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The CPV Lab Pro is an all-in-one tracker that can help you in tracking traffic sources, optimize, manage, and work on extremely detailed values. CPV Lab Pro also offers some excellent features for detailed lab stats & reports, with unlimited ads & creatives, unlimited page & offer rotation, API, and much more.

Having an all-in-one tracker by your side can help in making things better in terms of having everything managed in a single place and can be of great use among affiliates, advertisers, agencies, and merchants. The CPV Lab Pro integrates with all the major networks and traffic sources, including Bing Ads, Google Ads, Meta (Facebook), Adcombo, and many more.

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What is CPV Lab Pro? CPV Lab Pro Intro, Demo, and Tutorial Videos

CPV Lab Pro is an all-in-one tracker that can help in tracking, optimizing, management of different traffic sources and affiliate networks. As an overview, CPV Lab Pro offers 20+ features that can help in better and smooth operations in the above-mentioned fields. The CPV Lab Pro can be an excellent thing for advertisers, merchants, affiliates, and agencies. The tracking combined with in-depth data can provide solutions for multiple operations in a streamlined manner for making better strategies for your marketing operations.

CPV Lab Pro provides simple monitoring and optimization of the initiatives. You have complete control over resources. All data is secured on your own server since it is self-hosted. You can track unlimited campaigns, ads, offers, landing pages, clicks, leads, conversions, and more. With no extra clicks or conversions, you can track unlimited campaigns and advertisement offers while keeping your data for as long as you need.

CPV Lab Pro offers integration with all significant traffic sources and affiliate networks (over 100), including Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, TikTok, and more. CPV Lab Pro provides real-time statistics and in-depth reports for a variety of metrics and tracks profits in real time. You can rotate and split test your landing pages with Geo Redirects and Bot detection as well. 

Now that we have gone along with a brief overview of what CPV Lab has to offer let's take a look at the features and the pricing plans in a bit of a detailed manner.

CPV Lab Pro Features at a Glance

As I have mentioned before, CPV Lab Pro offers somewhere around 20+ features that can help in various ways; below mentioned are some of the CPV Lab Pro features you might wanna check out:

  • In-depth Data Stats and Reports: Having in-depth data on your campaigns is one of the key features that you should look forward to when choosing a tracking tool, well. CPV Lab Pro covers and gives a detailed analysis of Ads, Keywords, Pages, and Offers with revenue data.
  • Unlimited Parameters: One of the features that I liked about CPV Lab Pro is the access to set up an unlimited number of Ads and then check out and run your own analysis for any combination of Keywords, Pages, Offers, etc. Users can also add or edit unlimited pages and offer in rotation without any coding being required.
  • Geo Stats & Details: The geo stats can be beneficial to have a better overview of different parameters and make better strategies accordingly, as it can help you understand which region is most profitable or least profitable.
  • API Available: Basically, API stands for Application Programming Interface, and CPV Lab Pros' API integration can help you in managing and exporting the data to external tools likewise.

What is an Affiliate Tracker Tool?

An affiliate tracker tool is a program that allows affiliates to keep track of the performance of their ads, which can be a vital part of running an affiliate business. These tools come in many different forms, but they all have one thing in common: they allow affiliates to keep track of how well their ads are performing.

There are a number of different types of affiliate tracker tools out there, but they all serve the same basic purpose: they allow affiliates to track the performance of their ads. There are a number of different types of affiliate tracker tools out there, but they all serve the same basic purpose: they allow affiliates to track the performance of their ads.

There are several different types of affiliate tracker tools available, but most fall into one of two broad categories: stand-alone and integrated.

Stand-alone tools typically run on their own dedicated web servers and do not rely on any other part of the affiliate marketing system.

Integrated tools, on the other hand, integrate seamlessly with the rest of the affiliate marketing system and can therefore be used to track ad performance in real time.

Campaign Detailed Analysis and Parameters –

  • Campaign Stats Filter: You can select the campaign stats filter for different aspects such as status (all items), chart view, and much more.
  • Parameters Covered: The campaign stat gives you a detailed analysis of Visitors, Clicks, Conversions, revenue, Cost, P/L, ROI, and much more. These data parameters alone can give you an overview of how a certain campaign is performing.
  • Target Performance: Under the target performance section, you can look into the parameters such as Keyword/Target, Views, Cost, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, CR, CPA, Revenue, P/L, and ROI.

