Looking for an easy and simple way to form a company in the United States? There are tons of US business service providers that offer remote company formation in the U.S. and even US bank accounts without physically entering the united states.

Doola offers the fastest and easy US business formation and opens your LLC in more than 50+ US states. Read our Doola Review to know about its capabilities, pricing, products, and services offered.

If you are an entrepreneur working outside the US and wish to form a company within the States, Doola is always up to having you supported. With their excellent service, Doola will help you set up your business in the USA.

This Remote US business formation agency will help you with banking, tax consultation, compliance, and other tasks which are necessary to form an LLC Company. They are well known to have a piece of expert advice when it comes to company formation within the US territories. 

In-depth Doola Review for International Entrepreneurs

Doola LLC Review

If you're looking to form your LLC, there are several options out there. One company that has gained popularity in recent times is Doola. Founded in 2020, Doola LLC promises to simplify the process of forming an LLC and make it accessible to everyone. In this Doola review, we'll take a closer look at what the company has to offer and whether it's the right choice for you.

One of the biggest advantages of Doola is its affordability. With prices starting at just $179, it's one of the most affordable options on the internet. Plus, with its user-friendly platform and straightforward process, it's easy to get started. Once you've entered your details and completed the necessary steps, Doola will handle the rest, including filing the necessary paperwork with the state.

Another reason why Doola LLC has received such positive reviews is its excellent support for entrepreneurs. Their team of experts is always available to answer any questions or concerns that clients may have. They provide prompt and personalized support, which sets them apart from other LLC formation companies. Doola LLC truly values its clients and strives to make the process as smooth as possible.

it is basically a service provider that helps international entrepreneurs with their company formation service in the United States. They provide thorough guidance on how to operate a business for people who are from outside the US.

If you have heard of Stripe atlas, Jumpstart, Firtbase.io, etc Doola is just similar to them but has better cost-effective pricing and simple to use platform

The non-residents of the US may be unaware that they could reach a broader market, and have their business set up in the US. With the help of an intelligent customer service team who can help you with the paperwork and who are actually aware of the loopholes, this is possible.

With Doola you can have your LLC set up, get done with DAO LLC, and C Corp, and even have guidance and services over company formation API. Let's get into a bit of depth, and know what and how the services work. 

How to Set up Your Company in the US with Doola?

join doola community

Once you are on a dashboard, in the top right corner, besides the company name you will see an option of ‘Start your business.' When you hover the cursor over it you will see the above-mentioned options, from which you can select your desired category.

Once you have selected the category you will be asked for your personal information such as your name and email id.

Enter Company Info

When you are done filling in the details, you will be then led to the ‘Company Info‘ section.

Company Info section in Doola
  • Fill in the type of company.
  • Choose from options of LLC, DAO LLC, C-corp, (If you wish to have a guide you can opt for ‘I need help deciding')
  • In the next step, you will be asked in which US State you wish to open your business.
US State Options for your business by doola

Here, all the states have separate pricing rates. You can see the same in the one-time start fee.

  • Fill in the company name and the entity ending you wish for.
Industry selection and LLC by Doola

(For example, you have the option to select from LLC, L.L.C., or even a Limited Liability Company.) 

Below the company name options, you also get the drop-down option to select your industry. Here you have got a lot of options from rental, housing, construction, transportation, and many more.

Once you are done filling in all the details in the company section, you will be then led to ‘The Order Summary' page.

Order Summary and Checkout

Order summary by Doola

Here you will see the details that have been filled in and below you can see the cost which will have to be paid. But there are again two options available for the payment. You can opt for Formation + Banking + Compliance which is available for both an annual structure and a monthly structure.  Or you can go for just the Formation + Banking plan which is available only in a yearly plan structure. 

The Formation + Baking plan has the most approval and responsive customer experience by the overall founders. The percentage is about 95% satisfactory when it comes to the customer experience review.

Formation+Baking plan for founders by Doola

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions you can proceed to pay and have your company set up in the process.

Amongst the very options available on the website, you also get to see ‘Run & Grow‘, where you see Doola Banking, Doola Compliance, Doola Bookkeeping, Doola Tax Package, and Migrate to Doola.

Doola Header

Here's a bit of a description of what these services actually mean.

