The most extravagant event of the year, which has been specially brought forth for the C-Suite executives from various fields and even the brands, the Chief Transformation Office Summit (CTrO) is officially taking place on 25 October this year. Being promoted by the agenda of Managing Change to Achieve Strategic Business Outcomes, the event is all set to bring together some of the most well-known industry leaders, promoters, and even associates under one roof at Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Singapore.

About Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024

Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2023

The event that goes by the name of the Chief Transformation Officer Summit also called as CTrO is about to harness the huge organizational change that will drive new growth. CTrO will be revealing the most influencing topics while this event takes place. It will have such a few topics that will keep you, as an attendee stuck to your chair and blown within your minds.

Looking at the big picture, the CTrO will consider people's responses and then talk about data and infrastructure that too in a cross-functional way. This whole agenda makes it sure that the seamless transformation across organizations, and transformational leadership positions are growing rapidly within their niche. They are growing in popularity and they are also high in demand.

The innovators from all the fields will be present and the same people will be up close to share or discuss some of the thought-provoking ideas. The business event will look after the subjects of the Importance of Customer Lifetime Value for CX Leaders

And will talk about how to enhance the customer journey and lifetime value through a unified experience?, Understand the impact of the customer journey with mapping and analysis, as well as Connect with the consumer better, making their journey smoother.

With a number of lightning talks, you can even learn about brand loyalty and also about 360-degree customer engagement.

Why should you attend the Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024?

If you are a business owner or a business enthusiast. This event has been specifically planned to target you. Yes, the main audience for Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024, is businessmen who are seeking ways to connect to a larger audience base or are the ones who are already on a regal stage and would love to help anyone in need.

This is the event, that will give a platform to inspire the players in the business field, to encourage new talent, and to grow together. You can join the Chief Transformation Officer Summit to learn more about the highly demanding segments of businesses.

Also, you can meet the best influencers as well as the ones who have come up with a number of innovations, who have recently stepped into their business fields, and who are in the early stages.

Meet the companies, such as Philips, Prudential, BigPay, Kellogs, Alfagomma, DBS, L’Oreal, and more. You can be a part of a huge variety of industries such as Banking, Insurance, Personal care products, Manufacturing, FinTech, Healthcare, and more.

If you as an attendee want to meet the real estate industry specialist, you are in for a treat. The said event, Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024 will have a number of panel discussions and speakers who belong to this field. These speakers will also be the ones who will share their experiences and guide you through what comes next in your journey of climbing up within your niche.

From IBM, Sephora, Hindustan Unilever, Lenovo, and Munich RE the event has been all set to also have great names such as Schneider Electric, Syngenta, Standard Charted Nomura, and more.

Speakers at Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024

Speakers at Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2023

The speakers list is full of experienced players, who have seen it all, experienced it all, and are ready to share it all with you.

To begin with, Zhu Kuang Lee, who is the Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer, at HSBC, will be one of the speakers at the Chief Transformation Officer Summit this year. Joining him will be Munich RE, Chief Transformation Officer, Veema Ramsing, along with Ingo Laubender, Chief People Officer at foodpanda, Nathan Sri, the Executive Director as well as the Work Experience guide at JLL, Andreas Kurz, Global Head of Digital Transformation, Alfagomma Group, Arvind Mathur, the Chief Information Officer at Kellogg's.

Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024 Schedule

The event will begin at sharp 9 AM on October 25. During the early hours, the registration will be held along with a speed networking and breakfast session. This will lead to the chairperson's introduction & overview, followed by an opening speech about key CX trends and insights as well as the forecast related to the CX field.

At 9:50 AM a panel will begin that will be held on Defining the Cross-Silo Nature of Effective Customer Experience Efforts followed by another panel discussion on Knitting Customer and Employee Experiences Together to Scale Customer Centricity Cultures.

Sharp at 12:30 the topic of the Importance of Customer Lifetime Value for CX Leaders will be held in a roundtable discussion. This discussion will be held by Upma Vermani, Kaizen Wang, and also Bharati Amarani.

Passes for Chief Transformation Officer Summit

Passes for Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2023

The passes for the grand event Chief Transformation Officer Summit 2024 are available in two separate segments. The Summit Pass and the Vendor Pass. Both the passes have different prices and cover a set of different events

Venue for Chief Transformation Officer Summit

This is the most renowned venue in all of Singapore. The Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Garden Ballroom situated on level 1 has been selected to be the experience for the guests and attendees for the Chief Transformation Officer Summit, this year. The hotel is located at 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore.

We are proud to be the media partner of such a grand event and we readily hope to catch up with you during the event. Let's meet at the Chief Transformation Officer Summit and have a few words together.

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