Ecomhunt Vs. Pexda; The Outlook you were looking for!! Confused about which product to use for your dropshipping business?

The question arises, which one is best for you? Ecomhunt or Pexda? I'll let you know all the features offered by both of them and what makes them a great tool overall. We'll be clearing out most of the questions that you might be having while comparing these ecommerce product hunters.

Both of these tools have been delivering assistance while getting those hot selling products that can boost your dropshipping business in many aspects. From my personal experiences, both offer almost the same features and serve the same objective of delivering hot selling products across different platforms such as AlieExpress, Shopify, etc.

Firstly, let's take a look at what Ecomhunt has to offer and later into Pexda. So let's get started.

Ecomhunt Vs. Pexda

Dropshipping is one of the most popular e-commerce models today. By using the perfect product research tool, your online store will be set up quickly and easily without any coding needed, and you'll also have access to the latest products hand-picked by top suppliers.

Running a business can seem overwhelming, but finding the right product for selling online can be difficult. Picking the right product can seem like a daunting task, but with Ecomhunt & Pexda, you'll be able to find the best product for your business! Big online business owners have invested their time and money in research to determine what products to sell. And now you can do the same with Excomhunt and Pexda. These product research tools make finding the right product for your online store is easy.

Well, Ecomhunt has made some name in the market in the past, but what makes it an excellent choice among dropshippers? But before starting up, let me give a quick review of what is Ecomhunt.

Ecomhunt Review

Ecomhunt is a tool that can help dropshippers get along with hot selling products and better analytics. It can be an excellent tool for dropshippers who spend hours over researching for that hot selling product that can be beneficial for your business; in addition to that, Ecomhunt also has an extensive list of sellers and suppliers that can be very helpful while performing that research part.

As in my own experience, the Ecomhunt can be really helpful for those who are new to the dropshipping business; well, from my point of view, the tool's made for almost every level of dropshipper, whether you are a beginner or an expert, the tool can help you in a lot of ways.

In addition to that, Ecomhunt also helps you in understanding the analytics and stats of the product; by stats, I mean to say the engagement, analytics, profits and much more. These few product details can turn tables in the dropshipping game. So let's take a look at the features and tools offered by Ecomhunt and have a bit of an analysis on how these tools and products can be helpful.

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How does Ecomhunt works?

If you are a dropshipper and looking for a website/tool that can help in getting the right product with some detailed analysis, Ecomhunt is the tool, well, we have another one on the list named Pexda but we'll get along with that in some time.

As a dropshipper, you can search for hot selling products that are manually listed on the website with the help of accurate analytics and data are given so that you don't get along with any products that are not worth investing and selling in your dropshipping business.

As you might be able to see, Ecomhunt offers product data such as engagement, links, analytics, Facebook Ads, and much more. These stats can help you in understanding the market trend and later implementing likewise. Now, let's take a look at what do these stats include and how they can help you in your dropshipping business.

Ecomhunt Review - Product Analysis

While getting along with the products enlisted on Ecomhunt, you can see details such as analytics, engagement, links, profits and much more. Well, the analytics and engagement can help you understand whether the product is performing well or not? In my perspective, I used this data as proof of whether the product was a hot selling product or not? Of course, product analytics speak a lot about the product is performing in the market and can be considered as one of the key features offered by Ecomhunt.

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Ecomhunt Review - Profit Analysis

Features such as cost and product analysis can be beneficial in a lot of ways in making a better financial plan and structure around the product in your dropshipping business. After opening a particular product, you might be able to see a box written “Your Cost and Profit Analysis,” this box lets you understand how much profit you are earning on a particular product. The terms you can see are Selling Price, Product Cost and Profit Margin. I guess this information is more than enough to understand how much the products are selling around a specific cost and estimate the product margin as well.

Ecomhunt Review - Saturation Inspect

The saturation inspector is a great product, one of the features that I personally liked. A saturation inspector lets you understand how a particular product is performing in the market, as it shows the number of stores where the products are selling.

