Are you looking for best adult CPA network to scale your revenues in affiliate marketing?

Time to follow the whale that has been in the CPA industry for more than a decade with an expert team of more than 100+ international employees who are young and dynamic and expert in their fields like marketers, designers, and IT freaks.

There are various CPA networks available in the market, but if you are looking for the best way to monetize your internet traffic, CrakRevenue stands out. If you re looking to make money in adult or dating afiliate industry, CrakRevenue is one of the best and top-rated adult affiliate network with direct advertisers, highest payout, and bunch of innovative tools to boost your earnings.

As there are many CPA Networks and therefore it becomes difficult to choose the best one that helps you to monetize Internet traffic, CrakRevenue affiliate network stands out. In this post, we have featured an in-depth and latest CrakRevenue review with detailed analysis and tutorial. CrakRevenue is the best CPA marketing platform to discover an affiliate program that pays the highest commission.

What is Crakrevenue? – Honest CrakRevenue Review

CrakRevenue is one of the best Adult CPA Network in the industry with experience of over 10+ years. This company was established in 2010 and is based in Canada. What makes CrakRevenue the Top 1 in the industry is its growth since 2011 by 2000% and workforce by 950%.

The team of CrakRevenue CPA network is composed of more than 200 employees specialized in designing, and marketing with immense experience over the years, and have the ability to evolve and offer the best with the best ideas backed up by the best support.

At CrakRevenue, you will feel like your home as 30% of the talent comes from around the world, so you never know if someday you might find your friend or loved ones as a motivated team member.

Statistics of CrakRevenue prove that it is the best CPA Network with $40 million commissions offered to its affiliates, 50G impressions per month, offering 1000+ products in every niche, 25000+ professional web marketers in our network, 20+ awards and 10+ years of experience in web marketing making it the largest whale in the industry.

The Complete Solution for Adult/Dating Affiliates – Is CrakRevenue Legit?

CrakRevenue is a CPA-based affiliate network that is designed for affiliates by the affiliates. It comes with dozens of tools like Myfreecams, Jerkmate, and many more to boost adult traffic earnings. CrakRevenue is one of the best affiliate networks which is present globally. CrakRevenue CPA affiliate network stands out from other rest networks because of its vast range of offers.

If you are looking to start with adult/dating affiliate marketing, then who are you going to call?, Right!

Because CrakRevenue affiliate network takes care of its affiliates by providing industry top offers, hence it has been ranked among Blue Book’s Best CPA Networks Worldwide since 2015. 

It becomes very important for the affiliate to approved their affiliate application to use CrakRevenue easily.

A Smartlink, in a few words, can be termed as a unique link that makes your work easier. 

The objective behind a Crakrevenue Smartlink is simple as it drives your users to offers that they most likely care about without the hassle of multiple campaigns.

CrakRevenue Affiliate Smartlinks

So this is an underlying technology powered that is powered by complex algorithms that take into account numerous variables, including chosen vertical to present users and user device, user localization, and shows them top converting offers that have higher chances which result in a payable action trigger for you. 

Well, it's common to have loose ends in your sales funnel if an offer does not match expectations. For say, if you run an adult tube site with banner ads as your primary main promotion method. So you could choose one of CrakRevenue's promotional offers based on the payouts and other factors.

But that's not optimal. It is just like you are throwing darts in the dark and hoping it will hit something. 

So when a user clicks on your banner, but the offer is restricted to, say, India? In this, you will have a backup plan in place: the fallback offers, which group several different proposals to display so that the user is not led into any incompatible offers. But you need to understand that Fallback offers are not as good as Smartlinks as they are predetermined. 

They are just like a turnkey solution where once you add your link, the rest will be taken care of by them. All you have to do is send your traffic so that you begin making money. Smartlinks are designed to convert users no matter where they are from. So you don't lose any more sales because of geographical or territorial reasons. 

Smartlinks are auto-optimized, so you don't have to worry about it, as they make sure that you get the highest conversion rates that will boost your overall revenue. These links only feature the top offers, which serve premium offers that can match your traffic interest and are known to make a lot of money.

