Dubai Blockchain Night 2024

The Web3 community's most brilliant minds came together for Dubai Blockchain Night 2024, starting discussions that will influence the direction of decentralized technology.

The event featured incisive panel discussions and thought-provoking keynote speakers, making it a flurry of networking opportunities and ideas.

Prepare yourself for the highlights and important lessons that helped the blockchain ecosystem understand why this evening was such a success.

Key Highlights of the Event

Presented by DIFY in collaboration with DTC Group's Connecting the Dots and EMERGE Group, Dubai Blockchain Night 2024 was envisioned as a worldwide center for blockchain innovation for the Web3 era. This much-awaited event brought together global delegates to debate decentralized technology while showcasing the most recent developments and trends in the blockchain ecosystem.

Dubai Blockchain Night 2024 was held on April 18, 2024, at the Palace Downtown Dubai. Its objective is to promote industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts' cooperation and knowledge exchange. Visionaries came together to discuss the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology and its applications in a variety of industries. The event was a melting pot of ideas.

Dubai Blockchain Night concluded with resounding success as it attracted an oversubscribed attendance of close to 3,000 global participants, with an impressive turnout of almost 400 attendees.

The 2024 Dubai Blockchain Night was an incredible event filled with thought-provoking panel discussions, intelligent keynote speeches, and priceless networking opportunities. Leaders in the industry offered their futuristic insights on blockchain, and participants gained useful skills via engaging seminars and master lectures.

Innovations were shown in a special area, and would-be business owners took advantage of the opportunity to present their concepts to possible backers, creating a collaborative and growth-oriented atmosphere inside the Web3 ecosystem.

From the Best in the Industry

A fantastic roster of speakers and industry professionals, including representatives from well-known companies like CoinPost, PXN, Alphabot, and other significant key opinion leaders (KOLs), was included at Dubai Blockchain Night 2024. These thought leaders gave guests a thorough overview of the industry's trajectory by sharing their views, experiences, and future ambitions for blockchain technology.

Where did the Dubai Blockchain Night 2024 take Place?

Palace Downtown Dubai

The event was held in the esteemed Palace Downtown Dubai, an opulent location that perfectly captures the spirit of innovation and advancement in the city. The Palace Downtown Dubai's amenities and stunning vistas made it the ideal venue for this gathering, promoting a collaborative, learning, and networking atmosphere.

Sponsors & Event Partners of the Event

Prominent entities in the Web3 and blockchain space showed a great deal of support for Dubai Blockchain Night 2024. The following important sponsors and partners made a significant contribution to the event's success:

  • Key Sponsors: BigOne, Aspire,, DDO, TGG, Raijin Ventures, Rexx, Phantom Arena, Private AI, Gatsby Coin
  • Notable Event Partners: TZ APAC, Immutable Games Studio, The Sandbox, Star Symphony, Avocado DAO

xSwipe, ABGA, Might Action Hero, FragX Ventures, Ethlas, iAgent, 9 Cat Digital, Blockly, Bitcoin Addict Thailand, Crypto Miners, CH90, Brothers, Moby Media, Maschain, The Solitaire Room, and OTG are just a few of the incredible partners that provided support.

The broad interest and industry adoption of blockchain technology is demonstrated by these sponsors and partners from a variety of industries. Their participation enhanced the offers of the event and promoted cooperation and information exchange among Web3 members.

About DIFY Event

Founded in 2018, DIFY is an integrated communications agency situated in Singapore. The company specializes in providing bespoke PR, marketing, events, and activations services that cater to the unique needs of each client, with an emphasis on branding and story. A variety of industries, including Web3, Esports, new technologies, food and beverage, and lifestyle businesses, are served by DIFY.

About DTC Group

DTC Group is a leading Web3 incubator, accelerator, and marketing company with an impressive track record that supports Web2 enterprises in their transformation while offering comprehensive solutions for Web3 activities.

About EMERGE Group

EMERGE Group, based in Singapore, is committed to developing viable and prosperous commercialization strategies for Southeast Asian companies, content creators, and intellectual property owners.

Apart from assisting several endemic and non-endemic companies in reaching their financial objectives, EMERGE Group is home to a reputable network of top esports teams and influential gamers.

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