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  • Offers over 15 targeting parameters and ensures high conversion rates and optimized ad performance
  • Provides competitive commission rates and supports various payout methods
  • Ensures a 100% fill rate and steady income even for sites with low traffic
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RATING: 4.9/5

  • Boasts over 5,282 in-house offers and a user-friendly platform with modern tools
  • Offers flexible commission structures, including CPA, CPS, and CPL, with a minimum payout of just $20
  • Provides 24/7 support, helpful tutorials, and guides,


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RATING: 4.7/5

  • Ensures audience quality with advanced anti-fraud algorithms
  • Supports various ad formats, providing extensive reach and high conversion rates
  • Offers multiple advertising models such as CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPA

Have you ever wondered how some mobile apps seem to gain users and momentum overnight? Often, it's thanks to clever user acquisition strategies involving CPI (cost per install) ad networks. These networks drive targeted app installs by only charging advertisers when users actually download and install the app.

But with so many CPI networks out there, how do you choose the best one for your needs? What metrics should you analyze to determine if a network can deliver real, high-quality users who will engage with your app? And what tactics can help maximize your CPI ad ROI?

By partnering with the best CPI network, app developers can fuel explosive growth. So which CPI ad network has what it takes to rocket your app to success?

What are CPI Ad Networks?

CPI (cost per install) ad networks specialize in driving targeted mobile app installs. They only charge advertisers when users download and install the promoted app after clicking an ad. By optimizing ads to reach high-intent users, quality CPI networks deliver customers likely to actively use and spend money within newly installed apps. This makes CPI ads ideal for app developers looking to efficiently scale user acquisition.

CPI ad networks charge per app install rather than per ad view or click. They focus on targeting users likely to install and engage with apps, making them valuable partners for app marketers pursuing growth through efficient paid user acquisition.

Why Should I Consider Joining CPI Ad Networks?

  • High-Quality Traffic: CPI Ad networks primarily focus on matching the right ad space with appropriate ads, ensuring high-quality traffic and better results for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Fraud Monitoring: Given the global threat of digital ad fraud, good CPI networks have systems in place to check for fraudulent or unwanted traffic.
  • Performance-Based Model: CPI networks operate on a performance model, meaning advertisers pay for actual installs, not just clicks or impressions. This makes CPI campaigns popular among app marketers.
  • Targeted User Acquisition: CPI networks help in scaling the app and increasing ROI by managing CPI campaigns and finding new areas of optimization.
  • Ease of Technical Aspects: CPI networks ease the technical aspects of CPI ads and provide relevant data regarding revenue, making them beneficial for publishers.

16 Best CPI Ad Networks for Publishers 2024

OGAdsNativeXDigital TurbineLeadbolt

Here's a detailed overview of the best CPI ad networks while covering all the important aspects that might help you make the right decision for your “THE ONE“.

1. Adsterra

Adsterra is a globally recognized CPI Ad Network that serves over 30 billion ad impressions monthly, with 70% of its traffic being mobile. It provides a robust platform for brands, agencies, and media buyers, offering over 20 targeting settings to deliver ads to the best-matching audiences.

Adsterra is also known for its Partner Care approach, working with more than 30K+ partners, including publishers, brands, media agencies, and affiliates. It also takes serious measures to detect, prevent, and fight fraud and scams, ensuring a secure and reliable ad network. With its emphasis on CPA marketing campaigns, Adsterra is a powerful tool for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of Adsterra Ad Network

  • Serves over 30 billion ad impressions per month.
  • Offers a variety of ad formats.
  • Provides advanced targeting options.
  • Ensures high security with in-house and third-party fraud detection systems
  • Offers an automated self-serve platform for easy campaign management.

2. HilltopAds


HilltopAds is a global ad network that offers diverse monetization opportunities for website owners and advertising agencies. Established in 2013, it provides access to a variety of ad formats, including pop-under ads, video ads, and in-page push ads, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

With its unique traffic segmentation feature based on user quality and activity, HilltopAds ensures targeted advertising campaigns for both publishers and advertisers. The platform accepts websites across various niches and offers comprehensive targeting options, allowing advertisers to refine their campaigns based on various parameters. Overall, HilltopAds is a reliable choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of HilltopAds Ad Network

  • Offers a variety of ad formats including pop-under ads, video ads, and banner ads.
  • Provides a self-serve platform for easy ad campaign launch and optimization.
  • Offers comprehensive targeting options for precise audience reach.
  • Ensures quality assurance with verified traffic.
  • Allows convenient deposits via various payment systems with a minimum deposit of $50.