Doola Banking – Remote Banking solutions

Doola Banking will help you with a lot of great and satisfactory services where you can have an all-in-one platform for your business, you won't have to wait in long queues nor will you have to bear the pressure of minimum deposit. It is fee-free banking including international transactions, this will have a quick and simple application process and have access to ACH immediately upon approval.

Other services that come along with the Doola Banking feature are a Global Business Visa Card, with this, you can spend securely on your Doola business visa card without having any extra fees paid for a foreign transaction or even ATM withdrawals.

This will also give you easy access as well as management of your card accounts and payments. You can transfer anytime from anywhere in the world. Along with all of that, you have secured payment transfers, with which you can pay or get paid quickly from any part of the world.

All of the above will grant you the facility of instant payout from Stripe, PayPal, and even Amazon. The Doola work service team ensures deposits of up to $250,000 through Piermont Bank having a secured check for every transaction.

Doola Compliance

This is one necessary feature that you should go for, as it's one of the best services provided by the company. Here, Doola takes care of every bit of the task that your company needs to manage the whole business in the States. Looking after all the complicated steps, the Doola Compliance will also save you almost $25,000+ in penalties as well as fees.

For a cost of $300 per month, you get yourself covered in Company Formation, Federal Tax Filing, Registered Agent & State Filing, Bookkeeping Essentials, and CPA Consultations & 24/7 Live Customer Support.

The fees that you are paying is just the $0 + State fees. While if you look for other companies' plans, they charge you a whopping $9,085 for a year. While if you go for a yearly plan with Doola, it will cost you just $2,200 yearly.

Price comparison Doola VS other companies

Doola Bookkeeping

The Doola Bookkeeping services will have you all sorted and stress-free during the tax season. This will give you a clear view of what's happening in your company through the bookkeeping plan. With this business structure, you won't miss even the slightest detail. Keep a track of each transaction that you or your company has made, the details will be kept noted in your books.

With this bookkeeping service you can track the cash flow, have monthly reports researched, and then you can even close the book during the year's end, while you prepare yourself to file the taxes.

The Doola Bookkeeping pricing has two plans, which are available for yearly subscription only.

Doola Bookkeeping Pricing Plans

Doola Bookkeeping Pricing Plans

Doola Bookkeeping has got you covered with two pricing plans, Bookkeeping Essential, and Bookkeeping Premium. Both the plans have got a slight difference in them along with their pricing structure.

Bookkeeping Essential

This plan is originally available for $600 but with a discount price going on, you can get this plan for $500 annually.  

This plan includes the monthly categorization of business transactions, which will be up to 240 transactions per year, then you also get a reconciliation of business bank and credit card accounts with unlimited bank accounts and channels of revenue allowed. The feature will also give you a monthly financial report package and an expert review of financial reports and great customer support.

Bookkeeping Premium

A plan that will cost the business entities $1800 per year is nothing in front of what number of transactions and facilities it comes with. From monthly categorization of your business and transactions, which will be up to 1200 transactions per year, this plan comes along with the reconciliation facilities just as the essential plan but with a different base price.

The plan also has a monthly financial report package and comes with an expert review of financial reports & customer support. With both the bookkeeping plans you get live customer support via email and chat, as well as CPA consultation credit. Both plans are best for filing Tax returns and forms.

Doola Tax Package

The Doola Tax package has two separate plans with a bit of difference in them. And these both plans are available as annual plans.

Tax Package

This plan is available for $1900 annually and includes a stress-free IRS tax filing, with 1:1 CPA consultation and even a live customer support facility.

Total Compliance

The total compliance plan is a dedicated service that can be bought for $2200 per year, which will help you with all your compliance, including your registered agent and annual state report filing. This plan even includes a bookkeeping essential package which is an add-on service that will have up to 20 transactions per month. A tax package with complete IRS tax filing and 1:1 CPA consultation a 24/7 live customer support is also included in this plan.

Migrate to Doola

This is basically a call with an expert from Doola. You get to have a free consultation call with Doola agents, which is an amazing service provided by the company. When you select the option of “Migrate to Doola’ you get a calendar from which you can select the date you want to have a call with the expert and the time as well.