  • It increases your EPC by upto 17%.
  • It increases CR by upto 13%.
  • Get high-quality exclusive offers.
  • Data-powered auto-optimization.
  • You can improve geo-targeting: 250+ geos.
  • State-of-the-art AI-generated algorithm, which is running 365 days a year.
  • You will get extra earning opportunities (Pop-Unders Back-Offers)
  • Available for 20+ promotions methods (Best option selected automatically)

On your affiliate dashboard, you can see the Smartlink tab waiting for you. You just have to click on it, and you will be able to create your own custom affiliate, Smartlink.

First, choose from one of the 6 available verticals:

  • Global Adult (18+)
  • Cam (18 +)
  • VOD (18 +)
  • Dating (18 +)
  • Gay (18 +)
  • Adult Gaming (18 +)

By default, the extra earnings are activated. Pop-unders appear behind the browser while the back offers to act as separately treated retention tools to turn the visitors into customers. Now that's kind of a last-ditch attempt to sell something.

So as you can see in the image above, you can even add a SUB ID if you want to track the performance of your link depending on where you place it within your layout, email campaigns etc. It is not necessary that Smartlinks have to be plain old or boring URLs either. You can choose other formats like banners, pop code, iFrames and HTML ads and use them for promoting smarter.

CrakRevenue is one such adult CPA affiliate network that has 100+ creative experts who are specialized in the online marketing industry.

Here in this honest CrakRevenue reviews, we have shared some points that make it the most recommended affiliate network.

  • CrakRevenue gives its affiliates access to over 700+ offers dating and cam vertical, which are award-winning affiliate programs.
  • Top dedicated affiliate managers are always there to provide you the top-performing offers and ad tools that would bring massive traffic.
  • Built long-lasting partnerships with exclusive offers and get the best out of it.
  • CrakRevenue also offers exclusive offers as it has partnered up with a few of the biggest advertisers. So you can get exclusive access to offers you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Mobile & GEO Smart Links ensure that traffic is sent only to those offers that have the potential to convert. Depending on the type, one can even customize the SmartLink, like the simple link or banner ad.
  • CrakRevenue also offers exclusive offers as it has partnered up with a few of the biggest advertisers. So you can get exclusive access to offers you cannot find elsewhere. 
  • You are guaranteed to receive higher payouts no matter what the offer is. CrakRevenue offer different payout type including PPS, PPL or Revshare
  • The modern platform allows you to view statistics in real-time, giving you insights into your traffic and revenues.
  • You also get advanced tracking on your dashboard, which allows you to track how your offers are performing.
  • All the banners and creative released are thoroughly tested and verified for high CTR. If the CTR is low, then the banner doesn’t get released.
  • Every offer also has extra earning opportunities like BackOffers, Smartlinks, Livecam widgets, and popunders. So take maximum benefit of each campaign and don’t leave a penny behind.
  • With the referral program, you can earn 5% commissions on revenues earned by your referral link.
  • CrakRevenue offers two payment periods each month. Easy and fast payment terms released monthly and weekly.

What makes CrakRevenue Different? – CrakRevenue Reviews

  • CrakRevenue offers advertisers and affiliates access to over 1000+ different offers, including dating, cam, gaming, nutra, paysites, and survey.
  • It is an award-winning CPA network that has earned more than 6+ major international awards.
  • With a team of experienced professionals from around the world, the support is awesome, with 91% customer satisfaction.
  • It has a vast network with more than 20,000+ affiliates and creates more than 50,000+ banners each year.
  • CrakRevenue is an affiliate network that does not make money until the affiliates start making money by themselves. So affiliate does not need to take the risk of putting money as this network will do everything.
  • CrakRevenue has qualified professionals in business intelligence, email marketing, media Buy, creatives, sales, etc., who are there to help 24/7.

If you are working with adult affiliate campaigns or looking to promote some highly profiting money-making offers in dating vertical, CrakRevenue is indeed the best platform in the market.

CrakRevenue offers high-paying adult affiliate programs and 700+ optimized offers for the dating niche. There are various promotion methods that one can use to promote CrakRevenue offers to make plenty of money. With over 100+ adult affiliate camping and some premium direct offers like Bongacam, live cam widgets, makes CR the best choice for marketers.