Ecomhunt Review - Engagement

Engagement shows a lot of things in terms of how a specific product performs over the Facebook Ad campaigns. There are various terms such as likes, shares, comments and reactions. As a result, you get an overview of how a particular product has been performing over Facebook Ad campaigns. In addition to the terms mentioned above, you will be coming come across another term, “Links,” the links show the platforms across which the product is available, ecom platforms if to be specific. You might be able to see terms such as AliExpress, Shopify, eBay and even the Facebook ads link where the product might be advertised on.

Niche Exploration

While searching for that hot selling product across your niche, won't it be great if you could get some suggestions or help for some hot products around your niche? Well, Ecomhunt will help you with that; it provides an option to explore more hot selling products in terms of your niche.

Additional features and product hunting tools offered by Ecomhunt:

Ecomhunt Chrome Extension: The chrome extension enables you to get and check the products on the go, this type of product analysis will be helping you in a number of ways, as it looks like a time saver to me.

Ecomhunt Live: Ecomhunt is pretty updated in terms of enlisting hot selling products on a daily basis; you might be amazed to know that the products updated on a daily basis offer several advantages like getting known with how the market trends are going?

Ecomhunt Lucky: I call this the lucky draw on my own terms since you get to know products listed by Ecomhunt. This can be an excellent feature will while searching for a product in a particular niche; this is a result that helps in getting the best suitable niche products for your dropshipping business.

Ecomhunt also offers a set of other features that are Ecomhunt Classic, Ecomhunt Tracking and Ecomhunt Adam (An AliExpress powered bot).

Ecomhunt Pricing

Unlike most similar apps and tools, Ecomhunt offers only two different pricing plans (including the free one).

Ecomhunt Vs. Pexda: Ecomhunt Winners Club
Ecomhunt Winners Club

Well, if we talk about the winners club by Ecomhunt; Ecomhunt believes in delivering the best to their users and celebrating their wins of them as well; in my perspective, it is a great way of encouraging the products, so just in case you are looking for a morale boost, Ecomhunt has got you covered. If you have got sales of $5,000 or more using the Ecomhunt products, welcome to the winners club, and as an appreciation goodie, Ecomhunt will send you a tee with Ecomhunt written on it.

Sounds like a win-win deal for a winner!!

Now, after considering all the features and key points of Ecomhunt, next comes the Pexda, one of the product research tools that have made some name in the market as a great resort of help for dropshippers. As a dropshipper, getting the right dropshipping product can be hectic and time-consuming. Now after taking a look at Ecomhunt, if for any reason you are not satisfied with Ecomhunt and its products per day structure, Here comes Pexda, another product research tool that has attracted a lot of dropshippers in recent times.

So, let's take a look at all the features and tools offered by Pexda that have made it a tremendous dropshipping product research tool among dropshippers.

Pexda Review

Pexda has been acquiring a lot of dropshippers; I mean, they really have a major share of drop shippers who use product research tools like Ecomhunt. Pexda helps you fully leverage your dropshipping, product hunting and sale leads. You will be able to find products that are not just average but profitable as well.

In addition to all the points mentioned above, Pexda not only works as a product research tool but also as a product Ad spy tool, just like Ecomhunt. Well, both of them offer services in terms of a hot product hunt tool and ad spying. Similar to the data offered by Ecomhunt, Pexda also offers its users to get along with better data in terms of dropshipping and estimation.

Key Features of Pexda:

Profits: There are a number of options available in the terms category if we take a deep consideration into the information available in the profits section:

  • Selling price (for example, $40)
  • Product cost ($ 15)
  • Profit margin ($25)
  • CPA ($2-4)
  • NET ($21- $23)

Other information available for the product:

  • The source from where the product is coming from.
  • Facebook Ads
  • Who is selling: This section shows the platforms which are selling the products, for example, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.
  • There is also other information available such as the geography of the product (the countries they are selling the products in or the locations where the products are running their Facebook Ads, etc. Sounds great to me for a comprehensive overview of the geographical location.
  • Other information such as Targeting the audience and Ad Copy.

