When we write an article, only the half job is done.

Even after content writing, many steps need to be taken if you want your content to rank.

One of the most crucial steps is on-site optimization. Even if your blog is nearly perfect but lacks the required keywords and Meta tags, there is a high chance your boat won't survive on the Google boat.

To make your content highly optimized, one needs to understand the difference between the following words first.

Content writing and content optimization are both different terms. Content writing involves the process of planning, writing, and editing web content.

The one who writes a particular content must have the initial idea of their target audience's taste. If one lacks in determining the nature of the audience, they won't be able to attract them.

However, if they make a proper guideline of the content before initiating the writing, there is a higher chance that their audience will fall in their troop.

Content optimization comes after the writing process. SEO involves the process of improving your blog or website to increase its availability among the audience.

If someone wants their content to be SEO-friendly, they need to stuff the article with the necessary keywords. The more relevant keyword your article has, the better it will be visible to the audience.

Our topic for today is a content optimization tool called ClickFlow. This software labels itself to be different than others in the market because of its few qualities.

We will let you know all about this software in our ✅ClickFlow Review. Let us get started.

ClickFlow Review

As we already mentioned before, ClickFlow is a content optimization tool that helps to increase the visibility of your existing content.

If your content lacks the necessary keywords, titles, or backlinks, it won't reach the target audience.

There are various SEO tools available in the market that helps in content optimization. There are a few that aids in link building and technical SEO. But did you hear about any tool that aids in on-site optimization?

You might have heard about some tools that only among ClickFlow offer this feature.

Different SEO optimization tools have other intentions, but the only purpose of ClickFlow is to target the existing pages.


For instance, it focuses on the articles that you might have already published a few months back, but that particular article is not ranking among its competitors.

When you know what ClickFlow is and how it benefits the existing article, it’s time to see why SEO optimization is vital for content ranking.

There are ways to perform SEO, and if it’s done correctly, more audience starts trusting your brand. If you want to increase your brand visibility among the audience, there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind.

When you search for a product online, your trust lies more in the top 5 results of your search engine. Applying proper SEO tactics helps your website rank and be visible to the target audience.

The other essential thing is your site's visibility. If your target audience cannot find your site when trying to purchase something, then there! Your opportunity is missed!

SEO aids in organic research, which in turn helps you with web traffic. Also, with the help of SEO, your content is reached the target audience.

And the more relevant audience that visits your site, the higher is the possibility of that qualified prospect turning into a customer.

There is no doubt in the fact that the more your site appears among the search engines like Google and Bing, the more trust your potential customers will develop in it.

When proper keywords are stuffed into the article, the better chance of it to reach the people searching for it; with renowned search engines, people start trusting the reviews or recommendations of your site. Hence it increases sales.

There are specific steps that one needs to follow if they want ClickFlow to perform better.

It is not a hard science to understand this platform as any beginner can begin with using it. Just focus on the following steps:

Step 1: Title and Meta Description to increase the visibility.

ClickFlow Title And Description

This feature helps when your blog or site ranks among its competitors, but sales conversion is still low.

That happens because your site's title and Meta description have not had enough keywords to hit the target audience.

With ClickFlow's help, enter more enticing Meta descriptions and title tags and split tests to achieve the source of the target audience.

Step 2: Understand on-site optimization.

Even when your existing content cannot reach the target audience, the reason behind it could be a lack of keyword stuffing.

on-site optimization

With ClickFlow, discover thousands of relevant keywords, base your article on that base, and see the magic!

This tool helps to vanish the gap between the content writers and editors. Enter a target keyword, let your content writer do its magic, and pass the further responsibility to ClickFlow.

Step 3: Identify content decay

There might be various reasons for your existing content not to rank on the search engine. With the help of ClickFlow, you can easily understand the limitations of your existing content.

Identify content decay

In simple words, understand the content decay and the reasons behind the issue.

Once you know the problem, you can quickly refresh your existing pages and win your traffic.

ClickFlow Features

Let us understand ClickFlow by breaking down its features:

1. It allows you to GROW

As soon as you enter the software, the first thing that you will see is the dashboard. The first notification of ClickFlow will be about the thing that you need to focus on first.

The recommendation can be categorized on the following basis:

  • First are the ones that require your immediate attention and A/B testing.
  • Second is the category of all the existing pages that lacks traffic.