Learning Opportunities with CrakRevenue

Learning Opportunities with CrakRevenue

The best and the optimum way to earn money from CrakRevenue would be to convert your traffic from your blog or website by promoting offers from Live cams and adult can site on it. They do offer higher conversions in the adult industry with minimal risk. Live CAM Vertical

Looking out for some excellent offers under the Live CAM vertical, Crakrevenue offers some excellent offers with high paying offers that can help you get sky-high returns. With the Live CAM vertical's booming popularity, there are now a variety of customizable templates with multiple options for font positioning, appearance changes, etc., that are offered by CrakRevenue.

Benefits of becoming a CrakRevenue affiliate in Live CAM Vertical

  • Support from experts in the affiliate industry, which helps you get along with the highest-paying offers in the Live CAM vertical, including the best in the industry.
  • Timely new offers and opportunities can be really helpful in making things better for future opportunities.
  • You send traffic to some of the best leaders in Live Cam Vertical, including Jerkmate, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, BongaCams, ImLive, etc. This, as a result, can help in making things better in terms of conversions.
  • You can choose your suitable payout option, including the Pay Per Sign up, Single opt-in, Double opt-in, and much more. This, as a result, gives some great options to affiliates.

What does it take to be a Live CAM Affiliate with CrakRevenue?

As mentioned earlier, CrakRevenue is among the premier and leading CPA networks in the market, and this latest Live CAM vertical, which it has added, can guide you to success in ensuring that you get the most rewarding affiliate program. And when we speak of affiliate marketing, it generally offers high rewards and compelling offers.

CrakRevenue has a wide variety of Live CAM offers that you can promote on review and coupon sites, discount codes, social media, and more!

By becoming a Live CAM affiliate with CrakRevenue, you can relish benefits like Flexible payment terms and quick payment methods as you promote products and send traffic to the best in the industry (Jerkmate, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, BongaCams, and ImLive) CrakRevenue. And for this, it offers the best ad tools along with a talented team that provides you with tailored funnels and high-performing creatives which will help you all with your marketing campaigns.

The main aspect here is that hundreds of successful brands have trusted CrakRevenue for their exclusive and unique services, as CrakRevenue does thrive on building solid and perennial links while delivering great success.

High Paying Live CAM Affiliate Programs and Offers

Crakrevenue offers its services for multiple Live CAM and Adult chat programs, but they have recently been promoting Jerkmate offers. So getting along with Jerkmate offers can be really excellent in terms of getting sky-high revenue. Some of the reasons why can look forward to promoting Jerkmate or similar Live CAM programs/offers are as follow:

  • Thousands of Live Cam Models 24/7
  • Jerkmate Gay- DOI- Responsive (Earn upto $4.50 per new premium subscription)
  • Jerkmate-DOI- Responsive (Earn upto $3.5 per new premium subscription)
  • Jerkmate Rev Share Lifetime Responsive (Earn 30% on all spendings made by your traffic forever)

🚀 – New CBD Vertical

Are you looking to take your income to the next level? CrakRevenue has introduced its new CBD vertical with you all that includes sky-high returns.

As we all know that the market for CBD products is so huge. Various businesses have started providing various products related to CBD. CBD products have become increasingly popular for many reasons, as this is the only reason why the CBD industry starts booming, and it will become the next money-making vertical.

Join the CBD green rush, earn huge profits by selling CBD products to your potential customers.

CrakRevenue CBD Vertical

Now the question that arises here is the target market for CBD products?

More and more people are like to use CBD for their ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Currently, the major market for CBD is women. Around 56% of users are women who like to use CBD products, and the rest 44% of CDB users are men.

What does it take to be a CBD affiliate with CrakRevenue?

As mentioned earlier, CrakRevenue is among the premier and leading CPA networks in the market, and this latest CBD vertical, which it has added, can guide you to success in ensuring that you get the most rewarding Affiliate program. And when we speak of CBA affiliate marketing, it generally offers high rewards and compelling offers.