3. AppLovin

AppLovin for CPI Ad Networks

AppLovin is a renowned CPI Ad Network that caters to both gaming and non-gaming application developers. It provides a platform for app and game developers of all sizes, offering a variety of ad formats and advanced targeting capabilities. AppLovin's CPI model focuses on performance, paying every time an action, such as an app install, is completed.

The network also supports cost-per-install pricing for connected TV campaigns, providing full visibility into down-the-funnel metrics. With its emphasis on performance-based campaigns, AppLovin is a compelling choice for businesses aiming to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of AppLovin Ad Network

  • Offers multi-channel growth at a massive scale.
  • Optimizes campaigns for ROAS or down-funnel events.
  • Provides end-to-end campaign management solutions.
  • Features time-saving automation and easy-to-integrate SDK.
  • Ensures brand safety with centralized monitoring and risky content detection.

4. OGAds


OGAds is a leading Content Locking Ad Network that enables affiliates, webmasters, and developers to monetize their mobile and desktop traffic by promoting iOS and Android apps, as well as content surveys and downloads for desktops.

With over 40,000 publishers on its platform, OGAds offers an easy-to-use interface, flexible customer support, and exclusive high-paying apps, and weekly burst campaigns. The platform also provides a top mobile content locker in the industry, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. Along with all this, with OGAds' advanced targeting capabilities and diverse ad formats, businesses can effectively scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of OGAds Ad Network

  • Comprehensive selection of payout methods.
  • Customizable content lockers.
  • In-house tracking software.
  • Support for both mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Offers a variety of high-paying apps and weekly burst campaigns.

5. CPA.House


CPA.House is a prominent CPA ad network that focuses on various verticals, including Nutra, iGaming, and dating. With over 3,000 verified, high-quality offers from direct advertisers, CPA.House provides affiliates with a wide range of opportunities to maximize their earnings. The network operates on a Cost-per-action model, acting as an intermediary between advertisers and media buyers, and offers an intuitive and simple interface for easy campaign management.

CPA.House is known for its consistently high approval rates and quality lead handling, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads. By leveraging CPA.House's advanced targeting capabilities and diverse ad formats, businesses can effectively reach high-intent users and drive app installs.

Key Features of CPA.House Ad Network

  • Direct advertisers in the Nutra vertical with their own call centers
  • Wide selection of additional verticals: gambling, betting, dating, IVR, storefronts, and sweeps
  • Extensive range of offers with over 610+ products of various themes.
  • GEO targeting options for various regions, including the CIS, Asia, Europe, and other countries.
  • Shares knowledge and experience with beginners, providing advice on campaigns.

6.  MyLead


MyLead is a comprehensive CPI Ad Network that has been serving the global affiliate marketing industry since 2014. It offers over 4,000 affiliate programs across various verticals, providing affiliates with a wide range of monetization opportunities.

MyLead is known for its innovative nature, offering proprietary tools such as fully adjustable and personalized Content Lockers, advertising banners, smartlinks, deep links, and A/B tests. The network also provides a robust reporting dashboard and extensive affiliate marketing education, making it a suitable choice for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Key Features of MyLead Ad Network

  • Over 1,600 exclusive CPA offers are available.
  • Advanced tracking tools for real-time campaign monitoring.
  • Customizable content lockers for effective monetization.
  • Offers a variety of ad formats and smartlinks.
  • Provides 24/7 support and dedicated account managers.

7. AppNext

AppNext Affiliate Network

AppNext is a leading mobile discovery platform that helps over 750 million users discover the most relevant apps tailored to their preferences and daily habits. As a CPI Ad Network, AppNext focuses on driving targeted mobile app installs, charging advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app. It is worth mentioning that AppNext has been in the industry since 2012.

