As an online business owner or a marketer, you know that advertising is a really challenging sphere. You need to get your product or service in front of as many people as possible, but traditional advertising methods are expensive and often don't produce the desired results.

Affiliate marketing is a rapidly developing sphere that allows many marketers and brands to grow and develop in a short time period. Of course, there are a lot of different advertising networks which can help to drive traffic for your offers.

One of them is the Clickadu advertising network – a premium ad network that delivers high-quality traffic at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. With Clickadu, you can easily track the performance of your ads, so you know exactly what you're getting for your money.

Let us check out Clickadu in detail.

Clickadu is one of the best ad networks for promoting your offer. It has nearly 6 billion ad impressions daily, 240 GEOs coverage, and 22 verticals for promotion – more than any other network has. The platform works with 3500+ direct publishers.

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What is Clickadu? Detailed Clickadu Review

Clickadu Review

The platform offers 7 advertising formats: Banners, Popunder, Push notifications, InPage push, SKIM, Video, and Instant text message. The daily amount of traffic for each ad format can be found down below.

Average Traffic Amount by Clickadu

Average Traffic Amount:

  • Banner Ads: 800 Mln
  • Popunder: 230 Mln
  • Push notifications: 3.3 Bln
  • Video: 18 Mln
  • Inpage: 200 mln
  • Instant Text Message: 4 Mln
  • SKIM: 3 Mln

Available price models: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM

Available price models and Top GEOs by Clickadu

Clickadu has its own Self Serve platform which is really convenient and helpful to start campaigns right away. You can start and scale your campaigns, adjust targetings, gather analytics, and track the performance of your ads within Clickadu SSP. Moreover, the platform allows you to work with 100% control and clear analytics done all by yourself.

Within the platform, you can do many target setups. You will be able to use traffic inventory on a full scale. Browser version, device type, OS, GEO, and many more points are included.

The best-performing verticals at Clickadu traffic are Gambling, E-commerce, Tools & Utilities, VPN, APK, Social & Entertainment apps, Food delivery & Taxi, and Smart links.

The best-performing verticals at Clickadu traffic

Clickadu has a very dedicated and responsible support team and assigned personal accountants. They will always help you to solve any issues you face and give you a hand in any situation. Your personal manager will always be glad to help you understand current trends, adjust your campaign settings, and give you some tips on your performance and scaling.
You also can be sure of the traffic's high quality. Clickadu uses many tools and professional moderators to detect, prevent and block fraud, scams, and poor-quality traffic. Moreover, each website is inspected inside and out by high-security software and dedicated team members.

Clickadu offers quite a list of possible payment methods. You can top-up your balance using multiple methods: bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, and Paxum.

Main benefits of Clickadu

As we said before, there are serious reasons to choose Clickadu as your main traffic source. So let’s conclude with platforms’ main benefits:

  • User-friendly SSP – A toolkit to ensure statistics transparency and campaign automation
  • Fast campaign moderation – You’re a coffee break away from launching a campaign to getting traffic
  • Fraud and bot filters – Machine Learning-based algorithm to filter poor quality
  • Multiple payment methods – More than five solutions to cash out or top up your balance
  • 360° Ad coverage – Your product will get noticed for sure with a wide variety of ad formats
  • Qualified support team – A team of expert managers concerned about your success

The main features for advertisers are

  • 5.8Bln worldwide traffic fresh from the direct publishers
  • 7 ads formats that can be mixed for a better result
  • 22 verticals – more than in any advertising network
  • 4 pricing models to choose: CPM, CPC, SmartCPA, SmartCPM
  • Advanced Multi-DC communication that reduces discrepancies
  • In-house traffic quality control
  • Dedicated support & managers team

Publishers’ features:

  • 41К+ active campaigns daily that create a high traffic demand.
  • CPM up to $9
  • Clean feed
  • Weekly payments (at $50) with no hold via PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Crypto-wallets, and Wire.
  • Referral program that will give you up to 5% of publishers' revenue who registered via your referral link
  • Stable and high CPMs for webmasters
  • Strong fill rates help to maximize revenue
  • Clean ads, no malware, and viruses
  • Clickadu offers a good level of support via email and Skype among other methods
  • Various settings for the frequency of ad impressions. Amount, range, limits on CSS Classes, Up\Under
  • Setting up an advertising feed. Restrictions on certain undesirable products\offer verticals

FAQs on Clickadu Review 2024

✅ What Is Clickadu?

ClickAdu is a premium digital advertising network for publishers and advertisers to increase their revenue with the help of the latest features available.

✅ How many functionalities have been temporarily limited by Clickadu?

The Clickadu team keeps on improving their system; hence few are temporarily limited like SmartCPA campaigns, Traffic Estimator, Tracking system, and Credit Card payments.

✅ What is the minimum deposit amount for campaigns for advertisers?

The minimal budget is $50, but the more an advertiser can invest, the greater the returns they will get because more people will be exposed to the ads.

✅ What are the available payment options for publishers? 

Clickadu accepts multiple payment options, like Paxum, PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, and Crypto wallets.

✅ Is Legit?

Absolutely yes, the tool is a premium multi-format ad network having the best of features for advertisers and publishers. Moreover, the user base of Clickadu is in millions, and this itself highlights how trustworthy the tool is!


Clickadu is a top WW network with multiple ad formats, many GEOs, and verticals, impressive ad performance, and huge traffic inventory. There are many obvious benefits of the platform, so we highly recommend starting working with Clickadu.

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