CrakRevenue has a wide variety of CBD offers that you can promote on review and coupon sites, discount codes, social media, and more!

By becoming a CBD affiliate with CrakRevenue, you can relish benefits like Flexible payment terms and quick payment methods as you promote CBD products with CrakRevenue. And for this, it offers the best ad tools along with a talented team that provides you with tailored funnels and high-performing creatives which will help you all with CBD marketing campaigns.

The main aspect here is that hundreds of successful brands have trusted CrakRevenue for their exclusive and unique services, as CrakRevenue does thrive on building solid and perennial links while delivering great success.

What benefits of becoming a CBD affiliate with CrakRevenue? 

  • You get a team of experts who provide you highest-paying CBD Affiliate Programs.
  • You get dedicated for your help, who are experts in this field. 
  • You can always expect higher payouts. 
  • You can promote CBD offers and then monetize your traffic with the industry's largest team that has over 10 years of web marketing experience.
  • You also get a few extra earning opportunities. 
  • Last but not least, you can also avail exciting referral program. 

Some of the high-paying CBD Affiliate Programs on CrakRevenue

Popular CBD brand PREST Organics sells high-end cold-pressed CBD oil, and you can promote it by becoming a CrakRevenue Affiliate. 

With decent cookie size, you can get paid for every rebill and that for 365 days. They do have a few unique products as well, and if you promote them, you can expect a staggering 40% RevShare payout! Plus, they do offer a 30% OFF coupon code by which you can attract more sales. 

Also, there are a few other CBD brands, like JustCBD, that has an impressive inventory of CBD products to suit all needs. You also have Green Roads which is also an award-winning company that is dedicated to improving its customer's physical and mental well-being. You got Hemp Bombs, which offers 2-day free shipping on orders over $125. Plus very famous brand Tommy Chong's, which is named after a legendary brand, is also on CrakRevenue. 

🔥 Click here to check exclusive CrakRevenue CBD offers.

Postitial Ads by CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue introduced Postitial ads as a new promotional tool for affiliates to help upscale their campaigns. Postitial ads are effective marketing strategies as they appear at transitional moments when users are browsing, introducing related products or services that align with users' interests. They also facilitate user engagement with an ad at the best timing and placement possible.

Crakrevenue Postitial Ads

One affiliate reported a significant increase in conversions after using Postitial ads in their campaigns. The majority of these conversions were directly attributed to the new ad tool, demonstrating the effectiveness of Postitial ads for affiliate campaigns. 

What is a Postitial Ad?

A Postitial ad is an ad format that appears after a user follows a link. These ads typically include a countdown timer, forcing the user to wait for a certain amount of time before they can dismiss the ad or before the ad closes or redirects them to another page. This type of ad can be frustrating for users as it disrupts their browsing experience and may cause them to abandon the page entirely.

How to Use Postitial Ads in CrakRevenue?

Postitial ads can be used with every CrakRevenue offer. To start promoting with Postitial ads, you need to sign up as an affiliate with CrakRevenue and access their promotional tools.

Utilizing CrakRevenue's Latest Ad Tools Currently, while Prestitials are exclusive to Jerkmate offers, Postitials are compatible with all CrakRevenue promotions. To leverage these innovative tools, navigate to your affiliate dashboard, select a promotion, and continue scrolling until you encounter the ‘Ad Tools‘ segment. Here, the newly integrated promotional tools will be visible.

For those who have already secured approval for a specific promotion, there's no need for additional approval submissions. Simply fine-tune the configurations (like ad dimensions, animation style, and positioning) to tailor your campaign. Ensure you experiment and refine your advertisements using varied configurations to identify the ones yielding the highest conversions!

How Postitial Ads Increased Conversion by 175%?

During Crakrevenue's preliminary trials of their innovative Postitial ad tool with a select group of affiliates, the outcomes were nothing short of groundbreaking. One affiliate, in particular, witnessed a substantial surge in daily conversions. Before integrating this tool, that affiliate recorded an average of 8 conversions daily. However, with the introduction of the Postitial ad tool, their daily conversions soared by an impressive 175%. This uptick translated to a significant boost in monthly revenue, especially when juxtaposed with their earlier earnings from solely using pre-rolls and banners.

