Looking for verified Copy.ai coupons that can help you get the highest possible discount on Copy.ai? We have listed some coupons and discount offers for Copy.ai, that can help you get the highest discount on paid plans along with a Free plan with 2k words per month to try one of the most powerful AI copywriting tools.

Copy.ai has been a popular choice for generating high-quality content for companies like Nestle, Microsoft, and Ogilvy because it has tons of use cases, BloggingWizard, 90+ Copywriting tools, and a whole lot more; you can also generate content in 29+ languages. The deals and offers that we have listed below can help you save an instant 25% on Copy.ai Plans.

Verified 25% Off Copy.ai Coupon

Get unlimited words per month with the Pro plan and save 25% on the yearly billing of this plan. Want to try Copy.ai? Also, Check Out the Copy.ai free plan.

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Copy.ai has been delivering some top-notch AI templates and this is not only limited to creative copy but also long-form content, as well as content for social media, blogs, and much more. For an AI-powered copywriting tool so good, we have tried to deliver the best Copy.ai deals for you, not only can you save around 25% on paid plans but also get you a free trial with 2000 words every month without using a credit or debit card.

So, what are you waiting for? Try redeeming the verified Copy.ai deals and coupon codes along with getting access to a Copy.ai free trial.

Copy.ai Coupons and Promo Codes (25% Off + $132 Discount)

Let's take a look at the best coupons and deals offered by Copy.ai

Deal 1– Get a Free Trial No Credit card required: Get the free trial with 2000 words per month without using your credit card. Just log in with your email and start writing!

Deal 2– Get a Pro plan for under $40 per month!: Get a Pro plan with 5 user seats at $36 on yearly billing. You can get an additional 40% off as a new user on this plan!

Deal 3– Get Unlimited words per month and Save 25% on the Pro plan:  Get unlimited words per month with the Pro plan and save 25% on the yearly billing of this plan. Get an additional 40% off on checkout on this plan as a new user

Deal 4– Get access to 90+ copywriting tools for free: Get access to more than 90 copywriting tools, blogging wizard, and other amazing tools with the free plan.

Copy.ai Coupon OffersCopy.ai Coupon Offer DetailsCopy.ai Coupon codes
Copy.ai Discount CouponFree trial of 2000 words per month without using your credit card.   Activate Deal
Copy.ai Promo Offer Get a 40% flat discount on the Pro plan for the first year (applicable for selected regions) Activate Deal
Copy.ai DealUse unlimited words per month with the Pro plan and save 25% on the yearly billing.Activate Deal
Copy.ai CouponAccess free plan and get more than 90 copywriting tools, blogging wizards, and other amazing tools.  Activate Deal

How much can I save using Copy.ai Coupons?

Using the Copy.ai coupons that we have mentioned so far, you can get a discount of up to 25% on the yearly plans of Copy.ai. This means you get access to unlimited words and save up to $156 every year!

How to Redeem Copy.ai Coupons? (Step by Step guide)

You can activate your Copy.ai coupon for 2000 free words in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Click on Activate Deal in the above table.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Get Started It’s Free button

Copy.ai Coupon

Step 3: Login using your Google or Facebook account or you can use your email address and other details to log in.

Login to get Copy.ai Coupon

Step 4: You will get a confirmation code on your registered email.

Copy.ai Discount Code

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code and then you will be redirected to this page. You can skip the questions on this page to start your free trial.

Copy.ai Promo Code

Step 6: Congratulations you have successfully activated your 2000 word free plan, now opt for the annual billing option and get an instant discount of 25%.

Copy.ai Free Plan: What does the Copy.ai Free Plan offer?

Copy.ai offers a great free plan for its users that want to experience the power of AI and generate fun content with it. The free plan offers features like Chat by Copy.ai, access to more than 90 copywriting tools, unlimited projects, and the blog wizard tool.

This plan offers 2000 words per month to its user that is renewed every month. The plan is not limited by time which means the user can keep using this plan with 2000 words per month unless they decide to upgrade to a paid plan for a higher word limit.

We recommend trying out this plan before going for a paid plan to get a better idea of the tool. You might find cool tips and tricks during this time that can make content creation even more interesting with this tool. Besides who doesn’t like free stuff?

Copy.ai Pricing Plans: How much does Copy.ai cost?

Copy.ai Pricing Plans

Apart from the free plan, Copy.ai offers two other plans as well.

Pro plan: The Pro Plan comes for $36 per month if you choose annual billing. This plan offers unlimited words, Chat by Copy.ai, unlimited projects, access to the blog wizard tool, access to the newest features, and more than 29 languages per month. With annual billing, you will be saving 25% compared to the monthly billing of this plan.

Enterprise plan: The Enterprise plan is a custom plan, you can contact the sales team based on your requirements. In this plan, you get API access, Chat Interface, and a pre-built workflows library, and also offers SOC compliance

Copy.ai Key Features at a Glance

Copy.ai offers many amazing features to its users. The features offered by Copy.ai along with use cases.

