Hey Guys, I hope everyone is doing fine; well, in this case, study, I’ll be showing you how I made an advertising campaign for the Netherlands work excellently for me.

Just to make you better understand how things were going, here is a small overview of some important info.

GEO LocationNetherlands
Affiliate NetworkAdsEmpire
SourceTraffic Junky

Despite the fact that banner ads in dating are already quite worn out, they are still one of the most popular formats. Dating generates a great deal of traffic, which leads to intense competition, high bids, and higher registration fees. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try your hand and gain excellent knowledge that will be useful in the future.

Dating Campaign Using AdsEmpire

So, let's get started!!

Since I was using AdsEmpire for my campaigns and marketing operations, here is a small overview of AdsEmpire, so you know what I was offered.

AdsEmpire Overview

Number of Offers 540+
Commission TypeCPA, CPL and CPS
Minimum Payment$250
Payment FrequencyMonthly & Weekly option
Payment Methods OfferedWire, Paypal, Bitcoin, Paysera, Paxum, etc.

Offer Selection

Smartlink provides a variety of offers, so you can select the right one if you aren’t already using it. There are many top GEOs to choose from, and the Netherlands is no exception. You can choose whatever offer best suits your needs from hundreds of available choices. Your manager will offer the best recommendation for your needs, whether you earn more and your manager profits more or vice versa. Because they want to assist you, their interests are in your best interest. I am now working with AdsEmpire.

AdsEmpire Offer Selection

The managers are all cool and capable, and they always offer the finest payouts for their partners in addition to providing special offers if you drive large amounts of traffic. The Netherlands has an offer for me because of this – my manager sent me a list of new offers, and I decided to go with SOI NL, which pays $3.60.

It is crucial to approach campaign launches cautiously in the Netherlands, where there are many competitors, if you have previously analyzed all the information from your manager. Here are some of the terms of the offer:

Conversion TypeCPL SOI
Device FormatMobile
OS TypeAll (Except Blackberry)
Incent TrafficNo
Fraud TrafficNo
Spam TrafficNo
Female TrafficNo
Payment for Each Registration$3.60

Traffic Source

There are plenty of affiliate networks to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We won't rank the best and worst ones now; rather, I want to share my experiences with you. Of all the big banner networks, I chose TrafficJunky. It has an attractive and user-friendly interface, high traffic volumes, and excellent and diverse targeting options. It's adequate.

AdsEmpire Traffic Source

In the setup phase of a campaign, everything is normal. Adjust everything, paying attention to all the conditions of the offer and getting rid of traffic you don't need. GEO, browser language, platform, and other conditions depend on the offer, but there is a little nuance for the Netherlands.

It would be beneficial to find out about the country you're driving traffic to, as it may have peculiarities, including linguistic ones. As a consequence of Dutch, English, and German dominance, the last one can be thrown away.

You won't obtain any sense if you choose English for two reasons. Firstly, I have a big selection of English-language banners to choose from, as well as the cost of registration is lower. Here are the conclusions I've come to. You should, of course, test everything for yourself and analyze the results. Traffic was run in English this time.

Make sure to set a daily or general campaign cap to avoid overspending and going over your budget. Otherwise, the basic settings should be fine. Let's move on to selecting promo materials.


It's important to choose the right creatives, according to lazy folks. Choosing the right creatives means selecting those who match the audience's preferences, not those the audience prefers. You must start somewhere in understanding your audience, but you don't have to start there.

Here is some advice that I want you to take a look into:

  • Don't use photos of model-type looking girls – users don't buy into them.
  • Keep harmony – it's terrible to see a banner designed in bright incongruous colors.
  • Avoid too much text. After all, the user is not here to read. They're pursuing a specific goal, and our task is to help them achieve it.

It's a great idea to look at the work of your competitors and see if there are any ideas you might be able to adapt. You can refine someone else's design if you think it's wonderful but missing something, but don't plagiarize it. You may want to retest old ads from time to time, as well as experiment with new ones.

Even if an ad worked well in the past, it might well yield good results a year later. Test everything, and don't be afraid to spend to try new advertisements. There will only be a few that succeed out of 100, but they'll repay your efforts in the future.

There were 5 banners in my campaign, and 2 of them had negative results and were disabled immediately. Then I just monitored for drawdowns. If you are already experienced, you can run such ads in a passive mode. You just have to check periodically to see if everything is okay. You can continue to improve other campaigns, look for creatives, and seek out bargains while you keep on working. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the process over time. In the beginning, you should sit and study everything carefully.

Results I Got!

The campaign worked for 1 month and gave overall 992 conversions. Under the terms of the offer, the payment is somewhat around $3.60 (as I mentioned above).


Top FAQ on AdsEmpire

What is AdsEmpire?

AdsEmpire is the leading affiliate network that has exclusive dating offers. AdsEmpire has the best technologies that help affiliates monetize their traffic through direct CPA offers or Smartlink.

What is the best targeting option for me?

For every offer and traffic source, the targeting option completely depends on the advertiser’s requirements.

What types of traffic does AdsEmpire accept?

AdsEmpire accepts all legal traffic that does not violate the policies of advertisers. AdsEmpire does not allow chat traffic, fraudulent traffic or incentive traffic.

What GEOs does AdsEmpire accept?

AdsEmpire accepts traffic from globally.

What payment methods does AdsEmpire support?

You can get paid via Bitcoin, USDT, Wire, Paxum, PayPal, Genome, Paysera payment systems.

Conclusion: Points Worth Mentioning!

Here are some of the points that can be mentioned in this overall conclusion.

  • Be more involved in the conversation with your affiliate manager by asking them more questions. Ask them as many questions as you can, and keep testing. 
  • Invest as much as you can – don't be stingy. You will gain the most if you invest the most. 
  • Don't be afraid to venture into new markets, sources, and locations. You will gain valuable experience in the long run, and it will lead to revenue.

I hope that this case study might have helped in some way; the practices mentioned above can be implemented and used in your respective niche/vertical.

Good luck with your future operations!!

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