The data is unequivocal: a major chunk of these conversions can be directly attributed to the Postitial ad tool. For those aiming for measurable business expansion, Crakrevenue's Postitial ads stand out as the latest breakthrough in affiliate marketing tools.

👉 How to Get Started with CrakRevenue?

Honestly, CrakRevenue is not newbie friendly network, If you are not generating any money online, this network is NOT for you. Click on the link below to apply for CrakRevenue.

If you face any issues in approval, kindly comment or send us message on the contact page, we will help you to get approved. Once your account gets approved, you can log in to the CrakRevenue affiliate dashboard, and it looks like this.

Crakrevenue Dashboard

CrakRevenue affiliate program offers many tools, and direct affiliate offers to promote.

You can explore its affiliate offers page to check the best-converting campaigns. each offer has dozens of creatives and you can always ask for the best more optimized creatives and landing pages from their team.

Pop ads are the popular ad format that one can use to convert popunder advertising traffic. You can use its pop-under traffic ads in order to attract lots of traffic and earn more money.

It is crucial to use popunder ads carefully to get higher conversion rates and reach your affiliate income goals. One can even check the official website of to get some more tips related to adult affiliate marketing.

#1. MyFreeCams Community

This is one of the hottest options for the affiliate. Adult cam sites and live cams are the biggest industry in adult market. With the highest conversion rate and lesser risk, its goldmine for the adult affiliate. CrakRevenue has integrated MyFreeCams fully into their system and let publishers use all Myfreecams offers or integrate its widget in one click.

MyFreeCams has the most powerful landing pages, high CTR ad tools, direct to model linking, and extra earning options via popunders and back offers.

MyFrecams community

Try MyFreecams widget on your adult site or blog to boost conversions. It offers CPA and even Revshare for the longer term.

#2. Livecam Widgets

The big online adult industry is flooded with live cam sites. Models earn huge incomes on it as it has the highest views. CrakRevenue live cam widgets are one of the great options for easy monetization on your adult website or blog by just placing a widget code.

Live cam widgets crakrevenue

Live cam widget can monetize all 18+ traffic in a click. It enables you to promote only top-earning models with the perfect conversion funnel. Livecam widgets are 100% customizable with the exclusive and powerful promotion of live models only. Affiliates are generating over $15000+ monthly using livecam widgets. Give it a try,.

#3. Survey Machine

This is an exclusive tool form CrakRevenue that allows you to create customized surveys based on the needs.

Survey Machine helps affiliate to understand the amount of revenue they can make on the type of traffic they have, It can also be used to create online surveys, polls, content af0licationa nd more to profit from.

Survey machineCrakrevenue survey machine

You can create N numbers of surveys so once the user completes the surveys he or she is given rewards depending on the survey. Your affiliate link is automatically embedded to each offer on the survey so there is commission every time sharing a survey.

#4. More Affiliate Tools & Features

CrakRevenue is not just limited to some exclusive tools, It also offers best industry-leading affiliate Smartlink that gives the best ROI on all types of traffic. The Network has a native ad tool that allows you to build and rotate the best Native ads for your website or blog. So when you are confused about which creative tom choose or which offer to select for promotion.

Other affiliate includes rev share and referral commission. When you refer any affiliate to CrakRevenue you earn 5% lifetime referral commissions without any limits. On the other hand, CrakRevenue has a team of dedicated affiliate manager that provides excellent customer supports.

Read this latest CrakRevenue CPA affiliate network program review entirely, which helps you take advantage of their features.

What are the Types of Payouts Offered by CrakRevenue?

The best part about CrakRevenue is that it offers almost all types of payouts. If you pick an offer from the offer tab, you can see what kind of payout they offer, and the following are some of them:

Single-Opt-In (SOI): Among the easier payouts, they will pay you for an email lead you give them. So there is no need for your client to confirm their email from their mailbox. This payout can vary anywhere between $0.01 – $12 for a few offers. 