As we already described above, content decay lets you get through all the issues that may have been in your pages. As soon as you click on the reports, it shows all the pages under the category and requires immediate attention.

Also, it helps you to know why organic traffic has taken a u-turn from reaching the target.

2. Content Editor

The main work of the content editing feature is to scan SERPs for your necessary keywords. It also helps you to determine which keywords will be better to go with your content.

Other than this, it also lets you know the word count of similar articles that rank on the search engine. In that way, you can easily understand the average word count you need for your ongoing article.

Apart from this, it also offers content briefs. With the help it, you can easily base your article. You also get suggested title tags so that you can use them during your article building.

This is the most common feature of this software and needs minimum assistance.

3. Content Decay

If a few articles on your site were a hit when they were newly published, and the traffic was also good, that does not mean that this will affect the status forever!

With time, the content value starts to fade is no more a part of the hit team because of its outdated algorithm.

In this case, it might be a little too difficult to understand the issue with Google Analytics. But with the content decay feature, you get a detailed report of all the problems of your selected articles.

In this way, you can update your content and bring the old magic back. Or you can re-promote the content by presenting it to the audience as a new one.

4. Experiments

This feature that you won't be able to ignore and sets ClickFlow to stand out among the other ones. Let us see how it works:

For instance, if you have a particular article or page on your site that requires your most attention. You can adopt multiple ways to increase the page's visibility by building backlinks or by stuffing keywords.

But amidst the basic concepts, we forget the most under-rated and practical feature: organic click-through rate.

Even though if you bring the necessary changes in your title tags or Meta description, it is impossible to know the future performance of your page.

After all, in the places where human behavior and nature are involved, it’s not easy to predict the ranking of your sources.

The next best thing you can do is practically experiment first before bringing the change into the actual content. Earlier, this process was entirely manual, and it was tough to go through.

But ClickFlow makes it an automatic process that shows results in no time! You have to let ClickFlow know what changes you wish to make, and it will immediately initiate the process of tracking.

You get the results in 30-days. After the span, if the test was successful, you can keep the changes. Or, if there's an issue, you can always re-run another test.

The pricing plan of ClickFlow is pretty straightforward. You only get 2 pricing plans here.

ClickFlow Pricing

The first one is the starter plan that is priced at $109/mo. Under this option you get, Sites up to 10k/mo Google Search Console clicks.

The other one is a Professional plan, and the pricing plan of this plan is customizable. This option is best for sites that require 10k+/mo search clicks.

There is no free plan, but you do get an introductory trial at $1.

The only downside of this software is that there is no proper support plan. No live chat, no phone call, or not even a ticket support system you get. If you have any issues with the software, you are on your own.

The good thing is, ClickFlow is that not that tough to understand.

And there is a Blogs section that comprises a few videos. These videos can be used to understand ClickFlow better.

And you do get to get in touch with the team via the email option. The email id is help@clickflow.io.

✅What is ClickFlow?

ClickFlow is an SEO content optimization tool that allows businesses and marketing agencies to test meta descriptions and title tags and add relevant keywords to content to increase organic traffic.

✅How much does ClickFlow cost?

The starter is $109/month & covers sites with 10k or fewer clicks from Google per month.

✅What is ClickFlow used for?

ClickFlow offers the following functionalities:

➤A/B Testing
➤Content Management
➤Google Analytics Integration
➤Keyword Tracking
➤Link Management
➤Rank Tracking
➤Revenue Management

✅Is Clickflow offering FREE Trial?

Yes, Clickflow offers a 14-Days Free Trial.

✅Who are the typical users of ClickFlow?

ClickFlow has the following typical customers:
➤Large Enterprises
➤Mid Size Business
➤Small Business

✅Does ClickFlow offer an API?

No, ClickFlow does not provide an API.

The only question that arises after getting to know ClickFlow is this software is worthy enough?

The answer to this question is a big YES!

ClickFlow helps you with all your content customization needs. It fills the void of your SEO that you did not even know was missing!

It lets you know about the errors that are too tough to point out manually.

And I must say, ClickFlow does an excellent job!

Give this software a try and do your site a favor.

If you have any doubts or suggestions about the article, they are welcome in the comments section below.🙂

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