Mobile Device-Based Career Report and Optimization by CPV Lab Pro

CPV Lab Pro also covers the parameters for mobile devices as well, as a result, can help in making things better in terms of tracking and optimizing mobile data with a wide range of options and filters. Here are some of the data offered you might wanna look into:

  • Mobile Audience Overview: CPV Lab Pro mobile audience overview lets you get along with Video support, data rates, Screen resolution, and much more.
  • Mobile Content Supported: You can also look forward to the type of mobile content, such as visual or text (media/text), along with the devices, including the file types, landing pages, etc., which can be used in order to optimize the pages on these parameters.
  • Break Out Stats: As I have mentioned earlier, CPV Lab Pro is a one-stop solution for multiple operations, as it offers data for Ads, landing pages, opt-in pages, emails, offers, and basically the overall campaign in a single place.
  • Lead Tracking & Opt-in Tracking: Track Opt-Ins, Single Opt-in, Double Opt-in, no confirmation, and much more. All this data combined can be used for understanding which data is important and working on it likewise.

Now that we have covered all the important key features, it's time to move along with the pricing plan.

CPV Lab Pro Pricing Plans | 14-Day Free Trial on CPV Lab Pro

CPV Lab Pro Pricing Plans

CPV Lab Pro Pricing Plans are categorized into 3 different categories, including the lifetime plan; let's have a look at the pricing plans and take a look around which plan is best suitable for you with regard to the features:

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Lifetime

For Monthly Plans, the plans are further sub-categorized into Starter ($39/month), Pro ($59/month), and Expert ($89/month) plans. All of these plans offer a different set of features and fulfill different use cases.

For Yearly Plans, the plans are further sub-categorized into Starter ($33/month), Pro ($49/month), and Expert Plan ($74/month).

CPV Lab Pro also offers a Lifetime Plan as well which costs around $797 for the Starter Plan, $1197 for Pro Plan, and $1797 for the Expert Plan.

Pros & Cons of CPV Lab Pro Coupons and Promo Codes

Top FAQs on CPV Lab Pro Review + Coupons 2024

What is CPV Lab Pro?

CPV Lab Pro is an affiliate campaign management tool along with tracking and everything. You can also keep in-depth analyzed data around different parameters such as your organic traffic, paid traffic, and much more.

What are some of the API-first Integrations offered?

CPV Lab Pro offers API integration around Google Ads Integration, Bing Ads Integration, Facebook Conversions API, TikTok Conversions API Integration, and CJ Affiliate integration.

Does CPV Lab Pro offer A/B split testing in all the plans?

Yes, CPV Lab Pro offers A/B split testing in all the plans, including the Starter, Pro, and Expert plans. A/B split testing can be a great way of analyzing traffic based on different Geo locations, stats, etc.

Does CPV Lab Pro offer any free trials?

Yes, CPV Lab Pro offers a free trial for both monthly and yearly plans.

Is there any money-back guarantee offered by CPV Lab Pro?

Yes, CPV Lab Pro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which can be an excellent thing from users' perspective.

Conclusion: CPV Lab Pro Coupons 2024 – Improve your marketing with CPV Lab Pro!

The CPV Lab Pro is an excellent tool overall in terms of tracking affiliate marketing operations; as a result, CPV Lab Pro can help in tracking your traffic sources such as organic traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic, etc., and that too can be further categorized into different sources such as Google ads, Facebook Ads, etc. which as a result can help you in analyzing your conversion paths and finding which affiliate campaigns are giving the best out of all. On the other hand, what I really liked about CPV Lab Pro as an affiliate tracker are as follows:

  • Excellent Customer Support: Even though the tool has a user-friendly graphic interface, sometimes users get involved in problems. Well, the CPV Lab Pro team offers excellent support overall, which makes it a top-tier tool overall.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: As an affiliate tracker, CPV Lab Pro has quite some confidence in the services offered by it; in addition to all that, the 30-day money-back guarantee can be an excellent thing for users as they can move on if the CPV Lab Pro affiliate tracker is not the right choice for you.
  • Free Updates: Even though the tool offers an unlimited option, you'll be getting free updates that are offered from time to time.

So, overall, CPV Lab Pro is an excellent tool overall for all your affiliate tracking campaigns and operations.

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