Pexda Pricing Plans

Well, the pricing plans by Pexda are pretty much similar to those offered by Ecomhunt, as both of them are made to serve all of the same services. Pexda offers 3 different plans for their users; the plans offered by Pexda are as follows:

After having an overview of all the features offered by all the plans by Pexda, they do not offer limited features when compared to the features offered by other product research tools available in the market.

Get started with Pexda for just $1.95/14 days.

Find your best suitable product:

If you are among the dropshippers who are looking forward to expanding into being the first mover, then maybe Pexda will be a great asset to you. You can choose the best suitable product across your niche from a collection of almost unlimited products. Pexda claims to have a data-driven product collection and data that can be beneficial in a lot of factors. The product analytics helps in understanding the trend and how certain products can make you among the first movers.

✔How does Ecomhunt work?

The selection of products is overwhelming, and there is just too much choice. It's difficult to know which are the best-selling products for your online business. Ecomhunt is your one-stop tool for finding the latest selling products. Ecomhunt manually adds winning products to their database.

✔What type of services does Ecomhunt offer?

As we all know, Ecomhunt added and updated its products on a regular basis. The products data listed by Ecomhunt contains Profit, Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Targeting, Engagement, Links, Product Video, etc. All the products uploaded by Ecomhunt are hand-picked by their professional team.

✔In which eCommerce market can I use Ecomhunt products?

You can use Ecomhunt products in the various eCommerce marketplace, including Amazon and eBay. You can use products that are listed on Ecomhunt in your online store made by using Shopify & Woocommerce.

✔How often does Ecomhunt updates their products list?

On a daily basis, Ecomhunt updates its product list. The products which are added by Ecomhunt depend on the quality of the particular product. Ecomhunt concentrates more on the value of products rather than the quantity of the products.

✔Can I try Ecomhunt for free?

Yes, Ecomhunt offers a Free plan with some limited features. If you are looking to try Ecomhunt for free, then click on this link to create your free Ecomhunt account.

✔What is Pexda used for?

Finding the perfect product for selling online is tough and time-consuming. Pexda is a tool that lets you find great products in just a few seconds. Stop wasting time hunting through lists of products one by one, and start using Pexda to find highly profitable products.

✔Does Pexda offer a free trial?

Yes, you can start Pexda 14 days free trial for just $1.95 only.

✔Does Pexda offer any discount coupons?

Yes, You can use our 100% working Pexda coupon code to enjoy a flat 50% Off on all its pricing plans.

✔Does Pexda allow me to cancel my subscription?

Yes, the user can cancel their paid subscription at any time.

Well, after comparing both Ecomhunt and Pexda and the features and the tools offered by them, it's pretty clear that the products fall into the same category. The products offered by both platforms can be considered an unlimited products index, as they offer several best hand-picked products that are most data-driven, i.e., the products are some of the hot products that can give you better opportunities in dropshipping business.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, they also offer other essential data such as Facebook ads, sources, geo locations and much more. Well, as per my experience choosing the best one is quite a difficult one, as the features and products offered by both of them are comparatively better than other product hunting tools for dropshippers. You can choose along with a long list of product categories available on these platforms; well, exploring the hot products may be helpful in getting those promising products that your dropshipping business might be waiting for.

The hot products, ad campaigns, audience targeting and other advanced features can be beneficial in doing your dropshipping business a bit better in terms of management and execution, as the data given by these products can be really helpful in making it more organized marketing strategies.

From my experience in dropshipping, the hot products offered by these platforms are great in terms of management and strategy execution. As a dropshipper, it happens a lot of time that the product search for that high selling product can be pervasive and can take almost hours of research to find them, but these product research tools can be really helpful in saving those hours of research time and using them for other important things such as building better marketing strategies and executing them likewise.

From my perspective, you can choose the one suitable for you in terms of your dropshipping objectives. The pricing plans and the features are almost similar to each other, so I guess it won't be much of a difference if you consider choosing any one of them. So here, I take a wrap-up from the article; I hope this article would have helped clear some of the questions you were having about Ecomhunt Vs. Pexda, and I hope you find your perfect tool soon.

Have an excellent and profitable drop shipping experience.

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