Ever feel like you're stumbling in the dark when it comes to finding winning products and spying on your competition? Or maybe looking for an ad spy tool that works specifically great in dropshipping operations.

If YES✅, Dropispy could be the perfect choice for you.

In this Dropispy review, we'll be getting along with all the features offered by Dropispy, along with its advanced filters and a comparison between one of the top Dropispy alternatives.

Most of the ad spy tools work across all aspects like e-commerce, iGaming, and more, but what makes Dropispy an excellent choice is it is focused primarily on dropshipping operations.

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Dropispy Review

As a dropshipper, I've found Dropispy to be an excellent ads spy tool in my e-commerce journey. When I first started using it, I was impressed by its extensive database of ads and products. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for me to find winning products quickly, in addition, it is worth mentioning that Dropispy works on Facebook Ads which is the primary social media platform for dropshipping ads.

I particularly appreciate the advanced filtering options, which allow me to narrow down my search based on specific criteria like engagement rates and target demographics. The shop spy feature has been a game-changer, giving me insights into successful competitors' strategies.

While the credit system took some getting used to, I find it helps me manage my usage effectively. The affordable pricing compared to other spy tools is a big plus for me. 

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Dropispy's product database contains tens of millions of ads, and the tool updates daily and gives you more than 1000 new ads per day.

Special Features of Dropispy Ads Spy tool

Dropispy Review

Let's check out some of the important features offered by Dropispy:

  • Ads Database
  • Advanced Filters
  • Product Research
  • Shop Analysis
  • My Folders

1. Ads Database


Dropispy's extensive ad database is its core strength. It allows users to access millions of social media ads, providing valuable insights into successful marketing strategies. You can view ad content, engagement metrics, and targeting information to inform your own campaigns.

The Ads column has several specialized filters for finding the most efficient and profitable Facebook ads. Simply selecting the directory symbol, users may add it to someone's “My Folders” directory. Then, by tapping the “Details” option, users can see additional information about the advertising.

2. Advanced Filters


Dropispy comes with several specialized filters. You can rapidly delete advertisements that don't satisfy your criteria by utilizing these filters. Some of the filters of Dropispy are keyboard searches, media kinds, first viewed dates, CTA buttons, demographic data, shares, customers’ nationality, eCommerce platforms, page names, comments, and responses.

3. Product Research

Product Research

Dropispy simplifies product research by showcasing trending items and their associated ads. You can quickly identify potential winning products, analyze their marketing approaches, and gauge consumer interest. This feature is invaluable for dropshippers seeking new opportunities.

Several individuals have been impressed by the Dropispy product research tool and therefore have given it positive reviews. While browsing a Dropispy assessment, you'll notice a lot of positive feedback about this feature.

4. Shop Analysis


The shop spy tool offers a comprehensive view of successful e-commerce stores. You can explore their product ranges, analyze traffic data, and uncover winning strategies. Under the Shops tab, users can categorize and evaluate dropshipping businesses. By tapping on a store, you may get more statistics about it, such as the online marketplaces it uses, the percentage of individuals who visit it regularly, and the click-through rate.

5. My Folders

My Folder

The My Folders feature allows for efficient organization of your research. You can save and categorize ads, products, and shops of interest, creating a personalized database for easy reference. Dropispy makes it easier to manage and save your favorite advertisements. However, it may appear to be a common feature, but it has become a powerful and useful tool. It allows you to keep any outstanding commercials and review them afterward.

Pros and Cons Using Dropispy


  • Extensive Ad Database
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Detailed Competitor Insights
  • Frequent Database Updates


  • Credit-Based System Limitations
  • Limited Free Plan Features
  • Chrome-Only Browser Extension

Why Should I Choose Dropispy?

There is no doubt that Dropispy is a powerful ad spy tool with an extensive ads database. To run their online business effectively, one can use it to get actionable marketing data, profitable dropshipping products, high-converting ads, and many more. With its powerful features and affordable pricing, Dropispy offers several compelling reasons to choose it over other ad spy tools:

  • Extensive ad database with millions of e-commerce ads.
  • With advanced search filters that let you search through keywords. One can even sort their search by countries, ad types, platforms, creative, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface for easy navigation.
  • Comprehensive competitor insights and shop analysis.
  • Frequent database updates to keep you informed on the latest trends.
  • Affordable pricing plans suitable for beginners and established dropshippers.
  • Credit rollover feature for unused credits.

