Are you also confused with so many dropshipping options available in the market?

Well, the scenarios are such that many people have entered the field of dropshipping and have started their online business. It is evident that you have to strike hard to find the best-selling product in the market.

In this article, we are comparing the two best dropshipping plugins: ✅ Dropship Spy Vs EcomHunt updated for 2024.

Why is there a sudden spike in this sector, and what are the reasons that now it is becoming difficult to find the trending products on social media or another ecommerce platform?

The internet has given space to everyone and given wings to everyone’s imagination. It has become very crowded, and as you see that dropshipping is a business with the lowest cost and headaches involved, many have started exploring it from the comfort of their home.

Simultaneously, it has become challenging to find the most profitable products to sell. And obviously, one cannot spend hours scrolling up and down on Facebook or Instagram hunting down hot products.

So, now to assist you in the process of right product finding, the required action is taken by platforms like Dropship Spy and EcomHunt. They perform the most tedious task for you and fetch you the list of piping hot items in the market. These platforms offer you enough tools to plan, select, and then track your dropshipping venture.

But then again, a turmoil in the mind of users crawls up as to which tool works best for their dropshipping business. So, we will intervene in between and enlighten you about both platforms and then leave the decision in your hands.

Both software work fine when it comes to acquiring new and hot-selling products from the market. They enable you to start your ecommerce online business without investing in inventory, logistics, shipping, and take your profit by just clicking a few buttons.

Comparison between Dropship Spy & EcomHunt: Which is the best dropshipping tool?

Dropship Spy Vs. EcomHunt

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is an eCommerce software organization that builds dropshipping tools to help customers with their eCommerce projects. Hucksta Connect is Drop Ship Spy’s application that enables clients to link their Shopify stores to their system.

The app assists them in importing products and deal with orders.


EcomHunt is also an ecommerce software firm updating new products daily for their clients. All revised products are hand-picked by specialists in the field.

The products data cataloged in EcomHunt includes: 

  • Profit
  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Links
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Video
  • Facebook Targeting
  • Offer type

Working Process Of Dropship Spy & EcomHunt

Dropship Spy’s proficient teams are trained to use exclusive in-lying tools that give them selected and sensible info on products across the net. They supervise, track, and explore products until they discover a marvelous item that suits under victorious or feasible products.

You can use this software for any ecommerce platform as all the data offered is digitized and used as per the user's wish. 

They also do integrate with Shopify to automatize various processes. Dropship Spy also has instructor videos on how to use the services and tools. And an exceptional resource that shows you where the best training material is.

EcomHunt has the proficient team to do the same, by offering unique live training to its users to teach everything they require to make their first move in the dropshipping business and even scale to huge numbers and taste success eventually.

The product listed can be used on any ecommerce market, may it be Amazon, eBay, etc. or your store using Shopify and Woocommerce. 

Pricing Plans

Dropship Spy Pricing

Dropship Spy follows a simple pricing policy that is useful to all types of users. There is a special offer going on if you use code- SAVE10 for 10% discount on all plans.

Dropship Spy Pricing

The three plan is offered with various features, namely – Standard, Premium, and Pro.

Let’s explore the plans and find out their features. 

Standard plan at $15/mo offers:

  • Access Training Resource
  • Winning Products
  • Integrates with Shopify
  • Ready to use Video Ads

Premium Plan at $18/mo offers:

  • All Standard Access
  • Promising Products
  • FB Audience Builder
  • Influencer Search
  • Product Spy

Pro plan at $20/mo offers:

  • Includes Premium Access
  • Store Search
  • Store Spy
  • Approved Influencers
  • Reviews Downloader
  • Request Products

Subscriptions rules:

  • Cancel services anytime before the new cycle begins
  • Pause service for the current period and resume them anytime you want
  • Refunds offered only when necessary
  • Customer support staff offers the best of their services to resolve the issue

EcomHunt Pricing

EcomHunt goes easy on the clients and offers only two plans. One plan comes free with limited features, and other plans come for $29/mo.

EcomHunt Pricing

There is an exclusive discount of 30% for the early adopter, and you get the paid subscription for $20. All the payments are accepted through PayPal.

If you allow AutoPay in your account, EcomHunt collects payment every month on its own. You get your money back within 30 days of your subscription cycle.

If you didn't get EcomHunt Subscription Confirmation Email, check your ‘spam folder,' ‘junk folder,' ‘Trash folder' or ‘bulk folder' for any messages from them.


Both platforms have 24/7 customer support for helping their users, and excellent blogs to offer knowledge on the latest trends in the market, along with marketing tips.

Both provide how-to videos and guides to using their tools to optimize the results. The FAQ section includes all the relevant info on the usage of the software along with refund policies.

You will find their communities with huge followers base on social media channels. 

Additional Features

Both Dropship Spy and EcomHunt offer something extra to their clients with membership.

Let's check out what the fuss is about!


It offers additional around four additional tools on the top of the regular product data. 

  • EcomHunt University, a training course configured to assist you ‘Retire in 90 days' using DropShipping. Also, the useful training session and webinars to guide you in the dropshipping process.
  • Must-Have Shopify Apps, to assist with Shopify and conversions.
  • Winning Products Breakdown, to offer useful info on hot products.
  • Winners Club celebrates your hard work and individual accomplishments with your store.

Dropship Spy Add-ons

  • Instagram Influencers tool will allow you to investigate and uncover influencers, including their involvement rate (how many likes/comments vs. several followings), providing a reasonably good opinion on the number of bogus or unengaged followers.

Dropship Spy offers only one additional tool as it mostly concentrates on providing bulk product data and trends for your venture.

A Quick Comparison | Dropship Spy Vs EcomHunt

Basis Of ComparisonDropship SpyEcomHunt
PricingThree plansOne all-inclusive plan
Add-onsOnly Instagram influencersAd Hunter, University and winning products breakdown, winners club
SupportVideos, FAQVideos, Webinars, FAQ, Facebook community
RefundsIn special cases30-day money-back policy
Visit Dropship SpyVisit EcomHunt

🌟 Dropshipping FAQ

✅ What is dropshipping?

It is the business model that helps people to run their own online store without holding inventory. If you have made a sale, then your supplier will help you to ship that product directly to your customer.

✅ Is dropshipping profitable?

The direct answer to your question is yes. Dropshipping is profitable to people as it is a low-risk business model. One can directly sell the product to the customer from their ecommerce store without holding inventory.

✅ Is dropshipping legal?

Yes, Dropshipping is legal. One can quickly build their eCommerce store and can sell the product without having any physical product.

✅ How does dropshipping work?

Once the customer purchases the product from your online store, your supplier will ship it directly to the customer. It is a straightforward business model, which means that you can run your store from anywhere.

Conclusion: Dropship Spy Vs EcomHunt 2024 | Who is the winner?

So, the competition between both platforms lies neck to neck, and it is a little tricky to give credit to the one. But if you look at tech-savvy features and additional tools, then marks are a little high for EcomHunt. 

On the other hand, if you look at the plans, then Dropship Spy offers three options suiting every individual need, and that also little less than EcomHunt’s all-inclusive plan single plan.

Dropship Spy is for those with little expertise in the field, and EcomHunt might be a good option for novices. 

Now, we leave the decision in your hand. You can try EcomHunt first as they have a 30-day money-back policy. So the risk factor is low, and you can go ahead if you like the services. 

I hope you got your answers right by referring to the above Dropship Spy Vs EcomHunt comparison. If you like our post, then do drop in your comment below and share the post with those who are still confused about their upcoming dropshipping venture. 😊

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