Double-Opt-In (DOI): So here, they will pay you for any email lead that confirms their email from their mailbox. This payout can vary anywhere from $0.01 – $18. 

Cost per install (CPI): This payout will redirect to an app or software to download and install. And if they install, you will get paid. This payout can vary from 0.03$ to 4$.

Pay Per Signup (PPS): In this payout, you will get a fixed amount when the customers start to pay for a service; no matter how much they spend on it, you will get a definite sum of money as soon as their credit card spends $1. This payout can vary anywhere from $1 – $450 for some offers. Also, the average payout price for offers is about $50, and most of the offersa that convert the most of them usually payout 40$ – 50 $

Revenue Share: So here, you can earn a certain percentage every time a customer buys. So let's say a consumer buys a product for $100 and in an offer that your promoting. And every time this customer pays some money on that website, you will get a commission that can vary from 20 % to 65 %. 

What are the CrakRevenue Payment Methods?

In order to get paid, you have to meet the minimum payment of $100. Also, if you wish to be paid by wire, the minimum payment is $500. One of the aspects that we really like about this network is that you can choose multiple payment types mentioned below:

  • ACH Transfer
  • Bitcoin 
  • PayPal
  • Check/Cheque
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paxum
  • ePay Service

What are the Terms of Payment on CrakRevenue?

The affiliates at CrakRevenue can get their commissions paid on a Bi-Monthly Net 7, 15, or 30 bases. So as described earlier, you get paid twice. 

There are two different payment periods every month – 

  • from the 1st – 15th 
  • from the 16th – the last day of the month 

Net 7 means you will be paid 7 days after the end of each payment period.

Net 15 means you will be paid 15 days after the end of each payment period.

Net 30 means you will be paid 30 days after the end of each payment period.

Also, the minimum payout for this pay cycle is $500. 

Are there any signup requirements for CrakRevenue?

The Signing up process for CrakRevenue is pretty simple. You only have to enter your name, email, and company name, and the rest of the affiliate managers will follow up to approve your application. Also, do remember that if your account remains unused for a few months, you will be deleted from the network.

How can You Earn $245 Per day from CrakRevenue Affiliate Network? (Advice for Beginners!)

Many of the newbies out there will find it difficult to earn $245/day. But here's a secret, you can make even more than this. But for this, you need to remember that “Rome was not built in day,” and the same proverb goes here as well. You cannot expect a miracle overnight. You do have to follow a systematic approach to it.

As a newbie, you will have to gain more knowledge about this platform. For a beginner, the adult niche can be way too big. So the best would be to narrow down your search for further cutting down your niche to a sub-niche that will be under the umbrella of a more significant niche.

For example, you can take the Dating verticals that have 700 offers to promote. But that is also bigger, but it includes:

  • Latin & Black Dating
  • LGBTQ Dating 
  • Sugarbaby and more 

Also, don't focus on the larger niche but narrow it down, and you will get quality traffic for your blog. In that, you can choose further sub-niches like “Senior Dating” under the widger dating niche. Further, you can check out the “Senior dating above 60 categories” and find an offer that pays you $30-$50 per sale. 

You can also create great content around this micro-niche and gain authority in the eyes of Google, and then finally dominate this sub-niche. And if you are getting quality traffic, you can complete 3-4 daily.

How much can You Earn from CrakRevenue? – Estimated Income from CrakRevenue 

The earnings depend on which niche you choose and the type of affiliate products you choose. 

Following is a rough estimate which you can infer and see what your earnings can be. 

  • MyFreeCam Affiliates – $1.5 – $5/ double opt-in. 
  • Adult Gaming – $30-$50 per sale 
  • Senemax Affiliate Program – Men's Sexual Health – 10% Commission on new and repeated orders. 

The CrakRevenue payouts are generally above 30% for a given product. But we will recommend you first to join the CrakRevenue network first and then learn more about their payouts. 

Few Tips on How to be Successful on CrakRevenue

Pick only 2-3 Products: At times, it can be tempting for you to promote as many products as you can. But the fact is that you get better results if you focus on just a few high-performing offers within one niche mentioned earlier. 