Use Cases of Copy.ai

Copy.ai offers more than 90 use cases for its users in various categories. These categories include:

  • Email Marketers: For Email marketers, the use case offers writing of Discount Emails, Follow-up Emails, Welcome Emails, Confirmation/Cancellation Emails, Cold Outreach Emails, and more.
  • Bloggers and content writers: For bloggers and content writers they can create Blog Ideas, Blog Intros, How-to Blogs, Meta Descriptions, Listicles, Long-form Content, etc.
  • Copywriters: With Copy.ai copywriters can create Landing page copy, copy based on AIDA and PAS models, Features to Benefits, Product Descriptions, and so on.
  • Social media managers: Social media managers can generate Facebook posts, YouTube descriptions, LinkedIn posts, Instagram Captions, and more.
  • Fiction and Creative Writers: Creative writers can generate Short Stories, Song Lyrics, Poetry, Dating profiles, and more with Copy.ai.
  • Business professionals and corporates: Professionals in business can generate Job Descriptions, Rejection Letters, About Us Copy, Hiring Blurb, and more with ease using Copy.ai.

More Interesting Features of Copy.ai

Apart from use cases, Copy.ai also offers features like

  • Languages: Copy.ai offers more than 29 languages to create content in the pro plan. You get languages like German, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and more. The output in different languages is great.
  • Tones: Copy.ai offers tones to create content for different intents and purposes. The feature offers 8 preset tones like Bold, Friendly, Luxury, Relaxed, Professional, Adventurous, Witty, and Persuasive.

Apart from these presets, You can also create your custom tone as per your preference.

Benefits of using Copy.ai

User-Friendly User Interface

Copy.ai has an easy-to-understand interface which means people can easily use these tools because of the simple layout. The design follows a well-known style of web service that has a navigation menu on the left and a workspace on the right. This means even new users that are unfamiliar with the tool can use it.

Familiar Text Editor

Another advantage is that the tool has a good text editor. The text editor tool feels like Google Docs but is different and it is easier compared to Microsoft Word. The tool may feel familiar to users that use blog-like content management systems

Plenty of Options

Copy.ai allows users to create various content types like marketing copy, social media post captions, social media posts, long-form content, and so on. This can be of great value to marketers and copywriters. The tool can help you to save money and time.

Fine Tuned Control

With Copy.ai users can create content in specific tones to match the context and purpose of the article. The tool also provides users with options of different frameworks like AIDA and PAS depending on the intent of the article

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What's the Best Copy.ai Coupon for Maximum Discount?

In our opinion, the best deal you can get on your Copy.ai subscription is the yearly billing on the Pro plan, Here is why.

  • The Pro plan offers unlimited words per month so you don’t have to worry about a word limit.
  • This plan offers access to all the necessary tools you need to generate amazing content
  • The Pro plan offers you access to more than 29 languages and Copy.ai’s proprietary Chat feature.
  • From a price perspective, the yearly billing of the Pro plan offers fully loaded features for less than $40 per month.
  • On the yearly billing of this plan, you get a maximum saving of 25%.

Note: Copy.ai is offering 40% off extra on this plan which means more savings. The price of this plan then comes down from $432 per year to $259 per year. This means the monthly price of this plan is now $22! This offer is only valid for new users for the first year.

BlogWizard: Create a blog in Minutes

You can create a blog easily and in a matter of minutes with Copy.ai’s BlogWizard tool. Create a brief outline before writing a blog that will help you to write effectively. A brief or outline will help you to stay on track while writing an article. The BlogWizard tool can help you to form the right outline for your blog. All you have to do is enter the title and keyword.

This will tell Copy.ai what to optimize your article for. Review your outline and verify if it's on the right track. Generate the first draft and polish the article using the rewrite paragraphs tool. This tool will help bloggers to create:

  • How to Blogs
  • Listicles
  • Blog ideas
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Feature stories

Top FAQs on Copy.ai Promo Codes and Deals

Do I need a credit/debit card to activate the free trial?

No, you do not need a credit or debit card to activate your free trial. All you need is a working email id and to create an account and activate your free trial on Copy.ai.

How long is the Copy.ai free trial?

Copy.ai offers a free trial of 2000 words per month. This free trial is not time bound this means the 2000 word, word-limit gets renewed each month.

What is the best deal for Copy.ai?

The best deal offered by Copy.ai is the Pro plan on yearly billing that brings down the price of the Pro plan from $49/month to $36/month and gives access to unlimited words and other premium features of this plan.

Does Copy.ai offer coupon codes?

Yes, if you are a new user that is planning to get the yearly billing of the Pro plan you will get an additional 40% off on checkout on this plan.

Conclusion: Get 25% Off + $132 Discount with Copy.ai Coupons

In this article on Copy.ai coupons, not only we have covered the ways to save some extra bucks but we have seen the effectiveness of Copy.ai in creating copies for marketing, long-form, and more. This tool has many uses for marketers and copywriters that need different forms of creative content with ease and quickly. This tool helps writers to write creative copies easily with the right tone and approach.

Copy.ai offers some great deals and coupons for its users that want to experience the tool as well as create with this tool. Copy.ai offers a free plan that gives limited access to some of its premium tools.

The monthly free plan is better than a free trial offered by other tools that are bound by a time limit. This AI tool is easy to use and gives high-quality output each time.

The best deal you can get on this tool is the Pro plan with yearly billing that gives 25% off to the users and even offers an additional 40% discount on checkout.

If you are looking for superb deals on many different AI tools online then stay updated with AffTweaks. We have the latest and authentic deals on AI tools along with detailed reviews and information.

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