pages that have already been optimized in order to increase your sales funnel.

Is CB Engine free?

Yes, one can easily use CB Engine for free of cost and can easily search profitable ClickBank products. But on the other hand, it also has paid Pro options which you can choose to boost your Affiliate Income.

What are the affiliate marketing tools provide by CB Engine?

CB Engine provides various tools, including ClickBank Refund Calculator, ClickBank Affiliate Hoplink Generator, ClickBank Reverse Commission Calculator, ClickBank Hoplink Generator, and many other.

Is there any CB Engine Facebook Group?

While doing this CB Engine Review, we did look at its Facebook group, but we did not find any. We did not find any Facebook group which is managed by CB Engine.

Can you really make money with ClickBank?

Often ClickBank marketplace is said to be among the most extensive online Affiliate Marketing items selections, but it also has the most returns. Now that's because it has a No-questions-asked refunds policy. So because of this, many of the Affiliates face difficulties and find it really hard to make money regularly. The main important thing is that you have to be well versed with ClickBank for many years and know this platform's ins-outs.

Conclusion: CB Engine Review Updated 2024 – Should you join?

CB Engine is an affordable, easy to use, and reliable marketplace for affiliate marketers. The pro marketers refer to it due to its accurate filtering, detailed analytics, and potent affiliate tools. CB Engine is the best tool that you can use to take maximum benefits from your affiliate marketplace.

If you are paid member of CB Engine, then you get access to its forum where all pro affiliate marketers share their experience and knowledge with the potential affiliates. 

CB Engine is a handy source to find the biggest selling markets, trends, ad campaigns, blog sites for backlinks, top-ranked sites, and much more. If you want a full-time earning as an affiliate marketer, then you will not find a more steadfast platform than CB Engine.

So, friends, save your time and money and invest in a resourceful market of CB Engine. 

If you like our post, then do share it, and also, don’t forget to write genuine feedback about the post in the comment section below.😊

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