Searching for the best in terms of offering the best cloud server-based services is pretty tricky, and this is where a VPS service provider company like can help you.

In this review, we'll be talking about the major aspects that make an excellent option for some and not so excellent for others. It is worth mentioning that has been in this industry for the last 15 years.

What is – Review in a Nutshell

Clouding Review is a cloud-based VPS company that offers some excellent services in different things such as VPS, API, Anti DDOS, and services/servers on different operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, and CentOS. The list goes on and on, and the changes can be made depending on your requirements.

The services were started in 2016 and have been expanding ever since then. offers even more and more in terms of the software, control panel and much more. The software and even get into more options such as installing WordPress, Prestashop, Magneto, Ghost, and much more. We'll dive deeper into all these tools later in the section.

Configurable Servers by

The Configurable servers by can be considered a standalone feature offered by for its users. These different parameters can be chosen based on your needs; some of the primary factors that are configurable in are as follow:

All these changes can be made depending upon your needs and everything. The major factor that might make a difference in the pricing is the license option; other than that, the price change is pretty much similar to other similar service providers. It can be said that the price range for cloud-based services is pretty much into affordable pricing.

Create an Account on – Is Secure?

Create an Account on

Creating an account on is pretty simple as you don't need to fill in a long list of details; all this can be done in a few simple steps. Here are some of the steps that can be used for account creation on

  • Get along with “Create an Account.”
  • Now, since you are all set, you can get along with the Signup process.
  • After the basic information is needed, you can make your way around the verification.
  • You can get the verification process done while choosing from different options such as “Confirm your email” or “Validate your phone number.”

 In addition to all this, you can also get yourself a €5 gift by clicking on the link given below. Features at a Glance – What is used for? Features offers some great features for its users. The key features include.

1. Anti DDOS – Review


This feature can be considered a major feature that makes a popular choice. The Anti-DDOS system basically works in certain systems making it an excellent choice; it gets along with 3 different levels of staging, two stages are from the local filtration process, one is for the local filtering in hypervisors, and the other one is for the local filtering in the central firewall. The last filtration process basically involves external filtering internationally. 

What is Anti-DDOS?

Anti-DDOS is a term that describes any action taken to prevent a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. The main goal of an anti-DDOS strategy is to stop an attack at its source by neutralizing the attacker's ability to launch a DDoS attack. There are many different ways that organizations can implement an anti-DDOS strategy, including:

DDOS attacks

DNS poisoning DDoS protection systems DDoS protection services DDoS mitigation tools In addition to preventing DDoS attacks from occurring, anti-DDOS efforts can also help organizations reduce the cost and impact of a successful DDoS attack. By stopping an attack before it has a chance to take hold, you can limit the amount of data loss and server downtime that your organization will experience.

Some of the most common types of DDOS attacks include: 

  • SYN floods

A SYN flood is an attack that involves sending many SYN packets (the TCP connection request) to a target system in order to overwhelm it and prevent it from servicing existing connections.

SYN flood
  • UDP flooding

A UDP flood is similar to an SYN flood but instead uses UDP packets instead of TCP. IPv4/IPv6 flooding – An IPv4/IPv6 flood is an attack that uses both IPv4 and IPv6 packets in order to overwhelm a target system and prevent new data from being received.

UDP flooding
  • Creating your own cloud server

One thing that makes a good-to-go cloud computing service provider is creating your own server in just 30 seconds. In addition to all this, you can also access some of the other features such as:

Creating your own Cloud Server

2. KVM Hypervisor – Review

KVM Hypervisor

Another key feature worth mentioning over here is the KVM Hypervisor. The cloud hosting service offered by is pretty much okay, and upto the mark.

KVM Hypervisor is considered one of the best hypervisors in the market; it is worth mentioning that offers some great features in terms of hardware visualization as well; this includes KVM, ESXi and Xen in HVM mode. As a result of using KVM Hypervisor for cloud hosting, the user gets the best performance, maximum security and stability.

