How many times have you visited websites and seen those options popping up asking, “Can I Help You”? Yes. You got those popping ones right in the corner. Well, something similar along the lines, we will be sharing with you our in-depth CometChat Review, from which you will learn more about this platform and know how it works.

If you integrate CometChat into your website, you can not only add a chatbox to your website but also interact with your readers in numerous ways. It allows your users to send images and voice and do video chat, and a whole lot more. So before making more secrets revealed here, let's begin our CometChat Review.

What is CometChat? – CometChat Review 

Cometchat Overview

CometChat is known to be an API and also an in-app messaging tool for mobile and web apps. It offers a live chat platform for users to collaborate and connect with customers. The tool helps users to organize user's chats into groups or private chats where they can collaborate, share files and a whole lot more while maintaining their privacy.

CometChat is developed with API and Chat SDK and can be employed on your website and cloud. It enables users to video, text and voice chat with the customers, share pictures via broadcast videos and even play games using whiteboards.

Also, it comes with an in-built monetization and 92 different platforms. It also has a Real-Time Language Translation that can accurately translate live chat, so it removes the language issue out of context when users are chatting with each other from any part of the world. Plus, you can use engaging and vibrant stickers and emojis, which can make chatting more fun.

Cometchat is a leading chat solution that comes with features like Broadcast messaging, voice notes, video and voice calls, guest login support and also a fully customizable outlook and various other features. It also allows the addition of multimedia text chat to the web or mobile apps.

How to Install and Use CometChat? 

how to install and use cometchat

Cometchat is a fully configurable chat that is built on a Rock Solid Foundation. It gets quickly integrated and is also reliable with a full-featured chat experience in any mobile or web app. Also, the platform is very much flexible and designed to help users ship in-app chat easily.

Here is a quick and easy step-by-step procedure about how you can use CometChat:

  • Step 1: First, Install the SDKs which are available for iOS, Android and JavaScript. Also, they work altogether, so even the cross-platform setup is easy.
  • Step 2: The best part about CometChat is that it sets up with a single line of code and also makes the connection secure by using the same underlying protocol as WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: After that, you can begin to use your UI elements with their SDKs and build the feature and extensions you require to complete the user experience.

Features and Integrations offered by CometChat 

Features of Cometchat

CometChat is build-in with idiomatic SDKs, which are designed to help you build easily. As mentioned earlier, it is available for numerous platforms, but all of them work together, which makes cross-platform a breeze. With documentation, in-depth tutorials, and demo apps for every platform, you can quickly learn more about the platform and how it works. Let's explore some of its features and integrations.

1. 1-to-1 & Group Text Chat

This feature enables the users to send messages 1-to-1 or in groups in public, private, or even password-protected conversations.

2. Typing & Read Indicators

It signals when the users are actively typing or when sent messages are read.

3. Voice & Video Calling

ComentChat also enables users to make Voice, as well as Video, Calls like WhatsApp-style 1-to-1 or group calls.

4. Single Sign-On (SSO)

With this feature, the user can authenticate and permit a user to use one single set of login credentials.

5. Online Presence Indicators

This feature signifies the online presence or status of a user in the chat.

6. Webhooks & Bots

This feature of CometChat enables the user to send notifications to applications any time set events to happen and also an automated bot software set to do the designed tasks.

7. Rich Media Attachments

CometChat also offers support for rich media preview panels for all the popular sites.

8. Customer Support Chat

It also offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading customer support chat providers.

9. Custom Messages

Finally, CometChat also allows developers to send custom data across users and groups.

CometChat Extensions 

ComeChat is a platform that is built to scale. That's because it has cross-platform SDKs, which make it all possible.

Following are the various Extensions offered by CometChat. 

ApplozicSlow Mode
Report MessageReport User
ChatwootMessage Shortcuts
AvatarsTenor GIFS
End-to-End Encryption by Virgil Security Bitly
Tiny URLStickers 
Save MessageReminders 
Pin MessageMentions 
Email RepliesDisappearing Messages 
Collaborative Whiteboard Live Streaming by
Collaborative DocumentPolls
Voice Transcription Virus and Malware Scanner 
ReactionsRich Media Preview 
Data MaskingXSS Filter
Email NotificationsProfanity Filter
In-Flight Message ModerationImage Moderation
Link Preview Sentiment Analysis 
Smart RepliesSMS Notification 
Thumbnail generation Message Translation
Push Notifications  

Not just this, CometChat also offers Idiomatic SDKs for Your Favorite Languages. 

CometChat comes in fully designed and relentlessly tested SDKs for almost all popular technologies, including React, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, PHP/Laravel and many others.

Following are the SDKs and APIs offered by CometChat: 

  • Flutter Chat SDK 
  • Java script SDK 
  • Swift Chat SDK 
  • React Native Chat SDK 
  • React Chat SDK 
  • Angular Chat SDK 
  • Vue Chat SDK 
  • Kotlin Chat SDK 
  • Java (Android Chat SDK) 
  • jQuery Chat SDK 

Solutions Offered by CometChat 

CometChat offers solutions for every kind of chat. It has robust metadata properties which allow users to create chats based on orders uniquely. Next, it also provides options to include location-specific data. Now that something will ensure you a smooth experience for users. To do all of this, it has three features: Meta Data which allows users to create chats based on orders. Next, it has the location data that helps in customizing the user experience. And lastly, it has Moderation, where it offers Human and AI moderation options to ensure a positive experience.

So after we have looked at how CometChat offers such robust solutions, it is time to look at the various solutions provided by it.