Brief about Doola

The fresh company was formed a few years back in 2020 by Arjun Mahadevan and JP Pincheira. Formerly known as StarPack the company is known to support the dream of non-US-based entrepreneurs to have their company set up in the States. Doola has an image of having a businessman incorporate the idea with Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in the US. Well, it not only helps people to set up their business with their dedicated services but also expands it in the US market.

According to the founders of Doola, Mahadevan, and JP, they had a really worst experience when they first began their own business. They had to shut their business as they spent too much time with the paperwork process and certain legalities than they actually did on having their business run or growing it. This experience had them struck with an idea to have a company that helps people with their legal work done when it comes to business.

Doola Pricing Plan

Doola Pricing plan

Doola which is the best business formation company has got just a straightforward pricing plan, which is super affordable and is of the best value. 

For merely $197 plus the specific state fees one can have his business formed in the US, the price also includes EIN + Operating Agreement, Registered Agent Service for 1 Year, US Bank Account Assistance, Mailing Address, and complete onboarding assiatance.   

Note: Each state charges a one-time formation fee. Your state fee will vary depending on the state you form in.

Price comparison of Doola with other companies

There are more companies that will help you build your business in the States. Companies like Stripe Atlas, Zen Business, and Legal Zoom are among the most well-known of them all. But all these companies either have a higher price for the same facilities or provide a bit less when it comes to customer satisfaction level.

Below you can see what each company provides when compared to Doola.

Price comparison of Doola with other companies

Why should you Choose Doola?

Business Owners in the international market have a global view of their business, while they also aim to have a global consumer section. This helps them earn profits on a very large scale. And when we talk about a promoter of the global market, the US is always at the top. The US is known to be the largest driver of the global market.

And hence, one should opt for the US market in an attempt to have the most opportunities worldwide.

One more reason we would give you to have your business settled in the States is that it is anytime sensible to have your transaction done in US dollars as it totally saves time by not having multiple currencies for business owners.

Believe it or not, the US dollar is still the world reserve currency, and almost all countries accept payments done by it in their banking services. You can have a transaction done in Mexico, UAE, or even in India. So it is better to have an account in a US bank.

Doola was formed to bring the culture on the international grounds of having a company in the US and let the world know that one can have their business ideas set in the USA even when they are not a citizen of the States.

Top FAQs on Doola Review 2024

Does Doola only form business for people outside of the US?

No, Doola also helps in forming a business for people who are based in the USA as well as outside of the states.

Does Doola has a security protocol?

Yes, Doola is great at protecting data through physical and technical safeguards.

How long does it take to form a company?

The formation usually takes 6-10 business days, and getting an EIN from the IRS usually takes an additional three weeks or a bit more.

How much does Doola cost?

The cost depends on the State you choose to incorporate in. Doola will charge you for the services they provide, which have fixed rates but the state's taxes would vary.

What all processes does Doola help with to form a company?

Doola will help you form your Company, get your EIN, apply for a bank account, get an address, as well as set up payment processes.

Bottom Line: Should you trust this Y-combinator-backed Company?

Why would I choose to form my business with Doola? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

  • The first and foremost is because Doola is one of the best in the company formation game.
  • The second is that their fees are very affordable and there are a good amount of discounts available for their users.
  • The third? They are a prime example of how one should be treated when setting up a business in the United States. This means no delays, no unnecessary paperwork, and a simple customer-centric approach.

There are basically three types of business entities that you can establish in the country. An LLC, a Corporation, and a C-Corp. While each type of business entity has its pros and cons, Dooling LLC is perfect for those who are seeking a flexible company formation option that can be adjusted according to their individual business needs.

If you are looking to establish a business in the United States, make sure to pick the right type of entity to suit your needs. Doola is the right choice for a startup entrepreneur working outside the United States and looking for a company formation option that is free from a lot of red tape. Companies formed under an LLC are recognized as a separate legal entity separate from the individuals running the LLC..

I hope your in-depth Doola review with detailed feature analysis helps you to understand the US company formation game, There are tons of US company formation SAAS platforms scattered over the internet. Some are very cheap and some even cost you around $3000. It depends on your need, budget, and business type.

If you are a startup and looking to scale your company, Get more subscribers, collect payments as a U.S. company, and raise funds, Doola is indeed a good choice to get your business registered in less span of time. Do check out their website, blogs, and tutorials to find more up to date inforamtion.

If you have any doubts or comments, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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