Get ready for the most excitement-filled and one the most stirring events, the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit (CCXO). This event will be taking place on October 25 this year in Singapore. The venue for this event has been decided to be Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay. This event has been exclusively organized for the C-Suite executives who belong to a number of brands and the summit will also give an opportunity to the brand and attendees to prove their level of seniority.

About the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit Singapore

When we look at the traditional setup, the departments that are usually isolated are somehow away from the important news and updates, as well as they are also struggling somewhere. Hats off to these businesses that are still working great and hence the event, Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit is here to help them where they are lacking behind.

The foundation of the event and the main purpose of the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit is to get the departments and the businesses, the best information and also provide a culture that builds a customer-centric relationship.

As an attendee, you can even build more contact at an unprecedented level. By attending the summit you can discover how the industry standard companies are organizing and also operating their customer experience functions. Here you will learn a lot about modern challenges that are faced by industries and businesses. You can even be a part of a number of events taking place under one roof that will help you focus more on your goals and make you confident about your business.

The summit will also have a number of companies that will talk about their personal experience and at the same time how they are measuring customer experience. They will even speak about why the employee experience is said to be a key factor.

You can meet a number of influencing speakers and also 60 plus C-suite attendees. The Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit will give you a chance to attend five plus hours of networking and take you on a tour of sessions that will thrive your work and business.

Why should you attend the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit?

If you are someone who is excited to meet the best industry-leading companies or if you are the one who wants to explore what actually goes behind the planning to grow up, this event is for you. Get in touch with the best companies that are taking part in the event.

As an attendee, you are totally exposed to great brands like Shell, GSK, Aiibnb, Standards Chartered, DBS, Mastercard, Lazada, Adidas, and more.

If you are intrigued by this list, let us tell you that the event Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit will have companies that belong to various sectors from banking to transportation, and even sports. For instance, the summit is set to have HSBC and DHL as their prime attendees along with Roche, OCBC Bank, Citi, Coca Cola and even Lenovo.

You can learn about How to deliver CX goals across silos to refine and reinforce those goals?

– Adapting to a cross-functional approach with the end-user in mind. And also a lot about maintaining a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace by nurturing a collaborative approach for a more efficient use of resources and increased innovation. You can even be a part of the discussion that talks about how to structure an effective CX team.

Speakers at the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

Speakers at the the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

As we have mentioned previously the event will have a number of guests that will take the stage and influence you with their speeches and also talk about their experience. Well, here is a list for the same.

Starting with Tom Blackman, who is the Head of Global Accounts, at Asia Pacific & Japan, for Zendesk the list goes on. The Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit will also have Lino Ahlering, who is the Chief Customer Officer, at Daraz which is an Alibaba Group company, then Pamela Choong, Head of Customer Experience, JTC along with Kean Yew Lim, Head of Social Media & Consumer Engagement, Asia Pacific, The Coca-Cola Company.

You can even meet Andrea Linander, the Group Customer Experience Lead, at bolttech, and Fabian Lua, who is the Chief Product Officer, at the IT and Service company LINE MAN.

Schedule of the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

The event will begin with the registration and a speed networking breakfast at 9 a.m. on 25 October.

Then at 930, a chairperson Introduction & Overview will take place. The first opening speech will be about AI’s Next Frontier and The Impact on CX, by Tom Blackman. This is where one can learn about the groundbreaking impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on customer interactions and its potential to reshape businesses’ relationships with their customers. Provide Insights into cutting-edge AI technologies over the years, including natural language processing and machine learning, which are already revolutionizing customer support and personalized product recommendations. Emphasise AI’s role in driving hyper-personalization and emotional intelligence in customer experiences while addressing important best practices.

Then one can also attend the panel discussion on Defining the Cross-Silo Nature of Effective Customer Experience Efforts. This discussion will take place between Andrea Linander, Jed Casey, Lino Ahlering, Kailash Joshi, and Aarti Nagarajan.

Another panel discussion will take place after a short break on the topic of Customer-Centric Transformation, Knitting Customer, and Employee Experiences Together to Scale Customer Centricity Cultures. The panelists for this would be Sarindar Kaur Frost at Maersk, Fabian Lua, Kean Yew Lim from Coca-Cola, Babul Balakrishnan, Global Head of Customer Care, Thunes, and Pamela Choong.

A lightning talk session will take place at 12:15 on the topic of how to drive multi-dimensional brand loyalty with 360-degree customer engagement. Where one can learn about How to nurture brand advocacy through omnichannel engagement as well as how to leverage data-driven customer insights to personalize experiences.

Be a part of an extravagant panel discussion on the topic of the Importance of Customer Lifetime Value for CX Leaders. Panelists for this would be Upma Vermani of Adidas, Kaisen Wang and Bharati Amarnani.

The event will end with a closing remark and a networking buffet at 13:30

Tickets for the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

Tickets for the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit

The tickets for the grand event the Chief Customer Experience Officer Summit are available in two phases, a summit pass, and a vendor pass. Both the passes have different prices and will cover a set of separate features.

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