Social Community 

CometChat offers a Real-time chat plugin for your social community platform by which you can enhance your Social Community Experience on your app or website with real-time messaging powered by CometChat's easy-to-use Chat API and SDK Plugin.

ComeChat offers White label chat. By which you can customize the look and feel of your website. Plus, it has also enabled real-time voice, video & text chat which makes your community closer by connecting users with each other. This Solution is also trusted by over +50,000 CUSTOMERS and top brands like Market Scale, Miss Malini, LootBoy and many others. 


For Dating Websites, CometChat offers support for text, voice & video chat with a single SDK to keep your users coming back. Also, the CometChat Pro provides numerous options to connect users on your platform in meaningful ways.

With CometChat, you can give the users the chat experience they expect with the support for stickers, emojis, reactions, images and more. You can even improve user engagement by offering users the ability to connect with one another via HD Video chat.


As the Edu-Tech platforms seem to be the future of the Education system, CometChat Pro offers unparalleled options to connect teachers with students in an environment which is collaborative and equally robust to facilitate distance learning.

CometChat offers teachers and students text, voice and video chat sessions to ensure concepts are communicated clearly. It also supports file sharing by which students can send their assignments to teachers and vice-versa. Plus, it has got support also for individual chats, group chats, and group video calls to improve teacher and student collaboration.

Live Streaming and Events

To create a fun, safe, interactive live chat, CometChat Pro can handle live events from hundreds and thousands of users in real time. It takes care of DevOps with its dynamic auto-scaling platform and ensures that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

CometChat’s Sentiment Analysis & Profanity Filter extensions know the objectionable content and therefore remove it from the conversation using its powerful and configurable Artificial Intelligence Engine. It also gives an excellent space where users can express themselves with the plug-and-play option for Images, Emojis, Stickers and more.


Marketplaces are highly important for businesses as no one wants to see customers take conversations outside of their platform. But with CometChat, you can improve and retain sales by connecting Buyers and Sellers on your platform in real-time.

To help you with that, CometChat has the Data Masking Extension to ensure that the buyers and sellers keep the transactions on your platform by programmatically masking personal information like phone numbers, emails and even credit card details.

And not to forget CometChat’s Email and Push Notification extensions which help in notifying sellers of new messages from potential buyers and also keep both parties more engaged on your website.


CometChat does not end here, as it can also provide you with on-demand services to ensure goods are delivered both accurately and on time. You can use CometChat to ensure that your customers have a fantastic user-experience with options for both human and AI-powered message moderation.

With CometChat’s robust metadata, you get the ability to dynamically create chats based on orders with options to include location-specific data to ensure that your users have a seamless experience.

CometChat Pricing Plans – Is CometChat Free? 

CometChat Pricing Plans

You can try CometChat for Free and that too Forever! Yes you read it right. You can use this tool without any credit card details asked. But in the Free Plan you can only:

  • Use all of the most popular core chat features* for up to 25 monthly active users
  • Widgets and pre-built UI Kits

But that's not all, RIGHT? 

So let's move ahead with the CometChat Pricing plans where we actually have Four of them. 

CometChat Startup Plan -$149/month

This plan is best for small apps & websites where you get:

  • All core & key chat features
  • Integrate using Chat Widgets, UI Kits & SDKs
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Encryption in transit (SSL/TLS) & at-rest
  • (AES 256)


  • Voice: $0.001/user per min
  • Video: $0.003/user per min

CometChat Growth Plan -$399/month

This plan is best for live apps & websites where you get all the features of the Startup Plan along with:

  • Email + SMS Notifications
  • Stickers, Reactions, Message Translations
  • Real-time document & whiteboard sharing
  • Moderation Features

CometChat Scale Plan -$749/month

This plan is best for live established apps & websites where you get all the features of the Growth Plan along with:

  • Voice transcription
  • Polls & smart replies
  • Sentiment analysis & in-flight message moderation
  • HIPAA Compliance

CometChat Custom Pricing Plan 

CometChat also offers flexible pricing plans, which are Built to Scale with Your Business. So if you have unique requirements that need to scale, you can go ahead and contact their customer service for more details. In this Custom plan, you get all the features of the Scale Plan along with the following:

  • Scale to millions of users
  • 99.9% SLA & Enterprise support with a private Slack channel
  • Shared, dedicated or on-premise deployment

Pros and Cons of CometChat Review

What does CometChat do?

ComeChat is actually a live chat platform where users can collaborate and connect with customers. It is developed with API and Chat SDK and can be deployed on a website and cloud.

Which are the technologies supported By CometChat?

The best thing about CometChat is that it can be integrated with just about any tech stack. You can use the CometChat UI Kits to implement a solution in Angular, React, iOS, Android (Java and Kotlin), Vue and React Native. And with the CometChat SDKs, you can further integrate with any stacks built with Android Java, Javascript (Web), Flutter, React Native, Ionic/Cordova/Capacitor.

How to start with CometChat?

Well, the easiest way to get started with CometChat is to Sign up and use a Sample App or the Chat widget to launch a fully functional chat app in a few minutes. Plus, there is also a sample app running in the browser in the documentation. Afterward, if you want to move forward with customizing the chat experience, you can use the UI Kit and get a fine-tuned integration with your website and mobile app.

Final Verdict – Is the CometChat the Real Shinning Comet for Users?

After doing this CometChat in-depth Review, we can conclude that it is the real tool that every business needs to flourish and make their user engagement more successful and, in turn, create more clients and expand it. It is also constantly adding more tools that owners can easily implement on their apps and websites. And with good customer support, we feel that you should go for it.

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