Also, remember to talk to the affiliate manager of that region and ask for the best-performing offers in that particular region. 

Test your offers: As you find the best performing offers, test them to check out which one offers you more Earnings per Click (EPC).

What is EPC in CrakRevenue?

This EPC can be calculated by dividing your earnings by the total number of clicks: 

EPC = Earnings/ Clicks

So let's assume you get 1000 clicks in a week, and from that, you get $150 in commission, so your EPC will amount to $1.5 per click. 

Make Optimum Usage of Affiliate Managers: Affiliate Managers are designated people for your help and to serve you as a resource for your success. Usually, they get a paid percentage of your sales, so if you don't do well, even they will not make money. But you can use their advice to scale your profits. 

They also have access to all internal company data, and they know what's working and what's not. You can term them as a valuable resource to you as an affiliate marketer.

Using Back offers: This is a new offer that is shown to you when they click the “back button” It will show you the best converting offer for that user or device. It is safe and will increase your conversions. 

Setting Realistic Goals: Daily milestone of Earning $20 per day is not so bad, to begin with. Later on, you can improve upon and set new goals, say $50 or $100. 

Keep on learning: Remember the saying, “You only lose when you Quit.” So continue to learn new skills and things and make your earnings scale up with great success. 

How to integrate CrakRevenue into your website?

You can follow these quick, easy steps and integrate CrakRevenue into your webiste.

🖱️ CrakClicks by CrakRevenue (Boosting CTR by 35%)

CrakClicks by Crakrevenue

CrakClicks which was recently launched by Crakrevenue is an inventive opportunity for affiliates in the dating vertical. As one of the latest offerings from CrakRevenue, CrakClicks is redefining affiliate marketing to the next extent. But what is CrakClicks by CrakRevenue? Is it just similar to other CPC models offered by other affiliate networks? Or Is it something new? Well, let’s find out!!

Why is CrakClicks a Game Changer for Affiliates?

  • Stable Commissions: One can bid farewell to the unpredictability of traditional affiliate models. With CrakClicks, they can experience more consistent earnings.
  • Minimal Effort, Maximum Returns: CrakRevenue's experienced team takes care of optimization and monetization, allowing individuals to concentrate on their core competencies.
  • Content is King: Individuals should channel their efforts into creating and promoting exceptional content. CrakRevenue takes on the responsibility of monetization.
  • Pay-per-click Model: One can earn for every click generated from their traffic, regardless of sales or subscriptions.
  • No Traffic Left Behind: Every click is valuable. One can optimize their earnings with CrakRevenue's commitment to monetize all the traffic they generate.
  • Guaranteed Income: With CrakClicks, one's income is determined by the quality of the clicks, ensuring a steadier revenue flow.

Since its launch in July, CrakClicks has disbursed over $70,000 in affiliate commissions, boosting affiliates' CTR by an impressive 35%. This money bagger program is accessible to all affiliates catering to US traffic. With a starting payout of $0.01 per click and a commission cap set at $50 to gauge quality, payouts can differ based on affiliate performance and traffic sources.

By prioritizing click quality over sales and subscriptions, it offers affiliates a more consistent and effortless income opportunity. If you're seeking a stable and efficient way to monetize your traffic, CrakClicks might be the right step to move forward.

How to Get Quickly Approved by CrakRevenue? (Tips to get approval quickly!)

CrakRevenue is a private CPA network which means that you have to apply first before you can promote their offers. Also, as per the blog section of CrakRevenue, about 60% of all applications are actually declined by them. This means you must submit a high-quality application to be a part of the 40% webmaster.

Following are the tips to keep in mind and get approved by CrakRevenue quickly.

Fill out all the fields in the application form, as it won't be accepted if you don't give them the required information. So ensure you fill out all the textboxes and not leave a single one empty.

Be honest in your application and treat it like an actual job application. Write honest things about yourself without writing any negative stuff. Also, the same goes for your website, without playing your site down. Also, be confident in your skills and in your website, which will automatically reflect in your style of writing.

Try to minimize spelling mistakes in the form and use tools like Microsoft Office Word, similar software or an Online spelling checker to write in your application. This would reduce the risk of spelling mistakes.