Dropispy Pricing Plans: 50% OFF Dropispy Coupons

Dropispy Pricing Plans
Dropispy PlansPricingDeal
Free$0.00/monthActivate Deal
Premium$29.90/monthActivate Deal
Business$249.90/monthActivate Deal

Free Plan

The Free Plan offers basic access to Dropispy's ad database at no cost. While it provides limited features and filters, it allows users to explore the platform and get a taste of its capabilities. This plan is ideal for beginners or those wanting to test the tool before committing.

Premium Plan

Priced at €29.90 per month, the Premium Plan unlocks full access to Dropispy's features. Users get 150,000 credits monthly, advanced filters, unlimited downloads, and access to the Shop Spy tool. This plan is suitable for most dropshippers and e-commerce entrepreneurs looking for comprehensive ad insights.

Business Plan

At €239.90 per month, the Business Plan is designed for power users and agencies. It provides 1,800,000 credits monthly and includes all Premium features. This plan is ideal for high-volume users who need extensive ad research capabilities and data analysis for multiple clients or stores.

How does Dropispy Helps eCommerce and Dropshippers?

Dropispy is built out of the box for Dropisphhieps. Unlike other Adspytools that are built for vast audiences, Dropispy only helps Dropshippers by finding e-commerce-winning product ads on social media. Not only Ads but it helps you to identify products, stores, Shopify, and much more.

If used correctly, this ad spy tool can help you make huge money if you are failing or having low success in the dropshipping industry., Dropsipy is also very cost-effective as compared to other ad spy tools. Try it out yourself.

Dropispy 🆚 AdSpy

Adspy Logo

Dropispy and AdSpy are both powerful ad spy tools, but they serve slightly different needs. Dropispy focuses primarily on dropshipping and e-commerce, offering a more affordable solution with a user-friendly interface and daily updates. It provides access to millions of ads and includes features like shop analysis.

AdSpy, on the other hand, shows a larger database of over 120 million ads across multiple platforms and languages. It offers more advanced filtering options and a broader scope beyond just dropshipping. While AdSpy is pricier, it provides more comprehensive data for general e-commerce advertising. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific requirements and budget constraints.

Where Should I Start My Dropshipping Journey?

Starting a dropshipping business requires careful consideration of your target audience and product selection. Begin by identifying your ideal customers, their preferences, and their buying habits. For example, if targeting young adults interested in mobile phone accessories, consider their budget and online shopping tendencies.

Next, use research tools like Dropispy or FindNiche to analyze competition and popular products in your chosen niche. This step helps you understand market trends and pricing strategies.

When selecting a supplier, prioritize factors such as product quality, shipping times, packaging, and customer service. Platforms like Alibaba offer a wide range of suppliers, but be cautious of those requiring large minimum order quantities.

Start small to minimize risk and gain experience. As you become more familiar with the dropshipping process, you can expand your product range and invest more in your business. Remember, success in dropshipping often comes from finding innovative products at reasonable prices.

Top FAQ on Dropispy Review

How Does Dropispy's Credit System Work?

Dropispy uses a credit-based system where users spend credits to view detailed ad information. Different plans offer varying amounts of monthly credits, with unused credits rolling over to the next month.

Can I Use Dropispy for Free?

Yes, Dropispy offers a free plan with limited features. It allows users to explore the platform's basic functionalities before committing to a paid subscription.

What Platforms Does Dropispy Cover?

Dropispy primarily focuses on Facebook and Instagram ads. It provides insights into ad content, engagement metrics, and targeting information for these platforms.

How Often is Dropispy's Database Updated?

Dropispy updates its database daily, ensuring users have access to the most recent and relevant ad information for their dropshipping research.

Can I Save My Research on Dropispy?

Yes, Dropispy's “My Folders” feature allows users to save and organize ads, products, and shops of interest for easy future reference.

Wrapping Up the Dropispy Review

We've taken a good analysis of Dropispy, and I've got to say, it's quite the powerhouse for dropshippers.

From its extensive ad database to its user-friendly interface, this tool packs a punch without breaking the bank. Sure, it's not without its quirks (hello, credit system!), but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for most users.

With its free plan and up to 50% discount on Dropispy, choosing it as your ultimate ad-spying tool is the right thing!

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