Key Features of AppNext Ad Network

  • Predictive technology for quality user acquisition.
  • Advanced ad units and smart targeting.
  • Comprehensive monetization and promotion tools for mobile developers.
  • Direct partnerships with top OEMs, operators, and app developers.
  • Proprietary AI technology for app recommendations.

8. NativeX

Nativex Affiliate Network

NativeX is a leading digital marketing platform that specializes in helping brands achieve cross-regional growth. With a focus on media buying, ad creative management, and partnerships with top media platforms, NativeX provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to reach their target audience.

Key Features of NativeX Ad Network

  • Predictive technology for quality user acquisition.
  • Partnerships with top media platforms like TikTok, Meta, and Google.
  • In-house creative studio for localized ad creatives.
  • Comprehensive user acquisition automation tools.
  • Global presence with 16 offices worldwide.

9.  Tapjoy


Tapjoy is a leading mobile advertising platform connecting brands with over 900 million monthly active users globally. As a CPI ad network, Tapjoy focuses on driving targeted app installs through its offerwall ad unit, charging advertisers only when users download and install promoted apps.

Some of the primary features include advanced targeting capabilities, diverse customizable ad formats, and performance-based pricing models like CPC, CPI, and CPM. With its massive reach and emphasis on optimizing campaign results, Tapjoy empowers businesses to efficiently scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of Tapjoy Ad Network

  • Ad Behavioral Targeting for precise audience reach.
  • Supports various ad formats including banners, interstitials, and rewarded videos.
  • Offers Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reporting.
  • Massive network of over 900 million monthly active users.
  • Complete advertisement management features with GDPR, CCPA, and COPPA compliance.

10. AppBrain


AppNext is a leading mobile discovery platform that focuses on Cost Per Install (CPI) advertising, charging advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app. It serves over 4 billion daily app recommendations, reaching over 350 million non-incentivized mobile users from 180 countries. AppNext's proprietary ad server and advanced targeting tools ensure high conversion rates and user engagement. The platform also offers a self-serve CPI bidding platform, providing advertisers with full control over campaign management and optimization.

Key Features of AppBrain Ad Network

  • AppBrain offers high-earning ads from over 25 leading ad networks.
  • The AppBrain SDK can be integrated quickly and is 100% compliant with Google Play policies.
  • Developers get useful analytics about user engagement, retention, and Google Play referrers.
  • Compatibility with other ad networks including AdMob mediation.
  • AppBrain's banners and interstitials generate more income than similar ad units from competing ad networks.

11. PropellerAds


PropellerAds is a multi-source advertising platform that serves over a billion global audiences, making it a great choice for both new and experienced affiliates. As a CPI Ad Network, it offers a variety of ad formats, including banner ads, on-click, and in-banner video ad formats.

PropellerAds is known for its advanced optimization and performance tools, as well as its easy campaign creation process and in-depth reporting. With its focus on high-quality conversions and user acquisition, PropellerAds is an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of PropellerAds Ad Network

  • Global coverage, reaching audiences across the world.
  • High CPM rates, offering competitive monetization.
  • Variety of ad formats, including push ads, in-page push, interstitials, and popunders.
  • 100% fill rate, ensuring maximum utilization of ad spaces.
  • Advanced AI-powered optimization and automation tools for improved performance. 

12. Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine is a leading mobile growth and monetization platform that supercharges app advertising and helps developers acquire quality users at scale. Its solutions integrate ad stacks and proprietary technology into a wireless carrier and OEM devices, allowing it to deliver targeted dynamic install and in-app ad campaigns with unmatched reach. As an excellent track record so far, the Digital Turbine's platform is installed on more than half a billion devices, providing unparalleled benefits to businesses.

Key Features of Digital Turbine Ad Network

  • Access to an extensive device footprint reaching over 1 billion mobile consumers.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities for precise audience targeting.
  • Variety of ad formats including interstitials, banners, and native ads.
  • Programmatic buying and selling through real-time auctions.
  • Solutions tailored for user acquisition, engagement, and monetization.