Mention your traffic source more straightforwardly, like mentioning where the traffic comes from that you will send to CrakRevenue offers. But irrespective of what you write in this application, you should always have several traffic sources. So this can ensure that you have stable traffic, and even if one stops working, you can depend on the other one. CrakRevenue does not accept traffic from chat traffic, email/forum spam, or comment spam at the time of writing. Also, try to explain to them why your traffic is more sustainable and of good quality. 

Don't flood your application form by writing too much. Don't tell them the story of your life and any sort of unnecessary stuff, as this can make your application appear unprofessional. Try to stick around the topic more and come straight to the point by giving just the required details.

If you are accepted by another CPA network, do mention it in the CrakRevenue application form. This will let them know that you do have experience with CPA networks.

CrakRevenue Support – Does CrakRevenue Offer Good Customer Support?

The support team at CrakRevenue offers excellent customer service. They offer live support, which is quite active, and we can expect their replies to be quick. Also, the knowledge base section is filled with FAQs and articles that can help you grow as an affiliate.

The support offered by CrakRevenue is in-depth, especially its blog section, which has knowledgeable answers to all the queries that can help you scale your revenue. Also, the affiliate managers are pretty friendly, and they do offer a piece of advice that even the new affiliates can understand and grow.

Top FAQ on CrakRevenue CPA Network

What type of traffic source is not allowed?

It is prohibited to promote CrakRevenue offers through spam, content locking, and other deceitful tactics.

Does CrakRevenue offer tutorials?

Yes, It is very vital for you to know how to use this legit CrakRevenue platform efficiently. Check out CrakRevenue webinars and tutorials, which are very short and easy to understand. You will get a lot of information to discover and learn.

When does CrakRevenue pay?

CrakRevenue has the best payment cycle. it pays via NET7, NET 15 and NET 30. VIP affiliates can even request on NET1.

What are the payment options offered by CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue pays via Payoneer, Paxum, Wire, ACH, Paypal, and checks. The minimum payout offered by CrakRevenue is $100. You will get payment in your local currency, which is associated with your bank account.

Is CrakRevenue a scam or legit?

Well, our experience with CrakRevenue was quite legit, and payouts were also higher. Also, they do have passionate affiliate marketers to help new marketers. It is not unlike any typical affiliate program where there are glitches and timely payments are received by us. CrakRevenue offers a broader selection of offers to work with unique exclusive offers which are handpicked by the platform. Even Trustpilot has given a rating of 4.5/5.

How much does CrakRevenue pay?

So as described in our CrakRevenue Review, the minimum payout is $100. And for those who wish to be paid through Wire, the minimum payout is $500 because of the higher processing fees.

Is there any set of rules required to be respected to make money on CrakRevenue?

There are a few sets of rules which are needed to be followed in order to make money.
1. Do not try to put leads in your offers using proxies or any kind of cheating.
2. Don’t force clients to buy or put their e-mail using e-whoring or even chatting on Snapchat with clients.
3. No bots.
4. No virus or malware before users clicks on their links.

CrakRevenue on Twitter

CrakRevenue on Twitter

Conclusion: CrakRevenue Review 2024 – Should you really join this CPA network?

Indeed, CrakRevenue is the best CPA network designed by affiliates for affiliates if you haven’t tried CrakRevenue till now that it is time to highlight your product and soar higher profits. Sign up to CrakRevenue adult CPA network, which is a great way to earn passive income. Become CrakRevenue's top affiliate marketer and enjoy the highest perks given by them. Since 2019, CrakRevenue has paid $10 million+ affiliate commission.

Still waiting for a CPA network to crack high revenues? Join today CrakRevenue CPA network and earn awesome. Visit website if you want to know more about this trusted CrakRevenue CPA affiliate network. You can use this page to get started with CrakRevenue that allows the CrakRevenue team to approve you faster. You can even generate your tracking link.

If you have already worked with CrakRevenue affiliate program before then, share your experience with us and share this latest CrakRevenue review with your friend who is looking to make real money online.🤑🤑

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