3. Triple Replica System – Review

Triple Replica System -

One of the important features which offers is the Triple Replica System. The system is helpful for letting the system/server/application get a better uptime without falling into any issues or problems. The Triple Replica system is a technical solution that has been discussed and researched for several years. It's an attempt to solve the problem of a single point of failure in cloud servers. The Triple Replica system is designed to be as reliable as possible and guarantee that your data will never be lost or corrupted.

The Triple Replica system consists of three different computers: 1st replica, 2nd replica and 3rd replica. They communicate with each other in order to ensure that all data is safe and secure. This system can be applied to cloud servers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as well.

It is especially useful when there are a lot of users accessing a particular resource. It's important to note that the Triple Replica system can only work in conjunction with cloud servers. It cannot be used on local or hardware servers.

4. SSD and NVMe – Review

One of the crucial factors which should be kept in mind is its storage; having a Solid-state drive system for cloud computing services can result in faster services. There was a time when servers were working on Hard disk drives (HDD). Well, you might be amazed to know that some of the big server providers are still using HDD for storage; not only is HDD slow, but it is a bit insecure as compared to SSDs.

The benefits of using SSD for storage are many, but two stand out as the most important. First, SSDs offer huge performance increases over traditional hard drives. This is because SSDs have much faster read and write speeds than their HDD counterparts. Consequently, you can expect to see a significant speed boost when installing an SSD in your system.

Another benefit of using an SSD is that it's less likely to suffer from data loss or corruption than a traditional hard drive. This is because solid-state drives use flash memory rather than mechanical parts to store data, so they're more reliable. SSDs also have a lower energy consumption rate than HDDs, so they're more environmentally friendly as well.

Finally, they're also more durable than HDDs and can be used in harsher environments without suffering damage. In short, if you're looking for a high-performance storage solution with plenty of benefits to go along with it, an SSD is your best bet.

The use of SSD & NVMe in cloud storage can help in making things better for your business, site or app, whatever you might be using. In simple words, the use of SSD and NVMe enterprise in can help in: Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

Well, it is worth mentioning that the pricing plans by fall into the category of the affordable plan. As I have already mentioned before, you can work your way along with the plans that cost you at the cost per hour. Basically, the price of using the cloud server is somewhat high, but the plans are pretty much affordable.

The billing for the lowest plan starts at the cost of € 0.004/hour and goes upto € 0.506/hour. You can also explore different options in order to get the best for you. Pricing

Top FAQ on

What is is all about cloud servers. The company provides low-cost VPS on the cloud, as well as premium resources & a free trial with a bonus credit if you take it. One of its best features is its fantastic support.

Which plan should I choose? would help if you began with a lower-cost plan. You can always upgrade later. can assist you with the transition to a more expensive plan. The increase in visitors often takes longer than expected, and you should not spend much money until the need arises. Of course, your requirements may differ, and you can consult with a hosting expert.

What is the price of has several plans ranging in price from highest to lowest. The price of depends on which type of hosting plan you choose.

What operating system does use?

The system at is virtualized using KVM. When configuring your server, you can select either Linux or Windows as the operating system. It provides a client control panel through which you can manage your VPS and reduce or increase server capacity for as long as you want.

Is worth it?

Would you find a hosting company that will pay you to join it? Not likely. But apparently, does. It provides a free trial to allow you to test its service, and if you take full advantage of it, you will get a €5 free balance. Pricing is low, and you can pay by the hour. As a result, if you want to take your website offline at certain times, you won't be charged for the time & resources you don't use.

Conclusion: Review – Is worth a shot?

Yes, the features and everything which is offered by is excellent; one of the main reasons why can be an excellent choice is due to its affordability. Well, as much as I have explored different cloud service providers, it won't be wrong to say that offers some excellent features, such as SSD & NVMe Enterprise, license, images, and API (available soon) are some of the excellent features that make an excellent choice.

Another positive point that makes it an even better choice is its €5 trial bonus that can be used by you while getting along with any plan.

Hopefully, this review has helped you clear some of the doubts you might have.

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