13. Bidmind


BidMind is a technology-driven CPI Ad Network that offers an omnichannel programmatic advertising platform. It delivers ads across various channels including connected TV (CTV/OTT), digital out-of-home (DOOH), digital audio, in-app, and web channels, helping brands and agencies launch data-driven campaigns.

As a CPI Ad Network, it charges advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app. BidMind offers a suite of industry-leading targeting capabilities, helping brands and agencies launch data-driven campaigns. The platform is available as both a self-service and managed service, providing flexibility for different business needs.

Key Features of BidMind Ad Network

  • Omnichannel approach for precise targeting and retargeting.
  • Advanced Media Planner for real-time analysis of ad requests.
  • No additional or hidden fees, ensuring transparency.
  • Fraud shield powered by Pixalate and Double Verify for ad security.
  • White-label solution with over 1.2 million publishers.

14.  InMobi


InMobi is a prominent mobile ad network that offers a variety of ad formats, including banner, native, video, rich media, and interstitial. As a CPI Ad Network, it charges advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app.

InMobi is compatible with Android, iOS, and mobile web, and it has access to over 1.5 billion mobile users across more than 32,000 mobile properties. With its unique ‘Appographic targeting‘ capability, InMobi provides precise audience targeting based on users' app interests. This makes InMobi an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of InMobi Ad Network

  • Extensive reach, with over 691 million unique users globally.
  • Variety of ad formats including audio ads, native ads, and video ads.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities for precise audience reach.
  • Mediation solution for managing and optimizing multiple advertising partners.
  • InMobi Exchange for fair bidding on ad inventory.

15. RevContent


RevContent is one of the leading content discovery platforms that helps advertisers drive highly engaged audiences through technology and partnerships with some of the world's largest media brands. As a CPI Ad Network, it charges advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app.

RevContent is known for its extensive CPC and CPM model support and high-quality service, with over 250 billion content recommendations every month. With its real-time reporting tools and speed optimization options, RevContent is an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of Revcontent Ad Network

  • Extensive reach, serving over 250 billion content recommendations per month.
  • Variety of ad formats including native sponsored content, email/newsletter, and Google AMP.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities for precise audience reach.
  • Transparent and sophisticated reporting with real-time statistics.
  • Compatible with other ad networks like AdSense.

16. Leadbolt


Leadbolt is a high-performance mobile advertising platform that specializes in user acquisition and in-app monetization. As a CPI Ad Network, it charges advertisers only when users download and install the promoted app. Leadbolt's platform is powered by AI and machine learning-based algorithms, which assist advertisers with advanced targeting to captivate best-fit audiences and achieve deeper user engagement. With its risk-free pricing model, global reach, and a variety of in-app mobile advertising placements, Leadbolt is an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale user acquisition through CPI ads.

Key Features of Leadbolt Ad Network

  • Offers in-app advertising solutions with SDKs for Android, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Provides high LTV users and top retention rates.
  • Supports a variety of ad formats including banners, interstitials, and video ads.
  • Employs advanced ad-serving technology for optimal returns.
  • Compatible with other ad networks like AdMob.

How is the CPI (Cost Per Install) Calculated?

CPI, or Cost Per Install, is a metric used in mobile advertising to measure the cost an advertiser pays each time a user installs their app from an ad. To calculate CPI, you divide the total amount spent on an ad campaign by the number of installs generated from that campaign.

For example, if you spent $500 on an ad campaign and it resulted in 100 installs, your CPI would be $5. This means you paid $5 for each install generated by the campaign. This metric is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and optimizing your ad spend.

How to Choose a Suitable CPI Ad Network?

CPI Ad Network

Even though the choice of a suitable CPI Ad Network is still a question of debate, it is more like the choice might depend and vary upon different factors that align with your business and marketing operations. When choosing a CPI Ad Network, several key metrics should be considered:

  • High-Quality Traffic: The network should be able to connect ads with users who are likely to install and use your app long-term.
  • Fraud Monitoring: Digital ad fraud is a significant threat in the advertising industry. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a network that actively works to minimize this risk.
  • Targeting Capabilities and Optimization Tools: The network should have the ability to reach the right user base for your app. This could be based on users who previously installed apps in similar verticals or niches, or based on the locations where apps in the same category are popular.
  • Performance Metrics: It's important to evaluate the performance of your CPI advertising initiatives. Key metrics include CPI, CTR (click-through rates), CR (conversion rates), ROI (return on investment), and engagement metrics.
  • Ad Networks/Apps: Consider whether the network works with ad networks or has a set pool of apps that they can advertise in. The first has a wider scope, but the second may offer better targeting if those apps all belong to a particular category.
  • Niche: The network should be able to cater to your specific niche, ensuring that your ads reach the most relevant audience.
  • Cost: The cost of placing ads will differ according to the media source. For example, the CPI for in-app ad networks may be distinct from the CPI for social media platforms or Apple Search Advertising.
  • App Category and Genre: Your app's genre and category can enormously impact the CPI. For instance, mobile games often have higher CPIs, and some gaming genres, such as casino games, can have higher CPIs than usual.
  • Device Platform: The platform (Android, iOS) on which your app runs can also influence the CPI.
  • Install Location by Country: CPI differs by country depending on how big the audience is, how much they spend inside the games, and the type of ad unit.

Well, choosing the right CPI Ad Network involves considering several key metrics such as high-quality traffic, fraud monitoring, targeting capabilities, performance metrics, and cost. It's crucial to find a network that aligns with your specific niche, app category, device platform, and install location. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize ROI and scale your app effectively.

FAQs on CPI Ad Networks

How does tracking work in CPI Ad Networks?

Some ad networks are able to track installs and link them to the clicks. This is done through unique identifiers that are associated with the user's device. When a user clicks on an ad and then installs the app, the network can track this and attribute the install to the original ad click.

How do CPI Ad Networks help in user targeting?

CPI Ad Networks can help advertisers target an app niche’s audience. This is beneficial for app developers looking to create a quick and reliable buzz around their new app. CPI campaigns are often a great way of achieving fast results.

Are there any drawbacks to using CPI Ad Networks?

One potential drawback of CPI marketing is that you don’t know how many people are using your mobile app after the installation. However, this model allows advertisers to calculate the ROI of their investments in-app advertising.

What factors should I consider when choosing a CPI Ad Network?

When choosing a CPI Ad Network, consider factors such as the quality of traffic, fraud detection systems, payment methods, support and reliability, ad formats, and the network's focus on delivering high-quality traffic to its audience.

What is the role of a CPI Ad Network in user acquisition?

CPI Ad Networks play a crucial role in user acquisition by connecting mobile marketers with various publishers to drive users to install an app and scale their active user acquisition. They manage CPI campaigns and find new areas of optimization, providing high-quality traffic and focusing on performance.

How does the device platform influence the CPI?

The target audience’s geographic location can influence CPI. For instance, the U.S. tends to have the highest cost for this metric, given the stiff app competition in the American market. However, the numbers can change daily based on prevailing factors.

What is the formula to calculate the CPI?

The formula to calculate the CPI is CPI = total ad spend / total installs. This provides you with a baseline cost to acquire a single user.

How can I optimize my app’s user acquisition potential?

To optimize your app’s user acquisition potential, you can use CPI Ad Networks to target an app niche’s audience, creating a quick and reliable buzz around your new app. It's also important to stay updated with industry trends and changes in the CPI rate.

Summing Up on Best CPI Ad Networks

When exploring options for driving app installs, CPI ad networks should be at the top of any marketer's list. As we've covered, CPI networks only charge advertisers when users download and install an app from an ad placement. This pay-for-performance model incentivizes networks to provide high-quality traffic that converts to real app installs.

Of the many CPI networks available Adsterra, HilltopAds, and MyLead stand out for their strong fraud detection, flexible targeting options, high-quality traffic, and excellent advertiser support. While every app and campaign is different, these networks consistently generate results across various categories and types of apps. Their advanced tracking and optimization features empower marketers to continually improve performance over time.

As you evaluate CPI networks for your next mobile user acquisition campaign, focus on those that align with your target metrics, budget, and app category.

With the right network partner, you can efficiently scale app installs and reduce your cost per install.

What network attributes matter most to you? Weighing these priorities can lead you to the best CPI ad network for your needs.

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