Looking for a Clever Ads review? Or stuck either to go with Clever Ads or not? Well, this article is for you; I'll be mentioning some of the key features offered by Clever Ads; in addition to that, the integrations that can help you in making Clever Ads an excellent companion by your side in terms of Google ads creation, management, and optimization.

So, let's take a deeper dive into what is Clever ads and how they can help you in up-scaling your game in advertising strategy. But, first, let's take a quick look at what Clever Ads is and have an overview of how it can help you.

Honest Clever Ads Review – What is Clever Ads?

Clever Ads Review

Clever Ads is a free tool that can help create, optimize and manage your Google ads campaigns in an easy go. In addition to this, Clever Ads offers two different paths for making things easier in terms of the creation of Google ads and the second part with optimization and management of those Google ads.

From an advertiser's perspective, Clever Ads have managed to drag both of these parts in understanding how one can use Clever Ads in making things work for keyword planner, site audit, banner ads and much more; we'll get to that later in the sections. But before getting into what these features are, let's take a look at who can use Clever Ads?

Who can Use Clever Ads? – Clever Ads Review

If you are an advertiser or someone who is indulged in marketing and advertising campaigns, Clever Ads can be an excellent resort for you. In addition to that, if you are someone who is often indulged in Google ads, Ad auditing, etc., having a tool that can help you with these similar parameters can be an excellent thing for management and optimization of them.

As a bottom line, it can be said that Clever Ads is an excellent tool for advertisers, marketers and individuals who are looking for something more in terms of ads management, creation and optimization. I have already mentioned a lot about creating, managing and optimizing your Google ads, but how should we attain it? Well, let's get into the features offered by Clever ad that can be helpful for the above-mentioned parameters.

Key Features of Clever Ads – How Clever Ads Boost Your Ads performance?

Similar to any other tool available in the market, Clever ads offer pretty much similar features in terms of ad management. Still, the integrations and the Premier Google Partner Tag makes the whole difference. But what are these features in creation, optimization and management? I'll mention these different features by dividing them into two parts first one is the creation, and the second is management & optimization, Let's take a look at them.

Creation – Clever Ads Review

Clever Ads offers multiple solutions in terms of creation which include different sections such as Google ad promo codes, Google ads creator, keyword planner and banner creator. So let's take an overview of how these ads tools/features in creating better Google ads:

1. Google Ads Promo Codes

Clever Ads Google Ads Promo Codes

As an advertiser, you might have come across a number of Google ads and understand how costly these ads can turn out to be; well, having a Google ads promo code by your side can be a great thing in upscaling your advertising operations; think of this like, you have just applied a $500 off promo code on your Google ads, now you can use these extra/saved 500 bucks for multiple things like getting along with better ads campaigns and covering a bit more than where you were getting without those extra 500 bucks.

Overall, saver deals for advertisers and marketers. In addition to that, its worth mentioning that Clever Ads is a free-to-use tool, so saving some extra bucks on your advertising operations without spending any on the tool seems like a great deal to me.

2. Google Ads Creator

Clever Ads Google Ads Creator

Clever Ads offers this section for the creation of ads, where you can get along with Ads creation in a few simple steps and that too with the help of Google certified experts. This process basically involves the use of ads automation with certified ad experts working under a 4 step process which includes:

3. Free Keyword Planner

Clever Ads Free Keyword Planner

This can turn out to be an excellent thing when it comes to keyword planning, as you can access different keywords and filter out the results depending upon your needs and targeting audience. Well, filtering and keyword research can help you find the keyword opportunities that can help you perform a complete keyword research operation. This basically involves some easy steps such as:

4. Banner Creation

Clever Ads Banner Creation

Since we are all indulged in advertising, you might have an idea of how important banner creation can turn out to be; well, Clever Ads have made this process a bit easy-going as you can get along with generating banner ads in seconds and that too in some simple steps, let's take a quick look around what else does this banner maker in Clever Ads has to offer:

  • Create banners automatically, well, I pretty much liked this feature, as all you need to do is enter the domain in the banner creation tool, and you are already done with texts, images, and logos.
  • Choose templates: Just in case you are not satisfied with the automatically created results for banner ads/display ads, you can get along with templates offered by Clever Ads.

These were some of the key features that can be included in the creation part of the Clever Ads, and now comes the optimization and management part. Let's take a look at the features that can be included in the optimization and management part.

Optimization and Management Tools for Advertisers – Clever Ads Review

Since we are all done with the creation part, let's take a look at what are the tools offered in the optimization and management part.

1. Google Ads Campaign Audit

Google Ads Campaign Audit

This can be considered as an excellent thing that can be used for making things easy going for you Google Ads, having a Google Ads Audit can help you in a lot of factors as you get a better overview of how things are going, which can later be used for improving depending upon them.

2. Slack Integration for Ads

Slack Integration for Ads

This can be termed as an excellent way of making things pretty great in terms of ad management. Well, this integration with Slack can help you in managing your ads for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads. The Slack integration can be an excellent feature as it offers a number of things such as:

  • Metrics: The metrics offered for Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Ads can help understand different campaigns parameters such as impressions, conversions, clicks and much more.
  • Graphs: Having a graph can come out to be an excellent thing when it comes to managing different aspects and keeping an overview of how different things can turn out to be. The graphs can turn out to be a great thing for keeping an eye on the go along different things like conversions, impressions, costs, etc.
  • Get along with scheduled reports: Won't it be great if you can get an overview of how things are going? Well, reports can be called off as an excellent way of making things get along with different parameters on the go. Well, Clever Ads has made things pretty clear when it comes to scheduled reporting, as you can get a metric summary on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Improvement Tips: In addition to everything that I have mentioned above, getting tips for improvement in your Facebook Ads or Google Ads can be an excellent thing in itself. Which, as a result, can help you in modifying campaign targets, type of campaigns, or even adjusting the campaign budget.

3. Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Like the Slack integration, Clever Ad also offers excellent integration for the Microsoft Teams. This Microsoft teams integration, as a result, lets you receive custom alerts directly on teams chat; you can also have graphs made specifically for your advertising accounts; this can be an excellent feature in sharing the metrics and analytics with others (using Microsoft teams).

4. Google Sheets

Well, this cannot be termed as a feature but can be called as an add-on, as this enables you to get the data sourced from a data source over the excel sheet; as a result, it can help you in delivering better marketing and advertising campaigns. This Google sheet add on basically involves 3 simple steps:

  • Data Choosing: Choose your source data from different platforms like Facebook, Microsoft and Google Ads.
  • Data Reports: You can get all your data reports saved on the go from different data sources that I have mentioned ago.
  • Use these Reports: Since you have already got an idea about the data that you have got, now you are all set to get these levels (ads, campaigns, search queries and much more). As a result, you can use these data reports to make things easy going for decision making.

5. Google Chat Bot

Clever Ads Google Chat-Bot

I was kind of pretty amazed after knowing that Clever Ads offers a Google chatbot in itself as an add-on feature. This add-on feature can be an excellent way of making things easy-going when it comes to getting metrics and PPC-related data on the go. In addition to this, you can also add your own alerts that will be triggered only when certain thresholds are met; you can also get some extra tips that can be used for optimizing Google Ads and Ads strategies.

6. Ads Manager by Clever Ads

Ads Manager by Clever Ads

The ad manager here refers to the app offered by Clever Ads, which can be used for managing all your online advertising campaigns for different platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads. The ads manager by Clever Ads can be an excellent way of making things easy in terms of:

And here comes the end of some of the key features by Clever Ads; the features offered by Clever Ads are so far excellent in both the aspects of creating ads and the optimization and management of those ad campaigns.

Since we are now all done with the key features and everything, now comes the price of using Clever Ads (one of the best free advertising tools in the market). Let's have a bit of discussion regarding the pricing plan by Clever Ads.

Clever Ads Pricing Plans – Is Clever Ads Free to Use?

Clever Ads Pricing Plans

The answer to this question is a yes and no; let me clear this up quickly. Overall, the tool is excellent for the creation, optimization and management of ad campaigns. Basically, all the features that I have mentioned above are free to use, whereas some of the features have some additional pricing plans; these paid (free option available) features include Clever Ads Manager, Slack integration and Microsoft team integration.

The Ads Manager offers 3 different plans, including the basic, pro and unlimited plans; the basic plan (free of cost), the pro plan costs around $3.99/month, whereas you can also get along with the unlimited plan for $99 (one-time payment).

The Slack integration has two different plans, the basic plan and the pro plan; as I have stated above, the basic plan is the free plan with some limited criteria to use, whereas the pro plan costs around $15/month, which gives you some additional features in terms of alerts, reports, etc.

The Microsoft team integration is very similar to the slack integration I mentioned above. This similarity refers to all the things such as reports, alerts, and smart reports. The pricing plans are pretty similar in terms of services offered for both Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Are clever ads free?

Clever Ads is free software that allows you to simply develop, manage, and optimize Google Ads campaigns. Businesses can use the Google Ads Creator to create Search and Display Campaigns, as well as the Google Ads Promo Code, to begin offering their products for free.

Why would someone want to run ads?

With Google Marketing Platform's online advertising tools, you can create and customize your campaigns, manage ad spending, measure results, and optimize ad spending by testing multiple versions of your ads.

How can online advertising help a business?

Online advertising can help a business by reaching more customers. Online advertising also cuts costs since businesses only pay when their ads are clicked on.

How do our online advertising tools work?

You will be able to create ad campaigns on Google, Microsoft, and other platforms, conduct keyword research, and create customized banner packs using our free online advertising tools. All due to our system, which is built on machine learning and AI and will be your best ally in the marketing department.

How effective is online advertising?

Online advertising is highly effective, and continues to grow at a rapid rate. An eMarketer study shows that 89% of internet users use the internet as their main news source.

Are Clever Ads safe?

Clever Ads is a Premier Google Partner and an Elite Microsoft Partner with over 150,000 valued customers; you can be assured that the process is completely safe and secure.

What are the advantages of our online advertising tools?

We have a variety of online advertising tools to help you promote your business. With our tools, you may benefit from fully optimized campaigns that meet the requirements of each online search engine, customized banner packs, producing the best keyword research for your paid campaigns and SEO, as well as connecting your reports with your preferred communication channels allowing you to target your audience.

Does online advertising increase sales?

Yes, online advertising increases the sales of both online and offline businesses. Online campaigns increase sales at retail cash registers more than they do on advertisers' websites.

Conclusion: Clever Ads Review – Is Clever Ads worth your time & money?

And the answer to this is a complete yes, as Clever Ads is a Premier Google Partner, so I guess the reliability won't much be an issue. In addition to that, something that really impressed me a lot was its integration with different platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack.

As an overview, it can be said that Clever Ads offers some great features for creating, optimizing and management of Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads and Instagram Ads. The metrics, graphs, and add-on bot with alerts offered are some of the key points that make Clever Ads an excellent choice to get along with.

Hopefully, this article will have helped clear most of the questions and queries you might be having for Clever Ads.

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