If you are a dropshipper or want to start with dropshipping business, there are a few things that you need to look out for.

Dropshipping might seem an easy task to deal with, but when you get down into the business, you might get baffled if you do not have the right dropshipping software by your side.

A novice dropshipper faces issues looking out for trustworthy suppliers and the platform you can dwell on.

While there are reliable options available in the market, it's also necessary to look out for the one that can fit perfectly according to your needs.

That is why we present you today, ✅Dropified Review. An excellent dropshipping platform for people who like to work with automation systems.

With Dropified, you will not have to worry about packaging, delivery, storage, investment. Not just that, there is even no investment!

You only work as a mediator between the supplier and the customer. You do not have to worry about anything, except to target the apt customers.

Just as long you satisfy their needs, you will have cash flowing into your pocket.

This Dropified review will focus on everything, including its features, pricing plans, pros & cons, and whether or not this software is worth your money.

Let us get started!

Dropified Review

Dropified was earlier known as Shopified. It has been in the market for a few years now and has made its presence remarkably memorable.

If you have Dropified by your side, you can easily set up your ecommerce business without worrying about risks and negotiations.

Let us break what it says in a little more detail. With this software, you can easily find products without any hassles.

The best part is that you do not even have to look into the stores individually.

Dropified automatically imports the products to your store. You only have to hit the import button; then, you are all set.

Now, Dropified makes sure you do not have to do any work when it comes to promoting. It helps boost your products and spare you from involving in them manually.

Dropified Reviews

All products are advertised with the help of appropriate keywords, product descriptions, and other SEO-related mandatories. 

Adding products manually could be a tough job to go through, and it can also consume a lot of your time.

But with Dropified, everything is automated, so you are free from any customizations and manuals.

Now, it’s time to have a look at its excellent features.

Dropified features are listed below:

The one thing that sets Dropified apart from its competitors is the ease of use. Even if you are a beginner, you won't face any issues related to order fulfillment.

fast order fulfil

Everything is automated here, so it will check for its availability and then import the products.

After that, it handles all the orders automatically and also keeps track of the order progress. So basically, with Dropified, everything remains under control and spares you tons of minor hurdles.

The primary feature of Dropified is that it allows your customers ease of use. If they want to purchase something, they can easily do that by clicking on the order button.

Dropified will handle everything else related to the payment and track progress.

Under this option, a person can select from the different modes of ordering options. According to their will, they can go on with one-click, step-by-step, and one-click with shipping selection.

product ordering

Dropified automatically adjusts the orders by the inventory status.

It automatically orders on your behalf if something is out of stock, so you do not have to worry about the storage process.

This feature allows you to edit the product images in the application. You can certainly select from the available images and choose one according to your needs.

And if you already have something in your hand, you can make the appropriate changes in the picture then and there on Dropified!

You will not have to worry about relying on third-party image editors.

With Dropified, you do not have to worry about rummaging through the other software to build product descriptions and images.

product research

It automatically scans all pages and provides you with apt product descriptions and pictures.

How cool is that?

You do not have to worry about a single soul as a drop shipper; everything is under control with Dropified.

Dropified makes are that all the essential steps are taken when it comes to customer-supplier relationships.

Your customers get all the necessary updates related to their orders, payments, and after-delivery status.

You do not have to keep a check with them to stay updated.

If you are a complete beginner and not aware of how dropshipping works, then the available modules and tutorials on Dropified will help you get a hint of it.

import product

You can start following the videos that help you get started as a dropshipper from scratch.

Within no time, you will be fully eligible to use the software without any hassle.

Under this option, Dropified works similarly to the POS system.

You can manage all the stores together in a single company.

Other than this, the inventory list and other updates can undoubtedly be handled seamlessly with this software.

You will not require creating Google spreadsheets to handle the inventory. There is no hassle in managing the products and adding them manually.

With one click, you can easily import all the products that you want in your store. Dropified makes sure that each item is updated according to the demand.

Also, you won't face a shortage in your inventory storage if you have got Dropified on your side.

Once a customer places its order, everything is handled through the automated tracking option.

track profit

You will not have to worry about getting in touch with the customers related to their track progress.

They won't contact you individually. Everything will be available to them in the tracking progress.

And you will be notified once the package is delivered to the customer.

If the pricing plan of specific products changes, you will be updated immediately.

And Dropified automatically makes the changes and updates the particular products' pricing, so you won't have to worry about changing them manually.

Dropified offers two different pricing plans. So before signing up for the paid version, you can check Dropified for free! And you also get a 14-days free trial.

Dropified pricing

You can access all advanced features in the free trial, which makes the subscription plan worthwhile.

Plan 1: Free Trial

The free trial is slightly different than the paid plans.

There are a few limitations, but you get to use all the features under this option.

Plan 2- Builder Plan at $47/month

The second one is the builder plan.

This one is an excellent option for beginners.

If you want, then for $27, you can add unlimited stores under this option. But you only get access to one store.

Plan 3- Premier Plan at $127/month

The third one is the premier plan.

This one is an excellent option for professionals and permanent users. Under this option, you can add many stores as per your wish.

You get to access all the features in the unlimited versions.

Also, if there are any changes in the pricing schedule of the products, it is automatically handled by Dropified.

Dropified's customer support executives are available 24/7 for your support.

Dropified support

The first option is to contact them through the live chat option. The small queries are handled on the live chat option.

Other than this, there is also a ticket system. We tried to submit a ticket, and our issue was addressed in a few hours.

So, I can safely say that Dropified's customer care support is excellent and will solve all your queries in the minimum time possible.

✅ What is Dropified?

Dropified dropshipping software provides you with everything you need to list and fulfill top-selling products on your eCommerce site, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

✅ Is Dropified legit?

When it comes to dropshipping, Dropified is one of the most trusted and reliable tool you may test.

✅ What suppliers does Dropified use?
✅ Does Dropified work with Shopify?

Dropified makes it simple to link one or more eCommerce stores. You can link your Shopify store to Dropified in just thirty seconds and start adding products to your website.

✅ How do I add products to Dropified?

Hover your mouse cursor over the product you want to import into Dropified on the search results screen. The Dropified logo & a plus sign will display as a pop-up button. To import your product & all other data (product title, price, comparable price, product images, and so on), click the button.

✅ What eCommerce platforms does Dropified support?

Currently, Dropified integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and CommerceHQ.

If a premium, the easy-to-use dropshipping platform is your choice, and then Dropified is the ideal option! There are no significant downsides to this application.

At least, nothing that will lose your interest on Dropified. The free trial will surely clear all your remaining doubts.

Click on the link below to give Dropified a chance. If you have doubts or suggestions related to the article, you know where to comment.😊

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